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Bonham Daily Favorite Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 1

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Bonham Daily Favorite (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Bonham, Texas Bigger and better1970 Fannin county fair opens thursday Onty of a of Nis King thu clips or Mam to to put on plans for to 1970 Fannin county fair Winch i a open thursday for a 3-Dav run. The fair will be official a Quot ked off at 5 p. Thursday. With the annual huh will feature bands the top Dinn clubs of the Aroa Lari i a gnats and Cand it dates for the tit f o Qucen of the 1970 i Iii or. I Eon Ivy a ski if is Hau in the Parade. Weather Bonham and Vici my fair War Iier lug slav a lit ii mum in Low 50.s, maximum m mid-70s. Bob Walsh farm editor of radio station wrap fort Worth jul serve As the Parade mar Sham. The selection of the 1970 Fannin county fair Princess will be Tho Iii Hauht Friday in by. The of the entire a Fin to v will be the naming of the Fannin county fair i in. Lor 1m70 saturday night. Is of Fannin county a h i p h scoop of beauties will be vein a for the Benoi. There will be two new attractions to the fair this year. One will he the wildlife exhibit being shown by the Texas Parks and wildlife department. This exhibit which will be set up in u Large tent will be show Inu fish animals reptiles and Birds a Many of which May have not been seen by residents of the North Texas area a number of the animals and Birds huh will be shown Leonir irom the Bieck Indge Park z to fat san Antonio and Wilt be returned there following t he completion of the fair show season. The 1970 fair also will feature a Hay show for the first time with rib Ems being awarded for the Best Bales of Hay which Are entered. Tuesday is the last Day on which entries May be made in the Bay show. The entries a hold be left at the to of Gin on West Sam of Tyburn drive. Am Hay entered will be tested for Protem prior to the judging thursday. In addition to the two new departments. There will be All the attractions that have Munje that fair one of the Best in North Texas through the it ars. Members of the fixture Farmers of America chapter Ned the 4-h club members will he show Itiat their livestock a be and Dairy cattle some and he cps and poultry. Members of the Home demonstration clubs. 4-lf clubs and future homemakers of Amer a h will he exhibiting their Best in sewing and baking. And ten n a number of Lulu syncs ind firms will has commercial displays of their wares. Comuni unit clubs will a conic Unity Booths to the pm lots of their areas. The icon Luis Lions club will Hevr a number of stands on the Midway and other clubs , civic and High schools will have various types of stands on the Midway for the Thiec Days. Level shows will be it in opera Tion of its rides Wedi Esilia and a special 2 for tick t off i is being a offered for Hight. With the Purchase of on ticket Foi a ride a second to it will be Given free a a no am 3 a a a Fiat Orit it l4>ed wire United press International established i92 our 79th year Bonham. Texas. Monday. October 19. 1970 Ofca wire Noto a number 46 voting age change. Supreme court hears arguments Washington up a the new Federal Law lowering Iho voting age of 18 and easing other requirements for the voter came under supreme court scrutiny today. The nine justices set aside four hours to hear involving Oregon Texas an opa and Maho. The suits were by Bob Cantrell there Are some persons in the world who get their greatest thrill out of destroying something. At least that a the conclusion Volunteer Scouters of the Boi. 4 arc District have deluded after what happened to some of material they had out at the to scout Camp in the Pond my of Nimitz for use m building a Tab non the site. Included in taif maternal destroyed Ivere some sky Rhi Fruich had been donated to the Scouters for use m the building someone took a Hoe and just beat the ski Hight to piece. Some roof adhesive also has been scattered a Over t h e place. The Cabin was being built to filed directly with the High i Jurt and have not been heard elsewhere Al Lough a special Federal court m the District of Columbia previously upheld the Law in a separate suit brought by Fie new yorkers. In addition to lowering the voting ago. The Law wipes out Lii Iacy requirements and cuts Down to 30 Davs the period a pc Ter my it reside in a new location before he can vote for president and Vic president. Orect in and Texas sued the ignited states on the grounds that Congress could not under he Constitution act to change voting qualifications imposed Gay the slates. The state fun Iii a tons in Oregon and Lexas fix the voting age at 21. The Justice department sued Igaina aii7<ina and Idaho to. T St the other two disputed Sec tons of the statute. The administration opposed lowering the voting age by Law a a part of the statute which will become effective Jan. 1 if the Couit upholds it when president Nixon signed the measure he expressed approval of its purpose but said an amendment was the proper to achieve it. I Iski Tois of Tuo thirds of the Stales would bae to ratify Sik h .111 amen Oieni. Att Arney general John n. Mitchell. Of iced to defend the Law despite the id Misisti Ationo a Lai k of enthusiasm for it wrote the of i Nurs of All 50 states a a King then to pledge to obey the new requiem ends he reported to the court that Arona insisted on enforce my its liver a y test huh requires Oteis to Lead the . Run and my a their suspects hunted fat provide additional f at this Camp for the boy scouts of name Milt Kell said about the Bois a arc District we it 7 5 of an on ans Man of them includes All of Fannin counts ame it ans would not Scouters say they have f he Able to vote next month if idea who committed the Vail a he slate Law Sid ods Idaho and ii Rar l a it also refused and but if the party or parties a Lio Filini i was doubtful did the deed Are boil it led a Quot to a r furling the new Law. By their conscience the. He v. A u. A ise m court help relieve the twin cd a i a. Sho cannot ing out and help the pay lit Cuc. Tests Aie Beine of i Eird an want with the r a a. I l us in names an be Susan Williams Joyce St oed Daphne Butler thursday night Clara Ruth Gibbs a a fair Princess will be named Structure. And the tor p 1 i its to l feb i Al tonal a to crowning of the Kin r Cuie ens at i k a the Hubli it it. One Vood it it to g me Rida i i i wait Chi Unni Ailer the amen f r and fans a a a e it Home before it is Ait a i and Hinse i he o i rams list Kepi Lai Ltd sunday. L or Iii Are a from the Rolls if the i in guv is to u k Down. In. Idaho Ami Indiana a. A a a i l. With the 30 a v 1 eau i ement i i he a me a Ifcic to. E a e i Jav put id Nival l w a a of a beauties Frt m the elemental Giad is of of inv school Sill he a it ing for the title of i annul oui. I air Princess is the la i Elighi of the Prida it nigh Hussion unti ants in tie contest will pre Simil a Taleni a t As a Pait of their Effort to win the a on test. The a a Sun pm is i l be Siriying Ani dam ing Hall a vm�?T1 Hae an a Sinrat. Susan is the Dau her of or and Mishu Beri i. A Ihian of i i to and a it tied Cal in the Fisl Grade at in l it a. She will pc a a a and tap dance route Loi Hei Talent. David of Uei vol he Hei is Ort Daphne bulk 1 Dau Hiero or and m. It he a a Hoth a is a second Gialle St Dent at bail in Ash 3 i died in Canada remains firm on demands Montrel Al l Quot l a the provincial police and Spet Lal acadian government hunted army explosive experts went to two suspect kidnappers a House in suburban St. Hubert. She will present a piano Solo for her latent at t. Kle to an Durson is Loh it her escort. Clara i Atli Iiah a iou Ith made student at 1 w. , will present a Poteni Loi her Talent. She is the a i a liter of or. And mrs. Pelion i has. Dale hasten will he hates. Nit. Joce Speed. of Speed. A second Grade student in say a elementary school she will present a poem As Hei la Mit Laig Jii is to a be her Esidro. Today despite the chilling a a finding them could Cost the life of British Diplomat k in is. Who pleaded for Ca it Itu lation to his captors demands. But Canadian prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau who ii served his 51st birthday sunday in a Day of National Mouring and crisis indicated no willingness to bar twin with the two Small bands of terran to who hold Ross and already have assassinated que Bei i Abor minister Pierre Laporte. Den uni ing the tip As a a Small band of twisted men que., in which they Beheyt i a Orr As kept hos lag a for a Eck in Ioir he w is i it to death. The House is located Only a Short distance from St. Suheil miliary Airport where the must Kinin a Lap Rte a to body was to find. A App spokesman said there were a big to else in the House and a i inc Fei ired it May be ooh trapped with Dana Mil a l Oil s or added the police had been Dic. Ird to that House h. An Hoiu lip. Kadio Stalion a and it had Ilso position hardens. Egypt will not extend truce by United press internal Lionel Egv Putian president Anwar Sadat indicated today in Cairo he w Ould not extend the Middle i Tisl c ase fire. Which expires nov. 5. And said Egypt must Lake All Seasun s a to Fate a treacherous and despicable Enron a a ills statement to army and officers at a been Tipp cd off about tie House. In Ltd to of the general com the i Kalnai suspects armed forces bought he pull e Cir in inn ate i a Lurther hardening of warmer weather s in forecast Jimmu. 37. Wreck near Texarkana s845 damage is one in wrecks nation a due must expect that these vicious men May attempt again to shake our but he pm Edi to a they would fail. A a i he r i q has sown the seeds of their own he said. Spurning the demand of the Oue Hec liberation front a Whu h seeks an Nile penitent and so a i dist Quebec nation for the n Eise of 23 i q re la a r is and a big try Anu t Ike the payment of $"100 ii Ransom a i the spi thei to the Bon in Gold Bullion ii Deau would in ii Aiea l i it Uia. a a a a True not go beyond his earlier Ofiu or m Thih w Edni a a Ida the passage to Uba for s. A father Bureau a. A Cross captors if they would of to a night Ieni n. A turns vile release the 40 year old Brinn i e i k>1 it a Quot Laportes b Fly found i an he a jelled during the at Lap Jriek a by Only but Dhu in. Toov bound behind him. A who offer canola a no solutions. Except tin draw said in a to Eleimon report to Theca Mil. and 1. It s posit in As set Forth in statements in new York by minister is Sinoun to live to u t willed uha a Ihm from i of in Tavvo Hajn Lurilien note Jeli i a to Ltd let Plenc Hnoth ,. I i him Ltd the path Lic Ftp Ajo a a digressed to 1 f lend and Politi h add a Premier re Bari he i i Salu a a Dav s be ii Fhi 1.1 u 1 i he Sui it of till a i it he loud win Len Ltd. Id he in a Wai 1 my a a said i a Juhl 1 Fri Naif and thai hts Fri Quot door egyptian f o reign Mahmoud Riad. On Friday Riad made a Tough speech to the United Natkins Genera Assembly in whih to said the United states was wrecking its own peace initiative by arming Israel during the cease fire. On sunday have rejected suggestions that Egypt withdraw missiles from the cease fire one along the Suez canal. Israel meanwhile lodged its 23 re formal complaint with u. N Ccase a fire observers charging that Egypt was still pushing ahead with its buildup of soviet missiles near the sue a anal in Viola am of the ceasefire i agreement an israeli army s Kesman in i Al avid sad data gathered iof p i Oris Vevie a lightly v showed the Fly plans Miguil Iii a Stab ii and la soviet backing la had sent a Mii a i ova. The a Iii final sam2 and sam3 i a k mid missiles into the one and were 1 Hindo r Lohi Ison re eyed pm Hing ahead with construction Iii Ali us in l it i knife funds other preparatory we Ork at two wounded in altercations the \ \. At a to Al Hospital Sun Jiuji u is i elea d. 01�k i s i a i i it or a n d entirely on the go. Ii a no it. 1 a tip a nitride ill invest to i Etc 23 it i .1 u St d one Man Kate red l. H be Dijt ree i a i dus Pic sent. And the dates 1 a h.11s the c ats a a d Kate a and tie l Glt to i i t Pup a it made Home. I 1 lies a i the i a. To Quot a a a i. A est a it a of a. 1 a .1 s a. A. E a 1. A a i Ai idols at or 1 1 r a i . T int Idieo Lef 1 �T��?~1 Lai. D a 0cd i. T 1 1 h i be i a Ltd i in no. A r it Ltd get at a dam a l fail a a a i tajik and 0ail\ Sund i. A a Quot a. In imm r killed s a i did i cd i i id 1. 1 a a a a. -2 a. A a a 1 k he in it is ill guess i is ont i. I 01 in Esti action. In a Momu or to pm i in i la a Quot Omini was Buchan had a i. Found saturday night in the he Demmis a mimed to i. Been hoi in and trunk of the tar m a huh he Seni a pm t. did the my i. Ing a dispute ii a is a Sci Union have denied a Niini. A a. A Chr to / Tex had been kidnapped Jet. 10 i he t my repaid in. I Lai Klin six it Ihei Are russians in the cease 1,e re Lues Das in. It i Osery plunged Anada my a aim a. E in d ,1 no a c1 the. A a a a in. Fri he in the Rind . New Sites earmarked for missiles. I he spokesman repeated previous israeli charges that the Sams Are manned with soviet ail users and that the a is Are manned by Somei forces both Egypt and Ihu a a Mph i 1 o and vill n in Lei a is. Lail this to Nutig. Quehl la it it he Dot am Ltd do i in of a a a tip Pant. No i us a ii fish d heaviest in seven months. Cambodian Rice bowl is attacked All i Jas reds a lit a to .111 a m a we re. T i pinning Seiner in it d n. Can., a a ill it a cd Day inor Nin. To i t 1 n Al it i i in at in Dent 1 k Neth rec e and a \1 i f in Enda cd if t a e of Al Al Idt of Oil a Ojst i. If ii to As s i a Duy Alu 1 or \ b. I 1 t d a f Ati r Iri it pc Fenti a a t it i. A Heon it a the f i s a and a a i 10 to i i .1 \ i. A 11 �?�,.� a Olin a d a i who it Vsev i in u a a .m-.1 .1. I s <1 �?~1 i Quot a i in a id i r s. It he 1� a t i. T a # _ a average Speed. \ Puma Immi i Imp a Viet tie my / .1 id Oil a units today launched their a a Chi attic a of i a i a s of e boys a a Iii Llie a o months ,.j to the. .1than i it i led 2 a that at a it kers ,1 in a i my a. It Anil to yield Ejot i t it cd the a Jex its stud the Atta ked Ai Samrong. 102 mile no ugh Estop pm non penh in the la get a Rae duing a Rea 4ill Imd i Oei Toni Ion 1 h 1 Lud Jigio p u is do a a d not a Lio s kit cd in. S a lid let ii a mrs Glenn lug her rep it a be a n. By 1 y yet h e n the a is dry enough a a. Corn and Barver she adds a i u to0 a. J a i ii d a \ 11 a 111 Ita <1 f d or nil a a i a Al Aesi jul. And said a Ihu a Hilb Quot d d if i a p e Jay do it Nln a it pm to it lae Iii Cit a Houvis Uuele knit. C an hour i Iid a d \ a \ f i o d 11 0 a it i i. T Sui d. A u n it i a the a cd s in in in r u it h a eb.4marj a Miu 1 a e men d Thi oni Nail via x a a Lata it it i but idiot say where the i Jet r a a he St it exp in "1 Luned because Seabuh an a a. Of ii i 1 tilt a r9s be operations were Siili re a it Al Suppin a Ila ii Jim a res men is Ere As Leush of Ine Lom maid under was Viet Cong and North 1 Mese gunners stunk a in Olia six Miles a ii the a t of Saigon Early today in that lowest bombardment not the i a ital in three Miji Ith of. Light damage resulted a the attack against a South Mese installation. Field reports Rea it hmm the cambodian my go in Tini t old Afi l i Diun Loop at said ii a also cd Luied Throe Cuini m is Soldier it. Tao mat legs a Uto Rotkel to Al Pla til expos1 i i of Ammu Maluai Ai 1 f \ it my Al a applies Ashodian in hips a a it a tried Whiee Comuni unit tro Jpn Bunda Tao machine guns b la Lia Iii icon it la anther. 30 Das it v. A i a said. A Ito Diati 11 i f oui i Esaid a a i l 1 k a t it. I a a Ai i Ltd a he Indjar a i dlr a. t the Ovi i duo. O Pic is i i gtd >11 is ,11. I 1 1 he Aiea in i t let i to 1 la. Land it East in h Adi All lydian a it Uii yes it i a i Ltd i t a t d let i a a of .1 a i i i i i i t i i Ihei. In to a Laiful Ltd 11 i. Israel pulled out of the Middle l ast peace talks be i ii use of the missile Mlo Atu is. Israeli defense m i n i s t or Mosul Dayan indicated in a speech in Lei avid sunday night that Israel might be Vulling to Settle for less than Ojill withdrawal of the missiles Ini a a firmer stand would make 11 too difficult fur of a Mininan Ngoi Matoi Iii la Oiel a Adaly a speech to Lii Nih tary Lei Ideis Olav was iely std by the Semi Hilkial Middle lab is. In 1 Uro. Kiv Irwin a he is i armed fun a. To Ere will Bea is id a Ltd a did a and ail must t taken to Tav c a Leach crop and de it Pii Jalc Corm it a i of. The sly inn facial la aug news Ihu it i it Iid la a a. A. .1 Al led Bac a ass Teina in i lie i a a Anil ii bin d Roeii ans and d 7 Othi t the. .1 a Iep ii cd the. Iii a us ii cop i get i e n i. La. An Ai Niy dlr led Sato i , la 11 lists no Illuas of Saig Jii paper ashram said Sadat Wal leu and Iao a outstanding Persona a a Pien Iier of a Ivet and id Obs i a r said it a a a Luu Babl would by Meieran a it a a dip Lai m a h n o u 1 la or i 0.1 1 i. A i a a a s o ii i in. Hid .1.1 i i i a. I-1 to Saiga a do i. Or an a a 1 in. H. R a a s i \. Ill Kowm ran e to a a t a a Jil Phi Rene r Kph of \ ill p in Iii it eight Ion. Cut a i d a an a by i i Hia. Ian Joao dus Santos i 1. A s it Ai a. If f Ella i a to in he fight a a 1 the s Jay

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