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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1935, Page 8

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - September 12, 1935, Blytheville, Arkansas A xxv Way t 19lh a i St a it no Page eight Blytheville Ark courier news thursday september 12, 1935 the Blytheville courier news the courier news co publishers c. R. Babcock editor h. W. Haines advertising manager sole National advertising representatives re dallies inc new York Chicago Detroit St. Louis Dallas. Kansas City Memphis published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the Post office at Blytheville Arkansas under act of Congress october 9. 1917. Served by the United press subscription rates by Carrier in the City of Blytheville 15c per week or $6 50 per year in Advance. mall within a radius of 50 Miles $3 00 per year $1.50 for six months 75c for three months by mail in postal Sones two to six inclusive $6,50 per year in zones seven and eight $10.00 per year payable in Advance. Jobs is. Results Harry Hopkins Lias rejected 2,000 Public works administration projects calling for the expenditure of $750,-000.000, Oil the grounds that they would either create insufficient employment in proportion to their Cost or would create employment in communities where reduced Relief Rolls indicate it it is not particularly needed. Secretary of Interior Harold Ickes head of the Bra dissatisfied with Hopkins decision is taking an Appeal to president Roosevelt. The president will thus find himself directly confronted with a question which has been badly in need of an answer Ever since Relief work on a Large scale was inaugurated. Not Only must he Settle a quarrel Between two of his chief lieutenants but he must in effect Rule whether projects under the $4,,, Relief program Are to be judged on the basis of the amount of work they provide or the usefulness of that work. Of Ourse the Ideal at which the big work program was supposed to shoot Calls for projects which would be useful and Al the same time would solve the unemployment problem. But unfortunately it appears that most really worthwhile Public undertakings Call for Large expenditures for materials equipment and other non payroll items leaving insufficient funds for putting All the jobless to work. Is it better policy to put everyone to work whether or not lie work to which they Are put is Worth doing a to apply Federal funds Only to profs of substantial and permanent a leaving a considerable part of be jobless to sub is on a direct Dole we Are not certain of the answer but our suspicion is that the Dole undesirable As it is i no More destructive of the recipient s self respect than is his As in Ament to a Job that he can readily see serves no purpose except to put him to work. Compromise it seems would Call for Mussolini to a make a peaceful Deal with emperor Haile Selassie that would enable him slowly to dominate Ethiopia in a manner the league of nations could this in much the same As if several healthy bystanders should intervene in a Holdup by telling the Bandit a there lets have no violence. Put away your gun and Well talk the victim into handing Over his pocketbook without a problem for or. Schachl or. Hjalmar Schacht famous As the a economic dictator of Germany under Hitler is finding his hands full these Days because of the tendency of retail prices in Germany to i e and Rise and keep on rising. He has just issued a decree ordering Price supervising offices to a prevent t very unjustified German incomes Are not going up appreciably and an Era of rising prices if continued very Long would mean great Public distress and presumably a Good Deal of dissatisfaction with the government As Well. Or. Schacht is simply facing the dilemma that afflicts All rulers these Days. To restore1 Prosperity it is necessary tor prices to go up yet the prices will inevitably go up ahead of the individuals income which Means that thi1 consumer stands to take a cruel gouging. We need pricing prices but we can to stand them when we get them of or. Schacht can find the answer to that one we wish head Tell us what it is. New Era in gambling this depression has More Peculiar angles than you can shake a stick at and one of the most Peculiar seems to he provided by tile new craze for gambling. Filius we learn that Raee track betting in such a representative state As Massachusetts recently attained an All time High with 90,000 patrons of three Bay state tracks wagering the amazing total of $950,313 in a single Day. This summer an unofficial tabulation shows that now England bettors have put up approximately $30,000,000 at various new England tracks. This flood of Money to the race tracks is a hard thing to understand. The depression is not Over not by Many millions in Relief expenditures. Yet someone somewhere is More Able to bet on the dogs and horses than Ever before. What a the answer anyhow peaceful Holdup the utter cynicism of International diplomats is never so evident As when an Effort is being made to head off a War. A Cable from Paris tells How Premier Laval of France is working to induce Italy to accept a Compromise solution of the ethiopian question and this out Ouk Way does not any woman marrying the Man she loves enter into a a a prison Quot of some sort. For Rome women that prison us mental its Walls the limited mentality of their husbands. Grace Golden Leonard who married Wisconsin pro lessor a a imprisoned a by his tear of travel. Here even the intelligent and gently reared girls discuss frankly subjects that Are taboo in Zurich. They go almost anywhere and do almost everything a Man does Walter Huei Ner Swiss College lad. Touring United states. Liy William that Al it to was to do. Rear Back Uke that you Wah no a Brace yourself Uke i 11s so you Cani get me Good backing neg your punches ver Bur that makes too Good a backing Fer his punches i v i in ii of Tju s. Cat. Off Quot the give and take each one Hundred pounds of sea water contains about three and on half pounds of Salt. Our lakes and streams Are Only spoken of As Tosh water by comparison since the Salt Content in them us about to Hundred times less abundant than in sea water. Next what Metal has the highest melting Point. Build up child a strength against recurring disease dear doctor we follow your id vice regularly. Our problem s just a Little different from ome of the discussions we have seen. Our Little girl is i years old and she us just get my Over her second attack of Melanoma. She had it the first line two years ago. She seems o be Busby healthy and full it of Pep. What is there we a should to Foi her it must be that Lei lungs Are the weakest part if her body. Should she take Cerci ses and ii so. What kind my How Long by or. Morris Surkin editor journal of the Anteri an medical Anocia Tion and of Fly Geia the health Magazine diseases that affect the lung do not seem to product Nia nent resistance such seduced by other infectious for example one attack let fever of diphtheria measles usually gives the sufficient resistance so a per is pro diseases. Of sear. Or of a person that he it p will i a i service. No 9"12 will not have such attack again but such diseases As influenza pneumonia bronchitis and other in Ila in mat tons of the lung do not Sci m to give a resistance that lasts Long Aud Many persons have these diseases several tunes the usual advice relative to of pneumonia is to do i everything possible to build up re fist Nice of the person concerned for a while it was thought that vaccines could be Given to Mcrea Quot resistance against pneumonia that is mixtures of the germs that cause pneumonia suitably killed so that they would not re infect. If however the disease itself does not bring about resistance of any permanent duration there does not seem to be any reason to believe that a mixture of killed germs would be any More beneficial. For that reason most doctors do not recommend vaccination against pneumonia. There Are however other ways of building resistance against diseases which should be employed particularly in such cases As the one described. In the first place it is desirable for such children to avoid exposure to inclement weather As. For example severe cold dampness Snow and drafts. Next they should have plenty of nourishing food particularly food providing adequate substances for growth of the body As Well As for Energy. This Means that the child should have the right amount of protein food and not j too much of the sugars and that he is iou id have plenty of vegetal bios containing vitamins a a and d. It must be remembered that j vitamins a and d Are found Large in in cod liver Oil and halibut j liver Oil Vitamin c in Orange juice and Vitamin i in whole grains fresh vegetables and yeast j if the child receives adequate amounts of these vitamins in the i Blet and receives in addition some i cod liver Oil or hah but liver Oil i lie will probably not require any i i vitamins m the form of nod in i a i Prepa in Lions. It is important for such a child have plenty of fresh air and warmth and perhaps to have of Brief period in a warm climate j i iring which he will be Given a cry Opportunity to develop a nod condition of the lungs. A child who has had pneumonia i twice and who is therefore apparently of the Type that has not a great Deal of resistance in his respiratory tract should obviously be kept away from people who Are ill with pneumonia and woo offer a new source of pneumonia germs. More important than exercise for a child of this Type is an adequate amount of rest. Furthermore everything possible should be done to take Good care of the slight colds which a child of this Type May develop on various occasions. Definite precautions should be taken against fatigue and chilling particularly in the Early fall and late Spring periods when pneumonia is most frequent. Blonde Brunette child Normal los Angeles up a despite his Odd colouring right Side dark and left Side Light four year old Walford Price has been examined at the East Side health Center and pronounced a Normal a . Means insect death Geneva n. Y. Up if the Gas recommended by specialists at the new York state Experiment station at Geneva to kill the Jie Ach tree Borer is As deadly As its name sounds the peach pest should be on its Way to extinction very shortly. The name of the Gas is or p. D. B., for Short. At the time of Lier death Queen Elizabeth had 3000 dresses in Lier wardrobe. Our boarding House fro a what Alvin Tel la it my you gave Hina that olo stamp albums Amo since you found out to can be Solo for you want to Back prom him Wellus i was 5uoge in this Case to trap the Cavel a Alvins Pavo. The Money j can be put away for his education i by Ahern t m big. U. S. Pat opt a Faw Quot modern Quot Robinson y Crusoe rescued a prom unchartered South Pacific Island Apter being stranded to a months i wonder y where that p. Islands i la. Decision fro the supreme court a Jane a a riot when she fets started about her this curious world be William Ferguson he first Metal Ever used by Man on this Earth came from other. Worlds in meteor Tes Only done bees Are allowed to visit neighbouring colonies of bees Queens and workers Are not accepted outside their. Own co Lon v. A 1935 by inca service. Inc la ice-1 Sill Ich in today fat Tii Woodson a pretty lakh a plaited Cirl of 19. In search of work in put off a in la eke utile town of wort Kville when a he Nim oat of Money. A storm is breaking mid hath seeks Refuge in in old Stone mansion with n Blae floor Abe faints and is carried upstairs by the Riveer old housekeeper Hertha of Bah also known is Quot i Bisky Quot and by Joh me Al 1.1. From next door. 1�?~euny believes hath to be in i a i n e if Almb i whose Grandfather built the House. Ruth lets the mistake stand. Elaine meanwhile at Tira Yentle College. Vows in n sorority meeting to win the love of John Mcneill her first sweetheart. Abe Plana to go to Worthville. Ruth in love with John resolves to stay on n while it the old House pretending to he Elaine. A known is John Smith Esen Pes from in institution for the criminally insane buys a used car mid starts for Worth Ville where he assures himself a old Bertha clubs will hide me at the House with the Blue now co on with the Story chapter Xiv Dutzi was far More Happy than she was unhappy. Far More Gay than apprehensive. She was in love and knew it she moved in that soaring tremulous state when the Mere recalling of a beloved pair of eyes a beloved voice sent the pulses pounding. The anticipation of another meeting with John i Neill a another such rendezvous As last nights ride made life a glorious adventure. Her happiness dimmed her fears for the future caused her to forget the insecurity of her position and lulled her pricking conscience into comfortable quiescence. Penny said feelingly that morning a Flor miss Elaine its Good to have you Here. You cheer up the place considerable a in Tho afternoon mail there arrived a Check from a miss after Penny had pulled Tho letter from the Rusty mail Box she stood in the Hall handling it with trembling fingers. To Ruth passing through the Hall silo said importantly a a it a from your Mother. Its the Money she sends me regular for taking care of the House. But seems like in a getting More Anil More afraid to open pm. There might come a letter any time now saying in a pensioned off. A her voice trailed away anxiously. Ruth a anxiety caught fire too. She realized that the letter in Penny a hands was a sort of bomb which might in its explosion blow Lier temporary Little world of happiness to atoms. Rut she said her voice held steady Quot done to anticipate bad news Penny and maybe it wont Ever come. Open the Penny obeyed removing from the creamy Square envelope a Check Aud a folded Sheet of paper. She said handing the letter to Ruth a Lyon read it to me miss Elaine. I can to make out pen and Ink writing very Good not been inconvenienced. Please a gleaming Coupe a tanned hatless see that the leaks in the slate roof Aro attended to also the guttering and whatever other repairs Aro needed. Have Tho Bills sent to or. Deals Secretary As usual. I done to want the old House to go to pieces. A i Hope you Are keeping Well and that your eyesight is improving. Do get new glasses. That often helps. Call on me if you need extra funds of course. Affectionately Gwendolyn Hunter Quot there Quot said Ruth handing it Back. Quot i done to believe they be any idea of pen Sioning you off Penny. Quit worrying a Penny was nodding Hor head in Relief. A a in la take the Cheek right Down to the Bank a she said. Quot i Haven to been Down town for about three months. In be got to Lay Iii some Staples at the grocery store. Id he obliged of you a keep House for me while in a gone a Quot of course i will a Ruth assured her. A give me that cloth and let me finish dusting. Then you can get ready and go right when Penny came Down a hit later hated and coated for the occasion and wearing overshoes and an anxious expression it was evident that this trip a to town was an important event in her life. Actually she left the House Only four times a year. And that was for the purpose of Hanking her quarterly Cheek. Pausing before she went out the door she said to Ruth earnestly a i wont he gone More a an hour and a half All told. If anybody conies Here asking for me asking for me by name i mean will you have Mem come in and Walt a a Why yes a Ruth answered Quot of course. Can you manage All right at the Street Crossings Penny a Bertha nodded. A a in a careful and i use my umbrella for a Cane. I never have any trouble that Young Man leaned out and called pleasantly a can i help you a a thanks no a John Smith replied in a Gruff voice not his own. His hat was pulled Low Over his eyes. He partially concealed his Mouth and Chin by manipulating his cig Aret with his uninjured hand. A it was a then he added lying a i was going the other Way. Car turned completely around a Quot what you know about that a exclaimed the Young Man with surprised interest. Quot Well you re Lucky you did no to crash that a yeah a replied John Smith. To was narrowly eying the nonchalant Clear Cut Young Man Whoso gaze was so direct and who wanted to to helpful. To wondered Why the Young Man looked vaguely familiar to him. After All he a John Smith a Hadnot been in this Vicinity for to years. The Young Man lifted his hand in Salute shifted gears and drove on. Toward Worthville. An advertising cover on his spare tire said a Mcneil pumps make hard water unnecessary a Oun Smith lifted an Eyebrow. Tju Tii unfolded Tho paper and ran her eyes Down it hastily Aud anxiously. She thought a if it says anything about Elaine anything that will give me away ill skip presently she breathed a Quick sigh of Relief. There was nothing at ail in the letter to upset her own world or poor old Penny s. She read aloud Quot dear Bertha i am sorry to be a week or two late with your Check but i have been in France and have just gotten Boma i Bop Yon have fun a Highway leading from a southerly direction a Small in not acc Vale automobile had just picked up a Nail and blown a fire. The car. Travelling rapidly at the time was thrown smartly across the Road and was partially wedged Between a tree and a Fence. The Driver its sole occupant recovering from the Shock of the Impact. Lifted himself from Tho steering wheel and rubbed his Chest. His prodding hand found a sore rib that made him wince with pain. From a Cut on his Palm blood was trickling. Ile was the Man who some time before had escaped from a place where the criminally insane Are detained. Climbing cautiously from the car. John Smith inspected the damage done. He could he decided extricate his car without help if the engine still ran. But first he must change the tire which had blown out. Tills he proceeded to do. Getting the tools from the place he knew them to be. And applying the Jack with fumbling unaccustomed fingers. It took him All of an hour to do this. At last weary from his exertions he sat on the running Board and smoked a cig Aret while Bis mind wrestled with his problems. A the old House is like a fort a he thought. To could dig in there and stay indefinitely a a car was coming to a halt beside him. Breaks ground tires skidded and from the window of boy. Grown up. He was glad head kept his own face covered. The interview caused him to reconsider his plans. It was possible even probable that the Mcneill family still lived next door to the old Hunter place. This boy might recognize him after tile Roadside meeting. Certainly lie would recognize the injured car. John Smith decided to abandon the car and continue on foot until overtaken by a bus. John Mcneill already forgetful of the incident just past skilfully lighted his pipe without reducing Speed. Head signed up the dealer he wanted in Akron a Tho third such achievement in a month a and things looked Bright for Mcneill bumps. The factory would soon he running full time again if this sort of thing kept up. Then persistently through these pleasant meditations recurred the image of Tho Wirey the in faced slouching figure on the running Hoard Back there. A a where a i seen that Guy before who asked himself. The question Wras unanswerable. Ile thought he Vad dismissed it but the subconscious mind never dismisses the unsolved. Back Back through the years went the Trail of his subconscious thoughts while his conscious mind took up a happier theme. Quot Elaine who said aloud and laughed in the wind. A lord a a said a i believe in a in love with Lier. I believe id rather have her for my wife than any girl on Earth a he imagined her in his arms in his House in his life. Belonging in those places. Happy to to there. His pulses pounded harder and his eyes narrowed in determination. Then he thought of his Mother whom lie loved and Whoso opinions he respected. To could imagine Lier saying in her sane gentle Way Quot an unsuitable match John Vorce a but i want her anyway a John Mcneill thought unreasonably. And that was How he knew that be loved Ber. To be continued j. Rachel a Mack a a �935 inca service inc

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