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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 4

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Boone, Iowa A editorials a up 2.5 million yearly the Bureau of the census has of last issued the official figure there Are 204,765.770 americans. Or rather there were that Many of us at the time of the 1970 census eight months ago. By now the census Bureau population clock has ticked past 206 million and the number is still rising not As swiftly As in some other countries but fast enough. This rather than the widely noted shift in congressional repro j sent Atlon As a result of the head count is the important Point of the j 1970 census. It would be Folly to suppose that since the rate of j growth is declining somewhat we need be Little concerned about j the so called population explosion As it applies to this nation. Americans use up resources at a per capita rate vastly higher j than that of most other Peoples. We enjoy ease and Freedom to a degree matched in few other nations. For these reasons we had better do some hard thinking about the Impact of the Rise in population to be expected even of the current relatively slow Pace. That phrase a relatively slow Quot must be taken with a Grain of. Salt. How slowly Are we increasing in population when the figures show that since the 1960 census we have gained a net increment of i approximately 25 and one half million people though the rate of increase is Down in absolute numbers the decade of the 1960s added More people than in any other decade save that of the 19.50s. When the increment was 28 million. Suppose the present gain in absolute numbers were merely toehold steady even though the population base is constantly rising j a decade hence there would be still another 25 million of us and to years beyond that Only 20 years from now another 50 million. Some experts believe we already have too Many people. 1 that s debatable but ifs a cinch that we be got to improve our stewardship of the resources available to courier. Dennis the menace by Ketchum now in Gonna Tehya what i want. Editorial quote Brief comment you Hoch key to Bridgeport ill., Lead a . Success for ideals make America fort Dodge messenger great and important ifs the i a if you done to do it it wont free Enterprise conducted free get done. Give the United by and without undue hindrance ifs a terse message but it which promotes this country i i1 a pm win i tells the full Story. General Kickoff Day is a Good time to stress what the 1970 slogan brings out a the United fund depends upon a great through Industrial imagination intelligence and Industry ifs the growth through positive constructive action ifs for All the people and it takes hard work to Delft. Abbt Twenty one years ago of rom the Boon new a Yuong a thursday eve., dec. 20, 1949 Charles Pilcher Dies Charles f. Pilcher 92, died today at his Home on route 4. Surviving Are his wife and one daughter mrs. Martin Leonson route 4, Boone. Personal mention Gayle e. Thornton 105 Clinton a student at Drake University left monday for san Diego Calif to spend the holidays visiting his brother and family sgt. And mrs. Paul Thornton. Mrs. Mary Barger 1120 Greene and Mother mrs. Ella Barger 816 14th, returned thursday from a 2 months trip to California where they visited the former a Brothers at san Francisco fort Bragg and Saratoga. Mrs. Ella Barger visited at Oreville with her sister mrs. P d. Baker. Or. And mrs. Theodore Pollard and son of Boulder Colo arrived sunday and or. And mrs. Robert l. Pollard of Weed. Calif arrived monday to spend the holidays in the parental Claude a. Pollard Home route 3, Boone. The Robert pollards will also visit in the Home of her parents or. And mrs. E. R. Swain 216 South Marshall. Boon a we Republican saturday. December i 1#70 concerning books and authors j St. Nicholas cover and each Library notes a in secret aware that one Day Section representing As faithful the following new books for soon they must fight England for j by As possible the real flavor of Junior High readers were ready their Liberty. Phelan has brought j a fall Winter Spring or sum to life the hectic Days that pre j Mer. By Abigail Van Buren dear Abby recently our do. We like the Young Man and a Era a in or. I 21-year-old daughter came to even know his parents. We done to Many you who must to your to make Dern Acy to k Brand a a a a a a s a she was wan share if Success is to be Ness has played a vital role in Ullh am ther or with has t0 be done. Would it be All cd. Helping this country forge a-1 h. ,. F., a a whom she had been living for right if Jessica s father gave the past year. She said her United fund is a voluntary head it will remain a great a organization supervised by a lion As Long As we africans aboard of directors elected Bydo not forget that the ideals of a a people of the Community. It has dignity Honor Pride of a comp been set up to permit wage earners to make one annual gift distributed among the 20 agencies on an allotment worked out by the budget committee. This committee carefully screens the applications of agencies and meets with their representatives to discuss needs and programs. The budgets Are then presented to the Board which Bas ultimate responsibility for setting them. Actually it is to the enlightened self interest of residents a individual wage earners As Well As company executives a to support the United fund in every Way possible. Its obvious that the one Central Campaign is less disrupting than 20 sep arte visits would he one from each of the member agencies. To also should be obvious that United fund Success will make fort Dodge a better place in which to live and do business. Hundreds of Public spirited men women boys and girls Volunteer their time and efforts in the annual United fund campaigns. Lets make it easier than we often have for these Volunteer workers. Sometimes they have to return to the same place three or four times in order to get their jobs done. This should not be necessary and the discourtesy adds needlessly to the time and work involved. Lish ment and respect for ones fellow Man Are for All times and All Ages it is not disgraceful to respect our Flag Honor our heritage and stand up for the values we possess in our United states. Edgerton. Wisc., reporter youth is not a time of life a it is a state of mind. Man imprisoned in a woman a body a a and was contemplating a a Christine Jorgensen Quot operation in reverse. After the initial Shock Lessen the Diamond to bobs father Jessica smother dear Mother no. A girl who is old enough to accept a Diamond from a Young Man is old enough to return it herself. And its time Bob Learned to cd husband and i Persuad-1 a a pm or Djup poin. Quot of Quot i Lee without breaking into tears. It is Plain that both Jessica and Bob Are too immature for marriage but Only Jessica realizes it. Self from what we considered to be a lesbian environment return Home and see a psychiatrist. Amid much weeping she it is a temper of the will a came Home for four Days and Quality of the imagination a vigor of the emotions. It is a freshness of the deep Springs of life. Youth Means a predominance of courage Over timidity of the appetite of adventure Over love of ease. This often exists in a Man of fifty More than in a boy of Twenty. Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years. People grow old by deserting their ideals. Look learn by a. C. Gordon 1. When and by whom was the first rubber Heel for shoes made 2. Where is the worlds largest medical Center after two visits to a psychiatrist she announced that she was thru with the psychiatrist. Her Roommate refused to go to a psychiatrist saying she knew what she was and was Happy with what she was. Our daughter agreed with her our daughter has resumed living with her Friend and she now expects Hor family for whom she professes great love to accept this lesbian relationship. She a invited us to her apartment and wants us to invite them both for dinner. I cannot do this. We still love our daughter with our now broken hearts but the situation repels us. Any advice you can give us will he greatly appreciated. Baffled and broken hearted Mother 3. Which is the main Ingredi-1 dear Mother if your ent in the blood that determines daughters Happy with a what one s Rale of breathing a j she a quoth n you who profess tor Carbon dioxide or Lymph 10 love it Musl accept Ltd Ras 4. Who authored the famous i she is or not at All. Freud wrote Linos Quot Here once the embattled in has famous be Quoter a an i it is important that the 197 1 Farmers Sood and of Rod the shot heard around the world Quot 5. What is the highest position in diplomatic service answers on classified Page dear Abby what i know about snakes did not come from books. I have lived in Snake country All life and anyone who says poisonous snakes have no odor has a lot to learn about snakes. The Rattlesnake water Moccasin and Cotton Mouth a All poisonous a give off a distinctive odor. It smells something like cucumbers. Thank god for that odor because every time i have detected ii and looked for a Snake i have found one nearby. Oklahoman dear oklahoman others have written in to confirm your testimony. I also telephoned an expert who is All wrapped up in snakes and he says that most poisonous snakes lose that distinctive odor after they have been in Captivity a Short while. Lesson in. English by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say a i am very appreciative for the tickets you sent wife and say a appreciative of the tickets you sent wife and often mispronounced yuletide. Pronounce in two syllables As a Yool tide a and not As a Yool a tide Quot sometimes heard. Often misspelled weird observe the Wield synonyms optional facultative alternative elective eligible electoral discretionary voluntary volitional preferable. Word study a use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword bemused confused muddled stupefied. A was i attempted to explain theory a bemused expression swept Over her for circulation saturday december 19, in the children a room of the Ericson Public Library. Ride a wild dream. Lynn Hall. I when Young Jon Mcbride gets the horse he has been hoping for he thinks the love care j time and Devotion he gives this j horse will be returned but soon learns that the horse Sun god i is not All that willing to return i the love. Jon hides his Hurt and i rejection but disappointments j come dreams die and people must go on. This is the truth that Young Jon Mcbride learns j a and that readers will share in i this moving and realistic novel. Where the lilies Bloom Vera Cleaver. This is the moving Story of one Young appalachian girls desperate resourceful and sometimes very funny attains to Reserve the a innit and Independent of her family i in the fan Quot of frightening adds. Inn of pm a Rov a Quot the cry a Toth Tom a Worms in the run so a a pop i que emblems for 14-year-ot i Mary Call to has prornr0d to Bury him in Rno rot non old Joshua in order to same the rot of a prep a a and an urd a Fakir the creators of the irrepressible f Len Gme now show us an entirety Distant was of life one which a s re nov unknown to the outbid0 Wom the pop of tho a Wilder att when rather medicinal it rus and a proc on the Slones of Fri of for Johnc re pin a who i no Fript proud and achingly Roo r ceded the fateful nineteenth of april drawing on contemporary accounts and reverb own letters. This rousing Story is Rich in detail and vividly alive. An enic moment in our history has been recreated with authenticity and skill. How Long is always Lenora a fittingly Weber. Stack Bel j Ford Ioup Ivel answered an and for a summer Job requiring an i a unusual girl Quot she did not know j what so would he getting into. I she in hired to drive for a ranch owner w-ho0 wife does not a j emf her willingly. Later in the j store Stacy is distracted by a noir of a rum a rum hons hut j hardworking who courted her i in tandem. And then stave became involved in the local Centennial Celebration. Mrs. Web devoted fans we a rpm cd this Frcho Quot Ket of of their favor favorite fairy tales told in Greece Virginia Haviland americans first ladies 1863 to the present Day Lillie Chaffin the great deserts Folco qui Lici Guyana Allan Carpenter Suriname Allan Carpenter French Guiana Allan Carpenter your rustic Library is yours Ite Belford. With this new Hook Stacy is on her Way to becoming As popular with readers As her older sister Katie . Do not annoy the indians Betty Baker. When the Butterfield Overland mail company started in 1858. Or. Butterfield i Christmas got its name. And so issued a list of rules to his pm a we give thanks to Jesus a birth Plo Yecs among them do not j Day. We give people and friends the Moon in the Cloud Rose annoy the indians. All employees j we know gifts on Christmas to people s Rostrum we As adults of this great country always seem to take things for granted. Only recently did i have the Opportunity to View our world and All of our problems from a different Point of vew. With the Quot approach of the holi i Dav season and the Celebration j of the Binh of Christ the Chil Dren of All free people every where Are eagerly awaiting the j fast december 25th. J seven year old daughter Tamara sat Down at Home and i a Rte the following Story it is i titled a a baby Jesus was born j in a stable Quot. I sincerely Hope i that it Rev touch you the Way it touched . I a is Jesus was born in a stable baby Jesus was born in a j stable on december 25th. That i was Christmas and that is How goal he realized so that the 20 United fund member agencies can carry out their full programs in 1971. But we repeat a if you done to do it it wont get done. Prad try. Classifieds the Boore news Republican ri2 814 owl or Street Boom of Miry it i rvs a editor and co Puhl Mir h. A. , of pull Hor Roll up pump Rorn of neral Mann Arr new Home spurt american Mother april 9, 1935a homosexuality is assuredly no advantage hut it is nothing to by ashamed of no vice no degradation it cannot he classified As an illness we consider it to he a variation of sexual functions produced by a certain arrest of sexual a Dally ref is paper rim a pro a no grind r1a-<i Mailer tune4, to # i tho Post Riffle r at Boone Iowa under the act of March 8. 1879, the associated press news service official paper 8stt> of the county and City subscription rates single copies 10c Carrier delivery and motor route delivery 43c per week by mail within 2.r> mile or Boone $12 of per year $7.00 for 6 months $4 of for 3 months $1.50 for i month by mail elsewhere in Iowa $15.00 per year $8.00 for a month by mall outside of Iowa $18 of per year $10.00 for i month $5.50 for 3 months $2 of for i month Washington apr the number of new Homes being j built spurted in november to its dear Abby our daughter highest level since january Jessica just turned 18, and fori love them too. 1969. Analysts say the increase in birthday Slit accepted a shows an increasing availability j Diamond from a Young Man of mortgage Money and an been dating for about a ing of interest rates. I year. Bob is 22. She really the Commerce department j did no to want to become engaged said thursday privately owned a let g0h surprised her with the housing starts in november ,.jn an Ltd s10 did no to want to Hurt reached an annual rate of 1,692,-000 units on a seasonally adjusted basis. The october rate was 1,570,000 units. Harold c. Passer assistant Secretary for economic affairs said gains were registered in All major areas of the nation. U. S. Hospitals transfuse about 6,500,000 units of blood a year. Dear Abby Tell a Young Mother Quot there is no a a rights time to Tell her adopted child that he is adopted. The time is now i wife and i have an adopted son. Now three and one half and he knows he is adopted and he will Tell the world he is. And so will we. God knows we love him and he knows we love him and we done to care who knows lies adopted. We Are proud of it. We have three other children born to us and they know we no More because they Are our a natural children Quot a and no less. That a what its All about. To be. Sincerely Bill m., Cincinnati Nirve her Rio. Noah worried for Corne to about the dark Otoi d he cos hand up Over b s j Donn be. Even on Simov hns. His i wife nuts it Down to indigestion inf Tbopp is still a cml Voiro in b s mind that says there is i Quot a Jar. he of Nurt Rosemary Harris a version of How the Ani i Quot vile Gnu Pinnin nip assembled i for Noah a fir1 will Kotori to artery a j in suspense. Reuben tho animal Trainer who undertakes an im-1 Quot Ossian Mission Arnm Nanod j by a a a a Hon a to pinup in Enol 1 and a Sci aug Mobile rat is an 1 Quot Nom potable adventure richly Omaej Aprl Andrj brilliantly writ i ton j Midnight alarm Marv Nav Bogn. This Hook i5 the Story j of pan Romcro Quot ride. The a mar Junr Skipp or the in ring i of 1775 was a to a time for the Jepth on of Poston. British will be at their posts at All times. Suitable meals must prepared for passengers thirteen Vear old Jeff Barnes newly arrived in Frontier Arizona the rules seemed reasonable until be realized he would have to be the one to carry them out. In incident after uproar of Obrate his birthday too. Peo be Ole buy Christmas Trees and to i decorate the Trees. I love Jesus. I love everyone in the world because they Are Brothers and Sisters. If Only the leaders of our great nation and the leaders of the world could View things As a ious incident Betty Baker gives j child does maybe things could the modern Reader a vivid and refreshing View of what the old West was really like. Mason memorial a Saint Nicholas anthology Burton Frye. The Best stories articles and poems from the most famous authors of the Day illustrations by leading artists contributions from Young and talented writers a no wonder that St. Nicholas was the most popular most loved children s Magazine of All time. The anthology is divided into four sea soldiers Are quartered in the 1 Sonal sections each introduced a Civ. A Quot to minutemen still drilled by a facsimile copy of an actual be a lot different for everyone and indeed there would be a peace on Earth and Goodwill toward men. As the words of a song say a bless the Little children of the merry Christmas. Robert l. Hammond 1601 fifth Street Boone Iowa the opinions expressed in letters to the Peoples Rostrum in the news Republican do not necessarily reflect the opinion or policies of this newspaper. Alley top by v. T. Hamlin to Fiot an idea How we can get Olita this mess Captain easy by Leslie Turner his feelings. They never even went steady now that he is pressing her for a wedding Date she is sure Bob is not for her and she has tired to give the ring Back several limes but he wont take it. She said he actually Breaks Down and cries when she tries to return the ring. Jessica does no to know what to what a your problem you la feel better if you get it off your Chest. Write to Abby Box 69700, los Angeles Cal. 90069. For a Persona reply enclose stamped addressed envelope. Hate to write letters Send $1 to Abby Box 69700, los Angeles Cal. 90069, for Abby Booklet a How to write letters for All half hitch by honk Ketchum in a making a list of we at. I want Fok Christmas. A amp a Priscilla s pop by Al Vermeer 3jjt the a been heard in the chauffeurs apartment above the garage freckles and his friends by Harry for halt p we Pip your. Of a to a twe Wendall 7b cd to Pound ? because pop and thai Quot Chimp Couldst let t06etmcc. Uspens to same roof Anoo a <2fthem. A pm Jar Hartso tit to Attr tee comes a cps car Ngo one per open emf / Cooks j a a

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