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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1953, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - August 8, 1953, Boone, Iowa Weather partly Cloudy sunday continued Cool. The Boone news Republican Call number i a by 6 30 . Of you have not received your paper. Vou lev no. In. Al. Xvii no. M3. Boone Iowa saturday evening August 8. 1953. Evening except sunday five cents 90 Happy americans freed by reds stage joyous Ujj their son a War prisoner to retain Cpl. Richard a. Holmquist 28, right son of or. And mrs. C. Holmquist. Above 1328 division Street a prisoner of War in Korea is soon to be released a report from that area Friday indicated Holmquist is one of six iowans awaiting release near Panmunjom a freed american Soldier said. Holmquist was captured nov. 2, 1950. He had served in the k-9 corps during world War ii. Another son of the family. Dean 22. Is now on Active duty with the army in Europe but is expected to be released in about two months. Also waiting at Home for Holmquist s return is a German Shepherd dog Holmquist trained during world War ii. He brought the dog Home with him when he was discharged. The elder Holmquist a co Striction worker has been ill for sometime and has had several o rations. He said the Good news made him feel a much staff photo by Bob liter records indicate six Boone co. Men korean casualties at least six Boone county min gave their life in the korean War which ended last sunday incomplete records indicate. In All according to the records 532 iowans gave their lives in the War that started june 25. 1950. Estimated number of iowans who participated in the car or at least were in some Branch of the service during the period is 73, 223. The Boone county men who a re killed during the War include Al a Gene a Battam son of Adolph Battani Madrid pfc Donald k. Bechtel grandson of mrs. Mary e. Benshoff Boone pvt. Dean w. Lass son of or. And mrs. Peter lass Ogden sgt. Leonard l. Mosier son of mrs. Emma striker formerly o f Boone Lloyd Erickson it. I Ames and sgt. John Green Stepson of Sam r. Lucas 515 Greene Street. Of those killed two were drafted through the Boone county draft Board. A total of 176 men from the county w to were drafted were still on Active duty As of july 31 of this year a Check at the draft Board indicated. Bodies of two of the men killed Battani of Madrid and lass of Ogden have been returned for burial Here Jerry Pauls soldiers Relief administrator said. At least one Boone county Man was captured by the reds during the War. He is Cpl. Richard Holmquist 1326 division Street. The son in Law of state representative from Boone county c. A. Scheerer it. 2. Boone second it. Patrick j. Mcmullan. Was reported missing in action during the War. Fire destroys press unit of Waterloo paper Waterloo aug 8 up a fire destroyed one of the four press units of the Waterloo courier today and damage to the other May prevent the paper from publishing its sunday edition. The flames Cut into two Rolls of newsprint and burned through he number three unit of the press. It was brought under control quickly and did Little damage to the two Story building. Rorbert j. Mccoy editor and general manager said the damage was being studied to determine if the other units were still in Wro Ramg order. He said heat May have made the presses inoperative. The paper does no to publish saturday but starts its sunday run late in the Day. Cause of the fire has not been determined. The fire was confined to the basement of the press room. A weather a a yesterday s figures up to a a 8 . A a high�?74 a a low�?58 a a today s figures a a Low last night�?57 a a temp at 8.rn.�?62 a a precipitation a a to 8 .�?none a a a president winds up business for Colorado Jaunt Washington aug. 8 up a president Eisenhower whisked through last minute paper work with a care free air today As he prepared to shed the heat and frustrations of the capital for a vacation in Colorado. There would still be work to do on More than too unsigned Bills and other government problems. But with the Trout streams and Golf links beckoning there we As no putting Down that Holiday feeling. Or. And mrs. Eisenhower and their party will Fly to Denver in the presidential plane Columbine. The first family expected to spend most of its time in Denver at the Home of mrs. John c. Doud mrs. Eisenhower smother. But the president also planned to maintain offices at nearby Lowry air Force base and to visit a ranch in Tho mountains near Fraser. Or. Eisenhower helped Clear the want for the trip by signing to major Bills Friday including the $6,650,000,000 foreign Aid program and the $200,000,000 first instalment on South korean rehabilitation. Press Secretary James c. Hagerty said the Eisenhower will stay in the Centennial state for an indefinite period. Only a serious National or International development he said would prompt them to return to Washington in less than three weeks. Tip top Sandwich shop will be closed from act. Ii-17. Will by open monday avg. It. S-1-4s reds Tell plot by to officials of North Korea Tokyo. Aug. 8 up a communists broadcasts said today to officials have been sentenced to death for plaiting to overthrow the red North korean government a on the instigation of the United Pyongyang radio the voice of North Korea said 13 officials were involved in the plan to instill a capitalistic government to replace the red regime. The reports said Pak Hung Yong. North korean vice Premier and foreign minister was slated to head a the new capitalistic the broadcast said he had been dismissed along with 12 other koreans including one official of the South korean Republic. Lee Sung Yap inspector general of the North korean Peoples Council was named in the broadcast As the ringleader who had been in Contact since 1945 we Ith u. S. State department and counter intelligence officials. The North korean people s Council is the equivalent in Russia of the supreme soviet the parliament. Radio Moscow said to of the 12 were tried for conspiracy and espionage and sentenced to death including Lee. Two others got prison sentences of 12 and 15 years. Pak was not among the 12 indicted and the broadcasts did not say what punishment was in store for him. His replacement As foreign minister by Gen. Nam la head of the communist truce delegation War announced by Pyongyang radio without explanation last sunday. Informed observers in Tokyo Belvede Premier Kim la Sung carried out the purge to consolidate his hold Over the North korean people and keep them from a softening up during the Post truce period. Celebration at Freedom Camp by William Miller Panmunjom Korea aug. 8 a up a elated american War prisoners wearing chinese sneakers danced saturday Down a Gravelled pathway through Freedom Gate. They were the happiest of the 311 americans released from communist Captivity during the first four Days of a operation big altogether 90 americans passed through the a Welcome Gate to Freedom on their Way Home saturday and the communists have promised to liberate 112 sunday the most in one Day since the prisoner Exchange began last wednesday. Sundays operation begins at 9 am. To . Saturday Edt. In four Days in addition to americans the reds have released 101 British captives. 108 turks 21 colombians and almost 1,000 South koreans. The United nations have released More than 2,400 communist daily. Big smiles the first two truckloads of americans repatriated saturday were negroes. Unlike Many of their predecessors who looked like victims of nazi torture Camps these men flashed big smiles and appeared robust. They jumped off the russian trucks that brought them Down the Dusty Road from nearby Kaeson and started putting on a show for the Benefit of reception personnel who had been shocked by the gaunt appearance of prisoners released the first two Days. Russia claims Hydrogen bomb its Chow time at guard Camp some of the men went through soft shoe routines and others tried to tap dance in their Tennis shoes. A truckload of singing North koreans returning to communism passed by and one of the repatriated americans commented a How a bout that shall we give him a Iii Blue song boy a military police it. Louis bal ent of Summerfield n. A halted the merry making momentarily to inform the returnees each had been promoted one Grade in rank and would receive Back pay immediately. A loud cheer went up from the former prisoners. Then Balant passed around some Cigar ets. Tell mistreatment As soon As the groups reached Freedom Village near Mun san they began recalling stories of communist atrocities and mistreatment. Cpl. Pedro Teri Era an american of puerto rican extraction told of 1,500 americans dying during the 1951 March to the Yalu River. A most of the men who died were the wounded and sick a said Teri Era. Of Brooklyn n. Y. A they died from Lack of food and any kind of medical pfc. Robert i. Brooks. 23, of Reidsville. N. A. Said chinese c immunised encouraged the smoking of narcotics by american War prisoners. Brooks said several prisoners j smoked a narcotic Weed similar to marijuana which they had found while foraging for fire w of. At first the chinese tried to Stop it a Brook said. A then when they found they could make a Junkie out of you in order to have More control Over you they did not try to Stop hungry that was what this group of Headquarters Battery men of the 185th Field artillery were As they came to a a Chow the other evening at Camp Mccoy. Wis this picture is duplicated three times daily at each of the three mess Halls in the battalion. Officers and enlisted men each eat in their respective mess Halls. Breakfast is served at 6 a. In. While dinner is served at noon and supper at 6 . Despite the usual amount of gripes the meals have been pretty fair although the Cooks arc sometimes hard pressed to keep it hot for late Comers particularly during the noon hour. Comrades Honor Gen. Anderson in Farewell event 8 a by Harlan l. Weeks Camp Mccoy wis., aug. Old soldiers never die. Like Boone s Brig. Gen. Walter a a Rocky Anderson they retire with accolades of their comrades ringing in their ears. So it was Friday night for the commander of the artillery of the Iowa Nebraska 34th infantry division. This is his final summer Encampment. He retires in december. So the officers of the six Iowa and one Nebraska artillery battalions gathered at the Camp Mccoy officers club to Honor an old Comrade. Men who were once his spanking new second lieutenant by now his battalion commanders recalled the old Days under the Tough general at Camp Clair Bourne la. At the beginning of world War ii. Others paid tribute to his Long years As one of Iowa a oldest soldiers in the service. Then As they Sang a for he s a Jolly Good fellow a colonel Gerald Dubois Boone executive officer for division artillery presented the general with a service of Silver cups and tray. On each Goblet was the Crest of the Var Lous battalions. It was Only then after More than 30 years that his old buddies Learned old Rocky the strict exacting Soldier had a tender spot. He choked up and had to wipe tears from his eyes before wish them All Farewell and god Speed in years of service ahead. U. S. Still ahead Hickenlooper says lift travel ban Budapest Hungary aug. 8th up a the hungarian government is removing travel restrictions on All foreign diplomats effective next monday Western diplomatic sources said today. Since 1951, foreign diplomats have been restricted to a 30-Rrule perimeter around Budapest. Legionnaire club a saturday 5 36-8 3#. Dinner it Fried Spring Chicken. M4i record entries in Gnu Gin test fifty Boone county Farmers the largest number on record have entered the five acre Corn yield contest it was announced today. The contest is sponsored jointly by the Boone rotary club and the Boone county Extension service. Thirty three entered last years contest. The Wanner was Wayne Bice Woodward who had an average of 161 bushels per acre on his contest plot. Twenty nine of the contestants last year had yields of too bushels per acre or More on their five acre contest plots. Expel priests Kong Kong aug. 8 up a the founder of the a Gate to heaven Leper Colony in Kiangtung province and his assistant both roman Catholic priests were being expelled today from red China. They Are father Joseph Sweeney who worked with lepers for More than 25 years and father Carroll 35, of Baltimore Rita to stand by Haymes in fight Hollywood calif., aug. 8 up actress Rita Hayworth is expected to stand by her latest Romance crooner Dick Haymes in his fight to avoid deportation it was reported today. Hollywood friends reported the red haired actress and the Singer met alone Friday for the apparent purpose of discussing what effect his threatened deportation will have on their Romance. The twice wed crooner has been linked with miss Hayworth since his marriage with Nora Eddington Flynn Haymes broke up four months ago. Meanwhile Haymes attorney to t Eaton said he was considering seeking congressional help in preventing the crooners possible deportation. Hurt in acrid St p. Re eighty five year old James Miller 409 seventh Street Cei Ved a Bruise on his left Side when his car and a car driven by Maxine f. Mcnace 1723 second Street w Ere involved in a collision at eighth and Greene streets Friday. Damage in the Accident totalled $350. The front end of the Mcnace car was damaged. Washington. Aug. 8 up a a top member of the joint Senate House atomic Energy committee said today the United states is a ahead of Russia in the whole Field of atomic weapons Quot even if Russia really has the Hydrogen bomb. Sen. Bourke b. Hickenlooper a Iowa ranking Senate member of the committee said he would a neither dispute nor admit soviet Premier George a Lenkova a statement that a we too have the Hydrogen bomb a even if the claim is True Hickenlooper said. A it make any difference in our own program. We Are going ahead with plans As they have been Laid Hickenlooper said he had not received an intelligence briefing recently which would enable him to speculate on the truth of a Lenkova a statement. A i even guess if it is Likely a he said. The we Hite House said a no comments to the russian report and press Secretary James c. Hagerty said president Eisenhower would say nothing himself. There was considerable inclination Here to doubt the claimed soviet achievement. Sceptics suggested one big reason of the russians had the h bomb they would t be telling the world about it. However it was recalled that soviet foreign minister v. M. Molotov claimed the a bomb for Russia Tome time before former president Truman announced the first russian atomic explosion in september 1949. The russians have shot off two a bombs since then both in october. 1651 Hickenlooper was a kid whether Malenkos s statement a if True a would increase the need for International control of atomic Energy. Quot the Gate is always open for International control of Deva Dat ing he said. A it is up to the russians whether we have real first Jet flight across Pacific Washington. Aug. 8 up a the air Force disclosed the first nonstop Jet flight across the Pacific today More than a year after the rb-45 bomber spanned the 3,460 Miles in nine hours and 50 min i Tes. The history making flight was made july 29, 1952. The air Force will award the plane commander maj. Louis h. Carrington of Austin. Tex., the 1952 Mackay trophy. Dulles and Rhee sign defense pact by Rutherford Poats Seoul. Korea aug. 8 up a Secretary of state John Foster Dulles and president syn Man Rhee approved Mutual defense treaty today and agreed to walk out of the korean peace conference together after 90 Days if agreement with the communists appeared hopeless. But Dulles told a news conference later the joint declaration with Rhee did not mean the United states intended to renew the korean War automatically if the conference failed. The u. korean defense treaty the Price demanded by Rhee for permitting the korean armistice was initiated this morning by Dulles and Rhee. They issued a joint declaration on their four Day meeting and Dulles held a press conference before he flew to Tokyo for an overnight visit in route Back to Washington. The treaty pledges the United states to come to the Aid of the korean Republic if it is again attacked. It also gives the United states the right to base military forces in Korea. In the treaty Are assurances that any United states action would be carried out a in accordance with its constitutional processes Quot a meaning an act of Congress would be necessary for a declaration of War. The treaty itself also is subject to approval by the Senate. Sen. Homer Ferguson a Mich new chairman of the Senate Republican policy committee. Predicted in Washington the Senate would ratify the defense pact w Ith South Korea if it were similar to the Japan est and Philippines agreements. The joint declaration issued by j Malenkos tells parliament of soviet might by Henry Shapiro Moscow aug. 8 up a Russia has developed a Hydrogen bomb soviet Premier Georgi Malenkos told the supreme soviet today. The announcement was greeted with the loudest applause of the current session of the supreme soviet Russia s parliament. Malenkos said Quot the United states does not enjoy a monopoly on the Hydro Gen bomb any re the russian Premier made the statement in the course of a speech in which he declared Russia has become one of the mightiest nations in the world. Industry growth Russia s Gross Industrial production he said is two and one half times greater than in 1940. He dwelt on foreign affairs briefly devoting the major portion of his speech which lasted More than an hour to Domestic policy. A we too have the Hydrogen bomb a Malenkos said. A this should put an end to and charterer so nonsense about soviet weakness a the Premier said. Malenkos s disclosure that the soviets now have the Hydrogen bomb was Russia s first direct announcement of the development of atomic weapons. The disclosure that the russians had set off an atomic bomb first was made to the world by former president Harry Truman sept. 23. 1949. The soviets subsequently announced the explosion of various atomic devices described As being used in huge devel it Fri mint projects. I. S. Announced in 52 the american atomic Energy commission nov. 16. 1952, first announced that successful experiments a contributing to Hydrogen bomb research had been carried out by american scientists. Letters from army personnel who claim to have witnessed a Hydrogen bomb explosion Trero published by a number of american newspapers Early in november before the dec announcement. According to these letters an a bomb was exploded at the Marshall islands proving grounds at 7 15 ., nov. I. Malenkos named sen. Alexander Wiley in wis As among a the charterer so a who were talking nonsense about soviet weakness. In his Brief reference to foreign policy Malenkos hailed the korean armistice and liquidation of disturbances in Berlin and East Germany on june 17 As a great victories for world Melankov said the soviet government has appropriated one billion rubles officially $25u,000,-000 for reconstruction in Korea. He said that Russia has Arisen from one of the most backward countries in the world industrially before the revolution to one of the worlds greatest Industrial nations today. The supreme approved in joint session earlier today the biggest budget in soviet history even though military appropriations had been Cut 3.2 per cent below the 1952 level. Tile budget called for 543 300,-000.000 rubles $135,825.1 00.000 in income and 530,500,000.000 rubles $132,625,000,000 in expenditures for 1953. The budget was approved by a show of hands of All members of the supreme soviets two Chambers the Union Council and Tho nationalities Council. Dulles and the South korean president said the United states i of add v i of and Korea will a consult further a 3vi Ali Lui it if they walk out of the peace conference scheduled to begin in october. Rhee has indicated in the past South Korea would resume the War if the conference fulled to reach agreement on untying Korea in 90 Days. Dulles refused to say whether he Felt the joint agreement meant Rhee has changed his opinion that Only military action can unify Korea. The Secretary of state also told his news conference the United states w Ould consult with other Allied participants in the peace conference before deciding to Cut off further negotiations with the reds. Prisoner dead Mun san. Korea aug. 8 up a the United nations military armistice commission disclosed today it had received from Tho communists a list of prisoners w to died in red Camps. A spokesman refused to reveal the number on the list. He said the commission received the list at Panmunjom Friday when the . Command gave the communists a roster of reds who had died in Allied compounds. The spokesman said details must be release by the United nations command Headquarters in Tokyo. A that a All i can say a he said

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