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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 2

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Boone, Iowa Dog notes _6y Peter Boggs to dont leave your dog behind another Holiday approaches that will bring sadness to Many dogs. Labor Day Marks the beginning of a period of grave distress for Many of our canine friends. A couple of years ago i wrote the following and i discovered it helped save the lives of a number of dogs so i am going to repeat it again this year. Here a what i wrote a during or after this Holiday week end Many families begin the exodus from their summer Homes in the country to their Winter habitations. At the beginning of the summer a family Council decided it would be grand to get a dog for the children. Now another family Council discovers that there will be no room for the dog Back in the City. A some May ask a neighbor grocery boy. Or the Milkman if he would like the animal but More often than not the dog is turned Loose to shift for himself. As the family locks the door of the summer cottage for the last time and climbs into the car for the journey to the City the dog. With Tail wagging follows them to the machine thinking they Are going for a ride and that perhaps he will be invited As he has been so Many times before. The car draws away the dogs Tail slowly stops wagging and he returns to the door of the House to await his masters return. A the Waits patiently. They never stayed away this Long before. He becomes hungry and thirsty but still he stays close by his ears pricking hopefully every time a car approaches. Finally the pangs of hunger drive him to seek food he wanders from House to House upsetting garbage pails in his quest for something to eat always returning to the Only place he known As Home. Here a is often found by someone connected with a humane society but More frequently the realization that his former owners will not return enters his saddened mind. And he reluctantly leaves to wander in search of the above is not fiction. I am sorry to Sav it will be enacted in real life Many times during this next month. Humane agencies will Bear me out when i say that september is the month when they Are busiest in picking up stray and abandoned pets. It is hard to understand How a person can be so cruel As to abandon a trusting dog or cat with so Little feeling if you who Are Reading this own a dog which you can no longer keep wont you Contact the nearest office of the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals they will Call for your dog or cat. Forgive me for the space i have devoted to this subject but if i save Only one dog from this sad Fate i shall feel justified. What to do about dog fights during his lifetime almost every dog gets into a fight. With some dogs it happens very frequently of you Are out with your dog and he gets into a Brawl with another dog. Here Are a few tips to remember never whip fighting dogs. It Only seems to encourage them to continue fighting. A fight can sometimes be stopped quickly by choking the offending animals by placing a Leash around their necks. Be very careful if you do this As any dog in the turmoil of Battle May unknowingly turn and bite even his master. Throwing water on the dogs will sometimes do the trick especially if a Small a mount of spirits of ammonia has been added to it. The above Are just a few thoughts to remember. However. If As time passes and your Pup grows up to be a fighter perhaps it would Pav you to carry a water pistol filled with a mixture of water and ammonia. A a e your child and his dog a St. Louis Reader writes to me of the cruel treatment meted out to puppies by children. She ends her letter by writing a have you Ever seen a child treat a dog kindly i never have what Are parents and teachers for if not to teach kindness to children of children were taught to he Kinder to their dogs they would grow up to be better men and women. The criminal instinct often is started in children when they Are allowed to be cruel to Little helpless yes. I have seen children who were kind gentle and considerate toward their puppies or grown dogs but i confess i have seen hundreds of children who were hideously cruel negligent and unjust toward the pitiful four footed chums which were at their mercy. They allowed the youngsters under their care to become thieves or drunkards. The cruel and bullying child is going to grow into a cruel and bullying Man or woman. Think that Over parents and teachers for it is the truth. A a a done to worry if your dog is thin hundreds of dog owners worry because their pets done to put on weight. They . Once in a while some internal disturbance Worms More often than anything else May keep a dog hone thin. But if after a reliable veterinarian has looked at the animal and corrected the condition he continues to be thin done to worry. It is the same with dogs As with humans. There Are some very healthy human beings who cannot acquire extra weight no matter How much they eat. Others with Light appetites continue to be fat in spite of diets and exercise. If your dog is Well Happy and vigorous Stop worrying about his Lack of plumpness. I am sure he is All right and that his healthy leanness should be envied. Start Early in Medicine dogs have throughout the Ages seemed to play a part in the medical treatment of humans. A number of different were first tried out on dogs before being performed on humans. A number of different drugs in the experimental stage also were tried out on dogs. It is. Perhaps True that some dogs have been exposed to rather cruel treatment in medical experiments but on the whole they have been Well treated and have been responsible for the medical saving of thousands of human lives. The first practising doctors or Medicine men of medieval Europe carried a dog. Preferably a Spaniel As part of their Medicine kits. The dog Wasny to used exactly for experimental purposes instead it was believed by the uniformed that if a dog were held close to Abdomen of a patient the fever passed into the dog. The practice of applying a dog to a sick persons stomach was employed by Early doctors for Many Many years. A a a the question Box question i have owned a Gulliver in Oil land George Boer design craftsman for an Oil firm with Headquarters in Houston Tex., takes his Job Home at night and has fun with it Boer builds Oil Industry equipment to scale As a Hobby. Oil Rig he a shown with is built to a s4-Inch-to-l-foot scale stands 9 feet High when assembled. The real life Rig is 150 feet Uil by when he is around the child. Question my female Springer Spaniel has been losing her coat at an alarming rate since her puppies have been weaned. Can you Tell me what causes this pm. N. Answer abundant shedding is a natural occurrence after a female dog has had a litter of puppies and is nothing to cause alarm. News from Pilot Mound colourful seagulls Vancouver apis the bulk freighter Bris a of the Fred Olsen line of Norway Drew crowds of waterfront watchers when she arrived to Load packages of Lum Ber for u. S. Atlantic ports. The Brissac carries a wild splash of color welded on her How the production of an abstract design by French artist penal Arnold. The artist was commissioned to Don for Thrpo Vears. Now i have produce something signifying a baby two months old whom do i blame the children i do the dog Doe not seem to like. Not. But i blame bitterly the parents and the teachers who have not taught them mercy patience and fair play in their dealing with defenceless animals. I blame these parents and teachers almost As much As if what can i do a. H. K. Answer the chances Are you have neglected to give the dog attention after the arrival of the baby end he senses this. Try to pet him More Especial movement or flight. His design executed in seven Bright colors is to give the feeling of seagulls in flight. Brasse s deck Crew Bai a full time Job keeping the arts tech shining. Read the want ads Mauk Man. By de Dodd mrs. Mary Raker or. And mrs. Donovan Crouch and family of storm Lake were weekend guests in the parental Roy Crouch Home. Mibs Kathy Crouch who spent last week with her brother returned Home with them. Mrs Mary Thompson spent thursday Over night with her daughter mrs. G. A. Parrish in Boone. She also visited her sister mrs. Nettie Williams who is bed fast following a stroke last week. Bill and deck Crouch spent last week in Omaha attending a United motor service training school. They completed the course on Complete engine tune up. Or and mrs. Bob hams and family of Lafayette ind., called at the Roy Crouch Home sunday. Mrs. Grace Witcraft and daughter Maude of Des Moines called in the Homes of mrs. Florence Campbell or. And mrs Axel Olson and mrs. Mary Raker tuesday evening. Or. And mrs. Dale Koser and Bobbie of Champaign Iii. And mrs. Johnie Gauger and Jimmie of Boone spent tuesday with or. And mrs. And Axel Olson. Or. And mrs. Dale Fairchild Are the proud parents of an 8 la. 7 of. Baby boy bom in the Boone Hospital tuesday aug 13. 1963. The baby has been named Grant Steven and has two Brothers Pat 8. And Mike 6. Grandparents Are or. And mrs. Lester Fairchild of Pilot Mound or. And mrs. Clifford Phipps of Clinton and one great grandmother mrs. Brittle Young of Boone. Staff sgt. And mrs. Raymond Kimsey and Randal of self Edge air Force base at of Clemons Michigan visited the past week with their parents or. And mrs moms Cook and mrs Sadie Kimsey and Many other relatives and friends. Or. And mrs. Alva Campbell attended the 50th wedding anniversary open House sunday in Honor of or. And mrs. Bert Morgan in their Home in Boone. Or. And mrs Dan Rodgers Tommie and Charles spent the past week with their daughter or. And mrs. William Mondt in Dayton Ohio. Or. And mrs Stanley Dolk Rodney and Karl of Reo Vista. Calif and or. And mrs. Robert Homgren and family were saturday evening supper guests of mrs. Carrie Homgren or. And mrs. J. R. Homgren of Boone. Or. And mrs. Stanley Dolk and family of Reo Vista Calif and mrs. Carrie Homgren were sunday dinner guests of or. And mrs. Bob Homgren. Afternoon and evening guests were or. And mrs. Dean Wolf and family of Ames. Or. And mrs. De Erickson and Bill spent the weekend with her Mother mrs. Charles Meints in Luvern. Iowa and also their daughter and son in Law or. And mrs. Harold Swisher in Estherville Iowa. Jordan visitors return Homo Ione Wett cel Lillian Sterrett has left for Ashville n.c., and her sister Irene Sterrett left for coming to resume her duties As teacher in the coming High school. They have spent some time with their sister mrs. Arthur Doran. Mrs. Arthur Doran Lillian and Irene Sterrett spent Friday visiting their Niece mrs. Raymond Murken near Mineral Ridge. Carl Dean Buzzell of Melba Idaho is visiting with his aunt mrs. Roy Boyd and with the Ted Wolf a in Perry. Or. And mrs. Dewayne Frampton. Timmy and Kevin of Clear Lake. Or. And mrs. Walter Ross Debra and Kerry and or. And mrs. Ray Freel attended the Crispin reunion which was held sunday in the shelter House at Mchose Park in Boone. Or. And mrs. Gerald Crispin of Tipton spent sunday evening and monday in the Ray Freel Home. Or. And mrs. Ray Freel spent thursday in the mrs. Rate Russell Home in Grimes and the de Shafer Home near Grimes. Or. And mrs. Dewayne Frampton and sons of Clear Lake spent Friday in the Ray Freel Home. Or. And mrs. Howard Jones attended Hobo Day in Britt recently. They were dinner guests in the Merlyn Olson Home. Or. And mrs. Keith Shepherd and family recently spent several Days in Mankato. Kans. Visiting or. Shepherds father j. R. Shepherd. Or. And mrs. Wesley Freel George and Frank Berkavich of Ames spent the weekend in the Arthur Peterson Home in Houston. Minn. Or. And mrs Henry Pinn of Casper. Wyo., or. And mrs. Robert Scott of Webster City or. And mrs. Paul my Reva and children of Waterloo and or. And mrs. A. J. Finn of Jefferson visited recently in the Leo finn Home. Mrs. Clark Stuart and Esther Ball of Ames and or. And or. Gerald Tripp were guests sunday in the Ernst Tripp Home in Napier. Or. And mrs. Gene Dewitt and children have returned after spending two weeks visiting relatives in Austin and wins scholarship Mary Lea Cleaveland daughter of the Bruce Cleaveland of 208 West third Street Boone has been chosen to receive a full tuition scholarship to Boone Junior College which is Given annually by the Arthur d. Lantz Post 56 of the american legion. Miss Cleaveland is enrolled in the secretarial science curriculum at the College. She is a 1963 graduate of Boone High school. Hamilton Tex. They visited six flags Over Texas near Dallas. It is similar to Disneyland in California and also the water festival in Austin. Or. And mrs. Donald Dasher and children visited relatives in storm Lake sunday. Donna Brown spent the past week with her aunt. Mrs. P. L. Clawson who is a patient at the Mayo clinic in Rochester Minn. Or. And mrs. Robert of Connor and children of fort Dodge spent sunday with mrs. Of Connors parents or. And mrs. John Bennett. Or. And mrs. Laurence Beckett and Mark of Marion spent the weekend in the Irving Beckett Home. 2 Boon news Republican saturday August Ai Imi school accepts Larry Lindmark Rock Island in. Special a Lawrence a. Lindmark Ion of or. And mrs. Robert d. Lindmark 1233 Aldrich Avenue Boone has been accepted for admission to augustan College Rock Island and will Trou a a freshman this fall. Augustan will begin its 104th academic year with an orientation program for new students starting sept. 9. Classes open sept. 13. The College anticipates an enrolment of More than 1,300, an increase of about a Hundred Over last year. 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