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Bonham Daily Favorite (Newspaper) - July 14, 1957, Bonham, Texas F i weather in i Bot Ham and Vicinity Clair to partly Cloudy and continual hot the Miira sunday. Slie Miriam \ an to my i cwt re h Sites m l a a of nor a is it. "�?~/v�t., g of Tom do Ity new Sfa Sinai Conr Sun oat mini Estey liked 112 65th year Nea wire photo Ion Ham. Texas sunday. July 14. 1957 heated wire United pres a no Matt Ftp a but a flt a with diaper a raring perilously this you Nestor and his parents ii Ltd pm oblivious to impending crisis As they mount a Hill in Tallahass Ltd Fla. To witness local Boap Box Derby aka telephoto without by ,. Short session seen with no need of tax Austin up a state sen. David w Raili i of Stamford a a ques de saturday Texas legislators could Pas it a Nirol by hot and wind up a special session in three to a a Day Wii out tax b a of would serve without pay. Ratliff said in a prepared statement he Felt the people Are Opp Ltd de to new Tanes at ibis time. The people in my District Are very grateful Fot e Rains which have finally Corne. But i do not think the people want new taxes levied the year. A lift Mamic a a few a new j no pc import met i calf in drum to ii jud9� will Rule on admits vilify of film monday Knoxville. Tran it top it the second week of the Clinton a a Prev ration trial opens monday with the Rovern meet saying it in just reaching the intros Long part of a it ask the a fens says do i not rxi5t a sneak preview for attorneys of three newsreels May de terms Niv Hether the jury of Mountain bred of a Dorly East to inf stoans re the a close up of John Kasper in Partlon a Villi his 15 co Defon Danes from a Clinton Tenn the court rules on the films Monda the we nor Rase Goff Shack to the integration of Clinton High school by order of. S. Distinct judge Ilobert b. Taylor late last August tills Waii the first integration of a Public school under the 1954 supreme court decision in a state of the deep South the two personalities Are Paramount one is Kasper. New Jersey Horn a Grega zionist and anti semitic he appeared on the scene at can Fon just before the integration began that a other is judge Taylor the roly poly Little judge stuck to his guns by issuing temporary and per South continues fight against rights measure in Senate defense experts a h a a writ. Robert Irenr it Merit an red Cros reprise Nativi for first Aid and water safety in a Kanert. Will con dust a course for water safety in St in tors at Hon Ham state Park beginning monday and lasting through Fred a a a a a course for water safety leaders to begin monday say nation Aue to survive blows Mol atomic a Tacic made against 162. S. Targets a Merji. A Nairn mini Mead Tiar try my a i wifi min a leaders siu4i saturday tin rated Staten could it Vur n it my Naomi attack h a. I a a a item h a Daiil a Herrif it in v no a \ Hundred itch and killed millions hut fhe vein it not prepared to in Hurthi r the Tomt of. D de fens and Nishih nation in opera stun All it 1057 via a i Suc less rant a whether it was Sill or n Flop Haid Nefy Psi her f Gordon Jray in a in a i Plionis. Neu n. Onfer Enre util <4�ntlnin it a tvs k i Rev mating Federal civil a Fence admin int Rator. A and the or ratan continue m Al Wei a hut that to is Loo Early to a a course for water safety instructors will be sponsored by the Fannin county chapter of the american red Ross this week the classes to be taught by Robert Hinry. Red mss water safety manent writs to keep anyone from 1 will be held daily at i say what plans in i ded overt ruling it Elfering with the integration Ham state Park beginning Mon Hypoth trial Nemy air Al Kuijper speaking on Street Cor my they will Start at 5 p m and flew across the lop of the world no is and the Lawn of the Clinton i until 8 pm i and dropped a my thick Al 175 of arc courthouse w As the first offender i a sons to enrol must be at least bombs on 162 targets Jle already faces a years contempt j of ars of age and hold a current i a holocaust of unimaginable for an earlier violation of the in j life it saving a Ard j horror would live Liei a Crealie i w rat i i Laxton. Water safety i by their communed 4517 megaton chairman for the diaper. Said j atomic bomb Load Elt Juan to 451 there were quite a number of or i 000 tons of int it. by Cutti Tirell Travis Currin he of the men a furnia inf business almost got a bargain in floor Wax the other Day. Curry a had turned in an order for it fallen of the Wax to keep the floor Nice and Bright. The other morning a truck eased up of front and the Driver asked Curria where he wanted Tlle drum of loft Wax. Somewhere along the line the one of Talon Jug had become a a to gallon drum. The Bill of lading called for one gallon but there on the truck was a 100-Gailon drum addressed to Currin. A there was enough Wax in that drum to last me 100 year amp ii i lived that Long. Currin said the 100-Gal Ion drum began the Tri Back to tie wholesale Houe and trav is now looking Forward to getting that gallon he ordered. 7 whole mix up was blamed on new Man in the warehouse ural Darling county veterans service officer has an artificial right Arm that he would Lite to give someone Olio needs it. The Arm was brought to Darling during the past week by a Fannin county resident with the request that it be Given a Veteran or some other person who needed it. The person who had used it originally had recently died. The Arm is a it a a a tidally new. The resignation of to o commissioners at Honey Grove w ill give county judge Choice Moore another Job. Under Sute us. The county judge Calls a special Euison to fill vacancies where the commissioners or the mayor and a commissioner resign judge Moore was checking up on the a Ute statutes Friday ust to Snake sure of Tki Steps to be taken russian engineers Call off visit to Dalas Turbo Plant Pallas if a to o russian engineers w How Ere supposed to conae to Dautas to help Clear up difficulties with a Turbo Drill for 0�o Wells have cancelled their trip. Presser industries inc. Which was. S Enghu to the Kussian in Mem ten so ced that the a Ugains it Fco Olit con get to Texas. Do Nosov and Valentine d. A a Ash lpns the engineers had bet Jig a Asir Al their visas t4> Corot to i Allas from Oklahoma. Cit it year said. In Laius a Cial sgt Smon gov Price Daniel has said the plans to Call a special session of the legislature probably in october on lobbyist control and other measures. Junction and is working for a of certiorari from the p s supreme court to stay out of jail. The most violent disorders at Clinton Jeave not show n up in the trial nor Are they Likely to ii took the Tennessee militia with tanks to a it store order on gov Frank Clements order after 12 negroes first enrolled at the High school. Kasper s part in those events were disposed of at his first govern edit trial he was a Ratliff said a if a special session j quilted of state charges of riot and is necessary a lobbyist control Bill i a edition should be prepared by tire Texa j Fai tor Baten Council for immediate but two months later in novem introduction and the House and j Ber trouble broke out again and a the Senate should resolve them Baptist preacher the Rev. Paul selves into committees of the whole i Turner was beaten up after he is in which they would take commit i sorted negro students to school tee action referring the measure i the school was shut Dowie for a Back to that selves for floor action j few Days and the 15 Clinton de a by such actions a satisfactory j pendants a it re rounded up and a lobby control Bill could be final charged with contempt. By Passi a and sent to that a governor within three to six Days and that legislature could adjourn Ratliff said a during tile Brief time necessary to pass a lobby control Bill in a spa Cial session through such a suggested procedure i would be willing to ser e without pay and if All other members w Ould serve in january the complaint w As amende d to include Kasper the Only one who had been a it Erso Nall it Servia a w Ltd the injunction. The government produced testimony Friday to indicate that Kasper. Segno gut Ion a Soldier of Fortune was in a Hnton within a week of the november riots. In five Days of trial the govern without pay during the few Days i ment brought 11 of the 15 Clinton necessary i believe a tax measure could be avoided a who said. Hope a for cd it is iteration a it is my Hope that the speaker of the House the lieutenant governor. And the governor will consider this plan of action and poll that members of the it gift lature to see a Hellier or not they Are w lolling to forego their $25 a Day during the special session in order to avoid the levying of new taxes. Katliff added. Ratliff pointed out legislators served 19 Days at the close of the recent regular session without pay after passing the 120-Day Point during which Tlley Are paid area natives into the testimony but the platoon of defense Law it ers insisted no Case was shown. A Rose Tutor John c. Crawford in s District attorney said the Case would get stronger monday. Wonted stage coach pair of horses mules Waco it lip anybody got a 5tuge coach for Saur Jess Radle ram her and business the West Texas senator also said i Man. Said he w anted to buy one for he had always supported lobbyist j use in parades and Trail rides to control legislation and voted for it j publicize the heart o Texas fair during the past session. J sept 28 through oct 4. However. Katoff said a special Kadle said he is interested also legislative session a might not be j in acquiring a matched pair of justified if a tax Bill became Neces-1 horses or mules for the stage coach sary to underwrite the Cost of the i Sion itself a operations a if it to privation he said the a a gis lature appropriated $4y�,.0o0 to operate agencies and committees of the legislature during the interim until the next regular session for maintaining of Fici s of sergeants at arms of the House and Senate and other expenses a that last special session of the legislature Cost was to the neighbourhood of $500.000. It is obvious that funds Are not available to support the costs of a special session and not result in interrupting the important functions of state gov Erin edit Quot he said sons Ellgie to Tak the course private talk with soviet Delegate set for weekend London Ivy it v s disarm Ament negotiator Harold Stessen will hold a Privati win kind meeting with soviet d Legati Valerian Zurich to to it co but through the fast i St it Iead Loc k on Sun pending nuclear Tesu. Authoritative Souris said a saturday slam Hin May agree to a suspension period longer than the in months proposed by the United staler but Only Uin turn for Sovi Ltd to 1 on Cessions Inforno d Pouf to Baid they mid rated he might Trade longer suspension in return for Russia h dropping its de mands Foi a it Omli bail on Nul it of weapons which ii Are the Only a it a Lorn Force equalizing Russia dupe nor military manpower British and for Nch Soi Sci a disagreed with the ame Nian Diarma ment do he a tettion on than Aning of it coring a harsh Rejc Jioji of the p a proposal delay expected in Cox bribery trial Austin Elpi the trial of for Mer is Tau representative Janus 10 Cox of a a a Onroe on a thar of of fiting to take a bribe probably will be postponed monday i it is tact at to Riey is i Rocter agreed Friday not to oppose a motion by i in no a Law it a John tier for postponement Procter said or Jiu Ward har Mon of san Antonio Forim r Pri Dent o it he Texas Natuis Pathi nation is in hoc Hesti r Man while his wife i a Latum i the Mayo Clini i hey True k at a iti�8 where More than 55 per ent of the i s population. Or about 05 million per i is were living before the Al to de if the attack had been a Al a pall of Diac la Ray Xoai Tive it Arti cles would have Hank Etc gtd be actions following american a Uliey Fth d the Targ it ilk a a air bases and atomic install Alioth a saturday would hive Bee i the by of awful realization officials said the govern int and its armed Force a would have continued Ope rating no attend it has he in made it of it of Stimac on a National scan it Xci in How Muc h a f the Nati Iwin a Indus anal Hine n utilities heal tii and sanitation ser vice would be left i airy the Burden of survival and fighting the War to <�0 1 be a we will new ver re Aily know we cd the a the l�8t operation was a phase of Hemsat veto ii pocked on act tuesday afternoon Cote it promote soon Chi it of a. Richard h Tunnell Cir led on the Sinatr saturday to Kjus a Ivy right Hill proviso gift we ilex southerner i fear could Leej a Ime of bayonets to break Dot la Hmiel Segre Ghiron in the South run soil. We he 1� masterminding strategy for Southern opponent a of Tho Bill staid he would press for an Ami dment to Knock out Urie ctn Tomii of k p s army spot Alalimi Uii Nin Rie i Ira a. U i and his most swe Ltd pint and disputed pow la Arni Legal Ltd Thor maj Stanley i Van hold a Tuvim a on fit rear at f amp i it icon in the House approved fail flan Whittington Lapin after the p s super Nii a our Iii a a lard would Bill. In a Tri Ltd in a Lampani a c ourt on a inane laughter r cd mgr he in charged with killing a Lapane see a Citati of a amp Whittington firing Range Jirard said he a would bin pre be nth Al by la Peirish Law i a Hay Imohl and maj la Van and do Hanii any Otho or la Gal Aid a aka Radl photo Over budget. Democrats protest new Economy moves fro it roof a Man Quot nip in f of Pru Foito a my 1 i a a if f or a a Wco e by in be n i be not i of roil promo Jon s or i a a a a ave k j a a i of. The it it to. Of pjs a a a lie v f a a e 1 a i a a a a Joti Fth or it i a i o no i we to a a Thi i Uitti a a it Al j Hope to Suc cd a is unless we get Situ Anicin a fray said Jod w e done to the test has been imperfect he said but it showed Wear improving the test was a in Al exposing of the we an a amp a amp and the real strength Quot by Rry Omed Ltd that there had been do lays i relaying information the test they said Iliad been run off without script a a second major philae of the we Ltd Long exert is is by gins monday when 5 Oij key gov tement off Las and workers from about Jjo Gove Rii Mentag a Niles will n a Jet to to Vej Nergiz no y relocation a enters sat tired about the country the by will set up a Salt Leton or Agniz Atlon to Pau a up the pie of the nation s eco Nornie Oystein c9pp9dq9 pm vol for two Wos ill cosh a it a a lopped it a i it i a Law sunday morning for fort Sarn Houston fur a two week s period of training Coppedge has the rank of a Tain to the it serves. Harvard student becomes ruler of 10 million moslem modern ruler needed to direct affairs of followers it Iii n Rimini it i aimed a re he a Nii Iff it Ltd in a a Jmmie legit Vrh six swim r.,.u Ippu till nil a a a a rna Iii mgt a nil Gator Day a it Ltd a year �?��?�11 Marva id Stu ii it a it their spirit Lole r a a a n in Gifu that Traci third Hun for Chin a Karim a a a i a Iilo the ail pow Ivil Agni Khan in two Lay of be re new it it the i Iii y s it a he or we inure. It a Uii uhf nipped but Glitz it a finite men lug a it i r the Tiiu Fonda it nigh to Iio Uii a a a i it we a us d that Thi Lal Aga Kulin a in a be i. His Eide r Giafis Dottor As ail thru a win a Cong a �1 it Gat ii ii hut the Titor Glaris a to 1� t4rfi be w pm uie a that a p a a i needs of Xii Rii let Ader a 111 a it 1 Dot a gut Iii Ironi Varia us Brand his of the Shiah mall sect arrived to or it the him Viand Sivine a on of prime Ai it he Mso annoy nerd he w Oum Olfs to two Othef amendment. Toth aimed at key Ping the proeee4 commission to investing if View tinn a f civil rights from Liel if missed or slanted i Nimmia he la Ira Ajr Russill explained Bis Emend ments As the Nate met Lor m Long saturday Sesmon to it Mere southerners Teli Why they the 8enaie even Toni Dering tie Bill the so str will vote amt 4 pm. Est tuesday on the tion to take up the Bill approval of that motion by a Sircable Mger Ity is Assur cd Bui a Long �fi4 bitter a Druggie Over Bill itself Vitili Loeb Al Adnie prov Slon which ruse Al Milia de to be killed would Perni i to Jii Stice do of rement to seeb in jul in tons sea list conic to Lra cirs to de Prive Persona of Elvill Righta violators of Tsueh injunction of would be fill it it it a a 0 f Quot a a t i o Way fat it in the he irate former air fort e j a a brei t to contempt of con Binari Symington let ties without jury trials. To a Suid i Eisenhower Fly a Ingrodi he Polich ii no rap Multi million Ilu liar Eupo rih prot grains but a ref Jii a i lion Sidery Money Sav Quot ii ice a uus Fer greater of Fol it Len. It a a ill no d m r \ a a a Millilo Iii Loti file a Lorain in Ali cd Al hat the Adums Trato i i a nil it it i Rapp a the Nelre pm Radii �1 Divi to i new military a Argo Lufi Thi a 132. Aller spot and Fig i Iii Lei of. Dollars unit hours div it it i Ovi Riim it a Noiin til it i lilt Uttmi Sioning it \ l Ion int of it nov Ushii Mir a Iii lne Neal Guient i Nim a Afi r nov St Iii Rit a if �u0 incl a i a Liti Inird re it Adinig tied ration explains that 4> 11 ii ii Effort a toward uni a Atquit i it Fogt a Pirn Ulfik it Ltd Thi Fae of arc it Wizig communist military strength it a Thi Gre India he a Annot Aff it it it i a a i Onti a be our efforts log a Ina a a sonic i a Missouri Lii in rut told the so at Thi Maine tinn president Kis it i Goth Cyka. R a Loii b to refit or to a v 4p a a Dir Dowty the three Brou 1 Alun Griat savings a .1 lit Litas to for military the ii a i r a off a Cebu y. Nesai it i i ii it attn omit ure the cd for Foj it urn it r in Sliv it p in f r of Arr Ned for a Thi in h is speech to Dat Kustell a Alel the Lane dment nested no eap Iuna tion at this time Tut he told the Fumat last week that the provision Ahji a a Nanning pro a Mia to authorise use of to rips against Southern we he Tel to do Airway with Naeini segregation. At Bayonet Point if Necee nary / a hir4ible number of Arm Toee a die i that Elim meation of the vision is a in Essary part of Jeff Broad Compro Nise which they ill i must let a reached before the Bill pm be a sad other provisions in the Bill went s to up uie investigating comm Tsion provide for m new of tsp Start utter Tuty general the Iva die civil Ogbu eases and Previde injun Nelve a Ihor Ify to halt violations or thre a ened violations of negro a Ecung rights uuss4 irs Ailien dents affecting Thi a Mil Shin would require senaus approval of the staff Direcia Ami Wuu id forbid Emit Layment of voluntary workers. Hot he Iov r t it f \ a i Kitoji they were in the new Aga Etc Rcd to a Salon a a a id there Ham Tad Rio Levant a a a a a Ltd ii Mission re oin Menda f air ii ump re to it Thi a a did a thu we pans sys a a a pro Grum h we i t had hint world Var ii. T a said Ulm housed it to crate to a Jaitov rage of i Sociol Security poem end up. Temperature drops following Shower a Light Shower brought a by of Relief from the heat to Bonham saturday afternoon the Shower amounting to .02 of an Inch dropped the Teir Pesature from 100 degrees at 1 p m. To sf2 degrees at 2 p in and degrees at 3 p m the Ioro cast for the Bonham area Calls Lor Clear to partly Cloudy skies and continued 4k>t weather through 3onctay 1200 receive 49,000 monthly in county More than 1,200 beneficiaries in Fannin county were getting monthly social Security payments totalling 149.000.00 at the end of 154> the number of beneficiaries increased by 3o0 Over 1w5 and the total of monthly Benefit being paid m the county at the Clos it of the year w As 112.000.00 Owr the total being paid a year ago. Koy Westerfield Dis trip t manager of the social Security office has and bounced these increases. He noted result in part from the Protection provided to farm families by the coverage of farm a employ tent and Seif employ intent under social Security he pointed out that self employed Farmers w Ere first brought under social Security in january. Iii56 those Over retirement age at that time or who reached retirement age before the end of 1v56. Be Caffie insured if the reported Seif employment income of at least 4o0.00 for is and again for Olimi tt4t<�c insured be Rixis were Able to Quen by for old age Benefit pay menu during the latter year we Sterfield said that about 2oo self a Piryt d Farraer and their Fin d also claim it for a Seiitsu kai.i county in. 1956 i he number Fiarn. I claims filed in 1w7 i l by my b greater Westerfield said i a ample during the c Montne a jew uary june 1w7 200 farm Lor benefits had been filed noting int in fat t of farm of Kragt in Geru Rai of 4ssejitiav n Guitura area Uke Fannin count it a a Aid that a Farj i pm i Oyez for Vehe was a ref try at retire4nent age by mid of cart a ured a a of apr. 1 of that year of hot had of a it Ioco or Mort of 155� and of at Lea to 200.00 in age and survivors insurance Ben fits by we paid a i fan nil. Lui of do it Metier list amp to it n. Oai of husbands of retired workers were to a i Notheis and h dry re or the total of 5.cj4o01 a d stat b now have so it Taj a a a jul prot cuon of december 1v5<1. 70� retired w Ork Era were glutting $s3,5t52. A it monthly 2t6 wives or dept Nde Jit aged by log paid a monthly. M the Tianne county for de Tanber a total of $3.2�3 00 w As i by if4g paid to aged widows or de Pendt Rii aged a Vidow ers and Par exit j Tuot ugly so Lal be Unity Sun of a�?~�-ea4>rd w orders this Wuu an a payments Juth y. Ioco i get a j f a at Thi end of Nal a a a Wadi Athius out Una Rob wire in Ruig f. Ii. Lui v a / n i i of i e g a t Elling of to a a bit do Iiara on tie to it the riling of Cun spot and a ii a Al. I. T. Begun j a 1 to this it to i Ltd or -0 1 dui Low the i Rio Side it a original fault no a Tutti into insooouo.000 a a. Proposal grew it it of Angr it i Ino it Ralle re in tion to the did a try that i Senhor r two it eks i ii Fly order cd go a a Rome it t. A o to hold Apt 11 i a where i possible to last year totals or ult to two Bufi Zitin in so than he Tiad told a on Grey i it Thi government Otid to tar Ike Abandons War shelter for Golf North a Antral tcxa8 car to partly a Kudy through Sandy w Ltd possible Iso Katf a then a a showers no important Iceni Here i in change. Temp it Riith re Range i Nidai 8 a. M if pm h 9 am my 1 pm. M la Arn v4 7 Liam m b pm n noon t7 t pm. M i f it if pm. M pm �?�9 11 pm. U 9 pm. 100 Midnight i p m. 100 Haniu Gay 1 am. »4 9 Ami. U 2 a m. To Anu. N 9 am. #3 11 am m 4am go noon n d am. M a p m. Lui i am 7g 3 pm. 7 am. 7� 3 pm m $ Ajax. Fam ram Tuuk Tex up it mrs la de us Iran were i a it Fapp it Iru read to it a non / Mentini to aged workers and their dependents Aid 33 to dts pm dint kid our visors of do Easiod workers in this area the big of the age at which a w unan a out at enu tied child to her Lart Cai it Start i a Tritaik benefits is Refu Tud Warner of Bullard die Date sunday Hight in Tyler Hospital fro a �4v�w�./ prised to. Alai done brain lit Merrhage suffer cd when at to with Ritus via f of an a 4 is War emerged id out i tur a Jno Fejt Down the stairs of bet Parent i it. Who a favor of a Golf garage apartment la totally dial died a fore agog Wec i and. Def Disi of pay 1 0� pal a Mont Niju la 1 Iii tie a big of for Diaab i j Foj figures Westerfield posted out a fictive with nov umber liw it to Nevita could a pad to Womer it Bene Xiu paid to Farmers and to new tar Tjing at age -62 dependents moreover figure naut Widt it Atli for 1w5� at to. Of close of the your Over i Aguior Neopit were receiving a i omit one half a ii on dollars monthly acne lit pay hints. We re being mad it to w Lowed mothers Wuth chd Dren under Lii in their a Art and Nur or at a of to i t f Yalu a a glib thu it Type of a his or. Ran a Beius full How str Dio rot Ixia ,ttyao4 unti. by &Lttt ? Senef to it us of it i Ivy a a Afri Ltd and d Tny quod you it want r eng or a ot4-a>d it grow Thiol int so a a to wry Hka Ai Anc program no Steri a a id a Aid that thre fourths of All men be �2� the year a a a Taku d the i it of i i Day it Luoi k awesome Aio Mii Al it tired or deceased workers and i for a of Lal Setu City a next pay la fan run county North Mont go counted for 12%. Of the total old count. Tax k a Hugu i Lay in make to it Euteve Unas id practice. Every cd 1 Many Exir bases and Aloui n taxation Thi Pru Ioctl the it Nery a Hua it i Auto Mumolie a any a it Aiu Rua it Oil fore i Vil defense Uii Lais completed Theu estimate of Thi Mich on Thidore Ticay Ktut cd and it Nuu ions saved Dutia for Quay a Nau Nwude a Puii ratio Alert of its a of unit mime file we hmm amok hts mar Jim part imm Lisa a Dimig m 4� it editing a a. Civie a Al Fermi mi9 and a end Cou cerium. Imi Tiehm a iwo urge. A a i for eem a a a it i Iturri Imrei Jim Mii nawf�4 4te4 we Murnor it re if. A a

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