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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Boone, Iowa The Boone news Republican dial 432-1234 a before 0 30 . Of you have not received your paper. Saturday a 3 . Vol. Xxvii no. 130. Vol. Lviv no. 209 Boone Iowa saturday evening june 5, 1965 apr evening except sunday Carrier delivery 40c in Boone per week 10c single Many records set by Democrat legislature by Chad Skaggs Mew taxes at every level of Moines apr demo Ern ment and failed to provide Cong Monsoon offensive begins frats promised changes last january when they took control of the legislature for the first time in three decades. Truly representative government by turning Down legislative eliminating secret sessions the legislature which Wen and committee he with a a ? a me Marks 1965 legislature Tough on he which should stand a least an floor issues hat otherwise my it. Pm have been quietly axed without it was the longest regular ses a maj0r fuss Sion in Iowa history�?145 Days. _ raised or extended several the p11&Quot Donnybrook Over taxes moved toward major of p s a Quot of a night to work Law organization of government j a. Lf1� the in on do cd gave schools More Money than d in democrats and left dem Ever before and adopted a rec a nov. Har0, he a he Ord budget of about $267 Mil pm chants he ,0urh a on for the Union shop proposal sen. Richard Stephens r was beaten Ainsworth said it also passed b was a sess on that approved 25 Bills which will produce vary-i�11 proposed amendments to ing increases in local property lie Owa Constitution More taxes. Than any other legislature in Iowa Republican chairman history. Robert Ray said the legislature big City democrats in the a left iowans overburdened with House teamed to defeat a pro posed constitutional amendment which could have weakened their party by requiring sub distracting of Multi seat legislative districts. This Drew fire from republicans although Hughes had asked for passage Washington apr Sena of the measure tors have expressed mixed the legislature voted a pay reaction to sen. J. W. Ful raise for the governor and gave Brights proposal to assign the j him new Power Over state states a major voice in Chan j spending Eling . Military assistance but it refused to approve to latin America. $250,000 for a new governors the Arkansas Democrat mansion chairman of the Senate foreign. Relation committee offered a pay a a is a ? a App Quot it Ved the proposal a an amendment Quot p next to the two year. 13.35-billion an la or Ltd Rotl a Emp up Nual foreign authorization up Quot a a ranks and tor mixed reaction on Fulbright s proposal Saigon Viet Nam Cap a government forces badly battered by Viet Cong ambushes in recent Days struck Back with the Aid of armed . Helicopters and claimed today they killed 48 communist guerrillas in a single action Friday. A . Military spokesman reported that Quick action by . Army helicopter Crews accounted for 20 of the Viet Cong dead. Six reds were captured and eight others taken As suspects in the operation near Vinh Long 55 Miles Southwest of Saigon. Vietnamese units continued to comb the area saturday with the support of armoured and artillery units. Four government soldiers reportedly were killed and four others were wounded with a . Army adviser in fridays clash. The adviser was struck in the left by hand grenade fragments. He was not injured seriously. Government forces were not As fortunate in another engagement Friday. They reportedly Bogalusa Deputy s Home sprayed with bullets Bogalusa la. Apr gun ithe car As it drove Down a Cir men fired six bullets into the Cular driveway leading to Holli Home of the chief Deputy Sher Days Home Iff Early today As officers the Holliday House is situated pressed their investigation of a about 300 Yards off a Blacktop Bill on which the Senate will resume debate monday. It would require that the $55 million available for military assistance to latin american co-,.u, be furnished to the maximum extent feasible according to joint plans approved by the . This would include plans dealing with internal Security defense. In addition it would authorize the use of up to $25 million of the funds for an inter american military Joice under control. There was no immediate reaction from the administration but sen. John Sparkman d-ala., a senior member of Ful Brights committee said he thought the amendment a a has a great Deal of Good in a it might provide for an orderly military support and do much to slow Down the arms race in latin America a Sparkman told a reporter. A i like the idea a sen. John county employees. The legislature ordered erection of a new state office building and a mental Hospital and financed a Host of smaller structures mainly at institutions of higher learning. It authorized a new system of area vocational schools and appropriated $6 million to help build at least four of them. It directed that All areas of the state be in a District supporting a High school by july 1966. It did away with the death penalty substituting life imprisonment for hanging As the states severest punishment for criminals. It liberalized unemployment compensation benefits and outlawed use of professional strik Breakers to replace striking workers. It established statewide Daylight saving time. It moved the primary election held in even numbered years a. P. Wire photo reports on gemini flight John Hodge overnight flight director of gemini 4 answers questions about the Orbital flight of James Mcdivitt and Edward White at a morning news session Friday. Hodge said the pair was Able to get Back on the original flight plan which had been disrupted during the first three orbits while attempting the linkup with another satellite. Who tit Ond Mcpip Yaffi in Good Shope 4 nears Halfway Mark detection satellite launched May 25 from Cape Kennedy. As gemini 4 circled round and round the Globe the space twins continued to perform routine test Pilot tasks intended to fully qualify men and machinery for longer trips. Business even came before congratulations Friday night when Mcdivitt and White broke astronaut l. Gordon Coopers . Orbital record of 34 hours 20 minutes established in May 1963. At 8 36 ., the moment the Sherman Cooper r-ky., said Ini from june to september. A separate interview. A i Haven tothe lawmakers worked liter studied the details but i think ally Day and night and some sat the principle is i Urdas but some Bills of major on the other hand sen. Frank interest nevertheless died for e. Moss a Utah said he had Lack of action. A some reservations about Ful Brights proposal and sen. Clifford p. Case r-n.j., said a i am left hanging without reaching a Senate vote was one of the democrats major proposals a not at All sure i could vote for i enactment of a civil service sys Ittem for state employees. Passed a a in la give it careful consider by the House it was debated Tion a Case added a but i do briefly by the Senate twice late want to hear All in the session but saw no sen. Vance Hartke d-ind., further action. Said he thought Fulbright a is basically rights a and that assist summer Houts Ance through the was a preferable method to unilateral decisions on military Aid which bring charges of gunboat diplomacy. But he said a whether it is a practical workable solution to our problem is another sen. Frank Church a Idaho said a it is a very worthwhile at the Library during the week of june 7-12 the Ericson Public Library will be open from 9 . To 6 . In both the adult and children a departments. If there is further change in the summer schedule of Library hours the new schedule will be published during the suggestion and i intend to study it with great care and sym j week of june 14 i the Book Reserve system Fulbright introduced t h e which has been in u9e for some amendment without comment just before the Senate recessed Friday. Weather considerable cloudiness today tonight and becoming partly Cloudy sunday Chance of scattered showers sunday. Cooler tonight Little change sunday. A weather record a yesterdays figure up to a 8 . Today. A high�?72 a low�?61 temp. At 7 .�?65 a precipitation�?1.18 a River reading�?7.78 time is now being discontinued. Difficulties in getting in touch with individuals who have reserved books the failure of those who have reserved a Book to come in to get it have made it an impractical service. This discontinuance applies mainly to fiction and to current non fiction. Reserves May still be made on books to be used to preparing club lessons students May also have Reserve privileges for their school work. Bulletin Des Moines apr e. H. Picard 78, of Marne mich., National commander of the veterans of world War i died Early saturday after suf a j Felting a heart attack. By Howard Benedict a aerospace writer Houston tex. A astronauts James a. Mcdivitt and Edward h. White ii soared toward the Halfway Point of their record space flight today As medical monitors around the world kept a close electronic watch on their conditions. Americans newest heroes who cracked the . Space endurance Mark Friday night were to reach the mid Point of their Marathon journey at 11 11 . Est As their gemini 4 space ship sailed High above the United states during orbit no. 32. As they whirled through their seemingly endless voyage Mcdivitt and White were pro j trounced in excellent physical condition. White suffered no a j Parent after effects from the 20- i i a or minute excursion he made out a Vii of i Side the capsule shortly after thursdays launching f r of Cape Kennedy. But no american has spent As much time orbiting the Earth and the medics were on the Alert for any sign of physical or mental deterioration that might settlement result from Long exposure to the hostile weightless environment. If there is trouble a and it May not show up until after they return to Earth monday a it could affect the whole future of american manned space flight. Sixth week dominican Santo Domingo dominican Republic apr the stalemated dominican civil War marked its sixth week today with a fresh peace team of the organization of american states trying to win a political new Mark was set Stuart Davis capsule communicator at the hawaiian tracking station contacted the gemini 4 by radio relayed instructions for a medical Check and read them map coordinates. Then he added rather matter of factly a a in a also like to congratulate you on a new american space flight a Roger a replied Mcdivitt a a we be got quite a few More orbits to go. Thank you very they then zipped on in their planned 97-hour 50-minute voyage which is to end at 12 06 . Monday with a Parachute splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean 400 Miles Southwest of Bermuda. The world space flight record is held by russian cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky who stayed aloft for 119 hours 6 minutes just shy of five Days in 1963. The United states plans to Challenge that Standard in August by sending Cooper and Rookie astronaut Charles Conrad on a planned seven Day trip. Whether make the August Date depends on what the medics learn from Mcdivitt and White. Their bodies were wired to record the slightest change in heart beat respiration pulse or temperature. After they re Back on Earth extensive examination is planned including at least three Days aboard the main recovery ship the aircraft Carrier Wasp. The flights of Cooper and Bykovsky turned up disquieting symptoms especially in heart and blood vessel systems accustomed to functioning in a grave terrorist style murder. Chief Deputy Doyle Holliday who lives about four Miles out of town said he rushed from House his House and emptied his .38 magnum pistol at a fleeing car. A perhaps one of the shots did some damage but i am not sure he said. Two of the bullets fired by the Nightrider ripped through the Kitchen Wall. Two hit an air conditioning unit and another lodged in the Wall of a breezeway to the garage. The other could not be located in the darkness. The shooting came As state Federal and local officers pressed a massive investigation into the shooting of Washington parishes first negro Deputy sheriff of Neal Moore. A White Man charged in the Case Ernest r. Mcelveen 41, of Bogalusa waived extradition Friday and was returned to Louisiana from Tylertown miss., where he was arrested. Holliday said he and his wife were sitting in a room behind the Kitchen. A the bullets hit the Wall right behind us a he said. Fri and state crime Laboratory investigators were making casts of the tire tracks made by Road West of Bogalusa agents also were probing for the slugs that Tore into the Holliday who is White said he had been Home about half an hour when the shooting occurred. He said he was sitting in a Den talking with his wife. Two of his three boys were in another part of the House. He said he did not hear anything until the shots rang out. Holliday said he saw the taillight As it drove off. Three killed posse formed a new Effort rights urged big Springs neb. Apr a huge posse spread out across sprawling Plains of Western Nebraska and Eastern Colorado today Hunting an icy Calm gunman who killed three Bank employees with shots in the Back and wounded a fourth. A every available Man in too Miles is taking part a said sheriff Floyd Stahr. Late Friday sheriff Stahr a 6-foot-4 Man in a wide brim Western hat made his Headquarters in the Bank. State troopers Fri agents sheriffs officers and police from neighbouring towns trooped in to report to him. The 510 residents of this Village astride the Denver to North Platte Highway to Miles North of the Colorado Border were stunned by the killings Friday. A i have no idea Why he shot six previous major efforts to negotiate an agreement ended in failure including those by Washington the the United nations and the Vatican. There were reports that the new three nation Mission a the astronauts reported see-1 theorized wednesday by a Spe ing another satellite whirling i Cial conference brought through the heavens Friday and from Washington a plan for a trackers today were trying to i Swift supervised election determine which one it might but and . Government have been. J sources Only would say that the Mcdivitt said that during the j election was one of a number of 19th orbit he sighted an orbiting i possible Compromise solutions object a with big arms sticking under consideration he took movies but the i an trusteeship followed to environment on Earth glaring Sun prevented him Iden by an election and a coalition i As Long As they were in tidying it or estimating its Dis provisional government were weightless space there was no Tance from the gemini 4. Other possibilities. There was some speculation it i the dominican rebels already was the Pegasus 2 meteoroid have rejected an election formula proposed by the civilian military Junta. The rebels demanded restoration of the 1963 Constitution and creation of a new government before an election. The new peace Effort was launched Friday when its commission met with msgr. Eman Uele Clarizio the papal Nuncio and with . Ambassador w. Washington apr president Johnson has called for a new civil rights Effort to achieve True Equality for the american them said Ansty atty. Robert 3ua Tyas a Richards Quot they did to resist when he told them to Lay Down on their right and a theory. Johnson delivering the commencement address Friday night at predominantly negro Howard University said the great majority of negro americans a still Are another a despite the court orders and the Laws the victories and the gunman fired eight times As the four Lay on the floor of the Farmers state Bank. Three died instantly. The fourth was critically wounded. Killed were Andreas Kjeld Gaard 77, a Bachelor who was speeches for them the Walls Are president o the Bank Glenn rising and the Gulf is widening j Hendricks 59, the cashier land Lois Ann Hothan 35, Book employ-1 Kjeldgaard 25, Neph negroes in some ways Are far new of Andreasi was t0 a ing worse today than 5 or to Denver Hospital we a a wounds in years ago. Johnson said this be neck and Back the Hospital the president said. Citing statistics on ment and income to show that traffic Down Keokuk apr Barge shipments on the Mississippi River through May totalled 1,822,600 tons compared with 3,501,843 tons through the same period a year ago officials at lock 19 said Friday. The decline was caused by the Mississippi r7alpley�?~�?Tbennett the a Vatican s flood which halted Barge traffic representative was one 0f the major problem. The trouble cropped up after return to Gravity. Soviet scientists have admitted their concern Over the Bykovsky findings and their subsequent cosmonaut flights have been limited to one Day. It is believed the soviets Are developing a Means of introducing artificial Gravity to a Spac Craft. The United states also has this approach under study. Represented an a american fail the president who took the occasion to announce plans for a special White House conference next fall to explore such problems said a it is not enough to open the Gates of Opportunity. All our citizens must have the ability to walk through those Gates. Said today he was in critical condition. It was noon when the gunman drove up to the Little red Brick Bank on main Street. Franklin Kjeldgaard barely Able to talk told police the Man a did no to seem Tough when he entered the Bank. He said the killer was about 35, and wore his hair Crew Cut. He was neatly killed five Viet Cong but suffered 18 dead two wounded and 32 missing themselves after a communist battalion attacked three hamlets 265 Miles Northeast of Saigon. This brought to 299 the toll of government forces killed wounded it missing in action in the last three Days. The High toll and pronouncements by a High . Military spokesman and a communist chinese propaganda Organ underscored that the Long awaited Viet Cong Monsoon offensive had begun. The . Spokesman said in Saigon Friday that a the important Battle of the summer of 1965 has just been joined., events have been such that we Are moving into an important period of the the new China news Agency described the Viet Cong offensive As a a glorious Page in the annals of the liberation War in South Viet Nam. A Brilliant Page in a Peoples Advent of the Monsoon is throwing the . Aggressors into still greater panic. A bigger defeat is in store for three . Air strikes were reported against North vietnamese targets today. Twenty a4 sky Hawks supported by eight f8 crusaders from the Carrier Bon homme Richard blasted the Ben Thuy port facilities at Vinh about 160 Miles South of Hanoi. Pilots said they hit an offshore wharf with missiles and damaged a Coal Yard and warehouses in the raid. An antiaircraft site was blasted with a direct bomb hit the spokesman reported. In other strikes the spokesman said trucks and Bridges were destroyed in armed route reconnaissance missions ranging Over three routes. A Supply depot and a Power Plant were damaged in separate strikes Over North Viet Nam late Friday afternoon the sources said. Pilots said they scored a direct hit on a boiler Plant at Ben Phuon 135 Miles South of Hanoi and destroyed or damaged 14 buildings at the Vinh Supply depot. Heavy bombings continued against Viet Cong positions in South Viet Nam the spokesman said. . And vietnamese warplanes flew More than 300 sorties against communist concentrations destroying or damaging nearly too structures. In another development a . Army enlisted Man was injured Friday by Small arms fire while on a helicopter resp a ply Mission about 150 Miles Northeast of Saigon. He was not reported in serious condition. Despite continuing heavy Battle casualties on the communist Side estimates of Viet Cong strength currently stand at about 25,000 higher than they were four months ago. According to the Best intelligence data now available. Communist forces in South Viet Nam currently have Between 34,-000 and 38,000 full time troops with another 80,000 to 100,000 part time militiamen. Comparable estimates in feb Rumary were 28.000 to 34,000 full time troops and 60,000 to 80,000 militiamen. Included in this estimate is one regular North vietnamese battalion infiltrated As a unit into Korntum province in tho Central Highlands. For several weeks. Child killed first to attempt to mediate the conflict. Members of the peace team Are Ellsworth Bunker . Ambassador to the Ilmar Marinho of Brazil and Omaha apr a car driven by Dennis Lee Paulsen 18, of Penna Villisca Iowa crashed into two Ramon de Clairmont Duenas of Omaha children Friday. Dennis Al Salvador. Pollock 7, was killed. Kathy the remaining 2,000 . A Davis 8, was injured. Paulsen Trines of an original leather told officers the children darted neck Force of 6,000, prepared in front of his car at an inter 1 Section. A a traffic toll state of Iowa a total 1964851 this Date 1965 260 this Date 1964 299 a Boone county total 1964 17 this Date 1964 a a 6 this Date. 1965 a 6 City of Boone 4 4 total 1964 i 4 this Date 1964 i this Date 1965 i a a a a a a a a a this is the next and the dressed in a dark suit More profound stage of the Bat Only the senior Kjeldgaard tie for civil rights. We seek not and his three Empi Oyes were in just Freedom but Opportunity the Bank the Man first asked not just Legal equity but human t obtaining a loan. Then he ability not just Equality As a tuned a pistol and ordered the right and a theory but Equality four victims to in on the floor As a fact and a face Down Johnson applauded frequent Franklin Kjeldgaard Wasny try. Spoke of seeking Justice for certain a that happened next the negro and said. State authorities said the i pledge this will be a chief Bandit looted the Cash drawers goal of my administration and0f about $1 and then walked of my program next year and Emo the fault he found the Safe in years to come. I Hope it will locked be part of the program of All America gets $1,600 he then returned to the main room and started shooting. Sheriff Stahr said eight 22-caliber Cartridge shells were found on the floor. As the gunman walked out of the Bank he bumped into Farmer Des Moines apr a Bandit who failed on three occasions to get a loan held up the Globe Otto Mauser. Loan co. At gunpoint Friday a a Rood morning and fled with about $1,600 Cash jute by. Resume science talks Tass says Moscow apr the soviet Union and red China have resumed talks on scientific cooperation Tass said today. The official soviet news Agency said Only that the talks were under Way and did not report what was discussed. He said to approve men Des Moines apr the appointments of the Rev. Philip a. Hamilton 46, Dubuque Democrat to a four year term 01 the new Iowa civil rights com Mission and the Rev. Warier e. Nye of Dubuque to the boart of examiners in the Basic sciences for a six year term were approved by 47-0 votes by the Iowa Senate Friday

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