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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 4

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Boone, Iowa Editorials a new resolve the first month of the new year is half Way gone. The year of 1965 to recently ended was a year in which America hit new Heights. Giant strides were taken toward Many a highest aspirations spiritually and materially. Yet it was a year of Paradox. While reaching new Heights Many things occurred which brought Good american citizens who love their country to the Edge of despair. They see around them a mounting acceptance of a spreading bureaucracy. In the midst of apparently unprecedented Prosperity they see a War on poverty used for political ends thus giving it a potential for waste and corruption that is dismaying. They even see at Home much cynical indifference to the War in Viet Nam. Although american fighting men Are meeting in combat a people who hold fanatic convictions and will go to any length in Pursuit of Victory americans at Home question the struggle to Aid a people who desire the same Freedom we know. Even As we have reached Heights of Materia achievements can we look Back Over the past year and say that we have adhered to the principles upon which this country was founded namely respect for the rights of private property respect for the individual and a belief that a government of limited Powers is the Best government while we talk so much of Freedom for other Peoples we should take Stock of the status of our own Freedom. In one Way or another More people each Day Are being required to do what they Are told to do by some authority and More and More frequently that authority has its source in Washington. The growing voice of authority is inevitable because authority Federal authority holds the purse strings. The existing Prosperity of countless industries businessmen Farmers even whole communities is at the mercy of those who award the contracts the subsidies the Matching funds or whatever you wish to Call them. In this year of 1966 americans should take a new look at their nation and themselves. They should make a new resolve a resolve that the constitutional system of government a government of checks and balances As Laid Down by the founders of the nation is the Best kind of a government to live under that the rights of private property and persons Are to be held inviolate. The political Liberty of the individual is our most precious heritage. With that As a foundation there Are no obstacles that cannot be overcome in peace or in War in space or on Earth. Seton a wed Nuh for it Dennis monday january 17, in the Mcnack by k Telic m Hal Boyle. Toot Man s Vetillo Tokat editorial quote speeding not a serious violation i Oelwein Register each Day of the year a massacre continues on Iowa a highways and each Day of the year we Hope the unnecessary Bloodthirsty life taking can be halted. And every once in a while we re shocked by what could be the mis reckoned delivery of what a right and what a wrong on the Highway these Days. District judge b. C. Sullivan i Bremer county erupted with an Eye opener recently in the Appeal Case of a Waverly Man who had been charged with driving 90 Miles per hour on Highway 9 East of Waverly. A member of the Iowa Highway patrol had made the arrest. Tho defendant had been found guilty in Justice court but appealed the decision to District court. The arresting patrolman testified he had pursued the speeding car at speeds up to 120 Miles per hour and at no time less than 95 Miles per hour. Sullivan after hearing testimony revealed in his court ruling he had serious doubts about the Highway patrolman a testimony. A this Road Highway 3 is not a freeway expressway or a super Highway but a highly travelled Road with the usual number of yellow lines in the Center of the Road. And this court has difficulty believing the patrol car could travel this Road at 110-120 Miles per hour and a minimum Speed of 95.�?� the District judge went on Quot the court is satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant did exceed the nighttime Speed limit and although he did exceed the Speed limits it is not a serious violation. It la further ordered the sentence imposed by the Justice of the peace in the sum of $30 is hereby reduced to the sum of $8.00.�?� Sullivan a circumstantial account and resume must have shocked every Law enforcement officer within Miles. His reduction of the Fine to $8.00 is most bizarre if the patrolman failed to prove his Case at 90 Miles per hour Why the puny $8.00 for Feit speeding j ust like running Stop signs improper passing ing following too close Drunken driving. Are killing iowans each Day. And Isnit that serious Iowa comment Atlantic news Telegraph we Hope Iowa congressmen will have heard enough about the attitude of their constituents on the right to work Laws to vote As their people think not As the administration orders. They should be Over their first session fears by now and ready to act independently. Northwood Anchor As every consumer knows the value of the Dollar has been going steadily Down and Many authorities feel that further erosion lies ahead. A primary reason for that is continued deficit spending in a time of unprecedented Prosperity largely for welfare state purposes. Ames Tribune the new state employee retirement system in our opinion is neither equitable in concept nor fair in application. Shortcut to policy new Delhi a the government in Hopes of reducing red tape As Well As the number of employees has installed a trial system for land Ling reports and files. From now on they will go through three stages instead of five As at present before reaching policy making personnel. Lesson in English by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say a Alaska is larger that All the states a since a fall the states would include Alaska too. Also the sentence could be constructed As meaning that Alaska is larger than All the states together. Say a Alaska is the largest of the often mispronounced attache. Pronounce at a Shay accent on last syllable. Often misspelled vaccinate two a a cd so and one vacillate one Quot cd and two synonyms mysterious Mystic mystical inscrutable inexplicable abstruse dim obscure unexplained secret. Word study a use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword sequestered secluded isolated. A the lives a sequestered life in the new York apr a life is a kind of shaggy dog joke without a punchline a said the Man with the Brown Beard. A there is no final solution or conclusion. As the astronomers say the universe is infinite. Everything is simply endlessly but although life May be inconclusive it is far from unrewarding to the Man with the Brown beards British author John Fowles. At 39, Fowles former teacher at a girls school in London has turned the Comer of literary Success. His first published novel a the the Creepy Story of a Young Man who captures a girl As if she were a Butterfly j and keeps her prisoner until she j Dies was made into a successful film. His latest novel which has an even eerie treatment of the Man playing god theme is the january selection of the literary Guild. Fowles also has sold the paperback rights for $125, 000 and is doing a movie script of it. It is his qualities As a loner and a Mystic that won Fowles the Praise of critics. But he is a companionable Man across a Tea table and his Hazel eyes Light up As he talks about his work. A fall writers Are sick people. We have a compulsive need to have phantasm worlds around us a to create such worlds in which we can live a he says. A i write by instinct. If i done to feel like writing i done to. If i do 1 write As Long As my body can stand it�?15 or 16 hours a Day. I revise and revise and revise and occasionally throw whole chapters to Fowles the greatest problem in life is individual Freedom. A what i write about is whether people should be Freer than they Are and the extent to which Freedom can be a dangerous two edged weapon a he says. A it is hard to generalize about How much Freedom one should have. Id say you have plenty of Freedom Over Here. France could do with a lot More. So could Russia. A i think Freedom is necessary for the race but not for All individuals. A until recently i should have said the greatest threat to Freedom was political creeds. Now i think it is the machine including the Modem City. A the City destroys individuality requires people to function predictably. People in the country Are More these Days a John Chamu lain Thi stoic spirit of americans a you a error set in the mouse mow moms Yancin with a Broom s dear Abby Good question Abigail Van Byren look learn by a. C. Gordon 1. In what year did the . Congress first exercise its Power to declare War 2. What is the official Price of Gold in the United states now 3. What three former . Presidents died on Independence Day july 4th? 4. What ancient people invented the alphabet 5. What is the incubation period of a Chicken answers on classified Page drive safely a save a life. $1 billion Cost on transit strike new York apr the Commerce and Industry association estimates that the 12-Day subway and bus strike Cost new yorkers a billion dollars and that a less than 25 per cent will be the major business group urged that the 15cent transit fare be increased to help pay for the contract settlement that ended the transit tie up last thursday. The Cost of new two year contracts Between the City transit authority and the striking transport workers Union and amalgamated transit Union both Al Cio has been estimated variously Between $52 million and $70 million. The associations position was outlined by executive vice president Ralph c. Gross sunday on the webs to a news makers program and in a later interview. Dear Abby i met a girl eight months ago and five minutes after i met her i confided to a Friend a there is the future mrs. K a i mention this just to emphasize what a great impression she made on me. I am a High school drop out through no fault of my own but a dropout nonetheless. She is a High school teacher with a . Degree going for her . I am 29 and she is 26. I sell for a living and do very Well. Here a the problem she is trying to remake me. I done to mind criticism because i really want to improve myself but i can to even turn around without her correcting me. A a done to talk so fast a a a done to rattle your keys in your pocket a a stand up straight a a quit cracking your Knuckles a a clean your glasses a she even criticizes my driving. There is something wrong with everything i do. I can to even drink a cup of Coffee without her telling me that in a making too much noise. Yet i still want to marry her. Why a picked to pieces dear picked Beau me. There must be something very special in this girls favor that you have failed to mention. Dear Abby last month our son joined the armed forces. The night before he left Many of his friends and relatives honoured him with gifts of Money. In a few weeks he got an honorable discharge because of an injury. Please Abby advise us if it is proper for him to return the Money to those who gave it to him. He does no to want to offend anyone but he does no to feel right keeping it. A a. Virginia dear w. Virginia your son should attempt to return the Money. The givers will probably insist that he keep it but feeling As he does he should make the gesture. And said he was a fall this is Fine but i would like to see my children grow to adulthood despite this child. Am i an overprotective Mother what now a upset Mother dear upset you and your husband and the Parent of the other children who have been victimized by dickies Quot All boy Quot behaviour should Call on Dickie s parents. Urge them to take this child to a specialist in child behaviour. Their boy could to disturbed and in need of professional help. The child la All hut a ending up flares for help. In the meantime keep your own children safely out of dickies reach. Problems write to Abby Box 69700, los Angeles Calif. For a personal reply enclose a stamped self addressed envelope. Hate to write letters Send one Dollar to Abby Box 69700, los Angeles Calif., for Abby a Booklet a How to write letters for All copyright 1961 Mcnaught Syndicate inc. Read the classifieds median family income in the . Between 1947 and 1964 increased an average of $140 annually. Dear Abby we have a child in our neighbourhood ill Call him Dicki who has just turned five. Dickie has been the cause of Many a a accidents involving the neighbourhood children. For instance my baby was sitting in her stroller outside when Dickie took her for a a a walk run into the Back Fence and knocked her out. I have forbidden him to go near the baby again. Then he took my three year old boy for a a a ride on his Trike and my boy a fell off cutting his forehead so badly he had to have eight stitches in it. Now my five year old just came Home with a bump on his head the size of an egg. Dickie hurled an inner tube at him knocking his head against a tree. These Are Only a few incidents involving my own children. Dickie has been responsible for Many other a a accidents involving other neighbourhood children. I once complained to his Mother and she just laughed Mark Trail by cd Dodd if anything is Plain it is that the big majority in the United states would like to make up its mind on the Vietnam situation without marching and teach ins and All the other hoopla that we have been witnessing Over the past year. This it must be said goes for demonstrations by both the left and the right. The attempt of the left to carry the country by storm toward a peace at any Price decision has failed to generate mass support. But the counter movement sparked by such groups As Young americans for Freedom has not brought out any huge crowds. A Yak gathering of 1,500, give or take a few score turned out to listen to senator Karl Mundt the other week in Washington and Tom Dodd jr., the son of senator abbe Dodd read a few words for his father. But the Young democrats and the Young republicans were conspicuous by their absence from a meeting that might have concerned most of them. Where does All this leave the country what it proves to me is that most people prefer to let courts Legislatures the president and the written word As printed in the press and Over radio and to do their speaking for them. For at the same time that Yak was finding it practically impossible to bring a big group into Washington some 500,000 students in More than 300 colleges were signing a pledge to support president Johnson a Promise to stand firm in Vietnam until peace can be had with Honor. The willingness to stand up and be counted is there but the average person does no to want to be dramatic about it. What All this should prove to the world is that americans Are willing to a do what it takes to maintain their country a position As the big bulwark against communism but they want to approach the necessity of physical action to that end with a stoical Mien. The stoic spirit is actually reflected on the left As Well As on the right. At the recent gathering of the new left groups in Milwaukee Wisconsin the Quot moderates rejected the counsels of the far out Vietnam Day committee of Berkeley California who preach instant withdrawal from Vietnam. The 38-to-25 vote against calling for immediate troop departure separated the pragmatists of the movement from the maoists the Trotsky ites and those who listen to the orthodox communists. This does not mean that the far out left has been rendered toothless. But it does indicate that Lyndon Johnson by his a peace offensive a had at least for the moment split the movement that was calling for his Scalp just a few Short weeks ago. As this column is being written the pause in the War continues. The same split among the a liberals that was observe at the Milwaukee new left meeting is disturbing the Campaign in the seventeenth District in new York for John Lindsay sold seat in Congress. The democratic candidate Orin Lehman who has a great new York political name would like to see the . Negotiate its Way out of the Vietnam mess with Honor. The Republican Man is actually to the left of Lehman on the Vietnam Issue nominating Jeffrey St. John a radio to personality who has been trying to get something called operation Asia off the ground to Roll up support tor a Clear Cut Victory Over the Viet Cong is trying to produce a definite statement of principle in a District that if probably far from representing a Cross Section of America. If enough votes go to St. John to win for Lehman it would mean that even in an unrepresentative Urban neighbourhood Johnson can carry the Day tor insisting on peace a with Honor in Asia. Meanwhile Sanford Gottlieb Washington representative of sane is off to Algiers tor reconnaissance among people who might talk for to Chi Minh. Gottlieb Speaks tor the no communist peace movement and his trip could be regarded As being in tune with lbs a a re cent spirit of permissiveness toward peace feelers of any kind. Its All a tangle. But one thing is certain Johnson can to fight his War forever with Only stoics Twenty one years ago from no soon Wei Rohu Ichii wednesday evening january 17, 1945 personal mention first it. Galen Wiley who has been stationed at Santa Anna Calif., is visiting in the Home of his Mother mrs. Josephine Wiley 9244 eighth Street. He ii Enro Ute to Chanute Field 111. It. Charles Miles received his commission As an Aerial navigator of the air corps saturday at san Marcos Texas. It. Miles is visiting Here during his leave with his parents or. And mrs. O. E. Miles 204 Monona Street and with relatives and friends. It. Robert Mahoney son of or. And mrs. T. J. Mahoney received his commission As second lieutenant in the air corps at san Marcos Texas saturday. It. Mahoney a navigator is spending his leave with his parents. Miss Laura Fey daughter of or. And mrs. O. I. Fey 1515 Benton is visiting in the Home of her parents. She is a Sophomore at the University of Iowa in the Fine arts department. Pvt. Arthur Haleen who is stationed at Wright Field Dayton Ohio is spending a 15-Day furlough with his wife at their Home 1217 West eighth and with his father John a. Haleen 601 West 7th. He has been in service two years serving with the ground Force of the air corps. To Back him. There a got to be some movement one Way or the other and soon. A total of 10.8 million . Families a 22 per cent of All families a received income of $10,000 or More during 1964. The Boon news Republican is 2-814 Keeler Street Boone Iowa 5003 Mary Goldthwaite Garvey editor and publisher h. A. Garvey co publisher a Dally newspaper entered As second class matter june 24. 1024 at the Post office at Boon p. Iowa under tho act of March 8. 1879. The associated press news service official paper of the a a county and City subscription rates single copies Loc Boone City Carrier delivery 40c per week motor route delivery 40c per week Carrier delivery in towns outside of Boone 35c per week by mail within 25 Miles of Boone $12.00 per year $7.00 for 6 months $4.00 for 3 months $1.50 for i month by mail elsewhere in Iowa $15.00 per Vear $8.00 for 6 months $4.00 for 3 months $1.50 for i month by mall outside of Iowa $18.00 per year $10.00 for 6 months $3.50 for 3 months $2.00 for i month Alley top by v. T. Hamlin where do you suggest i look Priscilla s pop by Al Vermeer Busy practising. 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