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Bonham Daily Favorite Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 1

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Bonham Daily Favorite (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Bonham, Texas Microfilm ,hvice&�oa1e3 co. P. 0. Dox-�?~lii3fc dallas.tk2# r More v farm a Miles in Fannin county Lui to 1�?imm� or of Mearite everyday Tim a to Olker paper own blk in i i Aundt of Offham and vote Fulty of nor and cooler Thea afternoon and a night. Tuesday partly Cloudy continued Cool. Loutit tonight gear 30. How it a hed 1192 Nea Wirt photo Bonham Texas monday feb. 16, 1953 leased wire United Preu Price be a lit year a number 143 a sgt. James c. Moore commended by comma Flag officer for top44otch Job bracing fou Battle with Neptine Nouv map above indicates North sea coastal areas threatened by floods expected to accompany High Spring tides. 3000 persons have already bin evacuated from i Erikso on Schouwe dui Veland Island Holland. State of emergency exists in malines area of Belgium flood tides sweep in. And troops work to strengthen dikes near Antwerp. English soldiers an i civilians labor along the East coast to repair damaged dikes and flood Walls. A Nea telephoto prior approvals Johnson Bill on soil saying would authorize practices mailed Aid on controls �,000 approvals on 3,600 farms Are sent Farmers 3-sgt. James c. Moor \ son of i or. And or. Earl f. Moore 807 1 Kast huh Street Bonham has been commended by his commanding officer for his initiative and excellent f work work order and analysis clerk with the production control Section of the fur fast air Force base maintenance shop. The letter of commendation signed by col Sidney. Murphy commanding of flier reads in part follows a you Are to be commended most highly for your initiative in establishing reporting procedures for pol expense issues to attached Apoc . And weekly Nis a not in Stock list. From action taken by ultimate recipients of Nis lists our Nis items have been reduced by one third u non commission cd officer. But also favourable to this organization and enables to bettor accomplish our it. Col. Alfonso Browne u8af. Writes follows in a Tetter of commendation a it a pleasure for me to extend my Heartiest congratulations on a Job Well done. Your Devotion to your duty has been outstanding and reflects great credit on the Section in which you work this organization and the United states air Force. In the letter in which he sent i Home the letters of commendation. S sgt Moore who stationed in Tokyo. Japan said that he would like to be transferred to Korea so. That he could get Back to the states i a this not Only reflects on you 1 sooner. House committee kills Speed trap bid car inspection Law to be studied soon deadly no Nyokas firemen scan ruins of the Tama fireworks Plant and a nearby housing project ten Miles re pm Tokyo which were shattered by two tremendous explosions. At least 20 persons arc believed dead and �?T0 the blast destroyed or damaged at least 200 Homes within a half mile area. The factory manufactured explosives for Japan a police Reserve. Nea telephoto upstream Flo a control programs get backing Totne 8,000 prior approvals for of Toft conservation practices by senator Lyndon b. Johnson has introduced a Bill which would auction on flood prevention programs in Small. Upstream watershed areas. The measure sponsored in the House of representatives by representative w r. Poage. An Iden Kati Nln county Farmers were placed Thonzie direct local Federal Cooper ill the mail this morning by the part attn county production and administration Kay Orie Ham chairman of the county it phia committee has announced. 1 a Grisham said that the prior Afi Preval mailed out today covered 3<oet farms in the county adding that the number sent out this year a greater than at any previous time. In addition to the prior approval another 80 tentative a Preval Here mailed to the banners or. Grisham said adding theae later approval must in keyed by the soil conservation service. It initiative in retell it allotments for title ip331 once leu planting season will in placed in Maui thursday morning or. Graham said. Fannin county Farmers signed up for the soil conservation practices on work sheets handed them by the Community pm committeemen last november asking some $400.000 in payments which was far in excess of the Money earmarked for the work in Fannin county last summer by Congress. After the Community a Ommittee representative t. B Wright stated today that the House of representatives highways and roads committee voted Down a proposed Speed trap Bill that would have put Many hardships and burdens on the towns and communities in Texas that have a population less than 2.500 people Tithby a member of the highways and roads committee in the House and he was one of the leading opponents of this Bill or Wright stated that the effect of this Bill would have required every town in Fannin county except Bonham to allow the Highway department to regulate the Speed Stop lights and Ern mental functions of our towns and counties. It Tibby a belief that no one knows More about what Law ought to be than the people themselves and the closer you get the government to the a people the better our government will be. On tuesdays. February 17. The House committee on motor Traf-1 Fie will have the problem of de Riding what the House of repro i Senta Tives should do with the automobile inspection Law. Thus far. There have been four Bills Intro tidal Bill passed the House during traffic signs within the City limits the last Congress but failed of Pas Ibby stated that he opposed to Sage in the Senate. In Der tile terms of the Bill tin agriculture department would be authorized to assist local agencies in land treatment and flood prevention programs in watersheds not exceeding 2&u.ooo acres in area the local agencies must take the proposing programs. Secretary of agn Cul Ture has approved a program it will be submitted to appropriate committees of Congress. If they do not disapprove within 60 Days or if they Grant affirmative approval actual work can get under Way soon funds Are available. The text of senator Johnson a statement in the Senate or president among the most pressing of the problems that face our people and will fight any trends that will allow the state to take Over dry Dusty Cool front Rolls Over North Texas temperature May drop to freezing Here tonight a dry Anil Dusty Cool front rolled into the Stonham area before Daylight this morning and expected to drop the temperature to near of slight Mays freezing tonight. Diced in the House for the repeal the Wimly that brought the Pool of the automobile inspection Law i ont had picked up a considerable and one Bill proposes to revise this amount of dust on the was in and Law. The problem confronting the then added to it lome of dust an motor traffic committee will be w ept Aero a the slowed Fields which one of these Bills the House and and lands of the county should consider Tibby a Mcm Unda maximum temperature gov Hoise Page i expansion of Rok forces expensive but cheaper than outfitting u. S. Troops by United press expansion of the Republic of Korea army an expensive proposition for the american taxpayers. But. Says Kendrick for the number of troops involved it still a bargain compared with shipping Over More of our men. Wahi degrees and the overnight minimum Reading wan in the Low forties. 0 by i listed press a dry Windy cold front has been blowing across Texas this morning Lucking up dust Clouds and reducing visibility at some Points to one Rency with dollars at unrealistic t i of mile id fact the Weatherman rates. Alls it the worst dust storm in 20 acting prime minister Paik too a years. Chin plans to take an economic 1 forecasters say All of Texas to Washington shortly to de by buying inflated korean cur 10 texans die Over weekend in violence seven texans die in crash of plane in Gulf of Mexico by United press at least 10 persons died violently in Texas Over the weekend. And six of those died in traffic accidents. The worst Accident killed three person at Kenedy Whit two More a died in separate accidents on the Gulf freeway Between Houston and Galvez Teni and one was killed at san Antonio. I a drowning occurred during the Lucky Ikka. A Becky. Above weekend at mount Vernon when who lives in Indianapolis Hopes Alet ear old James Gurle it spilled certain Turtle never comes Home mtg a a Lake while gigging frogs. Mission ask for s42u.ouo.ooo. Officials in Seoul and Tokyo say. That of controlling the water re men had complo Tod their work ,.,.s of our Coll try workl.ho. won. Turned to the j in so Muly oth a county committee which sought to j bring the requests into the amount earmarked for the county which slightly More than s12o.ooo. I a this the first Vear that the1 new methods of signing for son 1 officials in Seoul agree that the \ it impossible to estimate just sagging South korean Economy How much the United , Annot in partially an spending to Supply Rok forces i i other of the six to 10 new Roythe supplies come in the same a divisions reported being planned. A a pipeline those form american 1 the United states already in units but army officials say the Cost Only a fraction of the millions i picking up the Check for All the ammunition and equipment used by water All to frequently a or famine proposition. In Kok forces except clothing. The South korean government furnish limbs of flood water Falls upon our i food and pays Token salaries conservation practices has been used in the or. Grisham said a and a result we had More than twice Many requests for prior approvals on the work than we have eur with the prior approvals went instructions from the county pm office to the signing and return of the forms. O Korea opens fight against inflation Seoul. Korea. Feb 16 a up the Republic of Korea has opened its fight against inflation the government announces that it will Issue new currency pegged at 100 times the value of the old Quot won notes it save that Well combating inflation it will make South korean currency by the communists worthless Alert today a Auve tomorrow 1 Bonham new Bee 7s5 deathless Day give proper hand mag Nell wive Fleety by Ken key Elk i land by the ton washing away precious topsoil and smashing property and equipment. In times of drought we turn to our reservoirs Only to find that they Are too few a and depleted too rapidly. Both National and local governments have taken important Steps 1 to meet this problem in the past two decades. Huge works have been authorized constructed. But there an important Gap to the pro tarns thus far set under Way. At present there no authority i for direct local Federal cooperation a Dii flood Pevc Tiou programs his mall ups team watershed areas i uni Toda it introducing i Gisla Tion which designed to close that Gap it similar to legislation a sponsored in the House of representatives by my Good it lend tin honorable w r. Poage it the same Bill which was approved but he of representatives Dur no the last Congress the Senate was unable to con Sider thu measure last year. But held it j., my cum St Hope that we can get an Early Start in this Congress and bring it t it the floor for action i president. I submit this Bill for appropriate reference o dog owners again warned untagged dogs be killed officials in Seoul say More direct american economic Aid will be needed a addition to that furnish russian planes Over Jap held area attacked i reports declare troops clash in truce area flu. 16 >1�?Tl�i two Bonham dog owners were re minded again Toda it by chief of police Hugh Elliou that dog without proper City tax tags and vaccination tugs will be killed chief Elliot a said that Donie dogs already had been killed and he added the Campaign against stray and untaxed dogs w uld be continued o a bather �?oha1 must pc answered the wrong daily favorite want and it in t a magicians saw after All a a North Central Texas generally fair Windy and t Midi i tins afternoon and tonight Low a St temperatures 20-�5.� tomorrow air and Cool Niagara Falls will cease to cis4 a by about 22 too a let. Tokyo. American and two planes have fought a Small War by themselves of to a Japan. Two american Thunder acts open til up on two soviet Type propeller j aircraft Over the northernmost land of Japan the Island of Hok Kaido till it fired on the havoc ski 1 when their pilots refused to obey an order to land one russian plane was hit m the fuselage and wings both the i. Turned Tail and Salt cd Tow Aid the russian Kurile islands the Cloirec lion from whith the y had a Onu the 1 in led states Lias promised Japan that american planes will Back up a japanese a at Mug against violations of japanese let Mitory by russian aircraft How i the japanese foreign Emmial i told parliament a. Thus not Bell it that the russian Plant Wei guilty of what he called Quot an a t of Host 1111 it reports from Korea tins morn my said opposing troops a lashed inside the Panmunjom Neutral zone the reports Are fragmentary and unconfirmed its a Tomlin situs lion Kaiui i n officials refuse to bulk about u until they know for sure what happened All they will say i. It Uri waiting lot a report in the. Air. The allies pulled one of the Iai cat raids in it pc e a bombers smashed their target \ a i bus. A red Supply dump some 1 nines from the North Kurt an capital of Pyongyang arc clean Sac acts screening the that would by required to ship the same number of american troops to Korea and support them m Battle. The korean government share expansion Page i execution Date set for spies new Ohk. Feb. Itt i p a afet Leral judge acted on him la Lief Toda it that it Tim for jul tree to proceed in the Case off the Tohen bereft. Judge Irving Kaufman net tin week beginning March execution of Julius and Itom ii cig. I United state marshal William Carrol will go to slug sing prison at 0o�ining, new \ Ork. Tomorrow to arrange to exact Dale fair to lib a Eveet locution i lha atomic a he a. The kosemihcig9 originally had will to Able to the dust and feel the wind by Nightfall that wind blowing up to it Miles an hour. The Panhandle was the first to go it a taste of the dust and tin n it spread out Over the dry at Plains and Central Texas. Visibility has been Cut to one half mile at Wink Pallas and fort Worth have one mile visibility visibility in the dust area show Waco erne Milf Midland on and a Quarter mile big Spring and Abilene one Milf san Angelo three quarters of a utile a Lul boy k 10 Miles. Lufkin 12 Miles mine ral Wells two and a half nubs Amarillo 1 Wichita Falls a and Lubbock filow temperatures this morning the late or. Elizabeth Conger stipulated in her will that part of her $45.000 estate be left for care of her six cats two dogs and a Turtle the other Pele died and the Turtle walked away. The court had set aside $3.00 for car of the pets. Legislature to face Busy week on Many Bills horse race betting Bill hearing set for wednesday avs in Xvi it 1� a Cly a mini i heis of the Texas Houtho of representatives have. Overwhelmingly i approved a Bill tightening the state a communist control Law ithe in it Asmo sponsored by re a presenta Tivi Marshall o Bell Ofsan Antonio provides for that 1 mane a a of search warrants to Sam 1 include Al paso m degrees big i Tuple in t. of sabotage or a i Spring 14 so to Antonin i i it Alla Len to communist Pait it Nieton r,0. Austin i i. Lufkin ii Houston ii la Corpus Christi 51. San Angl a to i i cleared tin House by a Waco 1�. Wichita Falls hand Lubbock . To injured of route to fort Hood in car Accident saturday in i a to a 2 and now go to Ltd i hot so Nale for action Bell a a in mum to control at t joins a men a Uri Appiott d by tin House last week and sent to the Senate n Nimg to state a Iulo it i i i Ltd a it \ to i authors of text Book it iseult it a Public tools. It also a a a ipod ii Ltd by Bell a Woi Mui was struck by a car c crossed a Highway near dal Las. And a Man died in the crash or a private two seater plane at Mission. One person in Lutcz a suicide. A nine your old girl Vicky Anne Schnorbus left without parents today both died in the crash of a let a to m the Gulf of Mexico saturday if had t 1 Ike a to ride horses so Well the Little girl probably would Havi be in killed too. Before or and mrs Schnorbus left for Miami they asked their daughter if preferred a to to to Florida with them or wait until they returned to go to a Phoenix put re liked to ride horses. Vicky decided to stay at Home in Houston so could go to Arizona her parents Wen killed along a 11h six Oiler texans aboard the plane the texans dead arc mrs m d. Cilia Ham of port niches and Rcd nit. Let Troy Robertson of it Ullas f a Thomas of Pallas r k Voss Ltd la Maicuu k m Robinson of Foit Ltd rth and j l Thomas a.uloi idiom port Arthur 11 two minor wrecks theft from Auto a amp a to slash taxes fits by Fust test 21-4 Routs committee it Hiss requested appropriations Wash Inavon. Fab. M up a a Mil to Cut individual Lwe it me Texes Thea year lies peeled a of level hurdle but it a expected to Rea into Tough sledding. X the House Way and Meana committee voted to to 4 today to eat individual income taxes five pee cent on a Only i and an Ether five per Resit neat a Lamary. Heynee rept hurts Leadore have Indle eted they la a tall on Fleer a then for the Bill and even if ii la passed in the House it May a Ever get through the Senate. Meat oof lenders in the men a end Senate want to Hale Nee the budget before a leaking taxes and they Lnu Lel an seeing what Keene Mlea Ean he made before inning action on taxes. A House committee Hae Kleker off the a Economy drive by but Tang Almeeta mime from one Money my. The a Louie appropriation com it Lee made a be per rent Cut in n request for 9�jt9jeejee made by former president Trumen. The defense department was hit hardest. It had asked for $1.300.-000.000 to meet increased Coats authorised by Congress. The request Wafe completely eliminated by the committee which directed the defense department to dip into fund already appropriated. President Eisenhower received one grim report today from the men charged with maintaining the nations civil defences. The civil defense administration in Ite annual report says Russia right now probably could hit All Foft a major american cities with atom Bomba in a 40-plane assault. Such an attack could inflict up to 11.� 000.000 casual tick in a single Day. The cd adds this warning a make no mistake about it. America civil defense not developing fast enough to meet the threat thet now faces .�?� the Federal Security administration on Ite Way to a big Charpe. President Eisenhower Haa Tola Congre Esponal leaders to begin transforming the f8a into a department headed by one Cabinet member. Senator Taft says the transformation of the Agency will be tried in a reorganization plan to be submitted to Congress later by or. Disc Shower. Mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby head of the Fra now. The Agency handles social Security and health and welfare needs of the nation. O $32,570 in state Aid received by Fannin schools Are reported i three Rougham women win in Jun d saturday in a in a a Niento Bei i. It Hedu led to in on januzi14 rut Kaufman granted them a 1 while a Monte to Hort Hood to visit Lay january it so Thev could App a. Their husbands who an slate omd to the White House for mercy there last pc sule or win or Hailes i Good turned Down then plea the Rosin bergs attorney. in bloc h Sehy ruled to go into i he Cinetti staler Ltd ourt of appeals at be a Yolk Toi Iii Ioa to seek an Otlyn r Sta it of exe c ution slut h will ask Ihu Sta so hot i an file an Appe Al to the supremo court for a new trial a request that has Twne been refused by the High ou11 i son who suite red broke n lbs and Collar bom mis Truman t Al will broken Collar Iione and mrs Robertshaw Khz Ford it a a i markets James Dodson assigned to 44th inf. Div. It it lame 1 j a owls 1 it Odson Wash feb former it Fuin Worth. Fib 1� App Attie on i a laughter r to a i a end a at out be in a Lai Ilio i i a 1 in % i a >11 a i a la a a Gln it r null it Sti and i Good end Chon fed suits and heifers m to a a a it to a i Utility a my i Oivinn in Mili to pm i Utility ��a.-. Ii to Lotf it one Load 16 ant in and a ulcers la in 11 some a site ii a Anin in under or bulls la rut Diu in and go gtd Stocker steer >tariu. 1ft to 22 calve him Stead Good Ano 13. E Hole a a Alec to to of Bon few head Chunc 21 Utility and attack shot Down three enemy Jet j unit activated in february probably destroyed another and i and was stationed at Camp c damaged so i re others Ham ha been assign re Tel to the with infantry Lii vision at Foit Lewis Washington for Basit training Juuls tic son of mrs mat a lion Lossou who lives at Routt 2 Bonham his assigned to co b Tith kit Ginee r battalion pin 44th uni sic i Ari Illinois National it guard 1u�2 amp Cooke California until last december e omnis i Talli Tull it Ilia lot a 13 Good and a Boa a a tue it r sic c r it Alves 2u to 26 m one lot 21, with Hui i at 21 it w lots mixed a leers Ami heifers 2u to 22 hogs boo butt her hugs 2bt love higher thai Friday so out. Bight r t Hon a Ltd a 270 pounds 20 7 to 21. Medium to t Heute butchers a Milo 20 i in Luiting garbage dogs at 2u.&0, of Talco 156 1w pounds. 60 to 2u50, sow 10 to u 5u. Actin feb 10 up pin i c.e Lugi Lalu i return a to a re Thim Rno Tiung from a Ion we to end la it my in it controversial saut my to Oman unit control Lull hours rate betting and repeal cd tin state a at inspection and Driver n Sponski bitty . A presidential primal v Bill Itu to tar in it senator juju in a lollies of Aruilio Ion the do it pc to d pm <11111 a a uni t 1 it it a it mrs this Efti noon Alt. Fax a a Ornis it to a oat 1. This week 011 authorizing toll Road arid permitting women to my v. Jones j in House u St he it jailed to n surm Ohhi drat 101. Of c a or nun my on Roi Bill Purcal Diimig for iss it a and a id warrants to Nan ii for to it it Sei instrument of Nab Otago m a vol it in a of Comrie Musl Pant in in bet Slop tin measure was passed on six i and fading last week and Tinai passage in the i Jower Chambe r St 1 assured but tin top Ingi slating mow �1, we cd expected to in a to. A Oman tit t hearing w \ night when Pari mute l betting get but it a lifts dist a Isserl under tin Bill sponsored by Repie be Nta Tisi it. She Lilun of sail Antonio Ecim Tus would determine individually if a ant parimutuel betting in ambling operations would be h Censed and taxed o taking Coal charged into the but product Vokt Oveluia at i 8 steel new Plant at fairies station. A will total 3,77o tuna dad l Mono aha and a theft from a to a in 1� ported but the 1 it \ Ped a t 11> 1. Renoi Mug the. Re. I k la re a k of Tyler n Poilet a.in Edc a from his car parked on Hast ninth Street while in a 1 i n Ini k at the icon Luis i it api 1 Buri n 1 air it he i to lib in re Lee Jar Wii Bun itt 1 and Illard i Lupin Iii m tin of etl to a col , to tin Idius Tittor of main kid l i it 11m1 my a 1.iturdav night. Re a to. Dot a a i Light damage a it i 1 m Mso ii in 1 k in 1 Ingham a Inlo Lii it. 1 a f a unto Ovi Ului in u m. Maui a b a Iii Katy i v .11 d Sulla Light o or. . Edgar will be speaker for test meeting i �1 i w of tin teas cd a m it Adi be Tai Prim 1 pal in aha 1 1 in joint raid Winter Ute iting a Ltd Ihu 1�?~annin r giant it and Bonham units of the Texas stall to a a a 1 a a asm Ullmn to he held Al tie it a i Ali Wisda evening feb 2ti m Inui into but w t Nash it no Lent of tin mint a it it to. In a tag will he dinner meet it starting promptly at 7 o clock on Friday May 1 or Lee we in 1 r n of Tuff Eulum do veto men Lexas old tip action age t will be tile guest speak i place Fannin be aunty schools rec veil More than $3.000 in state uld today. County superintendent Jim Moulton has announced. The total was $32.570 included w a payment of $16,->�t m foundation funds including salary and operational Aid a $7 per capita payment totalled and $3.100 in transportation payments the Money being deposited to the accounts of the various school districts in the depository. Of Fite fyn Uay a Klubeth a Longs off White Trig i Ami her glad a Losh of Shoy to lining together. Charles Olill Ehe eking up i an and. Lilly to making sure of the Lime of the to Heroul Coffee Olhs afternoon. Dan Tia Mard a digging a double armload of Mali Down a the to Toffice a Rad Fuher and orint agent Kip i Ftp Calkins Aboul Fame pro Lytis. Ileum Puree in to talk Al out the new Cara. Lerrell Maberry reminding Bas Kettell fans the a Apo Sra Stiliha be four Gantes to Pia Al Home. Starting with it Umney Bonigli. I to ice Moore Kilt for info Nimson Alami the Goodwill trip Frida night Hill Hou therland Hunting a a Oneone to pay after gelling the Mereha dim. And Thal aah Monda in Hon Ham. 1 daily Aiau Vinci a rese Kadie Buhle Vervlee lae. One Vevay to prove diving a heredity lots m Fidelity to Universal Higier being born again lieu in 1 syrup in that w1 yield of Edieu a to t the higher rather than the animal of life for this meeting Lute r. Will be announced though he urea a sea Al Learned . 6 4�

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