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Bonham Daily Favorite Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1974, Page 1

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Bonham Daily Favorite (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, Bonham, Texas Weather Bonham and Vicinity fair sunday High in mid-70s. I % ton foam Bailu str troyite sunday single copy Price 150 lmh4 wire United Priti International our lilt yer Ettabell thud 1192 Bonham Texas. Sunday. Amil21.1974 Nea we re photo number 194 a a a a two stows a was Odds and ends by Beto centred today is san Jacinto Day a a Holiday that belongs to Texas alone. It was on this Day that Texas finally gained its Independence from Mexico in the Battle of san Jacinto fought a few Miles from Houston. The Battle site is marked today with the towering san Jacinto Monument and the battleship uss Texas is anchored nearby. Thousands of texans and tourists from other states visit the area annually. The Texas Lone Star Flag was assured by the Victory at san Jacinto for the Republic of Texas which later joined the Union. The Lone Star Flag continues to Fly As the state Flag today. This is Library week and the Bonham Library Board is looking Forward to a Good week. The opening event of the week will be the sponsoring of mrs. Eugene Bragg Ann Smith in the presentation of a Broadway play in the Kiva room of Bonghi at 7 30 . Monday. Then there la be things going on at the Library in the City Hall during the week. If you get tired of watching television and want something to read drop by the Library and do a bit of browsing around and you la find something that will interest you. And if you re doing a bit of research work and the Book you need in t in the Bonham Library they will find it for you. Under the Library system they can Contact Denison and if the Book in t there they Contact Dallas and then the state Library in Austin. So drop by the Library during the week and learn just what it can offer you in the Way of books and research materials. The singing sooner from Idabel okla., did an excellent Job of singing for the Etseo trails Council recognition banquet at Commerce thursday night and they closed out their program by singing the two state songs and asking the audience to join in. When they started the eyes of Texas everyone came to their feet and All joined in singing the song. They ended with the Oklahoma state song and it did t sound like too Many people in the audience knew the words but the High school youngsters really made pm ring. The group had just returned from a tour that had taken them Over into Mississippi Louisiana and then Back into Texas. Incidentally All members of the group a boys and girls a Are members of an explorer Post in Idabel. While the Mississippi is called the father of Rivers the Missouri is five Miles longer. Stamp collecting is believed to be the world s largest Hobby. Tryouts for teams in the pee wee National and Pony leagues for Bonham boys baseball win Start at 5 30 . Monday it won t be Long before the teams will be swinging into action to provide a bit of fun for players and adults during the summer months. Tabby a Emily Landers cat a has it All figured out now. He s Learned just when we get Home and will show up real Quick for a handout. And he gets fed real Well at his own Home. He s Learned one of or. C s trick and will raise up on the Back door and shake it and then drop Down right Quick and Dart in when we open the door As we will be expecting slow moving or. C to saunter in. Sue Collins reports there s a Field of reseeding Crimson Clover in full Bloom on the Neal Cullar place Between Bonham and Ravenna Quot it s out of this world Quot she said. After 75 Days mystery of Patty Haarst deeper than pm san Francisco it up after 75 Days the mystery of the Patricia Hearst kidnapping is deeper than Ever. Investigation by More than 100 Fri agents has failed to turn up a Trace of the missing girl and developments since her abduction have raised More questions than answers. The Case took a stunning turn on april 3 when Patricia in a tape recorded message called her father a liar a said she would never return to her former Way of life and announced she would stay with her abductors a Small band of terrorists calling themselves the sym Ionesc liberation army. The contrast Between her two lives could not be sharper. Patricia s father. Randolph Hearst. Is president and editor of the san Francisco examiner and Board chair Friend of Patty skin is kidnapped san Francisco a Ufir police said saturday a 31-year a old san Francisco Man had reported he was kidnapped thursday by three men who apparently mistook him for his Roommate. William Randolph Hearst 11. Cousin of Patricia Hearst. Police inspector Ralph Brown said Van r Bush. 31. Was hazy on sonic key details and will be asked to take a he Detector lest. Officers said Bush told them three Black men abducted him near the san Francisco apart ment lie shared with Young Hearst Bush said he was gagged and blindfolded and driven around the cite Lor More than two hours. He said that when the gag was removed his abductors began talking to him and railed him a Bill a Bush said he showed them his Driver s License and insisted he was not a Hearst. Eventually he was released and called the Fri no additional details were provided by a spokesman Lor Patricia Hearst s tamil in Hillsborough a san Francisco suburb. Bush and Young Hearst. Whose lather an assistant general manager of the Hearst newspapers died in 1958. Were said to be out of town. Meanwhile alter 75 Days the mystery of the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst was deeper than Ever president of Pakistan Dies Islamabad. Pakistan Topi it Field marshal Mohammed Ayub Khun. President of Pakistan Tor More than 10 turbulent years died of a heart attack at his Home near Islamabad saturday. He was 67. Klian came to Power As a martial Law administrator in 1958 he stepped Down in March. It 1969. When riots against his autocratic Rule swept the nation toward anarchy he was succeeded by sen Agha Mohammed Waliya Khan Man of the Hearst corp her Grandfather was the legendary William Randolph Hearst who built a group Oil newspapers and magazines and invested heavily in Hollywood dims those with whom she has been living either As a captive or convert Are revolutionary members of an organization that was spawned in prison both Blacks and Whites men and women Are its members two Sla members Are in jail charged with the murder of Oakland school superintendent Marcus Foster last nov 6 four have been charged with robbery of a Branch of the Hibernia Bank that netted $10.000 last monday Patricia was named As a material witness in the Bank raid alter she was identified from photographs taken by hidden cameras As one of the Fang that burst another knitting Benefit Robbie Hanty 14, of Houston s suburban Galena Park knits manfully in his class at Galena Park High school. The teachers mrs. Elsie Morris says knitting improves hand Eye coordination and in general stimulates the students to improve academic performances. Up Ulster violence claims Belfast ill Ali Northern Ireland 4�?T years of religious violence claimed its victim today the British army said the fatality in Strile among Northern Ireland majority protestants min onto roman catholics and Security voices riled at 4 11 am Kuti at to West Bellas traffic Junction they said Jie was a youth of a about 20 Thev said Thev heard a the shots that Mav have killed him. But they did not know his identity immediately the killing took place in the roman Catholic Springfield Aiea of Belfast the army said i t nips were in earshot of shots i trod near a Junction and a Blue British built Miniear sped away immediately troops chased it in a jeep and while they were speeding attic the escaping car they heard More shots then they found the body on the Road a Lew Yards ahead my friends mourn for slain officer Hoahland Park Mich ill ply Highland Park police sgt John Tsolis made a lot of friends during the 25 years he walked the beat in this Detroit enclave some 2.300 of those friends quietly tiled past Tsolis s body in a City funeral Home Friday and 400 More mourned As his body was lowered into the ground Tsolis led a team of Lour officers in a predawn drug raid tuesday in which he was shot to death and another Olicer seriously wounded tie hardworking policeman who devoted halt his Lile to the department would have been eligible for retirement when he turned 50 this june he had advanced to head of the City s anti v ice Bureau when he was t it Down by two bullets Mav or Robert Blackwell called Tsolis my favorite Mali Civian police fuel Donald Ashcroft read off the identities of some of the 114 persons who sent bouquets of i Lowers to the funeral lie got i Low Era trom one Guy whose place he c closed Ashe toll said another Man who is wanted on a warrant sent a $500 Check to Lus Amity and he represented All the Good qualities of a a a Lic email and a Friend. Hundreds of John Tsolis s buddies Horn police departments As lar away As wind Sor and lev Eland journeyed to Highland Park Friday to my then last inspects Mew Mem into the building earning rifles t s attorney James a mining said she was not c charged with armed Hank robbery because the photographs indicated she May have been held at gunpoint by one of the robbers that decision caused Lurther controversy and sch relation about the Case including the possibility that lie placed a role in her own kidnapping on his return irom a Brief rest in Mexico tuesday. He its said the disc Losure that Patricia was present dining the robbery was the worst thing that Vei happened to him the hearts were stunned anew when i a s attorney i Neul William Saxbe said Patricia was a willing Pai tic Panl in the robbery and called her one of i group of c Ommon criminals Hearst and his Wile. Catherine respond with a do Lens of their daughter and statements calling Saxbe pcs Man Siulc both said Thev were not sure they could test it m court that the girl shown in the Bank photo tapes was Patricia on Inda it was disclosed that authorities had Loul a notebook containing reference to Patricia last Tan 7 Lour weeks More she was kidnapped the notebook was discovered in a House which the had abandoned and attempt two to set afire Hearst said the Hook Grovum unquestionable proof that his daughter was not a willing Kidnap victim and he added in it had come to Light sooner the kidnapping Muhl have been averted i i genl in charge Charles Bates said he was not Alvaie of the notebook s existence before the abduction new Good partners hemispheric policy proclaimed by Kissinger Atlanta it Pic Secretary of state Henry Kissinger told the organization of american Stales saturday the world has seen enough of pressure groups. And railed Lor a new hemispheric policy the policy of the Good partner citing Progress toward better Between the i filed states and i Atin Ameri it a. Kissinger said our special can survive Only in we transform m to meet the new conditions of our time and the new aspirations of our mop a is in tiie 1930s the United Stales proclaimed the policy of the Good he said Usa for Texas a twin Sisters replicas will be unveiled san Jacinto Battle a round 11jpii on a warm pril 21. 138 years ago. An army of 800 texans shouting remember the Alamo Defeated a napping Mexic an army led by it ten Santa Anna and won Texas its Independence from Mexico celebrants at the san Jac into Battleground on the anniversary All out War could come Dayan warns he 1 filed press International israeli defense minister Moshe Dayan uttered a note of conciliation to Syria saturday Only hours alter ins warning that continued lighting on the Iolan rights could Lead to All out War Wai As syrian and israeli artillery continued to bombard each other on the Ltd Olan Heights. Davan said today on the a National radio. Israel still hoped Tor a political settlement with Syria to separate tront inc voices we Are not looking Lor an All out War even it it gives us military gains because we Are expecting something out of the set and stage of negotiations in a Lew Davs. Davan said a a i think Thev the syrians a will not try to open up an All out War Between now and the stall of negotiations unless they decide to retrain irom Negolia Ting the Welense Mim Stei warned our hands ate not Imi und because of our wishes Lor �1 my Lical settlement but 1 would Sav that it guides us since we Verv much want a political settlement both the israeli and syrian Mill univ i oin mands reported Intel Uii tent artillery Battles saturday along the Iolan front i Lay All gained i Nav flight on television the syrian As saults on Isiah visit ions on strategic mount it Eimon could upset the upcoming shuttle Diplomat v Mission of i s set Letavi of stale Linn a i Quot Inus i of the historic 1836 Battle will new the unveiling and dedication of replicas of the twin Sisters and hear a speech by Iov Dolph Briscoe the twin Sisters a were six Mound cannons that played a integral part in on Sam Houston s stunning detect of Santa Ann. The Napoleon of i lie w est alter sustaining successive defeats. Houston and his Texas volunteers retreated to a position across the san Jacinto ii Iroini the Camp of Santa Nna s tones out numbered 2-to-l, Houston s men staged a Surprise at tack catching the mexican army in a siesta the texans killed t>30. Wounded 2m0 and captured 730. While losing nine dead a incl 30 wounded the Victory firmly established the Republic of Texas and recognition of the new nation was quickly granted by the United slates. Belgium. France great Butarin Holland and several a Armari states the twin Sisters a Gilt to the Young Republic by the people of Cincinnati. Ohio were the Only Texas artillery in the Battle 1 luring the civil War. The cannons were hidden so they Wouida i tall into Yankee hands icy have never been found replicas of the cannons were list by the Texas electric steel i listing co and will be peril Laii Entov Emp laced at the Bat Park an identical pan will in sent to Cincinnati new foundation set up to Aid slain officers Ali Tilo he Icli \ v i million foundation has been established Foi police officers kill inf i it i wounded or their survivors w i Chetwood and ills wife set up the to Undaton because of then personal the elms about the killing and wounding of of Nei it May of Lom Vande Runft a Aid i Ida i lie to Undaton is Loi Law in Ioka Nickit Ittner throughout la As in i174 we of the americas Point la proclaim our cooperative actions the policy of the Good partner a Kissinger assured the Oas delegates that the United states had no desire to form an exclusive bloc in the Western hemisphere he said that the widening dialogue m the future would relic it changing world conditions wherein All nations would Convene As equals following his address before the morning session of the Oas Kissinger hosted a luncheon Tor foreign ministers and held i in ate talks with some of them durum die a i Ter noon Kissinger had been scheduled in Tel urn to Washington sunday. But there was speculation he May no Back earlier in View of the worsening Mideast situation in his Oas talk Kissinger made no reference to Cuba which h is under Oas suspension lie cause of the Castro government but the Loreign ministers of Argentina and Peru fired the of Kinmg shots in an expected attempt to restore diplomatic relations with the communist nation re Cantina s Albert j Vignes Tei Mcd the 12 year old exclusion of Cuba anachronistic Quot and dangerous lie said the l%2 suspension smacked of cold War tactics it ind was no longer valid Ltd in Miguel a de la Flore Valleo Peru said his nation was convinced Cuba should at least in involved in Leturc lit in american talks Kissinger said the 1 med states has changed enormously in the last decade we have Learned that peace cannot be achieved by our efforts alone and that development is tar More than simply an economic problem through years of anguish and trial we have Lound that the in itch states cannot remake the world and that Naillier peace nor development is achievable unless it engages the Effort and commitment of lather nations front stirs up turbulence in Texas weather he t filed press International \ mild c old front swept across cent a Texas saturday spawning thundershowers and occasional turbulent weather the it system produced Hail in and North Central Texas Friday night the nation in service reported a Tunnel Cloud near Pampa in the i exas Panhandle but it appear in Tiv did not touch Down most of the ram was destined i of Hast i exas i dumped up to Loui inches of Tain on parts of South Texas and the lower Rio ii and Valley Friday ii _ i i. Vir Uii t ii ult mum i he i get a Muker mouse watch Toi him and mrs county during their stay it 8m to Stew people do have hearts to a mixed in the Tup he has t slept for three inn Suauu \ a Akiva is a hum Dan Vrh a i pm Virgil Taladay. 11. Who doctors Sav is doomed by leukaemia played Pilot in a mock Jet to Kph saturday then boarded a real plane for Disneyland i Alil Otma on a trip paid Lor by neighbors Vii it in was Given a tour of the dem or Airport and placed Pilot aboard a Jet Trainer bet re his flight Disneyland officials said Thev would be at the los a gels Allport to Gimel him lie gets of oven in the dumps said his chaperone Nav t of Ute be ionic Vigil climbed into the i med Nimes Tiainen but when you mention Disneyland it a just a Ideal How excited he gels Lom iia Laid i Lamila Friend irom Sterling a town it it i look mis oils in Northeast Colorado said Virgil to pm lied by the Tup he has t slept Tor Thiee night to Disney la net. He ii get a Mickey mouse watch and keys to the magic kingdom of Disneyland Virgil is one of nine children his father Joe Taladay hauls dead animals Tor a rendering company and the family needs food Stamps to get by 1 be told him what he s got and what he s in for. Said Lal Adav lies taking it Leal Well \ Rigli s physicians tried to slow Down the boy s leukaemia with Tadia lion treatment Taladay said the Dot tots Haven t said How Long v Rigli will live but agree the disease is Tei Minai lamp a Laid owner of a Bici Ling travel Agency began the donation drive to pay lot vigils trip to Disney Laud \ hotel has of tried tree it jul Ommodt Loiis Lor him and mrs county during their stay \ Vigil s trip began f nday when he and mrs county u director of the Harts technical school in Sterling hoarded a passenger bus Tor Denver the boy was wealing new clothes and Cowboy boots paid for by the donated Money the it Oor Little Guy never had anything said Bulla a he used to have a piece of rope Tor a Belt and safety pins around his britches it s a real sad Story Ballard said news of Virgil s trip brought Money to Ltd it in throughout the country it Yuoi goes to show he said that people really do 4aie people really do have hearts

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