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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 4

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Boone, Iowa Editorials the nativity because St Luke wrote the Story of the birth of Christ More beautifully than anyone Ever has we Are quoting the first 14 verses of the 2nd chapter of the gospel according to St. Luke and it came to pass in those Days that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that All the world should be taxed. And this taxing was first made when Renius was governor of Syria and All went to be taxed everyone into his own City. And Joseph also went up from Galilee out of the City of Nazareth into Judaea unto the City of David which is called Bethlehem because he was of the House and lineage of David to be taxed with Mary his espoused wife being great with child. And so it was that while they were there the Days were accomplished that she should be delivered. And she brought Forth her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and Laid him in a Manger because there was no room for them in the inn. And there were in the same country j i ton no we Zanub Leof my Lity. Off Fller 21, Imi poor Man i philosopher Hal Boyle by Ron Autry Atlanta a. Apr Ever have a year when it just did no to seem like Christmas that a the Way it was for our family this chrismas season at first. Work and the routine of living had crowded in. Gift buying and card mailing were behind schedule. Besides Christmas requires children and one fledgling had married during the year and the other was testing his wings Dennis the Wen a Cliv Peteham shepherds abiding in the Field keeping watch Over their flock10 in a night. And. To. The Angel of the lord came upon them and 0 we at Humbug the glory of the lord shone around about them and they no a it a slams were sore afraid. And the Angel said unto them fear not for. E. Hard he constant blare behold. I bring you Good tidings of great Joy which shall be to j0 with carols All people. For unto you is born this Day in the City of David a Saviour which is Christ the lord. And this shall be a sign unto you be shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a Manger. And suddenly there was with the Angel a multitude of heavenly Host praising god and saying. Glory to god in the highest and on Earth peace Good will toward men. No paper Christmas Day wednesday december 25, being Christmas Day and a National Holiday no paper will be issued from the office of the Boone news Republican. Editorial quote Iowa comment there is room in the inn the Jefferson Herald next tuesday evening the mysterious and wonderful peace that is Christmas eve will descend on the world. Into our consciousness will be impressed the realization of All that is owed to a child who was bom in a Bethlehem stable a because there was no room for them in the All too often men glory in themselves like the proud Pharisee As he thanked god he was not an Ordinary Man. We pretend our High codes of ethics and morals Are self made that the system of Law under which we live is the creation of our own intelligence that humanitarianism As the 20th Century knows it is the result of Many a innate Good will toward men. Christmas is a reminder among other things of an innkeeper 2,000 years ago who missed out on Christmas thereby teaching a lesson which has had a profound Impact on life. Not wanting to miss out on Christmas men and women since then have permitted the child to come in and a consciously or unconsciously a have thereby adjusted their lives and their thinking. As a result they Are symbolic innkeepers. They Are inn keepers who see to it that needy families at christmastime Are not without special cheer that youngsters Are clothed and the hungry fed. They Are inn keepers who through the years Volunteer their time to the hospitals to make life happier for the unfortunate or who give their blood so that others they done to even know May live they Are innkeepers who serve As adult leaders for youth groups. Hampton times for now Well have to Settle for Snow and cold and remember that there is Good in All things. The two Best examples of this Are fun for the kids and moisture for the Farmers. If these two a a minority a groups Arentt Happy who is Charles City press friendliness from behind the counter has no counterpart for the reason that customers Seldom forget. Lesson in English by w. L. Gordon words often misused the word Alibi properly Means the plea that when the alleged act took place the accused person was elsewhere than at the alleged place. Alibi should not be used loosely to mean an excuse. Often mispronounced Stevedore. Pronounce Stee veh Dore in three syllables with accent on first syllable. Often misspelled lean thin or to slant. Lien a Legal claim. Synonyms illustrious celebrated distinguished eminent glorious honorable honoured Noble. Word study a use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword turbulent being in violent agitation or commotion. A the turbulent River swept madly through the everywhere and they spread More irritation than Joy. They seemed to stand for form and not substance anti Christmas and not Christmas. And we grew More disenchanted with the Holiday still there were rituals that needed performing. One was the Purchase of a Christmas tree. There Are Only two kinds of Trees the ones that turn Brown and drop All their Needles within two Days a or you buy them and the ones that inexplicably stay Green for weeks. And you spend hours prudently selecting one from a supermarket a stand or a boy scout. But As i pre cd for the search a Friendly neighbor named Bill Terry invited me to go along with him. A Friend had said we could Cut a tree from his Woods near Stone Mountain. It was like being invited to a quilting or a husking Bee. To me those stones about people cutting a tree for themselves out in the Woods had always seemed to by merely old wives tales or a half forgotten. Custom. A cold wind was blowing when Terry and i arrived in the Woods with his two sons Tim and Mark. We saw passably Good Trees immediately and wanted to Cut them. But Tim disappeared. We heard him in the distance. A come Over this Way he cried into the wind. A a five found a perfect one by the time we arrived he had moved on ahead shouting that he had found an even prettier tree. Then in followed Mark who also had found a better tree. And As we walked the voices of those Hap y and searching children seemed to be symbols of the spirit of Christmas hopefully beckoning us through the cold winds of doubt and indifference. We found our perfect Trees two shapely Cedars. Next Day my family began to decorate the tree. It was the in that we realized what a truly remarkable tree we had. For we had not been the first to adopt the tree and take it into the family. Wednesday evening december 23, 1942 we setter a Santa cuts to to abet Mut the train set i ski Fob. I just no one on the top shelf in 005 closet dear a lists out Abigail Van Buren around the Rotunda by Harrison Weber bad news for Ca troite communism there May be considerably More than meets the Eye in president Lyndon Johnson a appointment of Thomas Mann who has been . Ambassador to Mexico to take charge of both our economic and political relations with latin America. The appointment could be Johnson s definitive warning that Fidel Castro must go. The reason for saying this is that Mann has the reputation among anti Castro cubans of having never been fooled in Twenty years of state department work by communists of whether the a soft so know it or any Stripe. As a career foreign j not they Are parroting the service Man. He was acting As a communist line on Mann. In the Twenty one years ago from the news Republican j spend the Christmas holidays with her parents and friends. Personal mention or. And mrs. Laude b. Holt John Schroeder. Sr., has been and 7, Quot a a seriously in at his Home. 15301 Tmey of and Quot to in. A arrived to spend the Christmas Tama Street for the past holidays in the M. Perrine _ ,. Home at 223 Story miss Trena Johnson of Strat Ford underwent an operation for appendicitis this morning in the Boone county Hospital. Miss Helen Crouse who is on the dietician staff at Duke University arrived monday to spend the Christmas holidays with her parents. Or. And mrs. William l. Crouse 417 state Street. Miss Betty Munson daughter of or. And mrs. John Munson route i arrived sunday to mrs. Donald Bennett formerly miss Betty Schroeder has left for Durham n. C. To remain indefinitely with her husband. Pfc. Donald Bennett who is stationed with the u. S. Army at Camp Butler n. C. Dwight Morrison arrived from Columbia University new York City to spend the Christmas holidays with his parents or. And mrs. W. H. Morrison 1103 Union. He is taking advanced work in chemistry. Distant Secretary of state for inter american affairs for a Brief but very important period in 1960. He took Over for Roy re communist press in Mexico ambassador Mann and the designated next president of Mexico Diaz Ordaz Are portrayed Bottom who had been blamed As being a a reactionaries who by critics of the state depart Are Arm in Arm. Actually ment a fourth floor for mis judging the character of Castro in the last Days of the Batista needed to keep Castro s rapidly depreciating Industrial equipment from a Complete breakdown have been moving in significant quantities to Cuba by Way of Mexico. To persuade Mexico to break off relations with Havana a . Policy that is acceptable to latin America Mann has helped Mexico raise As a whole must first be at least a half a billion dollars achieved. But Mann is a Good in capital for All sorts of pro dictatorship in Cuba. As acting acts Public and private during dear Abby a few months Fly by night j ago i wrote to you about my husband seeing another woman. I talked it Over with him like you said i should. He denied it at first but it All came out in the open a few weeks later. So Here is my problem he says he loves this other woman too much to break off with her. She is also married and has children he does no to want a divorce or separation from me because he says he still loves me and he adores our children. I love him too much to kick him out. What do i do now a undecided dear undecided you la do your husband a favor if you show him the open door. Tell him to Send Liberal support Money by mail of and when he decides to resume the role of full time husband and a a adoring father Tell him you la think it Over. But remind him her Mother i never remarried. My daughter wants me to give her away at her wedding and i want to. But i cannot bring myself to stand beside my former wife at the wedding sit with her Dine with her. And share congratulations in the receiving line with her. Only god knows How i hate that woman i cannot shake that hatred. What should i do proud father dear father you can shake that hatred if you try. I say try hard and replace your bitterness _ with. Compassion and go to your daughters wedding. Assistant Secretary of state Mann was All for the . Decision to break off relations with Cuba because of Castro a arbitrary limitation of the . Embassy staff in Havana. Mann a reaction to his experience with Castro earned him the accolade among the anti fid listas of being a a hard the past three years. He has made the Alliance for Progress a reality in at least one country below the Rio Grande. In addition it was Mann who settled the .-mexican Elpaso Border dispute that had been hanging fire for a Century. What the communists particularly resent about Mann is liner in their behalf who would that he was instrumental in permit guerilla activity. John helping to rid Guatemala of its son May have picked Mann for communist government the his new Job partly because of i first such government in the old Friendship both Are tex-1 americas during the Eisenhowe ans. But it is recalled in Wash or years. He was political coun in ton that Johnson himself was seller to our ambassador to particularly urgent about Tak Guatemala Jack Puerifoy at what son your mind for a personal reply Send a self addressed stamped envelope to Abby Box 3365, Beverly Hills. Calif. For Abby a Booklet a How to that his time for decision i have a Lovely wedding a Send 50 cents to Abby Box 3365, Beverly Hills Calif. Mcnaught Syndicate inc. Copyright 1963 Short. Dear Abby a school dance is coming up and ifs girl ask boy. The boy i would really like to ask has never asked me to anything so my Mother is making me invite a real Creepy kid who has taken me to a couple of school things. Isnit there some Way i could get this real Cool Guy to ask me to something right away so i could take him to the dance instead of the other one the creep does no to know How to dance and i get so tired of walking backwards All night. A eighth grader ing a particularly hard approach to the cuban missile crisis in october of 1962. He was among those who have been quoted As advising John f. Kennedy to confront the soviets with the demand that they take both their missiles and heir soldiers out of Cuba in one move. The tip off to Thomas Mann a steely character is to he found in the soft headed a a Liberal reaction to his appointment. The a soft so have tried to picture him As a a right Winger whose a a image will do much to destroy the Good will built up by Kennedy below the Rio Grande. The time of the communist ouster. Since Mann has been close to president Lopez Mateos of Mexico he might be the very person to persuade the mexicans to break with Castro a government. This could be an extremely important part of Mann a Mission. For it is by Way of Mexico that Castro has been infiltrating Central America and even South America with spies agitators and agents prov caters. Air travel Between Havana and Mexico City is unimpeded and visas have been easy to get. Moreover spare parts from the ., Choice to Hammer out such a policy. Finally Mann apparently has carte Blanche from Lyndon Johnson to do As he thinks Best without being second guessed by anybody. Under him the economics and politics of our relations with latin America will he run As a tandem affair. The thing to watch now is what manner of men Thomas Mann picks to be his assistants. If he chooses like minded men to Backstop him the Alliance for Progress May yet pick itself up off the floor. Copyright 1963, King features Syndicate inc. Lucky break new York a Latex foam rubber widely used today for furniture cushions pillows and mattresses was accidentally discovered in 1928 by two English scientists who were trying to make better tires. The scientists were making tire cords by extruding Latex rubber into a gelling Bath under pressure when the nozzle popped off the extruder. A Ball of Latex spurted into the Bath and foamed like shaving Cream because of the pre sure. The men refined the process patented it and so founded a new Industry. Since its establishment in 1954 the government Small business administration has grown from they Are inn keepers who j Hoo employees and 13 Field offices work in their churches. They Are inn keepers who Are just simply Good neighbors or who willingly do their share a and More a of the Community chores. Within All who serve is something of the spirit of Christmas. Once a year we have a special reminder of the True source of that spirit. To a staff of 3,000 and 60 offices. Dear eighth grader ask the boy who has asked you deep inside the branches and out and if you have any spare employees go to school Honolulu a Dole corporation which produces much of Hawaii s pineapple and has overseas pineapple interests besides is guarding against a ugly americans Quot in its ranks. The company was the first to enrol employees in a University of Hawaii a peace corps a Type program for private businessmen. Their wives and families. The course lasts two weeks and emphasizes a Dos and done to for americans aboard in asian countries. The Boone news Republican 812-814 keeled Siren Mary Goldthwaite Garvey editor and publisher h. A Garvey co publisher a Dally newspaper entered As second class Matte june 24. 1924 Ai the Post office at Boone. Iowa under the act of March 8, 1879 the associated press news service clinging close to the trunk was map and deserted Birds nest unharmed by time and storms. Perhaps it was the Assoc tation with Byor the association with flown fledglings but somehow that tiny nest seemed appropriate and significant. We left it untouched. And the feeling of chrismas crept into our Home at last. Time invite him Over first for a few dancing lessons. Hal Boyle is on vacation look learn by a. C. Gordon <1 official Papet with subscription rails by Carrier per year All to Advance .$18 21 by mat to resident of Boone county own and Rural routes in adjoining co in ties within a 25 mile radius or Boone except to towns Laving Carnel delivery pct month la 50 o months it o tic j months $3 50 pct veal Hooi by mat elsewhere in Iowa $12 x outside Iowa pet month Sisu. Pet veal in it you cancelled Check is Yout tempi Papet stops automatically Ai expire lion of time Label on Yout paper tells you How fat you Are paid in 1. How do the number of pipe smokers in the . Compare with that of cigarette county and Cit smokers 2. What three countries Are crossed by the Arctic Circle 3. Whose was the first . Presidential inaugural address delivered in the open in front of the Capitol in Washington d c.? 4. What tree is the principle source of turpentine 5. Which is the Only insect so far As is generally known that can turn its head around As we can answers on classified Page dear Abby my daughter 23, is being married soon. She is a College graduate and has always been the most wonderful daughter a father could wish for. Her Mother and i were divorced when she was to. Her Mother was unfaithful to me but i acted the a a gentleman and let her sue me for divorce our daughter has since divided her time Between her Mother and me. Mostly with shocking beginning Sheffield Ala. Apra Trio station Whf had a a a shocking experience on its initial broadcast Day. After several weeks of impatient waiting to get Legal red tape cleared the moment had arrived for a sign on Quot with playing of the Star spangled Banner. Triumphantly the station Engineer flipped on a turntable and strains of the National Anthem floated out on the airways. But before the song was finished lightning struck the Tower. Operations were disrupted and it took to hours to Complete repairs. Mark i Rau by eur Doud Alley top by v i. Hamlin Priscilla a pop to Al Vermeer Capi Ain easy Howu we / Gothere late tonight to disguise. Decoy Pat Carr Mug a Ras pull of Brickel 5pv prom Pav act As tho it was crammed with tavern Back j7t0p secret Voit re delivering of Mckee �?111,. R Plant y a of Leslie Turner vests it Hes so Clever Vod was not see Hida take this route to Goose rav and guard that bag he Tail Hina and when is goes to his superiors for help Well 5pr1ng the trap freckles and his friends by Merrill Blosser

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