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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Boone, Iowa The Boone news Republican dial 432-1234 a before 6 30 . La you have not received your paper. Saturday a 3 . Vol. Xxvii no. 102, vol. Lviv. No. 180 Boone Iowa saturday evening May i 1965 evening except sunday Carrier delivery in Boone 40� 10c a a per week cease fire Accord caution signs against local property tax hike parties agree to submit to Oas action Des Moines apr the caution signs Are out in the Iowa Washington apr the a proposal included in gov than it would Cost in property United states looked to the or Harold Hughes $254.6 million tax. A animation of american states legislature against Bills to in budget recommendations for Rural legislators however today to make sure the cease or be i008 property taxes i$15 million a year a or about 3 managed to Amend the measure f re m the jittery dominican there a a growing feeling in Mills of property tax Relief. T0 require a vote of the people i Republic Sticks. Both houses almost solid enough however accurate or inac j before the health Board could be1 the inter american group to be physically Felt that the curate these figures May be. Established or the Levy made. Was moving swiftly. A special legislature May already have its certain that every county in they said it was Only fair to Al foreign ministers meeting was put More upward pressure on the state is going to feel the of the people to vote for this morning. An Oas local tax levies than the Man on bite of some of the measures a1 subjecting them to More proper-1 peace team planned to Fly to the main Street will approve. Ready passed. To tax. I divided Caribbean Republic to the general uneasiness none signed by the governor on the Samp philosophy was Fob i night. This Point is increasingly appear april 8 would raise the pay of Lowed by the House this week ent in floor debate As the sos elective county officers dept when it passed a Bill to permit Sion which completed its 110th ties and clerks other than coun two or More counties to go today Friday drags on. I to attorneys and sheriffs Basing Gether t0 form a joint county their pay on a dual formula of Board of education. The measure the population of the county and again was amended to require the county a total assessed Valu a vote of the people though crease might be from Bills i nation. The resulting raises vary Pep Charles Strawman a new ther already passed or regarded i from county to county. A Likely to make it through another measure permit the tax the join. Tiara run tas it is virtually impossible to figure out on a Dollar basis How much the total property tax in president Johnson in a Brief nationwide broadcast Friday night urged the Oas to take responsibility for restoring peace and rekindling constitutional government. A few hours later . Am. Bassadore w. Tapley Bennett London failed in an attempt to j announced in Santo Domingo firing leaders fail to control Young rebels Santo Domingo Dom in in Republic apr heavy ready to leave americans. Including a grounds of Santo Domingo a ambassador hotel for evacuation by marines from the revolt torn dominican Republic. Firing continued in this rebellion torn capital today despite an agreed cease fire in the dominican republics week old civil War. Rebel leaders fighting for the return to Power of exiled former president Juan d. Bosch admitted they did not have Complete control of their men who include armed civilians and dissident Young military officers. Much of the firing was in the Vicinity of the . Embassy group of nuns wait with baggage on the priday Manne was pm Pali finn her Morin or hmm Foo rain a both houses. Would give county attorneys and could Levy t0 2 mini this is because much of the sheriffs somewhat larger in j resistance to property tax and the rebels who want to a r of asps than a Thor Rminta offi Vav Quot store ousted president Juan legislation is permissive in a creases an 0,her county 011 again was apparent this week Bosch in Nowr had a Ppd to turf it hermits but does not it is a these pay h00 must when the Senate debated for u it Power had agreed to lure Perm . No. Property tax. La in he a sue Ltd 0as arb the governor also has signed a Jii t0 rest0re authority for the a Bill to raise from 7 to to Mills the maximum a school District May Levy to retire interest and principal on Bonds. Already passed by the House Are Bills to allow counties or establish minimum for schools. An amendment by sen. David Stanely r Muscatine to deny cities on a vote of the people to state and t0 any District that standards require a local government to Institute programs financed by property taxes. It also is True that some of these measures apply Only to cities and towns some to school districts Only and some Are confined to Rural areas. Some require a vote of the people be lore a local governing can 2 support enter into a Given program and maximum Evy for a be difficult to work out How much a aunty me Quot Tal health und rom Down form Only after majority the total Cost will be. R in a authorize gov floor Leader Andrew Frommelt re Tig. Of the of Conn Haw Ertling but Kies to pay up t0 50 a Dubuque went to Bat to round cml of the session Tow cent of the cos o group up the needed votes. Ever contend the total statewide a e Hospital and medical sur by the same Token the House. Ance for their employees. Three Days and finally passed trati0n. The objective of the Oas captured arms include East German red China weapons create boards of health and Levy state superintendent and state. _ Board of Public instruction i0peace Leam la n01 Only to secure a a cease fire but to offer a formula under which the dominicans might establish a stable government. Latin american diplomats said that what the Oas actually seeks is to establish As soon As failed to meet standards first the minimum was Defeated Saigon South Viet Nam j action of labor the most Power a big Cache of captured Ful Union in the country Gath Viet Cong arms included Preci Sion lightweight flame throwers presumably furnished by communist China the vietnamese army announced today. Also discovered were East German heavy machine guns some do not All the Tel makes it i ho0 file maximum Levy for he and was used a watered possible internal order in the described As especially suited some to Noi. A Inis mane. I a a a a a a a dominican Republic so that for use As antiaircraft weapons. Cost of these measures could run Between $35 million and $40 million a year if All possible local governments take on All the programs proposed. They say that would mean a property tax boost of 7 to 8 Mills. They find poor Comfort in guidelines for Iowa schools resistance to any further property tax increases has been a major underlying Factor in Rural opposition to Many measures in both houses. Rep. Minnette Doderer. A Iowa City sponsor of the county boards of health Bill pleaded with Rural legislators during floor debate not to oppose a just any property tax increase for any program whatever a a but to support minor property tax Des Moines apr the boosts for programs where the working on a Bill to allow counties to establish a Public defender system to provide Legal counsel for indigents accused of crimes adopted an amendment american troops can be with the announcement came As drawn quickly. Saigon girded itself for possible the Mission is unprecedented j trouble during the May i labor the Oas normally tries to re Holiday. Solve conflicts Between coun a the arms Cache was found. ,. T tries not Between rival groups Friday during a three Day oper up a t0 ice rate May within one. J action in coastal mangrove when Johnson spoke the sit i swamps about 60 Miles South of ered in a downtown Park to hear May Day speeches. A dissident group gathered several blocks away and police took up positions Between the two groups. The rallies broke up after several hours. Police were armed with shotguns and sub machine guns and reinforced by fire trucks with pressure hoses. Authorities feared Viet Cong terrorists might carry out bombings or message to the three nation International control commission on Indochina. . D e f in s e department spokesmen in Washington said 14 marines and 4 paratroopers have been wounded in clashes with the rebels. They were the first casualties among the . Forces landed to protect american civilians. Fighting went on through the night in the eerie Light of Parachute flares. The soviet news Agency Tass announced that the soviet in North Viet Nam denied that j0n bad As Ltd for an emergent planes were flying night Airdrop missions Over communist held territory in Laos. The laotian government had claimed planes belonging either to North Viet Nam or communist China have been dropping supplies to the pro communist Patchet lao forces. I nation was chaotic. He noted the capital. A a a i. That violence and disorder had the government said 152 Viet to allow the people to vote out creased in fhe previous 24 Cong were killed during the a e system one i is is a is j hours and said an earlier cease lion including 52 at the site of fire agreement was being the weapons Cache. Another 35 breached. J Viet Cong were captured and 42 calling on the Oas for communist suspects rounded prompt decisive action the i up. The government said. De. The House recessed for the weekend without reaching a final vote on the Bill. Policy of minimum educational standards in the schools was reaffirmed with guidelines by the Iowa Senate Friday and with provisions on How a Public school District can be denied state Aid. The measure which applies to both Public and private schools was passed by the Senate 43-12 after three Days of debate and sent to the House. The Bill spells out in general terms the kind and number of courses that must be offered in the elementary and High schools and authorizes the state depart Russia Calls for Security benefits outweigh the Cost. She said her Bill could save the peo a m pie much More in doctor Bills Oil cell a Vlf a i the South vietnamese government protested Friday against a soviet description of the Viet congas National liberation front As a the sole Legal representative of the South vietnamese the protest was made in a May Day Call for support by meeting of the . Security Council to consider the situation in the dominican Republic. Tass called the . Landings a armed intervention in the internal affairs of the dominican new aggressive act of . the . State department said in Washington it would have no immediate comment on the soviet move. . Ambassador w. Tapley Bennett announced the cease Tokyo a communist went into effect at 5 30 . China called on foreign Dele fonday but Quot a Ca eds new Gates in peking for May Day men that foreign elements celebrations to support the red�1,?111 have Aken Over the rebellious movement. President said a it is very important that representatives of the Oas be sent to the dominican Republic just As soon South vietnamese casualties i were Given As three killed and eleven wounded. Most of the communist dead usual display of Power postponed jobless Mason Titian charged in Bank robbery As possible to strengthen the apparently resulted from air cease fire and help Clear a Road strikes by helicopters and fight to the return of constitutional or bombers. About 60 guerrillas Mason City apr a an in London apr the soviet process and free were machine gunned by . Employed Mason City Man who news Agency Tass said today Johnson dealt briefly with the j helicopters As they tried to had no criminal record was in the soviet Union has called for Landing of american troops in i swim across a Small River. J jail Here saturday charged with an emergency meeting of the the dominican Republic. As he civilians in the area were being the one who robbed the United nations Security coun spoke 1,700 army airborne warned of the air strikes by Branch office of the american cil to consider the situation in troops and 1,430 marines were leaflets and loudspeakers and state Bank of Mason City at the dominican Republic. Tass said the .s.r. Already ashore and . Offi has i vials had said the total would be Moscow a a float showing soviet support for communist forces in Viet Nam was in the front of a civilian Parade through snowy red Square to instructed its representative at swelled to More than 5 000. Day As the soviet Union Cele a noted Nat on a a demand for a two Days am bean rated its traditional May Day a Quot i Quot eel a of he Seal-1 forces have been in Santo Dom Holiday Rity Council to examine the Mgo in an Effort to protect the the usual display of military 0uestion a a the a a say so nned lives of americans and the a j i Ivy Iha Utah Mil of 1 Fiawoo e of Ruth if Taiin tribe in tho. Men of Public instruction to equipment washing. It was i a a Ion in the internal of totals of of her coupes in he injuries or Arresia some 4,000 were said to have j nearby Rock Falls poured into government-con-1 Cecil Jensen 53, arrested trolled areas. Within an hour and a half after flying squads of combat the Holdup around noon Friday police headed off trouble Between two dissident labor unions in Saigon today. There were no was charged with entering a Bank with intent to Rob and larceny of a motor vehicle. Guerrillas in South Viet Nam and continue the struggle a against a let us drink a Toast to the Victory of the vietnamese Peoples patriotic struggle against . Aggression to the Victory of the struggle of the asian african and latin american countries against imperialism a communist chinese Premier Chou in Lai told a reception in peking. His remarks were reported by the new China news Agency. A fall peace Loving nations and people throughout the world should unite to smash the criminal plan of . Imperialism to escalate the War in Indochina a Chou said. He said that the . Set the standards. It would replace a former Law in which All details were left to the department. The Iowa supreme court ruled last year that the old Law gave the department too Broad a delegation of legislative Power. The Senate worked beyond the usual weekend recess hour Friday afternoon to dispose of the Bill. The key argument was Over an amendment by sen. David Stanley a Muscatine permitting the department to withhold state school Aid from a District which did not conform with the standards. The Bill carried no such provision although departmental rules formerly did. The amendment was rejected 33-32 but was reconsidered at the request of majority Leader Andrew Frommelt a Dubuque. It finally was passed 32-23 after it was fixed up to provide that the legislature and not the department of Public fairs of the dominican face of increasing violence and disorder a the president said. About 1,000 members of the vietnamese Christian conf Der postponed this year until May 9, j when massive celebrations will Mark the 20th anniversary of the end of world War in the usual Bellicose speech of defense minister Rodion Malinovsky also was omitted. Soviet leaders headed by communist party Secretary Leonid i. Brezhnev and Premier Alexei n. Kosygin reviewed the Parade Washington apr it was were convinced largely by the All Are trying to reach the same from atop Lenin a Tomb but did n0 sure thing today that All the arguments of atty. Gen. Nicho not make speeches. J senators who want legislation to Las Katzenbach that an attempt southerners who contend it j ensure negro voting rights will to abolish state poll taxes by violates states rights to fix Vot line up behind a talks scheme was aimed at a forcing the vietnamese people authorities said they had re-110 Jed t0 covered the $1,961 taken from president Johnson said in a statement in Washington Friday night there were significant signs that people trained outside the dominican Republic Are seeking to gain control of the rebels. Bennett said the rebels and the opposing military Junta had agreed to submit the dispute to arbitration by an organization of american states commission. A special Oas foreign ministers meeting was called in Washington and an Oas peace team planned to Fly Here tonight. President Johnson had urged the Oas to take responsibility for restoring peace and re establishing constitutional peace i government in the dominican Republic. The cease fire pact Bennett said in his announcement guar voting rights question support on Bill the Bank and a getaway car j that had been stolen from a j unions called for the launching Liu Ning i president of the j a tees the personal safety of All China federation of Trade j combatants on both sides in used car lot Here and left in a 0f a an powerful garage near a Home where Jen mass movement on a world sen formerly lived. Jensen in jail under Bonds totalling $10,000, made no statement. He told police a i done to mrs. Frieda Rethamel Greg Erson 60, Bank office manager at Rock Falls to Miles Northeast wide scale to compel the unit eluding prisoners and those in Asylum in foreign embassies. Bennett emphasized that Only a cease fire had been discussed Zany Spike Jones Dies in sleep de states to get out of Viet Nam with the rebels and pot a final and a fall other places they have settlement. Signing for the Reb occupied. _ j Els were Hugo Condo and col. Liu also said the chinese peo Pausto Caamano whose Broth pie a were determined to Liber or franclsc0, is described As ate their territory of he rebels., tintary Leader the new China news Agency. A a was not immediately Dis new draft Federal Law would raise a signifier qualifications on the Federal in Here Bank were in pm tor the fed icl0sed who Cea Eire worked out by the democratic scant constitutional question. Evel continued their attack on As a he a up i relations. They included for of a a a or the j s the will finn. H __ts-.-. A Neanea los Angeles a bandleader Spike Jones 53, the Zany musician who entertained Mil result a no action1 Al but a leslslatl0n the Rock Falls Bank and took minister Kojo Botsios of result in no action at an speaking of the substitute $1 334 sen. Herman e. Talmadge d and Republican leaders. The substitute Bill introduced Friday does not include an out j he said right ban on state poll taxes so Mansfield said he thought this to,d7nearly Emp a Cham a in la Asa a cd several of the liberals in the and other changes made by the be Friday. A this big As con i flooring Busi Lions with his offbeat arrange Senate Arentt committing them a substitute would strengthen the Cej Becj by an unholy Alliance of Ness Here but was out a work to. I a legislation. Dirksen also said ments died in his sleep Early j selves yet Lawless mob action on the one today at his Bel air Home. Nev Erthel a demo the new draft represents real j Han j and murder and mayhem medical sch k 1 Jones had been released from acrostic Leader Mike Mansfield 1 improvements nearby Santa Monica Hospital supported by Republican Lead appealing for Unity Mansfield weeks ago following treat or Everett m. Dirksen plans to said in ment for an asthma attack and hold overtime sessions on the before taking a weekend re 7�?o&Quot a 1 or a a it from to years to life be. A a Cess the Senate amended the next j a senators generally trying to a of Brig. Gen. Elias. Wessin y Wessin who rallied Ghana Spiro Koleka. First vice. Elem Ems of the a army and air Premier of Albania and Hoang Force and the Navy t0 0pp0s9 Van Hoan vice chairman of the he forces. National Assembly of North the Nuncio in sant0 Viet Nam the soviet Union Dom,nr0 rhe it Rev. Emman was represented by a Trade Unlue a Larizzio payed a key role Ion delegation. J in nc.n0iiatuig the cease fire. He Cha Reed carries a Kenai to of ayls Cut debated Are und j touch with the rebels and charged carries a penalty of the world As a festival to parking i Solidarity among the he is married and has a son in the crime with which he was later met with the Wessin Junta the department of Public in Iceni or an Asama Austn Anu Iuliu overtime sessions Bill to exempt Arkansas from its state Highway patrolmen people Striction would have the final subsequent respiratory comply week in an Effort to Speed their go in the same direction must sheriffs officers police and pay on whether a school District cations with less than the required program could be taken off the state Aid approved list. Weather top of Iowa Des Moines in a the Iowa department of agriculture kicked off a May is Iowa beef month with a top of Iowa Barbecue at the state Fairgrounds saturday. The department h3d about 25c pounds of beef to serve to producers packers retailers and legislators. Substitute toward passage. Also try to get together on the the new draft differs from the same Road if their is to be any version recommended by the legislation in the Senate at Senate judiciary committee j still there was no Assurance an Chance to put a new voter Regis Fri a eni joked in moves tight traction system into effect. Sen j. W. Fulbright offering fair and continued warm chiefly in that it would provide that the liberals headed by sen. Be amendment for himself and through sunday. Lows saturday for a court test of the Constitu-1 Philip a. Hart d-mich., who his fellow Arkansas Democrat night 50s North to 60 to 65 tonality of the poll tax instead South. J of outlawing it. A a a weather record yesterdays figure up to 8 today. High�?89 low�?57 temp at 7 a.m.�?64 precipitation none pushed Over the ant poll tax sen. John l. Mcclellan said the provision in the judiciary com-1 people of Arkansas amended the poll taxes As a requirement i Mittee would support the Lead state Constitution last november for voting in Federal elections ers. To provide for a new registration were abolished by the 24th sen. Edward m. Kennedy d j system. Amendment to the . Consti-1 mass., who offered the provi j he called it a straight Forward tuition. But they still Are re Sion reiterated that he thinks get and free of any discrimination quire of voters in state and is local elections in Alabama Mississippi Texas and Virginia. Mansfield said he and Dirksen ing the Holdup. Jensen was taken into custody about 1 30 . After the stolen car a station Wagon was traced and the Money and a Cut Down Rifle were found police said. Charges were filed however Only after hours of questioning. Mrs. Gregerson told officers that the Bandit who entered the Bank Friday was Middle aged constitutional. He said the and said it should be Given an 1 shabbily dressed wore a Black North Viet Nam adopted a Resolution Friday night calling on the South vietnamese people to defeat . Troops and a Liber ate South Viet Nam with a View to achieving Viet names reunify j cation a radio Hanoi reported i. Labouring at jts Headquarters at Isidro air base. 20 Miles outside of Santo Domingo. Liberals would study the Susti _ Opportunity to operate before tute and commented of the any Federal registrars Are sent Mansfield Dirksen Effort a we j into the state. Student drowns Sioux Center bar end Beers a 20, of Springfield s.d., drowned in a recreation swimming area about three Scarf Over his face and threat Miles East of Here Friday. He ened to blow her head off if she. Was a senior at Northwestern did no to hand Over the Money. J College at Orange City. Traffic toll state of Iowa total 1964 851 a a this Date 1965 199 a it this Date 1964 228 a Boone county total 1964 17 this Date 1964 a 6 a this Date 1965 5 City of Boone a i total 1964 i a this Date 1964 i a this Date 1965 i a a

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