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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Boone, Iowa Dial 432-1234 a before 6 00 pm. Of you have not received your paper. Saturday�?2 30 . The Boone news Republican weather Cloudy colder Chance of Snow through tonight. High teens to 20s. Lows 5-10. Vol. A xxx no. 302, vol. Lev no. 68 Boone Iowa saturday evening december 19, 1970 evening except sunday Carrier delivery 45c per week 1ft single 1w copy hundreds injured in rioting Twenty deaths in Poland by Nicholas Lillios associated press writer Warsaw apr after quelling mobs with Rifle fire in the nations biggest shipyards police and troops in Poland have placed another darkness curfew on the country a rebellious Northern cities. Rioting reportedly spread to a fifth City Friday but there were no confirmed reports of new violence today. Quoting newspaper accounts radio Gdansk reported Friday night that some of the thousands of rioters in the Gdynia shipyards fired on the troops and police. A there could have been Only one reply to this a the broadcast said a a Resolute Gdansk Gdynia and Sopot clustered beside the Bay of Danzig were torn by rebellious mobs Early in the week. The fighting spread to Szczecin 180, Miles to the West and outbreaks were reported Friday at Slupsky a City of Light Industry 60 Miles i East of Szczecin. Authorities reportedly used tear Gas at Slupsky i to restore order. The government says up to 20 persons have died in the confrontations and hundreds have been injured. Radio Warsaw said the polish news Agency Pap reported that Nobel Winner conies Home Cresco to Honor Borlaug by Chuck Noland associated press writer Cresco Iowa apr or. Norman e. Borlaug Winner of the 1970 Nobel peace prize for his role in fighting world hunger returned to the Rich Northeast Iowa farm country of his boyhood saturday to accept the accolades of proud friends and associates. It was a Borlaug Day in Cresco where the 56-year-old agricultural scientist graduated from High school in 1932 before going on to earn three degrees at the University of Minnesota social event of year at Nixon s by Frances Lewine associated press writer Washington apr president and mrs. Nixon gave the highlight social event of the Christmas season at the White House a warm program featuring British actor and television Star David Frost. Nixon not Only turned the spotlight Over to the popular performer during an hour Long a Christmas evening at the White House show in the East room Friday night but helped recruit some officials for frosts interview show. Many of the 190 guests were longtime personal and political friends and key administration appointees of Nixon a who danced and had a late Buffet featuring what Nixon called appropriate liquid refreshments a eggnog and Champagne. Nixon was in a Jovial mood and Frost quipped a Christmas has come to the White House. Santa Claus came Down the Chimney and met Walter Hickel on his Way the president appeared delighted at his Choice for the Christmas social event. Nixon said the East room had seen Many memorable events but Frost provided a an evening that will be very hard to Nixon added an Impromptu special attraction a the Little Angels the touring South korean National Folk Ballet. The 30 Young girls aged 8 18, not Only serenaded the arriving guests for a half hour before Frost appeared but each kissed the president when their appearance was ended. A i was absolutely knocked out a thrilled a Frost said of the evening at the executive mansion. Finishing with a . In Plant pathology in 1942. A full Day of activities included a news conference a Public recognition program and reception and a cocktail party and banquet. Dignitaries expected for the recognition ceremonies included gov. Robert d. Ray and representatives of the . Department of agriculture University of Minnesota Institute of agriculture Rockefeller foundation office of agriculture and the office of agriculture in India one of the countries which have benefited from Borlaug a work. The five member Nobel committee of the storting Norway a parliament announced the selection of Borlaug oct. 21 to receive the 52nd Nobel peace prize. Borlaug director of the wheat study project at the Rockefeller foundations International wheat and Maize improvement Center at Mexico City was cited for his role in launching the a Green revolution in agriculture. The term refers to the development of High yielding disease resistant strains of Grain which have allowed underdeveloped countries to increase their food output and have bought Mankind time to continue work on a solution to world hunger. At the Mexico City Center where he has worked for 26 years Borlaug spearheaded development of a Semi Dwarf wheat with double the previously Normal yield and a Short stiff Stem which can support the heavier weight of Grain. The wheat is adaptable to a wide variety of climates and has been cultivated successfully As far North As Turkey and As far South As Paraguay. Agricultural leaders praised Borlaug selection. . Secretary of agriculture Clifford Hardin said it a dramatizes the role of food As an instrument of but Borlaug accepting the $80,000 award and traditional Gold medal at ceremonies in Oslo Norway dec. To warned the Only real solution to the problem of world hunger is population control. A there can be no permanent Progress in the Battle against hunger until the agencies that fight for increased food production and those that fight for population control unite in a common Effort a he told King Olaf v and other members of the audience. Viets launch two attacks Saigon a the Viet Cong marked the 24th anniversary of the Start of the Indochina War today with two attacks on . Troops and the first rocket attack in Saigon in a month and a half. There were no american casualties from the two too Pound rockets that fell in Saigon but six vietnamese civilians were killed and eight wounded by the missiles. Most of the victims were children. Four other youths were wounded in a bomb explosion that damaged a Saigon vietnamese language newspaper Plant. One of the two attacks on american forces was a 12-round mortar barrage that hit the Headquarters of the 2nd brigade of the 25th infantry division 40 Miles Northeast of Saigon. Spokesmen said some americans were killed and wounded but they gave no figures. They said Over All casualties were Light. The second attack on americans was an ambush of a . Convoy near the Hai Van pass 13 Miles Northwest of Danang. One american was killed and four were wounded. . Headquarters said. Damage to the Convoy was said to be Light. There has been a series of anti american demonstrations and terrorist bombings in Saigon and . And South vietnamese Security has been tightened with measures including stepped up patrols by american military police. Three americans have been killed and 14 wounded in the past week in three terrorist bomb and grenade attacks aimed at . Billets in Saigon. The american casualties in today a actions added to the 44,144 . Troops already reported killed and the 292,917 reported wounded in action in the to years americans have been fighting in Indochina. Today is officially commemorated by the North vietnamese and Viet Cong As National resistance Day. It was on dec. 19, 1946, that North vietnamese Gen. To Nguyen Giap issued a Call to arms and vietnamese troops attacked French colonial forces in Hanoi triggering the Indochina War. A Calm prevailed in the whole of the triple cities today with Supply Trade and transportation working normally and 15 ships being loaded at the docks. There a a lot of traffic in the streets and most All kiosks restaurants and Public places Are opened a the broadcast said. It then quoted a warning to rebellious youth from a local newspaper a recent events disclosed the painful fact that Many people still see their own interest overshadowing the Public we shall have to revise our attitude toward our youth who proved they done to know How to behave. Many of the looted things Are being returned. Mothers have brought Back things stolen in the shops by their broadcast monitors in West Germany said there were no mentions of the disturbances in Early morning transmissions of other polish stations. The communist party newspaper Tribuna Ludu conceded that the governments increase in food prices of As much As 20 per cent prompted the riots though it said those who rioted spontaneously did so out of misinformation. A instigators took advantage of the change in retail prices introduced a few Days ago either a by disorientation or a cold premeditation and hate toward Peoples Poland a the newspaper said. With the tense quiet prevailing in the country today there were rumours throughout the capital of planned strikes at several factories in protest to the Price changes. Rioters at Szczecin destroyed the City a communist party Headquarters and the party a youth newspaper Standar Mlo Dych appealed today for an end to the vandalism. The Tribuna Ludu editorial was reprinted without separate editorial comment in the soviet communist party newspaper pravda the Only soviet paper to mention the riots today. Previously the Only mention in Moscow of the polish disturbances was a Short Pap article in pravda on thursday. Tass the soviet news Agency distributed both reports the text of an address by Premier Jozef Cygankiewicz of Poland ordering militiamen to shoot on sight persons destroying property and a decree of emergency adopted by the polish Council of ministers. Tentative agreement new York apr a tentative settlement was announced Early today in the strike by 36,000 taxicab Drivers which had entered its 15th Day. Vincent d. Mcdonnell chairman of the state mediation Board said that a settlement had been reached shortly before 5 . After a 19-hour bargaining session. The settlement must be ratified by Al Cio local 3036, the taxi Drivers Union and the taxi Fleet owners. Drivers for the cab fleets walked out in an attempt to win a wage increase from an average of $150 weekly to the $174 to $200 averaged by City transit workers. Visits Boone governor Robert e. Ray was a visitor in Boone Friday afternoon. Governor rays personal Pilot Milford Juhl of 422 South Story has been hospitalized in the Boone Hospital and Ray stopped to pay a visit. While at the Hospital the governor inspected the new coronary care facilities. With the governor Are l to r mrs. Diane Struecker who works in the coronary care unit or. A. W. Puntenney and mrs. Paul Stark jr., the director of nurses at the Hospital. News Republican staff photo by Bob e. Person Maddox Sorais out of Cavett to pro Graat new York apr gov. Lester Maddox of Georgia termed himself a a a segregationist Friday night then stalked angrily out of the Dick Cavett television show Over the use of the word a a bigot to describe his supporters. The eruption came after another guest Black actor former pro football Star Jim Brown asked Maddox if he had encountered a any trouble with the White bigots because of All the things you did for a commercial break intervened before the governor could answer. When the show resumed. Cavett picket up the question but phrased it a emr. Brown was asking whether any of your White admirers a Maddox angrily termed this a another example of How words Are twisted against me and demanded an apology a to the peo ple of Cavett conceded he had inadvertently confused his words and said a if i called any of your admirers bigots who Are not bigots i refusing to accept this the governor walked out. During an ensuing break Cavett ran after him in the Street but the governor refused to return. Promise resistance to English Jetport by Rodney Pinder associated press writer London apr residents of six villages in the British Countryside Are vowing armed resistance to a Royal commissions recommendation that Many of their houses be razed for an International Jetport. Billboards spotted through the six communities proclaim a Airport Over our dead bodies and we mean posters show a belligerent looking Farmer with a Pitchfork astride Stewkley Church a target of the bulldozers. A i have a Shotgun and a few backsides will be peppered if any bloody Airport Man sets a foot on my land a a Farmer from Cublington said Friday. A my family has been Here for 380 an electric company Surveyor found himself looking Down the business end of a Shotgun two weeks ago. A the boys ran him off a the Farmer said a shut they let him Hack later when he proved he had nothing to do with the Cublington a 160 residents would be homeless their Village gone if the Roskilly commissions findings Are accepted. Wing population 1,500 Steak Ley 1,016 Aston abbots 264 Donton 61, and Hoggeston 124, would almost disappear and nearly 1,000 Homes would fall. Four 14,020-foot runways a terminal Complex Multi carriageway highways and Railroad spurs would replace them by 1980 in the rectangle five Miles Long and three Miles wide. The facilities would handle too million passengers annually. A this fight will not be lost until the bulldozers and jackhammers actually begin to tear the houses Down a said the Rev. Paul Drake vicar of Stewkley Church. A there will be massive opposition until other villagers say they will Lay Down in front of the earthmoving equipment after it arrives. A there shall be marches demonstrations meetings deputations a said the Wing Airport resistance association which claims 60,000 members nationwide. The resistance has support from 160 members of parliament but the government not the legislators will decide whether to accept the report. The parliamentarians want London a third International Airport located at Foulness in offshore mudflats which would Cost More but would dislocate no families. The villagers see the Issue simply. A their forebears tilled this land and lived and died Here a said Barbara Ginn whose husband is the schoolmaster at Stewkley. A their menfolk have gone from Here to fight wars to defend this Way of life. We want our �T��T��T�4 weather record a a a a yesterdays figure up to 6 . Today High 33 a temp at 6 . A 8 prec. A Trace River level a 0.74 a a a a a a most admired Ann Arbor Mich. A Jesus Christ Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln have been rated As the most admired men in history in a Survey of daily newspaper editors. The opinion poll was conducted by David Lewis professor of business history at the University of Michigan. He said editors in 95 cities located in 37 states responded to a request that they name their most admired persons. Ranking the leading figures according to a formula of five Points for a first place vote four for second place and so on the Survey gave Jesus Christ 280, Winston Churchill 175, Abrham Lincoln 151, Thomas Jefferson 72, George Washington 66, Socrates 45, Leonardo a Vinci 40, Mahatma Gandhi 33, William Shakespeare 29, Albert Schwetz or 27, Christopher Columbus 26, Thomas Edison 22, Franklin d. Roosevelt 21, Moses 20 and Benjamin Franklin 18. Six of the top 15 were americans six were europeans six were primarily identified with statesmanship four with religion and one each with philosophy i invention drama Art and exploration. A a i grand prize Winner the Orval Beaman family of 1811 Linn Street a the gland prize in the just completed City Christmas lighting contest sponsored annually by the Boone Junior chamber of Commerce. There were also two winners named in each of the five wards. About 20-entries were received in All. News Republican staff photo by Bob e. Person a traffic toll this Date 1909 757 this Date 1970 874 increase 117 a Boone county total 1969 9 this Date 1970 17 City of Boone this Date 1970----- 4 this Date 1969 0 total 1969 0 a a a Christmas soviet style a Young muscovite beats the drum during a pre Holiday visit to the Detsky Mir children a world department store in the soviet capital. On the shelves Are tiny figures of Grandfather Frost the Santa Claus of the soviets. The picture is from Tass the soviet news Agency. A wire photo

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