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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Boone, Iowa Page fourth Boone news Republican Boone Iowa Friday june 23, 19 Boone news Republican Mary Goldthwaite Garvey editor and publisher Coatnell Datola of Ilia Boon Pew. Konako a Bill a Baa rat Moon la<1i>pa<1ent my Gtna float a and tic Mot Mot and Molitor. A Tarry a Aarond Flat i Attar Dana �?�4, Ima at that oat a Fol Al to pm Iowa a Arter Thart of marcs i nil. Cot Pieta cited Prana sceptical Sparta see a Repa mtr a Harriet Iowa Hall pre i of in Iai. A pkg of Wmk cot Golf ukr la i Al a pkg us Imi. Till a Embke a hit Schlau us Tim Flat loss by Bac Al pm Kun Hatem of Tarrar Par week --------.�?2i�c Par Yaar All in Advance a. Ill of by mail to rapid Anta of Boon county and nearby town and Rural routes to adjoining Comitia Pottage free. A a Art to town sax inc car nor delivery per month a i Quot thro month a a a a a Imp by month by Par year Loo by mall else wharf in Iowa �?110.00 out Aida Iowa. Par month la so per year his paper atop automatically at Aitra ton of time Label on your paper Tell you sow far you a paid in Advance. Non fat or de fatted dry milk slightly More than five pounds per person Over the consumption Levels of the name Dairy foods in 1035-39. Milk production has jumped from the prewar Mark of 109 billion pounds to 119 billion pounds in 1949, an increase of nine per cent with milk the most widely used Dairy food about half of the milk volume from today a More than 24,625,000 cows is used for drinking and cooking. The other half is processed into butter cheese ice Cream and a myriad of other products ranging from powdered milk to pharmaceuticals. The retail value of this annual output is estimated at $10.-000,000,000. Milk still remains one of the less expensive of the Basic foods. Ator Mccarthy than in attending to its Many responsibilities throughout the world. Why protest so much if everything is All right in the department. Dubuque Telegraph Herald Britain belongs to Europe. Trying to hold itself aloof to create its own special economic climate. May prove a grievous error. For the United states is not Likely to us Tam the British indefinitely in a course which denies the realities. Doall de any fight left Bernard Baruch who has acquired a reputation for common sense a reported to have said the other Day that never in his Long life had he seen so much incompetence in High places. He intimated that the people ought to go on the Warpath and without Compromise or mercy annihilate those forces of incompetence. Or at least drive them from Public life. The new York Sage undoubtedly hoped to make his Point by exaggeration. But he had precedent for his advice. Thomas Jefferson once said he hoped the time would never come when the american people would be incapable of another revolution. What Jefferson meant with the revolution from England fresh in mind was that it would be too bad if the american people Ever became too softened to resent or resist government infringements such is the British imposed. But evidently they have. Are too Many of this generation like the tones of colonial Days so much occupied with fawning for government favors that they Are willing to surrender cherished liberties to get them if so the people will end up empty handed. There is the depressing incompetence of which or. Baruch Speaks and incompetence leads always to disappointment and disaster. Unless a new fight for Liberty is made there will be nothing ahead but years filled with that feeling of futility which has already seized a great Many Amel leans. What then becomes of this great country it obvious that Secretary of state Acheson always satisfies himself that All is w Ell in his department even if he does no to satisfy his critics. Too Many people Are inclined to stand still thinking that life will provide the escalator which will take them on their a the plumber of the skies seems to have forgotten How to fix his Leaky faucets this year. Two americans at this counting. Are to make the attempt to swim the English Channel this summer. Well that a Cool sport anyway. It has been said that nothing is new in the world. Congressmen looking for new taxes to clap on doubtless agree. Editorial quote earn by a. C. Gordon 1. What country contains More lakes and Inland Waters than any other count y in the world 2. What was the name of the Man who abducted the Beautiful Helen and precipitated the famous Trojan war3 what is the largest native american animal now in existence 4 what was the name of the biblical City whose Walls fell Down when trumpets were blown 5. Who is the present prime minister of England answers on Back Page planted american and what you won t meet in his Saloon has yet to be met. Note to time Maga me please Send Freddie a fresh clipping of the Story in which his place it mentioned. He has just about worn out the one he has showing it to All newcomers. Brother Crosby and miss Grable Are the americans Damascus would like most to see. That s All for the moment. Meet you at Freddie a. Distributed by Mcnaught Syndicate. Inc Stratford news mrs. H. Scott Lions club elects officers the Stratford Lions club held their regular meeting wednesday evening. June 14. With or. M. Halverson of Stratford and or. L. Kayser of Webster City present As guests. Lion Jorgensen presented perfect attendance pins to the following Lions who have been marriage to or. Clayton Bristow will be solemnized saturday. June 24, was honoured at a pre nuptial Shower saturday afternoon june 17 in the Church Parlours of the Stratford lutheran Church. The room was attractively decorated with the Bride s chosen colors of Green and White. Large baskets of White Shasta daisies. White peonies were used Green and White streamers formed a canopy Over the brides table. The serving table was covered with a White Linen cloth with a Floral Centrepiece of White daisies and Green foliage. Tall White tapers tied with Green net were at either Side. The Buffet set belonged to the brides grandmother. The gift table was covered with a lace cloth entered with a Green and White parasol. Those who assisted with the gifts were d. Anne Janz Mary Louise Scott and Mary Jane Fohlin. A very interesting program was presented. Mrs. Walter Hurd of Stanhope was mis l Esson in English a by w l. Gordon words often misused the word death is preferred to deceased in All usage excepting that which is strictly Legal. Often mispronounced Alloy accent second syllable not the first. Often misspelled Para Lysis Sis. Paralyse Yoe. Synonyms regret noun repentance remorse compunction. Word study a use a word three times and it is yours let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word depict to portray describe. A the know s How to Delict a Story realistically. A of words As i am i am unable to his next of Kin. To describe the taste of the drink i Damascus is one of the few places i know in the near or far it is my guess however that i a. ,.j East where you can Send out is compounded by mixing the i something to be dry cleaned with tears of a heartbroken Donkey the Assurance that it will be dry with equal parts of water from cleaned not washed. Laundry is a a ird Bath frequented by Young fast and Superb. Owls and water from the red sea at Low tide. One Glass of this mixture which the Damascene partake with great relish is guaranteed to make the average american drop to his Knees and ask for the Best night club is the Black cat. It advertises As the Only club in the world with 22 acts and no cover charge. The and is True and the blessed thing is that the 22 acts require just 22 i minutes. Most of the acts Are of give Ness for anything had he has i the Type which is known As this done during his lifetime. Two being a column for family news glasses and it is too late to do papers abdominal dancers. The anything. Three glasses and the most popular hangout in town is next thing that happens us a wire1 Freddie a. Freddie is a trans present at every meeting for a i Tress of ceremonies. The pro six month period Bill Doerr Gram was patterned after a this Walter Sellers Floyd Young. J is your life Quot those taking part Glenn Hall Weldon Swedlund were mrs. Hulda Barquist mrs. Joe Banghart. Jim Wiant a c. Bill Chicken of Stanhope mrs. Dudley Harold Angstrom liar John Iverson Stanhope mrs. By Easton. I Eugene Markland of Ames. Mrs. The annual election was held Bill East Stanhope mrs. C. L. And the following officers were Strate of Rockford 111., and elected and will take office at Carol Ann Strate also of Rock the first meeting in july John Ford. Musical numbers during p. Jones president v. C. Dud the program were presented by Ley 1st vice president Rufus a ladies Trio composed of Velva served at the Tea table. Phillip Rehnblom Mother Bride elect presided at the ver Coffee service. Obituary funeral services for mrs. A Sofia Hultgren and were held in the of Stratford Theran Church thursday a noon. Or. Anderson died a Iowa lutheran Home for aged at Madrid at the a 81 years. 9 months and to she wan born in Alsborg Sweden aug 31, 1866 and firmed in 1882. On feb. 22, she was United in marriage Reinhold Anderson and resided on a farm East of s Ford. After her husband i 1926 she made her Home Stratford until the went to Home for the aged several y a t. She has been a member the Stratford lutheran cd since March i. 1913. She in several nephews and nieces Chicago Stratford and swe her remains were Laid to in the South Marion Cermet the average height of Jap Ese men is five feet three inc the women average four inc Shorter. Rexroat 2nd vice president Bill Doerr 3rd vice president e. Johnson Secretary treasurer Kenneth Carlson director w. R. Holstrom. Director. Joe Banghart Tail twister Stanley Quick Tail twister Matt Hotchkiss lion Tamer. Lions Floyd Young and Weldon Swedlund still have a year to serve As directors and Complete the list of officers for the coming year. Berglund. Stratford mrs. Dick Miller of Stanhope and mrs. Eugene Markland of Ames. A musical Reading a in the usual Way was Given by mrs. Dick Miller. The Bride to be and her attendants mrs. Bill East and mrs. Dick Miller took their places at the Bride s table where her Many Beautiful gifts were opened. Refreshments carrying out the miss Lyla Rehnblom whose Bride s chosen colors were we make Cash loan up to $300.00 to employed men and w men on signature Auto household goods a for an helpful purpose Paymen to fit your budget. Aux and appliance Finan ing at reasonable rates Knodle finance co 716i Story St. Phone a Boone company a Servon Boone people More Dairy foods eaten today Dairy month Means a lot to Iowa since Iowa is one of the principle Dairy states in the nation. But did you know that you Are eating annually More Dairy foods than you did to years ago in 1949 the per capita consumption was 438 pounds compared with 389 in prewar an increase of 49 pounds or 13 per cent. This information was released recently by the National Dairy Council a non profit research and education Agency. Ice Cream consumption jumped from nine pounds per person in 1935-39 to 15 pounds in 1949, an increase of 67 per cent to Lead All other Dairy foods for a spot on the family table. Cheese followed with a new consumption record of 7 i pounds per person an increase of 29 per cent. This w As 50 per cent above the rate of consumptions during the 1920 s. Milk and Cream consumption per person Rose 15 per cent in 1949 compared with the five Yeai period prior to world War ii. Butter for cooking and spreads is on the upward swing. It showed a three per cent gain Over the to pounds per person consumed in 1948, but the american consumer can eat six pounds More of butter annually if the 16.6 Pound level of consumption of 1935-39 is to be reached again. During the War years government and rationing programs restricted the use of butter we All Well remember. In 1949 dry whole milk usage increased nearly a Pound and on Marshalltown times Republican what s wrong with putting ones country above party the suggestion by democratic governor Lausche of Ohio that he May kick Over the traces and vote for senator Robert Taft a Republican for re election stuns democrats says an associated press report and surprises republicans. Launches reason seems to us to be a sound one. He says a i will not allow my party interest to overcome my interest in my is it a political heresy for a Man to vote for what he thinks is the Best interest of his country Lausche knows the Ohio democratic nominee for u. Senator state auditor Joseph t. Ferguson is not an Able Man. Ferguson has shown few signs he can Ever rank with the great statesmen Ohio has produced in both parties. The governor of Ohio also knows that senator Taft is an Able Man even though there Are times when Lausche and Taft do not agree. Whatever Lausche s decision May be on election Day nov. 7 he has helped senator Taft by his statement. Though a Democrat himself and a very popular one Lausche has always been More or less Independent in his thinking. It Isnit news for democrats to step across party lines and support a Republican whom they believe will Best serve their state or country. It has happened in California where governor Warren running for his second term secured More votes in the democratic primary than the democratic candidate did and thus under California unique primary Law. Secured the nomination of both parties. He came near doing the ame thing in the More recent California primary. Low a s senator Guy Gillette has been elected by republicans who Felt he would better serve the state and nation than a Republican opponent. There Are arguments for party Solidarity but Quot interest in country Quot when on a sincere and patriotic level is we think a stronger argument. Taft s strength in Ohio and elsewhere in t due entirely to the fact that he is a Republican. It is due More to appreciation of and respect for his ability honesty and sincerity even by those who disagree with him on some issues. Taft is fearless and puts his country s interests first. Why shoo d anybody be stunned that a an would draw support rom a he opposition party Iowa comment Washington journal the new cars Are of Many designs when they come off the sales floor. But they All look about alike after they be been rolled into t h e ditch. Council Bluffs spare in the state department seems to be More interested in fighting sen Mclemore by Henry Mclemore Damascus Syria a incidental intelligence about Damascus my favorite businessmen Here Are the shoe Shine boys of which there were some 25,000 at the last unofficial account. They not Only give you the Best Shine in the world they do it for less Money and with the most expensive equipment to be found anywhere. Their shoe Shine boxes Are made of hand hammered brass As Are the containers for the various fluids and pastes Wiki which they anoint your shoes. A similar Box in the u. S., if it were available would Cost close to a Hundred dollars yet a Shine costs about three cents in american Money what puzzles me is How a shoe Shine boy Ever accumulates enough Money to become a shoe Shine boy. Are they sons of wealthy parents does the government Advance funds to youngsters who show Talent Wuth the Brush rag and shoe Brush or is i there a foundation patterned along the lines of the Rockefeller foundation which gives Aid to Damascene who show unusual Talent for making a shoe even the oldest one Shine like a Bride s eyes As she walks Down the aisle any Reader who can enlighten me would do a favor by cabling me in care of the semiramis hotel Cairo where Iti be when this reaches print. Before visiting Damascus be Sute to Call your favorite insurance Salesman and take out a sizable policy protecting you i against being run Over by a Donk i by. Donkeys have the right of Way Here just As they have since time immemorial and there Are enough of them to control com Petely the right of Way. I neg looted to take out such a policy with my favorite insurance sales Man miss Carrie Freeman of Daytona Beach fla., and As a result i am going to be out a few Hundred dollars. Donkeys arc Little yes but they Are persistent and when one Sticks his muzzle in your ribs and keeps pushing it is part of you that yields not the donkeys nose. Donkeys Are not equipped with horns or sirens either so they sneak up on you. But one can hardly complain. The donkeys have been Here centuries and centuries be fore the first american visitor arrived so they have a sounder claim to the streets of Damascus. Of you Aie a visitor and want to Start the Day wrong buy yourself a drink from the cold drink vendors who wander the streets of Demascus. The drink usually Bright red in color is carried in a big Glass Jug surmounted by a vast amount of Silver work nearly always in the shape of a sailing ship. The Vendor attracts attention by beating two Silver bowls together and serves the drink in glasses. He cleans the glasses by pouring in four drops of water no More swirling the drops around and emptying them on the streets. As magic a user there is of Power in Iowa this year i will have 382,000 horse Power of strength left Over farms. Homes and industries of Iowa the business managed electric companies of Iowa will spend $33,009,855.00 in 1950 to keep Well ahead of your electric needs comparison of Peak demand and reddy1 total Power capacity r Eddy kilowatt your electric serv ant is really proud of the Way he a been growing lately. And he s Happy to Tell everyone that he has plenty of Power for everyone in Iowa. For Many years Quot Reddy Quot has been called upon to serve More and More farms Homes and laddies. And each year Quot Reddy a Quot regular customers demand More and More Power. To keep Quot Reddy Quot Strong the business managed utilities of Iowa have invested tremendous sums of Money to make certain that there would always be plenty of Power in Iowa. New Power plants have been constructed the generating capacity of existing plants has been increased and Miles of additional lines have been built. Much of Quot Reddyr a Quot new Power is going to farm customers who Are served directly by these companies cd Indi redly through Many electric cooperatives. First time Over one million Kwh 1950 is the first year in Iowa s history that the electric companies have been Able to produce Over one million kilowatts for their customers. This huge amount of Power is Well above the maximum demand and As a result Reddy kilowatt will have 285,909 Kwh 382,000 horse Power surplus ready to serve you yes there s plenty of Power in Iowa. Plenty of Power to better serve farms business and Industry and Quot Reddy Quot is still growing with Iowa. In thousands of Kho Watts Iowa electric Lichte Power

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