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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Boone, Iowa The Boone news Republican dial 432-1234 a before 6 30 . Of you have not received your paper. Saturday a 3 . Vol. Xxvii no. 296. Vol. Law no 68 Boone Iowa monday evening dec Ember 20, 1965 Carrier delivery in Boone 40c per week 10cs, copy Saigon a noose of terror seems mostly psychological now by John t. Wheeler Saigon South Viet Nam apr Viet Cong ranging from Youthful saboteurs in Saigon to cattle hardened battalions in the Countryside Are tightening a Loose of terror around Saigon. The threat at present is mostly psychological. But a massive terror Campaign May be near for the capital which has escaped much of the brutality of the War despite repeated terrorist acts. No Viet Cong military attempt to seize the City is expected. Government troops have been Able to do Little to Clear the surrounding Countryside. Some vital military installations and tactical areas Are considered threatened. One such military arca is almost within Rifle shot of the . 1st infantry division Headquarters just North of Saigon a adding to the problem rumblings of military discontent with Premier Nguyen Cao Kyd a government have touched off a flurry of coup rumours. At such i times anti communist operations often Are disregarded in favor of political jockeying. Rivalries Between various intelligence agencies complicate j the picture. Police sources say informers often fear being exposed by Viet Cong agents who have infiltrated into the governments version of the . Central intelligence Agency. High officials in Washington and Saigon have focused sharply on the recent Campaign of terror in Saigon which began with the bombing dec. 4 of the Metropole hotel a . And Allied Billet. A series of incidents since led to a dusk to Dawn curfew for . Servicemen in Saigon. Concern is High now because the current terror Campaign obviously is geared to the fifth anniversary today of the National liberation front political of the Viet Cong. Inside the City Are four known Viet Cong commando units the 65th, 67th, 158th and 159th. They probably total less than 300 persons. The commandos Are not organized As military units. The members Are parts of communist cells and sub cells and most Are unknown to each other. Over All plans Are known Only by a top handful. If one cell or group is compromised the sabotage network does not collapse. Fanning out of Saigon into Gia Dinh province also part of the capital military District Are perhaps five Viet Cong District organizations some with military companies attached. These District organizations have a measure of autonomy and include Many of the most dedicated communists. Recent intelligence reports indicate that two Viet Cong battalions also have moved into the area just South of Saigon. It seems unlikely that the Viet Cong would try to take physical Possession of the City since they do not have the military organisation to Back up such a move. Their hit and run tactics Are expected to remain unchanged. Our school problems Fey Harlan l. Week Cong raid by Nha be Saigon South Viet Nam a the tightest Security in years in apr forces guarding Saigon j the City of More than 1.4 million against communist terrorist attacks on the fifth anniversary of the Viet Cong beat off a co in Pany size enemy band monday what is the history and How i night five Miles outside the Caplins reorganization gone in Boone i ital near a vital fuel and am county munition dump. In order to get some answers the City limits heard the rat a tacked two outposts of the Tuy to this question each of the com tie of Small arms fire and the my mtg school districts is being i rumble of artillery. The action was East of Nha to guard against any major birthday incident. Officials said the wave of terrorism could continue until the new year. The communists took no Holiday in the Field. Two Viet Cong companies at in Nhon special forces Camp in the Plain of Reeds 40 Miles West of Saigon. The u. government forces threw Back the communists with tactical air support and claimed 29 Viet Cong killed. Twelve Miles farther West battalions of South vietnamese regional troopers slammed into a surveyed to bring out some of the problems in each. The largest Community school District in the county from an area standpoint is United Community with 124 sections of land. This school District first came into being on january 28, 1955, when voters in five Independent districts and two consolidated school districts approved a reorganization plan. The District included the Harrison Jackson. Des Moines Dodge and Worth township Independent districts and the Jordan and Napier consolidated districts. Along with the Jordan and Napier consolidated districts came some area in Story county. The plan was voted and became effective july i 1955. At about the same time Luther Madrid and Sheldahl were discussing merger possibilities but nothing came out of them. It was two years later that Luther consolidated school District petitioned the United Community District to merge. On april 30, 1957 the voters of the two districts said yes and on july i of that year the present District was formed except for Douglas no. 3 District which joined in the Spring of 1964 when All 26 residents of the District voted too percent to merge with United Community. On sept. I 1955 there were 85 in the High school and 345 in the elementary grades kindergarten through eighth Grade. At the present time there Are 204 in the High school and 380 in grades k through 8. The District is 17 Miles Long and 12 Miles wide and 13 buses service the students who ride no longer than an hour going to or coming from school. The longest distance any one student rides is 22 Miles. The dispute Over the Bond Issue to build a new building for the District has received wide attention Over the years. There have been eleven votes of which the last two were successful. The tenth vote was challenged in the courts of Iowa carried to continued on Page 2 action was be site of the biggest Supply depot of fuel and ammunition in the country. An american officer said the Viet Cong probe apparently was not intended to get at the dump but it bumped into alerted forces which at first May have suspected this was the target. The depot on the Saigon River is a critical area for the South vietnamese. . Advisers say a single tracer round fired into one of the fuel tanks or one mortar round hitting an ammunition ship there could set the Etire area ablaze. They add that ignited fuel spilling into the River during an incoming tide could Send a Wall of fire sweeping into Saigon. Full details of the fighting on the outskirts were not immediately available. The Nha be storage area was fully lighted More so than usual As though the defenders were taking no chances. The rumpus in mid evening could have been intended by the Viet Cong to Mark the anniversary. Earlier in the evening a terrorist hurled a grenade at a truckload of . Soldiers on a Bridge on the Northern outskirts of the City in route to a . Base. The grenade bounced off the rear of the truck and exploded in the Street injuring Only one american police said. The incident occurred despite Hughes lauds tax commission s work Des Moines a gov. Harold Hughes said monday there probably will be some misunderstandings Between counties and school districts regarding the recent Iowa tax commission adjustments of property assessments. However he told his news conference the commission is a doing a Good he noted that in the past to 4-satellite show set a new time for Santa thursday it will be business As usual for Santa at his Headquarters near eighth and Story streets from 4 to 7 30 . Until thursday. After the school vacation starts Santa a visiting hours will begin at 1 30 . Thursday and Friday. The chamber of Commerce earlier reported Santa a Early hours would go into effect this monday. A heavy toll of fishermen Rawalpindi Pakistan apr three thousand fishermen Are missing and believed drowned in the Cyclone which hit the Southern part of East Pakistan last wednesday the Manoha Kali fishermen a cooperative society said today. A spokesman said that Only a Small fraction of the 3,500 Fisher men on the High seas on the night of the Cyclone returned to Shore later. Thousands of others on the Shore were drowned in tidal Waves which followed the Cyclone. Unusual chore for any Santa a ctr 4 Riverside Calif. Apr a department store Santa Claus will perform a wedding tuesday in a store elevator. Santa is the Rev. Jack Perkins a moonlighting minister who wont have time to remove his costume before officiating at the marriage. The couple to be wed Are Robert Mcclure 39, of nearby san Bernardino an elevator Serviceman and Lea Bonham 27. Of Riverside. They met two years ago when miss Bonham was an elevator operator and Mcclure was making his inspection rounds. She has since been transferred to the housewares department. Cape Kennedy Fla. Apr a triple barrelled air Force Titan 3 is scheduled to kick four separate satellites into an orbit More than 20,000 Miles above the Equator tuesday to Climax one of the most Complex unplanned. Riding on the nose of the three legged Booster the nations most powerful rocket now in use will be two experimental communications satellites a satellite which will study activities of the Sun and a fourth satellite for Ham radio operators. Liftoff is scheduled for 9 . Est. The Amateur radio satellite called Oscar 4, is sort of a poor Many a telstar. Like three other Oscar satellites which preceded it Oscar 4 was built by the american radio relay league a group of space engineers whose Hobby is Ham radio. Oscar stands for orbiting satellite carrying Amateur radio. Oscar 4 is a Complete radio frequency transmitter capable of simultaneously receiving voice and Telegraph signals at 144 Mega cycles and retransmitting them at 432 Mega cycles. The two communications satellites developed by the Lincoln Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of technology and named Les 3 and Les 4, Are designed to test devices for future military defense communications satellite systems. The Sun studying satellite called ov2-3, will carry 15 experiments the air Force said including various tests of the effect of natural radiation on living tissue. The Mission will be one of the taken lasting some six hours and involving Over 150 events. The four satellites a which make the entire payload weigh 931 pounds a will be placed in space so they hover above the Equator More than 20,000 Miles Over Galapagos Island West of Peru. Years the Law requiring the commission to equalize valuations from county to county has not been followed. Past commissions and governors have backed away from ordering equalized assessment practices because of the political heat Hughes said but a the commission and the counties must look he said it would not be feasible to Call off the assessment changes ordered by the commission at this time although Many tax districts have won injunctions holding up the changes for one year. The reason Hughes said is that a the majority of the counties already have made the changes a and some other counties Are willing to accept the adjustments ordered. He said it also would affect a suit filed by the Chicago and North Western Railroad against the commission. The commission on nov. 17 issued tentative orders for adjustments in property assessments in 82 counties. The Polk county District court has issued injunctions holding the orders in abeyance tor one year so far As they affect 44 counties and cities. The commission is seeking to equalize property assessments throughout the state at 27 per cent of Market value. Accept a 12-hour truce Pope says Vatican City a Pope Paul i has urged acceptance Mas and expressed Hope this of a Viet Cong offer of a 12-hour cease fire in Viet Nam Christ would be followed by peace negotiations. A we applaud whoever adapts himself loyally to end the dangerous conflict a he told a crowd of 20,000 persons in St. Peters Square sunday. He spoke from his apartment window. Chou s terms Tokyo apr Premier Chou in Lai of communist China declared today there is no other alternative to a withdrawal of All . Troops for peace in Viet Nam. Chou a remarks at a Viet Cong fifth anniversary ceremony in peking were another indication of chinese pressure on the North vietnamese to oppose unconditional talks with the United states. Boone stores open every Nite until Christmas eve a a a a a a a a wac two guards flee Berlin apr two East German Border guards fled to West Berlin sunday night West Berlin police reported today. School vacation starts dec. 22 Christmas vacation in both the Public and parochial schools of Boone will Start on wednesday afternoon dec. 22 at the regular closing time. All three schools the Boone Community schools sacred heart and Trinity lutheran will resume classes on monday Jan. 3. Airlift Oil Lusaka Zambia apr Britain began an Oil Airlift to Zambia sunday As leaders of Kenya Ethiopia and Uganda called for another african Summit meeting to agree on action toward Rhodesia. The Airlift began with the Landing of a Royal air Force Britannia bringing 2,370 Gallons of diesel fuel from dares Salaam in neighbouring Tanzania. Viet Cong hideout killing 26 communists and destroying 30 samoans and 53 buildings spokesmen reported. The attack Force also captured 12 samoans and found More than too grenades and a dozen weapons. With an improvement in the weather u. S. Warplanes ended a two Day Lull in the raids on North Viet Nam. Air Force f105 Thunder chiefs dropped 49 tons of bombs and rockets on the Bac can Highway Bridge 75 Miles North of Hanoi spokesmen said. Pilots reported two spans Down a third damaged and damage to six antiaircraft positions nearby that protect the strategic Supply route from red China. One fi05 went Down after being hit by ground fire. The Pilot ejected 45 Miles South of Haiphong North Viet names major port and was picked up by an amphibious Rescue plane. A Small u. S. Army observation plane collided with a South vietnamese single engine aircraft on a support Mission 27 Miles South of Danang killing both two Man Crews. Over the weekend u. S. Marines and army men marked the Viet Cong birthday by killing nearly 200 communists in three clashes with sizeable Viet Cong forces. With . Military personnel restricted to quarters by a dusk to Dawn curfew Saigon passed through the night without incident. A heavy guard patrolled the area of the . Embassy and the . Information service office both potential prime targets for Viet Cong birthday violence. In the last six Days the communists have staged at least an incident a Day in the Saigon area. The National liberation front was founded in 1960 under communist leadership to give the growing guerrilla insurgency a political organization. A Viet Cong Call on Saig onese to observe 15 minutes of silence sunday to protest the War passed unheeded As traffic flowed and business continued uninterrupted. A it was a Flop a fiasco a commented a . Official. The Only terrorist action took place on the outskirts when a Viet Cong cyclist hurled a grenade at a police station wounding six policemen. Police gunfire killed the terrorist. In a flare up of action at the Start of Christmas week the . 1st cavalry airmobile division fought a communist battalion 12 Miles Northwest of the coastal town of qui Nhon about 265 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The flying horsemen came under communist ground fire As they landed by helicopter in an area held by 1,500 to 2,000 Viet Cong. But by the time the shooting died Down the americans counted 72 enemy dead. . Casualties were described As Light. Most came when Viet Cong fire hit four 1st cavalry helicopters. Just 30 Miles East of Saigon the 173rd airborne brigade joined with the 1st infantry division to seek out and destroy a hard Core Viet Cong unit in a joint operation called strengthened by South vietnamese and australian troops the two . Units split the Viet Cong in a linkup following tactical air assaults and 1,600 rounds of artillery. Moving into the communist Camp operation smash claimed an Early count of 16 Viet Cong dead 4 captured and 20 suspects detained. The aussies destroyed a Large store of Viet Cong Rice. A. P. Wire photo 56years later Robert a. Wright 79, Center got congratulatory handshakes from Dave Anderson 29, Evanston iu., and Linda Yarborough 20, Decatur ala., Wright left University of Chicago in 1909 to seek a Fortune raising cattle in Saskatchewan Canada when he needed just a Quarter year to get his degree. He has it now after submitting a research paper a cattle Industry of United states and he is a native of Carroll la., and has served As agricultural director of Bank of Canada. New Santo Domingo fight Santo Domingo dominican Republic apr sporadic shooting continued today in various parts of Santo Domingo shaken by a violent Exchange Between dominican army regulars and former rebel fighters in Santiago 120 Miles North of Here. Heavy gunfire could be heard throughout the City Early this morning and sunday night but there was no report on who was involved. A heavy explosion rocked the Western end of the City at Midnight. Police said they still Are investigating its origin. Heavily armed patrols of the inter american peace Force ranged through downtown Santo Domingo. Dominican army patrols were in the Northern areas of the City. The fighting sunday in Santiago left an official total of nine dead. A dominican army spokesman said an inquiry showed the preliminary casualty estimate of 13 was High. There were conflicting reports on the cause of the Battle that pitched army tanks against an estimated 125 former rebels barricaded in the rambling two Story hotel Datum. Shooting ended following the arrival of 150 . Paratroopers of the inter american peace Force. The violence spread to Santo Domingo 120 Miles to the South where a policeman was disarmed and fatally shot through the head by a member of an angry pro rebel mob one of Many roaming the littered downtown streets. The tensions and threats by civilians in Santo Domingo to bring out hidden weapons prompted the Impf to reinforce its Small garrisons in the former rebel territory downtown. Shooting could be heard in scattered parts of the capital late into the night. Impf sources said none of the shooting involved the hemisphere army that was organized and brought Here in Early May to help forge a peace in the dominican revolution. A violent explosion rocked the $50,000 fire hits Waverly Waverly apr an Early morning fire destroyed the Interior of the senior boys dorm tory at the lutheran children a Home Here monday causing an estimated $50,000 damage. Seven boys and a child care worker Albert Crosby escaped uninjured. Firemen heeding the pleas of the boys re entered the burning building and rescued a pet dog the Blaze apparently started in a photographic dark room on the first floor of the two Story Brick Structure. Crosby discovered the fire roused the boys and helped guide them to safety. A state fire marshal was seeking the cause of the fire which started about 12 40 . Firemen fought the Blaze until . The Shell of the building was left standing. The boys will be housed temporarily in other dorms at the school. Weather 2 More dead i Keokuk apr the death generally fair and continued toll stood at 21 monday in the mild through tuesday. Lows j thanksgiving eve explosion and monday night in upper 20s Western part of Santo doming at Midnight. There was no immediate report of the cause of the blast. The Santiago hotel Battle appeared to dash Hopes of reintegrating rebel troops into tho regular armed forces a key step toward creating a peaceful climate tor the general election planned for next june. Angry labor leaders blamed the army and demanded that provisional president Hector Garcia Godoy fire the military chiefs or face a general strike. The president persuaded tho labor leaders to wait until he has a Chance to investigate and punish those responsible. The Santiago fighting took the lives of nine army regulars and two rebels including col. Juan Lora Fernandez former chief of staff of the rebel army. An unidentified civilian who joined the rebels inside the hotel also was killed the hotel manager said. Thirteen out of 18 americans registered at the 45-room hotel were evacuated safely to a nearby air base u. S. Embassy sources said. The other five were not at the hotel at the time. All the americans Are working on a technical Aid project initiated by Texas a amp a University at the school of Superior agricultural studies near Santiago. Commodore Francisco Rivera Caminero the armed forces Secretary said the rebels started the Battle by firing on army patrols. Rebel capt. Jesus de la Rosa claimed the army opened fire on the hotel a without a rebel officer also denied an army claim that the rebels were armed with two heavy machine guns. Highs tuesday Middle and upper 40s. Weather record yesterdays figure up to 8 a in today. High�?40 low�?30 temp at 7 a. Rn.--30 a a fire that wrecked the National guard armory Here. Mrs. Joan Smith 39, of Keokuk died at Graham Hospital Here during the night. Mrs. Betty Harnetiaux 41, of Hamilton 111., died earlier sunday night. Both women suffered severe Burns in the blast which ripped the armory apart while the swing Ezy club was holding a Square dance. A traffic toll a state of Iowa total. 1964 a this Date 1965 this Date 1964 a Boone county total 1964 a this Date 1964 a this Date 1965 a a a City of Boone total 1964 this Cate 1964 a a a a this d the. 1965 a a a a a 851 766 807 17 16 a 15. I a i i a a a a a a a a a

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