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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Boone, Iowa Weather partly Cloudy amp cold Mon. Night lows near Cero. Cloudy amp warmer rues., High in lower 20s. The Boone news Republican dial 432-1234 a before 6 30 . Of you have not received your paper. Saturday a 3 . Vol. Xxviii no. 13, vol. Lyv no. 90 Boone Iowa monday evening january 17, 1966 evening except sunday Carrier delivery 40c in Boone per week copy for lunar new year Holiday Viet cease fire ordered by Thomas a. Reedy Lern ment infantry and Armor children of vietnamese officer killed and four were wounded of Saigon into a drubbing for the Saigon South Viet Nam school at thu due to Miles candidates in their Beds. Three when a Busload of civilians hit a guerrillas. Apr the commander of . I North of Saigon at i . While other children were wounded. Viet Cong mine on the Road the communists heated up forces in Viet Nam. Gen. Wil one part of the guerrilla Force armoured troops fought Back from Moc Hoa to Cai Lay near the ebbing 11-Day . Sweep on Ham c. Westmoreland today fired two mortar shells As a i and killed to of the Viet Cong a Kien Tuong. 35 Miles South of the Edge of their Iron Triangle version another hit part of the government spokesman said. The capital. By spraying the Convoy with compound with automatic Weap-1 these bodies were left behind.1 Northwest of Saigon a Viet automatic weapons As it rolled on bul the fleeing Viet Cong were Cong attack on a . Troop con to Trung Lap carrying the 2nd the guerrillas pierced the seen to be carrying other dead Voy backfired. Supported by battalion of the . 1st infant barbed wire of the officers Canor wounded. Planes roaring in Over the tree try divisions 23th regiment Westmoreland a order second dilate school and raked the Bil a one Viet Cong was captured. I tops the americans turned the Back to brigade Headquarters de the decision of the South lets killing five wives and three i Twenty six civilians were. Bitter fight 20 Miles Northwest the infantrymen shot Back As vietnamese government to halt i the vehicles slowly rolled on first negro in Cabinet i toward their destination. Over head the planes pinpointed their fire at the communist positions. The barrage came within 150 feet of the Convoy. Ordered All american troops to cease firing for 78 hours starting at noon thursday in Observance of the vietnamese lunar new year Holiday tet. Fighting during the National Celebration. Similar instructions went to South korean australian and new zealand troops fighting alongside the vietnamese and americans. Senate confirms Weaver i Washington apr the tary in the More than Doub is Senate confirmed today presi a committee chairman a. The 30-hour cease fire observed i Dent Johnson a nomination of tis Robertson d-va., san by Allied forces during the Christmas Holiday. But it Falls 18 hours Short of the tet truce proclaimed by the Viet Cong. They have promised not to attack from la . Wednesday toll . Sunday a total of four Days. The times Are Saigon time or to . Wednesday to to . Sunday est. The .-Viet vote soon after the banking committee had voted 14-0 to approve the nomination. Weaver will be the first negro Ever to serve in the Cabinet. The Senate waived its rules to namese cease fire will begin at act so quickly. Ordinarily Nom-11 . Est. Or. 58, will become the first be Hen he fighting quieted Wil Gro member of the Cabinet. Down after 2,/2 hours a . Said the the Bill passed by Congress spokesman reported to Viet Robert c. Weaver new York a nominations would be reported last year setting up the new negro to join the Cabinet As promptly to the Senate for a Cabinet department allotted to Secretary of housing and or confirmation vote. Lit the functions and personnel of ban development. I if All goes As expected. Wear the housing and Home finance confirmation came by voice Agency but nothing else. Westmoreland ordered a cease fire from noon thursday to 6 . Sunday. It was assumed the allies agreed on different hours to avoid giving the Deer meat conservation officers Warren Wilson of Boone left and George Tellier of impression they were simply fort Dodge checked baskets containing Deer meat at the Boone police station Early sunday morning reacting to the communist pro two men started serving jail terms today after they were found with it Midnight saturday. Staff spousal. Westmoreland a order said a fall . Forces in the Republic photo by de Bomberger in saturation patrol Here Law officers Nab Jack lighters the place is Boone county. The time is any Given night. The lesson is a crime does not pay taught by a group of ten Law officers who can Section the county into four pieces for what they term a saturation patrol. Each Section is patrolled by am pfc he killed an Iowa Highway patrolman/am15 Neputy conducted a saturation patrol. This morning Robert Murray 38, Madrid was sentenced to 62 Days in jail for having two Deer out of season and his brother Jim Murray and an Iowa conservation officer. Boone county sheriff Jack Camelin roams the Northern half of the county and his Deputy the Southern half. The Effort is coordinated by radio by the Boone police department. Within 15 minutes the a proving officers a can provide help in one of the sections after getting a Call. Saturday night three Highway patrolmen seven conservation officers the sheriff and his de his betting just did t pay off Naples Italy apr every week for 12 years Francesco Formisano neapolitan Peanut Vendor has been betting on numbers 15 and 78 in lotto Italy a state run numbers lottery. This weekend he finally won. Both numbers turned up in the draw. His 32-cent bet paid off $80. But on his Way Home from collecting his winnings pickpockets go it All Evanston coed Chicago apr a former mental patient from Jersey City n.j., told Chicago police monday that he strangled Barbara Jean Dixon and left her half nude body in a desert area near Boise Idaho. A i did no to mean to kill her a William h. Butler 22, told police. A i done to know Why i did it. A police quoted Butler As saying he would not fight extradition to Idaho. The written confession came after several hours of interrogation that began when Butler walked up to a policeman in Chicago a greyhound bus station at 5 30 . And said a i got something to Tell Butler handed the policeman Michael of Connell a newspaper clipping recounting the slaying of the 20-year-old Evanston coed and said a i believe in a the person wanted for the girls body was found on a desert Road East of Boise shortly after noon saturday. Her 35, Boone was sentenced to 31 Days in jail for Possession of one Deer out of season. Will not fire at or on the enemy except in self there was no sign in the Saigon sector of any setup in fighting before the Holiday although elsewhere in the country military activities continued at a slow Pace. In a lightning stroke a Viet the Murray Brothers were Are Cong company attacked a gov rested at 12 Midnight saturday j East of the dump four Miles n i Northwest of Ogden. The officers Roos in i cd lid d found the remains of two Deer a in the car and they said the older brother later confessed to shooting another Deer around dec. 28. Officers said the pair was using artificial Light that makes Deer a freeze in their they were sentenced by Justice of the peace Dave Mondt. The meat was Given to the Boone county Home. Three other persons were slam it . Official Saigon Viet Nam apr the Viet Cong kidnapped an american civilian official today outside the Village of Trung Lap about 25 Miles North of Saigon and marched him into the Jungle his hands in the air. The missing Man is Douglas Ramsey 28, Boulder City Nev. He is the assistant province de to appear tonight charged the a St mis with shooting rabbits after 6 1 Sion for the area. Nations Are supposed to go Over one Day after being reported from a committee. Confirmed at the same time was the nomination of prof. Robert c. Wood of Massachusetts Institute of technology to be undersecretary of the new department. Weaver got a friendlier reception before the committee today than when he first appeared before the group five years ago As the nominee to be Federal hous i ing administrator. Let Al democratic and republican1 i o la Range 1x01x16 members vied in Praise of Wea a ver and his record As head of Soreo heart the housing and Home finance i Hiah school Agency which forms the no Deus of the new department i in memory of the late it. Rev. Weaver said a i am pleased msgr. John j. Ryan who served and flattered by the commit Las pastor of the Church of the several members of Congress said programs in other departments dealing with air pollution Urban highways and education in slum areas should be transferred to the new department. After he had signed the Bill Johnson set up a task Force headed by Wood chairman of the department of political science at Massachusetts Institute of technology to study the departments organization. The late msgr. Ryan teens the 1961 hearings ran two Days and four members of the committee voted against Weaver with la in favor. Today shearing lasted less than an hour. The committee also confirmed unanimously the nomination of prof. Robert c. Wood of the Massachusetts of Institute of technology to be unde Secre his Driver a South vietnamese came Back and told Amer Irons is top dog sacred heart for 33 years prior to his retirement on feb. 12, 1964, the new school building which will soon be constructed will be named a Ryan High school upon its completion. Announcement of this change in name of the High school from sacred heart High school to Ryan High school was made at the sunday Jan. 16th masses by the pastor the very Rev. Msgr. J. L. Bauer to the parishioners of sacred heart and by his assistant father Richard Rem Mes to the parishioners of St. Mary a Mission. Following his retirement As p. In. And having Beer in their Iten Max Bike can authorities they were trav a Lagos Nigeria apr ni-1 pastor at sacred heart the ate Man All of Boone. Officers also Ebne Northeast from cd Chi when they came under Viet Cong gunfire. The Driver said he stopped. He added that Ramsey got out and raised his hands in a surrender gesture. Several Viet Cong guerrillas marched him year away. The Driver was wounded one Boone resident found out Job by a ambush fire How effective the patrol was. But was Abe t0 navigate on officers report he somehow 00t Learned about the patrol ahead a of time and left Home to see the i show. After the first half hour wrote to faulty equipment tickets. Local Law officers believe this is the Only county in the state which conducts these saturation patrols. They warn the patrols will continue throughout the Geriat a army commander monsignor Ryan served As Chap emerged As the dominant figure Ain at St. Monica s Home in in africans most populous nation j Sioux City until his death nov. Today following an unsuccessful 2. 1964. He devoted 33 years of coup attempt by mutinous ele ments in the armed forces. Maj. Gen. Guiyi Irons de his Priesthood to guiding the affairs of sacred heart Church and school and displayed his Blouse was knotted around her i be was st0pped twice. Police said the Peanut Vendor neck was so upset he jumped into the sea twice. Each time he was rescued. Soviets sign Moscow a communist party first Secretary Leonid i. Brezhnev ended a five Day visit to Mongolia today after signing a military treaty that apparently identifies communist China As the potential enemy. Leaving ulan Bator for Moscow Brezhnev said the treaty a strengthens the defense of our since Mongolia has Borders Only with China and the soviet Union this indicated defense against China. The soviet Union has log trained and armed Mongolia a Small army. Butler told police he met miss Dixon while taking a bus to Portland. He said he a fell in love with her during the bus ride and decided to join her in Boise. He said he took her for a ride in a rented car Friday. Police quoted him As saying they talked embraced and then he realized a it would never work police said he then strangled her with her Blouse. Butler has a wife Patricia 21, and a child in Jersey City police said. Tips too Des Moines apr the Des Moines director of the internal Revenue service warned monday that persons who re i is made wednesday. Pressuring opposition Boycott ended Luxembourg apr France ended today a six month new Delhi apr indians i Boycott of the european Corn political big guns came to Mearimon Market today on the. Only candidate the other five member gov. Jer ments All had their eyes on president Charles de Gaulle a foreign minister Maurice Couve Indira Gandhi a Campaign to become the nations next prime minister. Mrs. Gandhi 48, daughter of the late prime minister Nehru already has picked up formidable support that made two leading contenders decide to drop out of the race. But Morarji Desai a right Wing Leader in the governing Congress party stuck it out and said he would fight mrs. Gandhi until the final decision de Murville wondering what Price he would set to restore full French cooperation. Couve de Murville was one of the first speakers on the program of a two Day meeting of the foreign ministers today. He was expected to make two major demands i. A firm agreement to allow each of the member nations to dared himself temporary head j continuing interest in the Cath of the Federal government and in Quot a Pep e of ibis Community chief of All armed forces sunday j by designating sacred heart night and suspended key provi j Parish As the residual Benefice Sions of the nigerian cons Titu Ary b s estate Tion. He also suspended the nations top civilian officials including prime minister sir Abu the funds provided for sacred heart Parish in the last will and testament of the late monsignor Ryan will be used to help in the Baker Tarawa Zalewa presi a financing of the new school build Dent Azikiwe Nnamdi the Heads n8 As a lasting memorial and of nigerians four regions and the tribute to the late beloved pastor Federal and regional Parlia lube new addition will thus be ments. J named a Ryan High Zalewa was kidnapped during j the present school building the coup attempt with his few Quot be utilized entirely for the Nance minister chief Festus a rades and w Quot continue to be Kotie ebon. The rebels Are known As sacred heart Grade believed holding them hostage school. Iron six a troops were reported j searching for them will Tiv Tot troops Loyal to Irons guarded # government buildings and other i i c key Points in Lagos and manned five roadblocks Between the Airport and the capital. Remnants of the rebel Force segregation of Park is banned Washington apr the supreme court today barred racial segregation in a Macon ga., Park which was willed in 1911 for the use of Whites Only. The tribunal found the City a a entwined in the Parks operation. Justice William o. Douglas speaking for the court majority in a 6-3 decision said that if a municipality despite appointment of private trustees a remains entwined in the management or control of the Park it remains subject to the restraints of the 14th amendment of the . Constitution. Counsel for the National association for the advancement of coloured people argued before the High court that the Park is so much a part of the Community life that exclusion of be Gores would violate the equal Protection clause of the constitutions 14th amendment. In a dissenting opinion Justice John m. Harlan objected that the decision a opens the door to reversal of Basic constitutional carried out logically he said it could jeopardize the existence of denominational schools. Potentially he said a every College Entrance rejection letter could become a 14th amendment question. Justice Hugo Blacks dissenting opinion questioned the supreme courts authority to Rule in the Case. He said the majority was taking a a a revolutionary course by a flopping off Power heretofore uniformly conceded to All to belong to the in 1964 the City resigned As trustee of the Park and the Bibb county Superior court appointed private trustees. Counsel for the a act contended the new trustees were named so that negroes might be excluded from the Park. Douglas in his majority opinion made this statement Waterloo a Ernest j. Seemann Waterloo business appeared to be on the run. One Man and a Freuen pol to Cal report said Kaduna the chief candidate announced monday Northern City was the Only de w try Emora in Cong bodies counted and Many More possible communist dead against very Light american casualties. Five guerrillas were captured including one who was taken with a flying tackle by sgt. Dwight 0. Baldwin of Oakland Calif. Terrorists tossed a grenade at a jeep Load of american soldiers in Saigon this morning. The americans jumped from the vehicle before it exploded. For the first time the . Air forces eight engine b52s from Guam joined the vietnamese army in an operation unloading their 500 and 750-Pound bombs on a Central coastal area to Miles Northwest of Quang Ngai City. Vietnamese officials estimated that two to three communist regiments were in the area 330 Miles Northeast of Saigon. When the bombers headed Back to their base the ground troops moved in and made Light Contact with the enemy but no other significant results were reported. The communists have controlled the province for years and recently overran several outposts protecting the provincial capital. Elsewhere . Air Force and Navy jets strafed and bombed Viet Cong Camps close to Saigon. Korean marines wound up their longest operation of the War called Jefferson. In 16 Days of scouring some of the toughest terrain in the country they opened up main Highway no. I from Tuy Hoa South to the beaches of Phu yen province. The koreans and vietnamese government units reported killing 391 Viet Cong and capturing 14. Their casualties were listed As Light throughout the drive Over rocks and through dense Jungle. The air flew 214 sorties in support and artillery and gunfire from naval ships offshore were employed. The . Air Force lost a b57 bomber on a night Mission but the two crewmen bailed out into the South China sea and were picked up by helicopters. The plane had developed mechanical trouble. The Pilot was identified As capt. Edward j. Cook 36, of Inglewood Calif., and the navigator As capt. Hugh m. Davidson 27, of Elpaso tex. . Marine units operating out of Danang reported killing 23 Viet Cong Over the weekend. As the suspension of . Air attacks on communist North Viet Nam went into the 25th Day radio Hanoi charged that american planes strafed and dropped four bombs on a North vietnamese Village in the West Ern part of Thanh Hoa causing a a number of losses in human life houses and the new York times in a 4dispatch from Washington a private Golf club restrict quoted reliable sources a. De to either negro or Whitely the Johnson administer tit membership is one expression is tempt Lovely planning t0 end its 4� 4 4 a a 4 4 4 4 weather record yesterdays figure up to 8 a. In. Today. High�?23 low�?6 below temp at 7 .�?5 below chive tips of $20 or More a month must report them to their employers to gain credit on social Security or Railroad pension benefits. Ernest l. Bacon said the employer in turn must report the amount of the tips to internal Revenue or the employee will be hold their veto Over major Corn on that Day the Congress Par Mon Market decisions. This Tyr a members in parliament will elect a new majority Leader. The Leader automatically is asked to form a new government. Many leading Congress party members were cooperating in an Effort to persuade Desai to assessed the total amount at the withdraw to preserve a facade a j end of the year. Of party Unity. Veto has existed All along but it had been due to disappear Jan. I 1966. 2. A curb on the Powers of chairman Walter Hallstein and his nine Man common Market commission. De Gaulle feels Hallstein is acting too much As if he were the president of a United states of Europe. Main Center in rebel hands. Irons said military governors would take Over in the four regions and would be responsible to his military regime for keeping order. The federation of Nigeria is composed of the four regions plus the Federal territory of Lagos. The Federal government handles such matters As foreign affairs Trade communications railways and defense. Irons called on civil servants and police to continue in their posts. Nomination for . Senator. Seemann who has run under both party banners and has even formed his own factions says he will try for the democratic nomination in a move to defeat Republican sen. Jack r. Miller. Withdraw unit Berlin apr the u. S. Army today began withdrawing the infantry reinforcement unit first ordered to Berlin by president John f. Kennedy in 1961 after the Berlin Wall went up. Question. Of Freedom of association. But a municipal Golf course that serves Only one race is state activity indicating a preference on a matter to which the state must be Neutral. What is a private action and what is a state easy to Harlan in his dissenting opinion said he found it difficult a to avoid the conclusion that this decision opens the door to reversal of Basic constitutional concepts and at least in logic jeopardizes the existence of denomination ally r e s t r i c t de schools while making of every College Entrance rejection letter a potential 14th amendment peace overtures to the communists next week after the vietnamese new year unless there is a favourable response. 4� 4� 4 4 4� a a 4 traffic toll a 4 state of Iowa 4 a total 1965809 a 4 this Date 1966 36 4 4 this Date 1965 27 a 4 Boone county a 4 total 1965 19 4� 4 this Date 1966 0 4� 4 this Date 1965 0 a 4 City of Boone 4 total 1965 2 4 4 this Date 1966 0 4 4 this Date 1965 0 4 a 4 a a a a

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