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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Boone, Iowa Weather wer tonight cooler saturday the Boone news Republican Call number i of you not receive your paper by 6 30 . Leu no. 147. Vol. Xiv no 224. Boone Iowa Friday evening june 23, 1950. Ten pages evening except sunday five cents Railroad strikes threaten Iii lines prepare for walkout Sun. 1 by United press win strike moves by the To workers threatened to m a i lil t t a i. A Quot re production today and five Stern railroads prepared for a f a s Vitch men a strike on a nday. A the Only Bright spot in the lion s labor picture was at it Burgh where a 14-Day strike . Milk truck Drivers speared near settlement. The Kike had shut off milk deliver i to 3,000.000 persons. I patrol Mill ii at Morristown tenn., renter j Highway police patrolled in strike bound american Enka Mill where three non likes and a member of the King Cio. Textile workers a re wounded in gunfights yesterday. 1, the new York City publishers association moan Hile called on pc Heads of seven printers unions to order their members to Oss picket lines of the striking to. Newspaper Guild at the new York world Telegram and i m. Members of Craft unions save refused to Cross the guilds ticket lines preventing the Pater from publishing. Auto strike monday i the Auto workers ordered 30,-h member to strike monday against the Briggs manufactures company. The strike would fait delivery of Auto bodies to Chrysler and Packard plants. Negotiation have broken Down Between the Union and Briggs. I the . Executive Board Iso approved plans for a strike against Hudson motors due to insufficient Progress on contract negotiations. The . Switch men Union making last minute plans for a strike sunday against the Den i or and Rio Grande Western the j Chicago great Western the a great Northern the Rock Island i my the Western Pacific railroads i will suspend operations a the Rock Island and the , were preparing to i suspend All operations in the Eit vent of a strike and the Western Pacific issued an embargo effective at Midnight tonight on livestock and perishables. However the great Northern said it would try to continue service during the strike. The switchman Are seeking reduction of their work week from 48 to 40 hour with no loss in pay. The brotherhood of rail Road trainmen and order of rail Way conductors have issued warnings that they May Call 250, too members out on strike july a 15 Over the same Issue. The conductors Union also called a strike of 2,200 Pullman conductors for july la in a sep Arat dispute aimed at reducing the total Basic hours worked each month on Pullman cars from 225 to 210. 50 jailed More than 50 of the c to strikers were jailed at the Enka Rayon Mill yesterday after Hun j dress of shots were exchanged Between strikers and non strikers the Cio. Textile workers struck March 28 for higher pay and other benefits but a rival . Union won a subsequent bargaining election and picket line fights increased daily in bitterness climaxed by yesterdays gunfight. The striking Pittsburgh milk truck Drivers were scheduled to meet today to consider a proposal offered by the greater Pittsburgh milk dealers association to Settle the walkout. Union and company officials said they expected the proposal to be accepted. The Drivers struck for higher pay and a Shorter work week. 2 killed 23 injured As picnic truck overturns a Uhi Columbia flood toll mounts toll dead so far Portland Ore. June 23 up a the Columbia River and other flooding Stream pounded through three dikes in widely separated sections of the Pacific North nine survive b-29 ditching in the Pacific Guam. June 23 up a a Rescue boat radioed today it was picking up nine survivors of the crash of a u. S. Air Force b-29 in the Pacific. The message said two West today inundated Homes and c crewmen were missing picnic baskets strew ditch near Cumberland md., where a truck right carrying a picnic crowd went Over an embankment and overturned killing two girl injuring 23 other person. tax Bill draws Republican fire beats wife then commits suicide Washington june 23 up a the democrats new Bill to Cut taxes Here and hike them there Drew Republican fire today. House Republican Leader Joseph w. Martin jr., called it a a phony kind of tax reduction the measure scheduled for House debate next week would Cut taxes by $1,010,000,000. It would offset this Revenue loss by various Means including a boost in some corporation levies. Odds favor passage Martin called his gop policy committee in meeting late today to decide the Republican line toward the measure. The Odds appear to favor House passing of the Bill. But Martin does t like the corporation tax provision. He said a this is a poor time to increase anyone a he said taxes should be Cut to a give business a shot in the sen. Robert a. Taft r., o., voiced misgivings. He said corporation tax boost might discourage investment and thus Hurt employment. But he added a i Haven to made up by mind about whether to oppose the Bill when it reaches the Senate. Other developments other congressional developments arms aids sen. Tom Connally d., tex., said the danger of soviet aggression gives Congress no Choice but to vote an additional $1,222,500,000 for arming free nations. The foreign relations chairman opened Senate debate on the measure. Europe a British ambassador sir Oliver Franks told Congress his country will not Pool her economic resources with Western Europe at the expense of other British Commonwealth nations. Some congressmen have accused great Britain of withholding cooperation with her Atlantic pact partners because she has not joined the French proposed steel and Coal Pool. Gambling gambling chief postal inspector Clifton c. Garner said bookmaking concern in St. Louis c. J. Rich co., is doing a $500,-000-a-Day business on horse races and baseball games. Services Senate investigators quizzing state department officer John s. Service threw open what had been scheduled As a secret hearing on charges that he gave military information to amerasian editor Philip Jaffe. The senators cancelled plans for a closed session after sen. Joseph Mccarthy re a wis., told re porters the Fri listened to Jaffe service conversations on the subject five years ago. The investigators decided to let service answer the Public charge in Public. The arms Aid Bill appeared certain to pass the Senate but a lot of arguing was expected . Chain reaction to Start fair baptists plan to add a room a crazed Boone county Farmer severely beat his wife and then committed suicide with a 12 Guage Shotgun at their Dodge township farm Home thursday sheriff Steve Beaulieu said. Henry b. Patterson 52, died of a self inflected Chest wound sheriff Beaulieu said. County Coroner Garland Hancock termed the death suicide and said no inquest will be held. Patterson a wife Nellie 49, was taken to Boone county Hospital by a son. Marvin 15. After his Mother fled from their House to escape. Hospital attendants today reported her condition As Good and said yesterday that she apparently had no broken Bones. Sheriff Beaulieu said Patterson had broken a Shotgun Stock and fired the gun twice in a struggle with his wife which ensued when the boy Marvin went to get the mail. Marvin returned As his Mother ran from the House and jumped into the family car. He took her to the Hospital and then notified the sheriff. When the sheriff arrived St the Patterson residence he found Patterson had obtained another Shogun and had killed himself. Services for Henry a Patterson will be hed saturday at 3 30 p. Rn., in the Schroeder funeral Home with the Rev. Loren m. Hudson in charge. Burial will be in Bluff Creek cemetery. Survivors include his wife and son a daughter mrs. Leland Marlowe Boone three Sisters mrs. Ethel Hagen Boone mrs. George Carpenter Pilot Mound and mrs. Earl Allen Oakland Calif. Boosted toll the number killed since saturday. The floods hit towns in southwestern and Southe intern British Columbia Northern Oregon and Northern Idaho. Some waterfront industries in Portland and Vancouver were forced to shut Down. The flooding Fraser River smashed a Small Dike 14 Miles East of Vancouver and forced nearly 200 persons to flee. Most residents in the path of the water were asleep but police awakened them and they fled to High ground in a heavy rain Tish Columbia the Columbia River pushed through a Dike built after a disastrous flood in 1948, water streamed along the town s main Street and washed half a foot deep through some living rooms. At Trail in Southeastern bewitch ropes to Trees to keep the River from sweeping them away. A levee in Columbia diking District no. I gave Way 20 Miles Northwest of Portland and flood Meeters swept into the downstream end of Sarvies Island. Sheriff m Calhoun said the break occurred on a Dairy ranch and that boats were sent from St. Helens 15 Miles downstream to evacuate residents of the area livestock already had been moved to higher ground. The death toll Rose toll when Harry Gorcoff 19 years old drowned at cast lager North of Trail and Arthurr Bishop 42, fell off his horse while lording the Bonaparte River. The Rescue team said it found eight of the men aboard two life boats floating 140 Miles Southeast of Guam. Another survivor the message said was taken from Tho water. The life boats were located earlier today by searching planes whose reports had held out Hope that All la crewmen from the missing super fortress were Safe. The b-29, attached to the 28th bombardment Squadron ditched at 2 30 a m. Today 11 30 am thursday Cost after sending Dis Tress signals. It had been in the air 18 hours on a round trip practice bombing run to Okinawa 1.425 Miles Northwest of Guam and apparently overshot this Island on the return of the military air trans port service spotted the two life rafts a second Rescue Squadron b-17 dropped two emergency lifeboats equipped with radio apparatus food and Aid knits. Naval planes also took part in the search. Does no to expect five roads Switzer to be begin Cut kept As judge in service Washington. June 23 up a i Chicago june 23 up a five sen. Pat Marran. P., Nev Western railroads begin stopping said today that All precedents indicate that the Senate will refuse to confirm the nomination of Carroll Switzer to he a Federal District judge in Iowa a in All my expert nce i have never known a nominee whose office was strictly within the state to he confirmed when a senator from that state objected a Mccarran. Chairman of the Senate judiciary Committer said. Switzer nomination is opposed by Iowa a two senators Guy m Gillette t and Burke b. Hooken Looper r Mccarran committee has held hearings but there Are no indications that the Issue will be brought to a test vote. Mccarran said that he has known Federal circuit judges to trains today in the face of an Al switch men strike scheduled to hit them within 48 hours. Meanwhile the order of railway conductors called a strike of All Pullman conductors for july to to enforce demands to reduce the total hours worked each month from 225 to 210 for each of the 2.200 Pullman Ork a demand Shorter hours the Al switch men Union of North America has called a strike for 6 a. In. Local time sunday against five Western lines to support demands for a reduction it the work week from 48 to 40 hours with no loss of pay. The Rock Island the Denver and Rio Grande Western and the be approved despite such Opp Oti Tion. But in every Case he said. I j .rr.a. The circuits comprised several tobacco growers have been successful in getting rid of nematodes a kind of worm which attacks tobacco Root by blowing under Cocklebur. Iowa has 81 new lawyers Iowa City la., june 23 up a Iowa has 81 new lawyers As a result of state bar examinations Given this week at the University of Iowa. They were sworn in yester Day by judge Fred m. Hudson Pocahontas. The new lawyers include 77 graduates of the University of lows two from Northwestern University one from Valparaiso University and one from John Marshall University. States Justice department sources said that if the Senate or its judiciary committee fails to approve so it Zero a appointment before the end of this session Switzer a tenure would end when Congress adjourns. Cd that they would halt All service during the strike. The Western Pacific said it would halt All service except trains Over two Branch lines. Livestock embargo the Western Pacific placed an embargo on All livestock and perishable shipment but the these sources said Switzer i great Northern a major Road could he Given another interim 28,000 employees in to states. Appointment during the congressional recess hut the Law would forbid his receiving any pay. In View of that it was considered unlikely that president Truman would give him another interim appointment. Said it w Ould a the Best we can to keep Normal schedules. It was announced that the fast California zephyrs would be halted because they use Western Pacific track West of Salt Lake City. The westbound Zephyr which left Chicago yesterday was making its final run and the eastbound Zephyr was scheduled to Start its final run from san a Saat Peinl Francisco this morning. I fest room Frau the Marjke was capt 1fto have i a far reaching effect on shipping Ward a Hemenway jr., w Host in the Are. Thousands of work father is a Chicago and North ers were Likely to be Laid off in Western freight and ticket agent j industries which rely on the roads Here was among graduating Ca i for shipping i Boone Many a son two accidents two accidents were reported to the police thursday but Only one minor injury was listed. Max Frazier 612 Cedar Street received a Small Cut on the hand when he walked into the Side of a car driven by mrs. Robert Luther 8021 a Keeler streets. Cars driven by Art Dixon 919 Carroll Street and Bert Bennett 709 6th Street collided at the intersection of Lith and Boone streets. About $10 damage was reported on both cars. Car plate in Stock Hamilton hardware 6-22- Spurgeon slay away Blanket Sale reduced prices. 6-22- Chicago june 23 up a atom smashers scattered across the nation will Flash Chain reactions Over 3,000 Miles to open Chicago a $10,000,000 Lake front fair tomorrow. The impulses will Start at the huge Cyclotron at Stanford University in Palo Alto Calif., and be relayed to Pittsburgh Hack North to Chicago where they will set off a mock atomic bomb explosion to Mark the fairs official opening. A a sonic pulse will be started at 11 45 am. . The pulse will be sent via Telephone wire to the Westinghouse corp. Laboratories in Pittsburgh where a special Generator will Send it across wires to a 300,000,000-Volt Betatron the worlds largest at the University of Illinois. Special equipment from the University of Chicago will receive the impulse from the Betatron and generate a a a sonic signal to set off a mock atomic bomb and fireworks. Fair manager Crosby Kelley predicted that 75,000 persons would attend the opening of the 60-acre Lake front area where United states achievements in agriculture Commerce Industry and science will be shown for the next two months. The fair w ill close on labor Day. In the near future the Baptist mrs. Ross 82, it Aam 2 embarrassing Brookville ont., june 23 up the Brookville fire extinguisher co. Was destroyed by fire yesterday. Loss was estimated at $50,000. Church will build another room to make additional sunday school space. It will be a room Over the Flat deck room on the East of the building and a proposed originally but was omitted until the final costs were computed. It will give much needed room for religious education and will greatly improve the external appearance of the Church building. A bulletin Board with the background of the same kind of Stone used in the Church will be placed at the same time. It will be on the Northwest Corner of the lot. Recently More sidewalks have been added around the building. The drapery which hangs Back of the communion table is now in place and provides a More fitting background for the brassware in the Chancel. Delegations from other churches of the state Are examining the Church to secure ideas for remodelling or rebuilding. It has aroused much favourable comment. Will hold inquest Davenport la. June 23 up a an inquest into the Highway death of her 2-year-old daughter was scheduled today while mrs. Theodore Graves Oxford Junction Lay in a Davenport Hospital with a Newborn son. The son was born yesterday Only a Day after Carol sue Graves was buried she was Dies Here thurs. Mrs. Elizabeth Ross 82, of 1004 seventh Street died at 4 of clock thursday afternoon june 22, at the Boone county Hospital after suffering a heart attack a week ago. She is survived by two daughters mrs. Elsie Mccarty and mrs. Cora Hogan both of Boone one step son James Pritchard also of Boone one sister mrs. Ida Campbell of Ogden and two grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at the Raynor funeral Home on saturday afternoon at 2 of clock with or. W Frank Lister officiating burial will be in the Union cemetery. House balks at draft measure dots at the United states military Academy this month. Prior to his appointment to the Academy the younger Hemen Way attended it. Vernon High by Krank Eleazer Washington june 23 up a the Senate a standby draft Bill under which the president could Crank up the induction machine Only when Congress is not in session got a Chilly reception in the House today. A we wont accept it a said rep. Dewey Short a mo., ranking Republican member of the House armed services committee. A we will insist on the House version. Nobody but Congress should order the Start of to sign Stop Gap while House and Senate wrangled Over a More permanent Extension president Truman was expected to sign into Law an emergency Resolution to carry the present Law 15 Days past it expiration Date at Midnight to night. Both Chambers shoved through the Stopgap Resolution by Dunant Mous consent yesterday after it became Clear that the Senate and House could not Compromise their differences in time to beat the deadline. Only by Congress the House has approved a two year Extension Bill calling for registration and classification Only. Inductions of men 19 through 25, for a 21-month period could be started Only if Congress by joint Resolution declared an emergency. The Senate after two a it of argument yesterday toned Down its proposed three year Extension of the present Law As is. But it declined to go All the Way with the House and put a double trigger on starting inductions with Congress in session a joint Resolution would be necessary As in the House Bill. But with Congress away the president could Start actual inductions by declaring a National necessity. Can to no farther a this is As far As we feel we can go in compromising with the House a said chairman Millard e. Tydings a md., of the Senate armed services committee. Otherwise he said the Senate would have nothing left a to give away in conference Quot would affect 60,000 about 60,000 Railroad men would he affected if All five lines halted service. It appeared Likely that the Pullman conductors strike would be postponed at least 60 Days because president Truman has the Power to appoint an emergency fact finding Board under the National railway mediation act. However the nation still faces a threat of strike action july 15 by 250.000 other members of the conductors Union Anil of the brotherhood of Railroad trainmen. Passenger and freight conductors have joined with the trainmen in demand for a 40-hour week without loss of pay. Their demand is separate from that of i the switchman. Find Marine vets body hard m. Lemming Way or. Des Moines la. June 23 up a the body of John Mehmen 21, Marine Veteran was recovered from a gravel pit Southeast of Here today by Des Moines police school where he was graduated in 1944 later he attended Coe College at Cedar rapids and Cornell College in it. Vernon he served As an aviation Cadet in the army air Force before in Anco p0 g county deputies tearing West Point. At the acad the officers had dragged the Emy he was a member of the or during Daylight hours since track and basketball teams and a Eai by wednesday evening after member of the radio and ski j relatives told officers they fear clubs. I he had drowned. Hemenway was Romnus sinned relatives told police Mehmen a second lieutenant in the air said was going swimming Force upon graduating. He amp tar and Cio Lhing were found for place in the United states A. Partridge Dies in sleep Hedding gifts Silver. China glassware killed by a Dairy truck monday. Ecksteine a jewelry i 6-23edl keep buying u. S. Bonds A. Partridge 626 a Tama Street retired Chicago North Western conductor passed away in his sleep during the night. He was eighty years old. He leaves his wife or. O. A Partridge two daughters Neola Thompson of Appleton wise., and Helen Yanke los Angeles Calif., and one brother. Robert Partridge of Omaha. Funeral arrangements will be announced later. The senior Hemenway has mad his Home Here since 1945 when he had been transferred by the rallied from Dewitt near the pit. Four fined a. L. Partello succumbs Here Pete Carpenter 16th and division and Pete Sinclair 703 Marion Street w Ere fined $100 or 30 Days in jail in mayor i court Friday morning for fight Artrur l. Partello aged 60, of eng and disturbing the peace. Route 4, died thursday june 22, at Betone county Hospital where he had been a patient since monday. He is survived by High wife his William t Garvey West College Street who a sent to the Hospital and treated for head cuts and bruises and Ella Carpenter 814 Greene Street each Mother mrs Joseph partello of were fined $50 for intoxication Estherville two daughters mrs m connection with the fight. Kenneth Finch of new Hartford swedish Glass moderately priced Ecksteine a jewelry 6-23- Boone Jaycees United states place traffic safety program trophy awarded at the u. S. Junior chamber of Commerce annual convention in Chicago last week is admired Here by three Jaycees who helped in winning it. They Are left to right or. H c. Elbe former general safety chairman Orvil Nelson who was safety project chairman and Fred Bennett former president. The trophy i now on display at the Montgomery Ward store Here. News Republican photo i and mrs. E. W. Billing of Arlington va., five grandchildren four Brothers Holmes of Boone. Lloyd of Williams dowry of Estherville and Purl of liver. And one sister mrs. Hardie Levan of Elgin Minn. Services Are being planned for monday afternoon but final arrangements Are not completed. Conversation dinner be lops in style lowest in Price Eckstein s jewelry 6-23- 22 killed Guayaquil Ecuador june 23 up a Twenty two Railroad workers were killed and 13 injured last night when a a Ain crashed into a Handcart loaded with workmen. A a a a a a wearer yesterday s figures up to 8 a. In a high�?87 low�?64 4 today a figures a Low last night�?74 temp at 8 a. �?80 precipitation for 24�?T hrs. To 8 a. In �?.54 a j

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