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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Boone, Iowa Dial 432-1234 a he for amp 3� pm it you have not received your paper. Saturday a 3 p a the Boone news Republican weather Chance of rain tonight. Cont through tuesday. Lows tonight around 60. High tues., lower 80s. Vol. Xxxix no. 190, vol. Lwi no. 267 Boone Iowa. Monday evening August 14, 1967 evening except sunday Corner delivery in Boone 40c per week 10cs,n91 copy leak picture for budget Outlook say we Are in deficit $29 billion Washington apr Secretary of the Treasury Henry h Fowler offered Congress a Stark Choice today reject president Johnson a tax increase and open the Way for a possible $29-billion deficit or enact it and still face the Prospect of $14 billion to $18 billion red Ink spending. Those Fowler told the House ways and Means committee Are the hard facts of the nations fiscal situation. Antiaircraft fire Light in bombing near China Saigon apr . War in the latest raids but the . J about 40 Miles to the North vietnamese rangers sweeping the ridges where they had battled an estimated 1,000 North Kishi the busiest Man at the planes struck for the second i command announced that in straight Day today at targets saturdays 151 attacks on the just to Miles from red China a i North an f105 thunderchief Border closer to China than the and an rf4c reconnaissance 1 vietnamese regulars for two air raids on North Vietnam Ever plane were shot Down by ground Days West of Tam Tkv said today had come before sunday the fire. All three crewmen were i they had killed 156 enemy sol . Command said. Listed As missing. Diers and captured 45 weapons. Their attacks were along the this brought to 641 the total of they reported they had suf major Railroad from red China announced . Warplane losses feed moderate casualties in the to Hanoi. Over North Vietnam. I initial engagement saturday. Navy a6 intruders and a4 As the air War came closer to two reinforcing battalions re sky Hawks from the Carrier con communist China in what a ported Light casualties striation in the Tonkin Gulf geared to be a lifting of some vietnamese militia defending the Huong Dien sub sector Post on the coast to Miles North of Hue reported killing 52 Gerril. Raked the Lang son Railroad i target restrictions by president Boone county fair is t. N. Nel bypass Bridge Al Miles North of Johnson Sharp ground fighting a. Son. Secretary. He was just Haiphong. Pilots reported drop flared in South Vietnam a North e Sal la i economies walking out of his office at the Ping Southern Span of the pm 1st corps area. J Las in a six hour Battle sunday. In go Emmen pans o a e. Fajr when this picture was 360-foot, four Span Structure. Elements of the 1st brigade of the defenders suffered Light an wiper Cen in me snapped As preparations were Ina u g military spokesman the . 101st airborne division j casualties an army spokesman tax surcharge which he Calle Fuu swing. Boone news re pub a a moderate temporary enter a Pean staff Phot Ogency the Treasury can hold its borrowing Down to a level that will not disrupt markets and shoot interest rates up. Thus he said widespread inflation can be avoided. I budget director Charles l. Schultze backed Fowler a estimate of the deficit and said a a we i Are determined to Cut More than j horses Safe after mishap on Highway 30 said the Bridge is half a mile starting operation Benton ran said. East of the Lang son Railroad into a withering barrage of government troops said they and Highway Bridge which was j Small arms automatic Wear j later captured three automatic knocked out in raids near the on mortar and artillery fire rifles six rocket launchers and chinese Border sunday. From too to 150 communist i too Quarter Pound packages of the Navy said the Bridge was troops in a Battle that raged int which the guerrillas appear one of two bypass Bridges being from sunday night until nearly entry had planned to use against built by the North vietnamese Dawn today. 1 the outpost. The paratroopers said they entry Day for 4-Day county fair two horses escaped serious i injury when the trailer in which $1.5 billion Quot in spending. Were rid no overturned on a a we Are aiming at a Cut of j Highway 30. 3v2 Miles West of Over $2 billion As a Means of j Boone sunday morning holding civilian expenditures be-1 according to Highway patrol a estimate a reports from Cao Lanh a monday was entry Day at the Boone county Fairgrounds As the annual Boone county fair opened for ifs four Day run. Entry Day saw the placing of at Lang son to link with the major rail line. Counted 35 enemy dead on the provincial capital 72 Miles West other Navy pilots from the Battlefield Southwest of coastal j of Saigon said communist mor annoy to Ftp a a in Bead of Hahn Constellation hammered a rail Tam by about 340 Miles North i tars killed seven dependants of \. A a. J a l. _. I a a. _ j Beeves 500 hogs 12d head of siding South of Lang son and j East of Saigon. Two paratroop-1 South vietnamese troops and d Cau a and 5reedin_ beef Xvi life Ensyl fkr nit Virv in Are i ital a or ii in i Norl Ici firm ie/1 a/1 to at l Are Low the january Schultze continued. Fowler said the spending estimate submitted in january for the year that began july i May now be exceeded by As much As $8.5 billion including $4 billion for defense and that revenues May be As much As $7 billion less than had been anticipated. Fowler sought to show that the proposed tax increase is less heavy than those enacted under comparable circumstances in the past. He said that during world War ii personal income taxes were raised by the equivalent of 730 per cent and the taxes associated with the korean War were equivalent to about a 28 per cent surcharge. In contrast he said a mar Man Ray Neumann a car driven by Beverly Ann Rhoads Perry was travelling East pulling the trailer which started to whip. The trailer went off the Highway and flipped Over on its Side. The car was not pulled Over. The horses were More scared than Hurt although they were Cut up a bit. In two other accidents reported Over the weekend Terry p. Miller 16, Des Moines suffered a fractured Collar Bone and cuts and bruises when the motor Cycle he was Riding went out of control on the Blacktop Road a mile West of Boone. He lost control of the vehicle on a curve. He was charged with having no Drivers License. Also charged with having no Drivers License was Clyde m. Lied couple with two children Williams route i Ogden who pilots said they Cut the tracks in ers were killed and 19 wounded several places. The . Troops also reported the pilots reported they in j capturing 18 enemy weapons countered Only Light antiaircraft1 another unit of the brigade fire. Suffered 12 wounded sunday no planes were reported lost in a 60mm mortar barrage. Wounded 12 others. In an Accident near Danang two 60mm mortar rounds fired by . Marines landed in a Navy Seabee compound wounding 21 men. And a $10,000 salary typically would about $111 More under the pending surtax proposal or not much More than one per cent of total income. Johnson in a series of sessions with House democrats has Laid out the main lines of the administration argument a lost control of his vehicle near the c. Amp n. W. Railroad High Bridge saturday morning. Williams according to the report lost control of the vehicle and turned it Over. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 weather record yesterdays figure up to deficit possibly approaching $301 8 a. In. Today billion would mean inflation. High�?80 higher interest rates scarce negroes March shoot Whites to get at Beer and 175 lambs into the livestock bams. Open class entries were also brought in monday morning and j by noon most entries and commercial exhibits were in place and ready for action. Food stands and some commercial exhibitors started preparing on sunday for the annual fair a highlight of the year for Over 800 4-h boys and girls and Fra students and their families. Judging of the livestock show started monday with John Simms of Ames scheduled to Hammond la. Apr a t March denied any of his follow Side a ring of cars drawn to a ick Champ on from 90 Gether like covered wagons of head of Dar it a Cable the old West. Arc lights Illume Quot tractor pulling county far in the t0p picture Republican stalwarts were Busy nato i tho o re a a to ii j �i., c la it a Maxim a Ted the area. Shortly before Dawn. All but 20 a Good crowd in. Tuesday group of negroes demanding j ers were involved. He said a a All a we want Beer a shot into a of our people were crowd of Whites barring their i the wounded men were Hospi Way to a tavern sunday night i Tali Zed in Hammond. Author wounding five White men state j ties at the Hospital refused to j left in cars for Bogalusa. Young police said. J give their condition. Said those who remained would state police and sheriffs Dep-1 col. Ray heard of the state continue the trek. 0f the b00ne pair. Greyhound White witnesses to the shoot races starting at 8 p. In. Ing said there was a racial wednesdays entertainment Brawl at the combination bar will feature a horse show at 8 and service station the River p m be thursdays evening Side inn earlier in the evening i show will present another Long they said a negro who was re j time favorite with fair goers fused service cursed and struck Here grand Ole opry. A White Man and was beaten tuesdays schedule in full is and kicked unconscious. 8 a. Rn., judging Market 4-h sheriff Sanders said Iii Swine poultry and eggs Rab it was Busy preparation for the opening of the Boone duties raided negro bars at Cov j crime Laboratory gave parafin in ton 20 Miles from Here be j tests to the arrested negroes to fore Dawn today and arrested 12 it determine if any had fired negro men and women. Col. Thomas d. Burbank state director of Public safety rushed from Baton Rouge and said several of those jailed had taken part sunday in the Bogalusa civil rights a liberation March which stopped Here for Money for the Small business and individual Borrower and a quite Likely disaster for the j 4 Home building Industry. I low�?59 temp at 7 a. �?60 River reading�?0.48 t weapons recently. Sixty five state troopers armed with riot guns guarded the negro marchers who camped for the night at a school. And kicked unconscious. 8 a. i judging Market 4-h Moines apr state under audit had been driven less streets of Hammond were de a sheriff Sanders said la Swine poultry and eggs Rah auditor Lloyd Smith says there than 1,000 Miles. It said Many of sorted in the predawn hours but j negroes later returned to the bits Garden and other non live is a question whether Iowa state them appeared to be heavy the night in route to the state the atmosphere was taut. Bur-1 bar demanding Beer. Stock exhibits i p. Rn., judging departments and institutions trucks fire trucks buses and 4 j capital. Shank indicated he would try to j they were told they would be purebred and Fra Swine 2 need All the cars and trucks cars used Only part of the year 1 a but they Haven to been regu j escort the marchers out of the served outside he said. P. Rn., judging Swine carcass they have the audit report said the Dis i Lar marchers a said sheriff Tom area before their scheduled 10�?o when several Whites blocked j class on Hoof 7 p. Rn., judging an audit of the state car dispatchers office had accumulates Sanders of Tangipahoa Parish . Departure. I the door said Sanders the sheep and 8 p. Rn., greyhound Patcher a office indicated severed an excess of $171,327 in a re about too marchers slept in negroes opened fire then fled races. A1 state institutions have pickup solving fund. The office is sup the Ballpark of Greenville Park to two cars. Sanders said the trucks that Are lightly used posed to break even prorating High school a negro school in j negroes had two pistols and a robbery Chor Tab shortly after the shooting a building their display Booths. They include sheriff Jack Camelin county attorney Stanley Simpson Deputy sheriff Maurice Good county treasurer Bob Anderson and Bert Wilson. While nearby in the livestock barns this group of 4-h girls were painting the background for a sign which would be Over their exhibit stalls in the barns. Boone news Republican staff photos auditor Lloyd Smith wonders of Iowa has a surplus of state cars a a a in a say they were curiosity 4 a. Z. Young Leader of the new Boone theatre Quot o House tuesday Davenport apr Albert crowd of furious Whites Gath Ware 25, Davenport was being auditors said the car dispatch ered at the inn. Some were held in leu of $80>000 Bond Mon Eros office had not kept monthly Smith said. The audit was for its costs among the state de the fiscal year ended june to apartments and agencies using 1966. The vehicles. Langford said however that armed. A sheriffs Deputy said he persuaded them to go Home. Officers found two abandoned most of the alleged excess has Day on charges of armed Rob Cost a operations records As been committed to outstanding Bills. He said a disagreement Over cookie Bery and Auto theft. 1 required by Law. Officials said police said he was arrested in he Wever it that the lapse had autos believed used by the connection with robberies at been corrected under the pres th0 Gize of thai excess May Haye negroes and discovered a re three service stations Here ear end state car dispatcher Jack resulted from a difference in Volver a 22-caliber automatic by sunday officers said they Langford appointed by Keepin procedures be pistol and a sawed off Shotgun spotted wares car after a Rob har0,d Hughes in february. Ween the stat i auditors of lc0 in the absence of Cost of of and the state comptroller. A we keep these books to Satis inside. J Bery had been reported. They. State troopers arrested a be fave Chase and apprehended ration records the auditors Gro girl near the scene of the Ware afer has car crashed went to 33 state departments shooting. She told officers she j. Said r a a got out of the car before the. Negroes went to the bar because she did no to want to be involved. Troopers said she identified All of the assailants. Ike is ready to come Home on the inside. Push underway for Romney an open House tuesday afternoon Between i and 6 of clock will give everyone a revue of the new Boone theatre which will have its gala opening wednesday evening at 6 30 p. In. Rialto theatre. The new theatre is the finest in this part of the state and one of the finest in the mid West. The 470-seat House is colourful with a red Black and White the Boone theatre has risen i color combination in the inter out of the fire ruins of the old i for. The White is carried out with Large rectangular shaped panels on the Walls. The seats Are red and Black the carpeting is in the same colors and the front curtain is a Beautiful red. The front lobby has the same color carpet with Gold and White color on the Walls and fixtures. The Interior is air conditioned and will provide for the full Comfort of the patrons. The theatre is owned by William arts of Carroll. Maurice Wilson of Boone is managing the theatre. Washington apr former president Dwight d. Eisenhower 76, is scheduled to Check out of Walter Reed army Hospital later today following a 19-Day hospitalization for a Gastro intes. Tinal ailment. His doctors have indicated the five Star general made steady improvement from the time he j entered the Hospital a week ago last saturday. Plans Are the Hospital announced for Eisenhower to Fly Back to his Gettysburg pa., farm Home following a Brief news conference on the Hospital Steps. Pet notes and 14 institutions for the information. The report said 41 of the 1,045 vehicles used during the year by the comptroller a Langford said. A a a a it la 4 traffic toll state of Iowa total 1966 926 4 this Date 1967 474 4 this Date 1966 501 4 Boone county 4 total 1966 8 this Date 1967 4 this Date 1966 8 a a 4 4 City of Boone total 1966 0 4 this Date 1967 0 this Date 1066 a 0 earthquakes in France and Spain Bordeaux France a earthquakes rocked southwestern France and Northern Spain sunday devastating one French Village and Felling scattered buildings elsewhere. One death was reported. In Arette France an 80-year-old woman was crushed to death when her House came tumbling Down. The pyrenees Mountain Vil its residents abandoned their Homes to spend the night in cars or huddled around Camp i fires. Four persons were injured in world almanac facts if All the ice in the world melted the sea level around the Globe would Rise Between 200 and 250 feet says the world almanac. This would be enough to cover virtually All of Florida Delaware and Louisiana and Large we tons of other states. Copyright e Ern asap

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