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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Boone, Iowa Weather Cloudy with showers extreme South. Low sat. Nite Middle 50i be to mid 60s so. The Boone news Republican dial be 2-1234 a before 6 30 Pirn. Of you Taa is Sot received your paper. Saturday �?3 p. By vol. Xxv no. 206. Vol. Lvii no. 263.Boone, Iowa saturday evening August 31, 1963. Evening except sunday a seven cents seventh Grade orientation mrs. Vera Martin seventh Grade geography teacher at the Boone Junior senior High school instructs some of the seventh Grade students attending orientation Friday at the local High school As to the route they should take in order to go to their next c ass. Some 239 new seventh Grade students attended the orientation program in an Effort to acquaint them with the High school building and the procedures followed there. Staff photo by Larry Lindmark. Discount French proposal Iowa marriage Laws reduce weddings 23.4 percent Here negro couple settles Down in new Home Folcroft a. A a negro couple who moved under heavy police escort through a jeering ugly tempered crowd into their Home in a previously All White area tried settling Down today for what they Hope will be a Long stay in the damaged Home. More than too state troopers augmented by a detail of a dozen horses remained ready to contain any new outbursts or demonstrations such As Friday night s Rock and egg throwing that threatened to become a riot. State police maj. Singleton Shaeffer said anyone not living on the formerly peaceful Street where the Horace Bakers now reside would be kept out. A thousand or More jammed into the area of modest Brick Row houses in this Philadelphia suburb Friday night. The Bakers once inside kept All lights off. Assail Security violators South vietnamese in mass demonstration Des Moines apr marriages by Iowa declined 23.4 per cent from 1960 to 1962, reflecting effect of two Laws relating to marriage the department of Public health said saturday in its annual report on vital statistics. The 1961 Iowa legislature passed Laws raising the minimum age for marriage with Parentis consent from 14 to 16 for girls and 16 to 18 for boys and creating a new three Day waiting period. A net reduction of 20 per cent was noted the first year the Law was in effect by comparing marriage rates for fiscal 1960 and fiscal 1961, which had just begun when the Laws went into effect. Marriages declined further in 1962, from 21.962 in 1961 to 18.981 last year. Meanwhile divorces declined Only slightly from 4.731 in 1961 to 4.697 in 1962. The report showed that while the number of divorces was reduced in 1962, the number of children affected by divorce increased from 6,153 in 1961 to 6,475 last year. It showed that 39.4 per cent of the persons divorced in Iowa last year were in their 20s, compared with 38.7 per cent in 1961. The number of births in Iowa declined to 61,703 last year compared with 64.143 the previous year. But deaths increased from 28.158 in 1961 to 28.632. Of the births in 1962, 1.686 were illegitimate compared with 1,713 in 1961. But the rate of la Leitma by per 1.000 live births was 26 8. Up from 26 4 in 1961. The average age of All mothers in 1962 was 26.3 years while the average age of mothers of illegitimate children was 22.5 years the most births were recorded in August both years�?5,821 in 1961 and 5.543 in 1962. Deaths from pneumonia heart disease and accidents increased in 1962. While those from influenza cancer motor vehicle accidents and polio decreased. Only two polio deaths were recorded. Compared with six in 1961. A record Low of eight maternal deaths were reported compared with is in 1961. Influenza deaths dropped from 182 to 95. Cancer fatalities fell from a record 4.603 in 1961 to 4,448 in 1962. Motor vehicle deaths declined from 698 in 1961 to 657 last year. But total Accident fatalities increased from 1.540 in 1961 to 1,586 last year. Deaths from heart disease climbed from 10.846 to 11.190, while pneumonia deaths went up to 860 from 837. In both years conditions of infancy caused the most deaths in infants from birth to 4 years of age accidents and suicides took the most lives both years in the 5-14 and 25-44 age groups. Circulatory conditions resulted in the most deaths in the 45 and older group both years. The report showed there was a birth every nine minutes in 1962, compared with one every eight minutes in 1961. There was a death on the average of every 19 minutes both years. Weddings took place every 28 minutes in 1962 and every 24 minutes the previous year. There was a divorce on the average of every 111 minutes both years. Shaff opponents now need funds Des Moines m a the chairman of iowans against the Shaff plan said Friday Iowa reporter killed it. Dodge fort Dodge mrs Helen c. Stride 38, Long time reporter for the fort Dodge messenger was killed in traffic Accident Here Friday night. Mrs. Strode s car missed curve on a Blacktop Road just outside the Northwest City limits and rolled into deep ditch. She was driving Home another employee of the messenger. Mrs. Erma Wick Ander when the Accident occurred about 9 30 . Mrs. Wickander was hospitalized but not seriously injured. The Accident was disco Hail diem in front of . Saigon South Viet Nam apr South vietnamese staged a massive pro gov emment demonstration in front of the . Information Agency Headquarters today hailing president Ngo Dinh diem and assailing Security violators. Whether by coincidence or intention the demonstration was held at Saigon s main downtown mall an intersection of several boulevards in front of the . Information Agency Headquarters. . Officials reinforced the Cong guerrillas. Americans were Monist Viet three other wounded. The deaths brought to 54 the number of americans killed in action on vietnamese soil since the . Buildup of december 1961. The toll from All causes including accidents is 99. Hundreds have been wounded. The two americans whose names were withheld pending notification of Kin perished aboard the banana shaped h21 when it crashed in flames 30 Miles Northwest of Saigon hot line open now that the groups immediate ered a Moton St wj10 was problem is Money. Driving ahead of mrs. Strode a Duane Dewel Algona car. When he saw in his rear newspaper publisher said at View Mirror that the lights least $25,000 is needed for swerved and disappeared he the Campaign against the went Back to investigate. Shaff plan of legislative re car added on its wheels apportionment on which a it it was conceal be j to Gay High iowans will vote at a special weeds mrs strode suffered election dec. 3. A broken Necic and was be Dewel and three other of-1 i Jeveda to have died instantly. Flyers of the group met with she had been a member of gov. Harold Hughes to Dis the messenger staff for near cuss the Campaign. The oth by 20 years. Survivors include or three Are mrs. Mary dress her husband. Franklin and or of Mason City vice chair two children. Man mrs. Merle full of Iowa City Secretary and Jim col Linson. Mason City executive Secretary. Hughes said thursday he is considering stumping the state against the Shaff plan despite a a political advice that he not take an Active role. Des Moines boy Dies of shots Des Moines 5-year-old boy member of a family of eight was shot and killed Friday afternoon by a gun with which children had been playing. The victim was Jerry Cowling. Son of or. And mrs. John Cowling and one of six children ranging up to to years of age. Police said the gun was fired by 12-year-old Russell Cowling of Lucas an Uncle of Jerry who had been visiting at the Home. Officials termed the shooting accidental. Russell was questioned by police and released. Fond farewells Panama retiring u. S. Ambassador Joseph s. Farland sails for Home today after an outpouring of panamanian affection never accorded any other foreign Diplomat. Farland resigned from the foreign service partly Over differences with the u. S. Agency for International development. He said one of the considerations that entered into his decision to quit was disagreement with Aid Over its handling of a housing project in Panama. Farland was tendered unprecedented farewells in the Capi Early today after the crowd Marine guard at the Agency build had dispersed Baker. 26, came out of the House briefly and told a state trooper a a sorry i caused All this trouble. But i Hope everything will turn out he Shook hands with a priest on the Street and several neighbors again began jeering. One shouted a a let me shake your hand Baker returned inside where his wife and several companions were sitting in the dark. By this time Only a dozen troopers were patrolling in the immediate Vicinity challenging everyone who appeared. However 132 troopers in All were on Call. Baker indicated his determination to stay even before he moved info the House whose Interior had been wrecked by vandals. A fire bomb was hurled through a window Early Friday. He said a this is a Challenge. And if we can t live up to a Challenge. We have no place to Baker a Laboratory technician for a Camden n.j., firm said he and his wife Sara 26, a nurse at Philadelphia Hospital a Only want a decent place to live. We will obey and respect the Law and Hope other people will. They left their 2-year-old daughter for an indefinite stay with mrs. Baker s relatives in Sellersville a. The Bakers under a 50-trooper escort were unhurt. At least four persons were injured including a trooper and policeman As the demonstration reached its Peak hours after the Bakers had entered the Row House. Eight persons were Arr sird among them a University of Pennsylvania professor. James Van Dyk and three juveniles. Van Dyk earlier in the Day had appeared in front of the House with four White ministers to lend moral support to the negro couple. Ing and americans Wert requested to remain indoors throughout the two hour demonstration. The additional Marine guard was ordered As a precaution against incidents that could further Strain relations Between this War torn Southeast asian nation and its . Ally Over diem a hard crackdown on buddhists and their followers. Two More american advisors were killed Friday in the War against communist guerrillas. Government troops guarded the mall in front of City Hall and were posted at the four boulevards leading into the Demontra Lon area. Soldiers with portable radio unit were deployed several blocks from the mall. By Early morning about .36.600 workers and students had gathered at the mall milling under huge banners hailing diem. The demonstrators a from pro gov emment revolutionary groups to civil servants and women in traditional Silken Slit skirted dresses a marched in military formation carrying Pink yellow Green and Blue banners proclaim a Down with All colonialists ing support for the govern Mem. Imperialists and communists who have misused or exploited religion one Banner read. The nation meanwhile slipped into its Lith Day of martial Law amid promises from government and military officials the restrictions would be lifted soon. Saigon continues to move toward normalcy on another front however. Communist gunners shot up 18 . H21 helicopters and killed two americans Friday in what was described As one of the fiercest operations against com mine image was no Man Washington a the historic a hot line Quot Between Washington and Moscow is open for business a business that officials Hope Viet will never come. Now a tinkle of a Bell in the White House or Kremlin a at either end of the emergency communications system a May signal the next world crisis. But it May also keep nervous fingers from pressing the buttons that would launch nuclear War. Some Merit seen in Viet Nam ideas Washington a -. Officials discounted As impractical to Day a proposal by French president Charles de Gaulle for Tho neutralization of Viet Nam backed by a French offer of a cordial but sen. George d. Aiken of Vermont the Senate s senior Republican and a member of the foreign relations committee said the United states should take up de Gaulle on his offer a to relieve us of our responsibilities in South a a we be invested about $3 billion in that area and i am delighted if France is willing to take Over our responsibilities a Aiken said. French ambassador Herve Al hand discussed the de Gaulle move with Secretary of stat Dean Rusk Friday then told reporters it was not intended As a completion of the circuits made sap a policies in the South accepts Post be Mars b Frank j. Star Zel who retired this year As general manager of the associated press says he has been named a professor of journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. Starzel 59. A native of Leall out safely Enid okla. Spa a crippled Navy two engine b26 plane crashed in an open Field near Vance air Force base Early today after the Pilot and three passengers bailed out safely. Maj. James Stewart Public information officer at the base said the plane crashed shortly after the Pilot bailed out at 3 30 a m. The Pilot made four passes Over the Field from 10,000 Mars disclosed his plans during a visit Here with his Bro j feet with one Man going out to City and across the country j ther Rome who is publisher of each time. The Pilot was the this week. I the be Mars Globe Post. Last Man out. Hazleton. A. A a courageous Volunteer has ended speculation that missing Miner Louis Bov a might be entombed in the same underground chamber from which two companions were res cued. With this Hope for finding the 54-year-old Bov a ended drillers continued work today on a Evera 100-Yard deep shafts which might provide some clue to the whereabouts of Bova who has been missing since a mine Cave in at at nearby Sheppton aug. 13. So hazardous was the Mission performed Friday night by vol Uncer Andy Drebitko. 36, of Potts Ville that his identity was not Dis closed until after he had been hauled Back up a 308-foot-Shaft and reported no Trace of Bova. The Shaft went to the chamber from which Bova s companions. David Felon 58, and Henry throne. 28, had been rescued last tuesday after two weeks entombment. A Remote controlled television camera lowered into the chamber for testing and exploration had picked up what h b. Charmbury Pennsylvania Secretary of mines had said appeared to be the image of a Man. Drebitko reported a what appeared to be the image of a Man was the remains of plug that had been used to Cloe up the 12-Inch Hole before they widened it to 18 inches and brought Fellin and throne to the rope was curled around the plug. A my inspection of the area where fell and throne had Drebitko said Quot indicated that it would have been impossible to Tunnel from there to where Bova might he entombed on the opposite Side of the As soon As Drebitko made his report the drilling rigs a which had been quiet along with everything else except a Generator supplying Power for electric Light a started to churn again. Drebitko. About 5-feet-8, was lowered into the Shaft by about a dozen men holding onto a thick rope. Two dozen others manned three safety lines. Charmbury said that a 22-Inch Hole already started East of the Fellin throne escape Hatch had gone past the 150-foot Mark and would be driven to the Bottom in the continuing search for Bova. Possible by a .-soviet agreement to create machinery for forestalling War. Was announced laconically fonday night by the Pentagon. A the direct communication link Between Washington and Moscow is now operational a said a one sentence announcement. The land line and radio system is. Under the terms of the agreement signed in Geneva last june 20, a for use in time of emergency. It would he used when the two chiefs of state needed to Confer directly and quickly because of an incident accidental or unauthorized which otherwise could bring on nuclear War. In urging adoption of the system. President Kennedy cited dangerous delays in communications Between Russia and the United states during the anxious Days of the cuban crisis. Administration officials said the line will not be used for Ordinary communications Between Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev or Between the foreign offices of the two nations. Those communication will continue to use Normal embassy channels. The ringing of the Bell part of an elaborate system of sending and receiving teletype machines. Is the Alert that a message is coming the telegraphic tickers will stand ready from now on Day and night. Attendants All carefully selected and screened for Security watch and listen. At least one of the attendants on duty at any time will he bilingual Able to read and write both russian and eng bsh. East asian country. De Gaulle s statement thursday had caused irritation among officials Here because they saw it As a possibly troublesome intervention in a critical situation for purposes which they said privately they could not understand. Some thought and still think thai de Gaulle was immediately concerned at a time of crisis in vie Nam with reasserting French interest and perhaps some French influence in the area once under French colonial Rule. There was a widespread interpretation also that indirectly and by implication de Gaulle was indicating disapproval of . Policies in Viet Nam. Aiken said however he did not understand Why the state department appeared to be baffled and annoyed by de Gaulle s action. As a member of the Western bloc the senator said France has a responsibility to help preserve multiple deaths mar Holiday peace and resist communism. A we Haven to seen any detailed proposal of course a Aiken said. A maybe this is a bid to reassert French influence in Southeast Asia. A France is trying to be important. Let s take them up on this. If this is not a Bluff. I d go so far As to leave a great part of our supplies and equipment in the area for them and stay there during the transition . Policymakers Are deeply concerned about the future development of the Viet Nam crisis which turns on a political dispute Between the government of president Ngo Dinh diem and Buddhist and student elements antagonistic to the government. The United states has been outs Okenly critical of government actions against the buddhists including Many arrests and attacks last week pm Buddhist temples. At the same time . Leaders have Felt their scope of action is by the associated press multiple a fatality accidents marred the beginning of limited because As one official the 78-hour labor Day week end As millions of motorists took to the nations highways for Summers final Holiday. The death count began slowly but picked up momentum saturday morning in the first full Day of the weekend. Traffic accidents had taken 20 lives As motorists head Gaulle s statement Al hand emed for resort areas and the Pha sized. Said. A there is a War on and the United states wishes to avoid any action which would weaken operations against communist guerrilla forces. Al hand said that the vietnamese situation and de Gaulle s statement were among the topics he discussed with Rusk. The meeting was set up prior to do candidates for school Board election Here a a r a a a a a a weather record a yesterdays figure up to a 8am today. A high�?78 a low�?47 a temp last night�?48 a temp at 6 a rn�?52 river�?83 precipitation Trace a accept refugees darjeeling India Albert Eggler Leader of the 1956 Swiss it. Everest expedition said today Switzerland has agreed to accept an additional 1,000 tibetan refugees. Switzerland already has accepted 60 tibetan refugees who fled from their Himalayan nation during a revolt against red China in 1959. Eggler is Secretary of the association for tibetan homesteads in Switzerland. Homes of relatives. The National safety Council has estimated that Between 420 and 520 americans May die before Midnight monday. The death count began at 6 Friday. The record for traffic fatalities for a labor Day a i think Gen de Gaulle a statement is very Clear a Al hand said a and it includes first an Appeal to the entire people of Viet name not just one Section of Viet name to recreate a National spirit and to foresee a solution that will create Unity and peace internally and Independence vis a vis the East and last year. Two separate took six lives. Accidents Don Kruse Lloyd Courter Jacob Boon William Waechter a a a a a a a a traffic toll a state of Iowa a a total. 1962 636 a this Date 1963___ 426 a a this Date 1962--- 394 a a Boone county a a total. 1962---- 7 a a this Date 1962. 3 a a this Date 1963 a 7 a a City of booze a a total 19620 a a this Date 19620 a a this Date 1963 a i a a a a a a a e weekend is 501, established a cyst and a neighbor policy. Especially toward Cambodia. A it includes also a Al hand continued. A a sort of blame of the present situation in Viet Nam and a condemnation of the violence in Viet Nam from the French Point of View the solution will have to be More political than what de Gaulle seemed to be suggesting As presented by Al hand was that France stands ready to assist the vietnamese people in the communist Northern part of the country As Well a in the War torn Southern part to assert National Unity and ind it Pendency with Freedom from both Eastern and Western influence a a policy of neutrality

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