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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 4

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Boone, Iowa Editorials chamber president uses a Shotgun Edwin p. Neilan president of the chamber of Commerce of the United states delivered quite a speech before the National press club recently. It has been put out in pamphlet form advertised As a the speech that caused such a juror in it should have. Neilan trumpeted some of the biggest broadest charges made against Congress and the american political system in a Long time. And he did no to substantiate a single one of them the chamber president told of a your Public scandal that involves the wholesale Purchase of votes on an unprecedented scale. A a the opening skirmishes of the 1964 National election Campaign provide a Clear and present danger that this election May be the biggest auction Sale in history the Sale of ballots not solely for promises but for hard neilans Blanket indictment included two kinds of voters Quot pushers who Send a their Many to Washington solely to promote their selfish desires and a a takers who vote for a candidate because he promises fatter Federal fund handouts. Quot in either Case the voter Sells his ballot to buy a congressman. Quot i find it difficult to rank such conduct higher in the moral scale than the association of politicians party girls and spes in great Britain a he added Neilan hastened to assure All at hand that this was Quot no indictment of Many members of which members. Or. Neilan and he added comfortingly that his remarks applied to both major political part is. Neilan had a message he went on to decry Quot reckless extravagance by the government and. Specifically attacked the administrations attempt to revive the Federal Aid program for depressed areas. His remarks on overspending had substance. They were obscured however by his general barrage against the american political system. He left All of us suspect voters and congressmen alike. That takes some City Globe Gazette. Boon new Rouh fear saturday. August is Tats Dennis Thi of Ritchko but what about those Idle hands Forward lookers in the Field of computers Are free with their prediction that we Haven to seen anything yet. One of them with the air Force contends that by applying fully what we know today All our mass produced goods could be turned out by a Mere 2 or 3 per cent of the population. Perhaps he is right. But its going to take More than a computing machine to Tell us what our society should do with All the extra hands and the extra time growing out of our excursion into the Field of advanced Mason City Globe Gazette. Editorial quote communications slowdown Ames daily Tribune it May be slightly premature to worry about it but communication is going to be quite a problem when men Start setting up housekeeping on the other planets of our solar system. Its not so much getting radios to work Over Long distances manner la proved we can transmit at least As far As Venus but that Light and radio Waves Are so Pokey. Sure Light moves at 186.000 Miles a second. But distances Are so vast Between planets that an earthling talking to an explorer on uranus would have conceded their presidential Nom to wait As Long As 12 hours for a reply to his opening even with next door Venus it will take two minutes for a question to get there from Earth two More minutes for the answer to come Hack that a when Venus is close to Earth when its most Distant the time lapse stretches to 14 minutes. One suggested solution is that both sides in an interplanetary gab est merely keep talking steadily that is rather than wait 12 hours for an answer to a specific question from uranus lust go on to other matters it would still take 12 hours to get an answer but once Converse Tion had begun it would go on continuously. Iowa comment Osage press new. The biggest com crop in Iowa s history May Well be harvested this autumn. But surpluses will not be a problem in fact they Haven to been for the past few years. We Are using More and More of our carryover each year and of course the feed Grain program must get some of the credit. Iowa City press citizen it s an exciting time to be living in Iowa City and to watch what is happening to this once quiet Little University town. Burlington Hawk Eye four years ago. Republicans had Ina fion to Nixon this season we have enough prospective candidates to Field a baseball team. These Days by John Chamberlain technology menaces free speech the stocks of companies that make photocopying equipment have earned a lot of Money for investors and speculators. But the authors and Book publishers of America Are beginning to suspect that what is meat for the photocopying Industry will turn out to be Poison for writers. The reason is that no royalties and no wholesale or retail Purchase prices Are paid on Hook pages that Are photographed or reproduced by heat transference. Or even microfilmed for a researcher s convenience. Nobody knows of course just How Many sales of a Book Are lost because libraries Are willing to provide copying services for their patrons for a Small fee. To Date the Cost of photocopying a whole Book would amount to More than the Bookstore Price. But crucial pages and chapters suffice some potential Book buyers and it is this fact that has alerted the Book publishers and the complaining members of the authors league. The stories Are already going the rounds of literary parties about the professor of English in a Texas College who makes up his own anthologies for his students out of photocopied material cheating poets and Short Story writers of anthology fees. In be tried to discover the name of the professor but this is apparently a word of Mouth legend for nobody has been Able to Nail the Man Down for me. There is a possibility. Of course that he is just As fictional As the Short stones he is supposed to filch by photocopying. But As a legend he stands As a premonition of the future we Hen photocopying will have become even c Heaper than it is now. The photocopying threat brings the terminological revolution Home to writers who Are among the last individualists among us. While it hardly threatens to extinguish the Breed overnight it must in the end. Serve to make the life of the free Lancer More eng and i feel terrible. What hazardous than it is at present j should i do a the oldest beyond this it pose a menace to the livelihood of scientists. Pub concerning books and authors the first five books Are solar science meteorology samples of the 22 new books1 oceanography ecology and for All Ages which will be on j City planning with valuable display in the children a i tips and suggestions on advis room of the Ericson Public Able courses of study and Library saturday August 31 i part time or summer jobs for and will be available for Cir each Field curation immediately. Look at guns Beman lord. The Congress Gerald w. Look at guns begins with the Johnson. In his vigorous readable style or. Johnson explains the everyday work of Congress the Way a Bill is passed the functions of committees and what the important positions in Gress Are Early Days when Quot tonnes were very nearly As dangerous to the firer As they were to the target. Picture Book of Iowa Ber Nadine Bailey. One of this con country a most representative states Iowa is unique As a unusual careers. Martha producer of Fine farm am a. Munzer. Unusual careers Mals especially hogs. Its meat know what wat Wise imm i own a on the How dear Abby a a a share and share alike Abigail Van Buren products Are sold in Many parts of the world. The first Book of Pakistan. Jean both Well. Jean Bothwell Givs a heartening account of provides stimulating absorbing information on such possible careers for youth As new hearing Little Falls Minn. Ltd arraignment of two Iowa National guardsmen on rape charges has been rescheduled for sept. 12. Sgt. Walter Swenson 23. And pfc. John Ripley 21, both of Des Moines Are free on $5,000 Bond each. They Are accused j Pakistan an ancient and of raping an 18-year-old brain-1 Beautiful land steeped in tra erd. Minn girl in a Field near coition and tells How its peo Camp Ripley where the Iowa pie. Alert to change Are you1 Puri in Kirk sky is rot is Esb dear Abby there Are eight hat its Awn Laws with regard to of us in my family. All married a a common Law marriages. Your local lawyer can advise you How to handle yours. And doing Well. I happen to be the oldest which May explain Why i have the dubious Honor of paying for everything that should be divided by eight. Our father died Over a year ago. I took care of All the arrangements and paid for the funeral. One sister asked me what her share was. I told her. And that was the end of it. No one else even bothered to ask a year later when the Stone was to he put up i was elected to select it. I did. And it was filled to me. My husband says i should turn this Hill Over to s lawyer and let him collect it. I have no income of my own. Its my husbands Money in a spend of scientific material is usually expensive to Ushers which print and which must sell to libraries and research institutions in big quantities if it is to be issued at a profit to anybody stand to lose in the very near future if a few More pennies can be shaved from the Cost of photocopying. Speaking recently at the american University in Washington. Dc., or. Curtis Benjamin of the Mcgraw Hill publishing company dear oldest Cal a family meeting and present each member with a Bill for his share of the expenses of you let them know you mean business it won t be necessary to threaten them with Legal action. Confidential to Quot frankly envious a like a jewel of Gold in a Swine a snout is a Beautiful woman lacking in proverbs 11 22 National guard trained earlier this month. Proudly and eagerly building a Modem nation. My Village in Switzerland Sonia and Tim Gidal. My Village in India Sonia and Tim Gidal. The land and people of Afghanistan Mary Clifford. What s on your mind for a personal reply Send a self addressed. Stamped envelope to Abby Box 3365, Beverly Hills. Calif. Of dry a yacht Redondo Beach. Calif. Apr the 165-Potomac, formerly the presidential yacht of Franklin d. Roosevelt is on display As a museum in King Harbor. It is filled with momentous of the Roosevelt Era. The Potomac was built in 1934 As the . Coast guard patrol boat Electra. It was converted and renamed in 1935. The ship was Host to Kings Russell Queens prime ministers and Many i children on a farm Jory other International figures and it Graham was on Board that president Roo life in the Forest Robert Snedigar Twenty one years ago prom re soon new it Puutio Caay tuesday evening september i 1142 mrs. Grodnick Dies mrs. H. Adelaine Grodnick 40, died at the Boone county Hospital. She and or. Grodnick have been proprietors of the Best Cut rate drug store at 810 Story for the past three years. Personal mention mrs. Henry Michel route 4, has returned Home from Cedar rapids where she visited in the parental Louis Sudderberg Home. Mrs. Henry Mickle. 409 Franklin suffered a severe fracture in a recent fall and is recovering in the Boone county Hospital. Mrs. Roy Martin of Chicago has returned Home after visiting with or. And mrs. Robert Larson. 827 Marion. Her sister Joan accompanied her Home for a visit. Second it. Donald e. Knight has arrived for a visit in the parental Charles Knight Home. He was graduated from the school of navigation at Coral Gables. Florida August 29 at which he received his wings with the . Army corps. Or. And mrs. Maurice Griffin of Wahoo Nebr. Were weekend guests in the Home of the former a parents or. And mrs. D. P. Griffin. Quot quit rents Are due the Mon Louisej Arch of England for property i granted in the past to National the first Book of common i heroes and Royal favourites. These 1st China William Kinmond. The first Book of Brazil Sally Sheppard Tom Savage a Story of colonial Virginia John Logan. Sioux Buffalo Hunters Don Sevelt drafted the four freedoms. During the Truman a Duimstra the Story of Pablo men for Abby Booklet. Quot How to pm oms Cwa transferred a lean boy Carol Connor am a to a a1 or i Ulav. Have a Lovely w edding a Send 50 cents to Abby Box 3365, Beverly Hills. Calif. Distributed by Mcnaught Syndicate inc. To the state of Maryland it later it escudo Diamond in name Only Jasper Ark. Apr Diamond was purchased by private interests and most recently has been used As a cargo earner. Present owners Are seeking to take the Potomac to the new York world s fair in 1964. Tobasco a state Remote from dear Abby gently married a Man who holds an honorary yet doctors degree in something that has nothing to do with Medicine. It is from a Small unheard of College Cave near Jasper is an important the heavily populated parts of tourist attraction. But the Cave Mexico is Best known for its has no diamonds. It takes its i archaeological treasures unearthed i name from the shining White for by National geographic society nations which look like giant Lei smithsonian institution sex pct my Cousin re Des hanging from the ceiling and Lions led by or. Matthew or rents include six horseshoes two White greyhounds a Salmon Spear a snowball a Large eel pie and a bed of Straw. Tho Boon nows Republica �?�12-814 keel a Tref Mary Goldthwaite Garvey editor and publisher a 4. Garvey co Publ aha a Dally newspaper entered to a end claw matter Lune 24. 1924 at the peat office at Boone Iowa under the act of March s. 187# a associated press news service look learn by a. C. Gordon 1 who was the discoverer of each of the following a penicillin b a Ravs c circulation of the blood d rabies preventive e Antiseptic surgery 2 what nation of the world occupies an entire continent 3 what is the difference be tween a parable and a parabola 4. Who was the Only one of Henry i Iii a six wives to outlive him 5 what does Quot Mahatma mean answer on classified Page said Quot the publisher of advanced with no reputation. Well when treatises and monographs must depend upon. Specialized libraries for Basic support. I would estimate that if this Basic supporting Market should be diminished by As much As 40 per cent or 50 per cent at least one third of Mcgraw Hills current lists of scientific and technical Hooks could not be published. And these casualties would be the very books needed for scientific so. By a parlay the continued improvement of photocopying technology might Rob a potentially creative scientist of a key Book needed to keep the . Abreast of the soviet Union. In. Say rocketry. Or underground miniaturization of nuclear testing the and it and emergency could you Stop your car in time lesson in English by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say a i caught cold since i left your House a say a after i left your House a often mispronounced decimate pronounce Dess i Rait accent on first syllable. Often misspelled Mon Otone observe the monetary observe the synonyms kingly August King like. Magnificent Majestic princely regal Royal Imperial. Word study Quot use a word three times and it is Vourse a let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each for them or leis librarians re Dav. Today word Bongo place researchers. But in the last Mie a Good nature pleasant analysis the libraries depend for and easy manner pronounce their justification on the existence Bawn of me principal accent of books and anything that tends on last syllable. Quot his Bonhomie to discourage the writing and pub was infectious and increased his Ashing of books must Hurt them in the lon8ii it took Many years of agitation. Appropriate Book j provoked by Mark Twain and oth air Force Academy Aper world famous writers to Ham a the oldest volume in the . Mer out some universally valid air Force Academy Library is the copyright Laws against the interlock of Falconnet or hawking Quot. National pirating of authors a by George Turbeville printed in Tenal. Now the authors of Ameri-1611. The Falcon is the Academy Ca Are faced with what amounts Mascot and its athletic teams arc to piracy at Home by the photo called Falcon. Copier. They need a new Mark my Cousin introduces her husband. She says. Quot this is doctor a a and when she refers to him. She Calls him Quot the doctor when it eople first meet him. They naturally assume he is a medical doctor and they Start telling him about a skin rash or dizzy spells until he sets them straight. Tell me. Is it considered Good etiquette to use the Quot doctor in introducing him i d never say anything to her about it but i d like to know for my own information. Cuz dear cuz few people who hold honorary doctor a degree use the title technically permissible it is a matter of to tattle. And in a afraid your Cousin Vance of technology in one Field could result in a scientific lag in i any others. The libraries of course tend to be on the Side of the photocopying equipment companies in the growing Battle. The demand for photocopying services Means income rising from the floor. Stirling from 1938 to 1946. The adventure of America John Tobias. Made in the Renaissance Christine Price. All about horses Marguerite Henry. Air Irving and Ruth Adler. Oceans Irving and Ruth Adler. _ dear Little mumps child Quot Moss Marguerite Rush Lerner. Lefty Marguerite Rush Lerner. The ugly duckling James Ertel official of us county Tad pm subscription Rath by Carrier per year All in Advance by mall to reticent of Boone county town and Rural routes in Adjoint counties within a 25 Mil radius of Boone each i in towns Navona Carrier delivery rat month la so a month a o to s3 50 pet veer $10 a by mail it Mcwhert in Iowa 12 of outside Tow Oer month la of or year in us jut Canceller i a a Eceil paper tops automatically at aspiration or time Label on your Tell you How far you Are paid in Advance Alley of top snap out of it will Sou by v. T. Hamlin deaf Abby i have lived with my Quot husband for Over 25 year but we have never been legally married we have grown children who think we Are married my Quot husband and i can t get along with each other any More and we would like to get and of each other. I be been True Blue All these years but he sure Hast. How can we make this separation legals do we need a divorce if we have never been married How can we separate quietly without disgracing our children confused dear confused each state Twain to preserve them from a new Hazard writers and scientists of America. Unite you have your Royal ties to save. Priscilla1 pop by Al Vermeer freckles and his friends by Merrill Blosser Dao mow Lono wave you Hao that. Mustache

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