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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1935, Page 7

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - September 12, 1935, Blytheville, Arkansas Thursday september 12, 1935pi aph Corr it news Page seven Short Cut will the proposed Frans Florida canal storm hazards waterway across state will shorten distance to new York by Nea service Ocala ? dangerous reef strewn Hurricane beset passage around the lip of Florida its latest victim being the coastal liner Dixie will cause no More terror when the trans Florida canal is finished. At the moment when 352 passengers and Crew of the Dixie were being saved after two nights of terror in a Hurricane that threw the ship on a reel of the keys. President Roosevelt announced that the first $5,000,000 had been allotted for preliminary work on the canal it will be the greatest water shipping project since Panama was Cut i picture called the Rig Broad and now pictures Aren t a sideline but my main business. Actually. 1 a like to do nothing but broadcast one program a v eel keeping out of picture work but As Long As Paramount wants i to hand me t Hose checks i figure id better stick around. I be got to get it while i can. Before i do get out of pictures. Though. I would like to pint one straight comedy role. In a two for tonight Quot i get pretty close to it. Ila Chal career foiled and id like to make n baseball picture when i was a kid i was a pretty Good second baseman it i clo Sac so. But one summer i went logging for an Uncle. They to Sidn t Trust me with the Trees and gave me a Brush a and sent me out to Clear paths a couple of weeks later i was Back Home train with it bad Gash above each i Nee f was t crippled but i was slowed Down. In College i was t fast enough o play tie Backfield so i went out for Center and i made my High school letter at Gonzagn on the football team 1 if it Wasny to for those a cuts i might have been a big leaguer instead of a Singer. Because i made baseball letters too the Only Ripe i Ever ran away from Home it was with the idea of becoming a Ball player i left 8x>kanr and headed for los Angeles. But i Only got a tar As Weed. Up in Northern California Klimt runaway s woes i was broke hungry and homesick. So i wired my brother Everett in Portland and he. Cut me some Money to get Home on that Little experience has been invaluable to me i gel a let of letters from mothers and fat Liers whose youngsters have run Awat from Home they Tell me that the kid always listen to my programs and won t i say something on the air radio regulations Don t permit that of course but sometimes i can put in a general plug about writing Home and i know it help i be got letters to prove it. If i had t run am from Home myself maybe just How Down get. And How worries. I would t know and out a Guy can much his family read courier news want ads. In next Frederic March. Reclamation work shown Warmington up a pictorial history of the work of the Buri no of reclamation is featured in the Federal exhibit at the Calili min Pacl fit International exposition in san Diego. Radio repairing a Complete lubes and line of farts in Nuala tire amp Battery co. Phone 47fi Robinsons pharmacy 310 East main St. The Only or pc. Store open till Midnight registered pharmacist on duty i id West prices on All drugs cold drinks cigars and tobacco. Also largest Complete line of medicinal whiskies wine a gins and cordials in Northeast Ark. Laking advantage of Rivers and lakes the trans Florida canal to beginning which $5,000,000 a been provided would Cut across the Northern Art of the state at sea level making a Short Cut through the Florida Peninsula decreasing distances Between East coast and Gulf ports As indicated in the inset map Only 95 of the 19 it Miles would be Cut through dry land the rest being dredged to make channels in existing Waterways. A a i m not a Success Yel la Bine Crosby Caners this f the eighth of life stories written dais Pinch hit Ting themas Nea service of a by tor and series i film Dan Cour Hollywood. Ier new while he Hollywood is on his correspondent vacation. Semi tropical vegetation overhangs the Scenic Waters to be traversed by the Ocean level ship canal. Scenes similar to that shown above on the wit Lacoochee liver Are also the Rule along the St. John. Through a water level ditch which will Cut All the Southern Florida Peninsula Oft from Continental United states and make it technically an Island not Only will the passage through North Florida save from a Day to two Days and a half tor ships Between Gulf ports and tile Eastern Seaboard but the dangerous journey past the keys and reefs Oil Southern Florida will be eliminated. This Little coir by seat town in the midst of the vegetable growing District is already getting itself ready to become the country a next Boom town. For Headquarters for the giant task will by a established Here As soon As that first $5,000,000 starts flying. Congress will be asked later to appropriate the rest of perhaps $150,000,000 needed to finish the Job. Arrival of col. Brehon b som Merville of the army Engineer corps at Jacksonville is preliminary to his coming to Ocala to set up an organization for preliminary work on the canal. U1i i. Absorb Relief Load Clearing the right of Way building living quarters shops storehouses and other structures excavation and Bridge foundations a Well As setting up an organization will take the $5,000,000 allotted. It is expected that the Job even in preliminary stages will absorb most of the local Relief Load and occupy the transient workers from this and nearby states. This canal when completed is expected to carry More ships than the Panama canal As it will shorten the journey for All coastal shipping from Points such As new Orleans Galveston and Tampico to East coast ports. In fact based on 1929 figures it is expected such a canal would have parried More ships than Panama a Suez or Kiel 1 n ked with Rivers though h is a Iong canal totalling some 195 Miles from the Nuy from the Atlantic near jacker11, 10 the exit into the Gulf ii c0 near port Inglis a great a of this distance will Corre-iwl-1. With existing Rivers and lion a if which a he Only construction will be dredging a Channel to the required depth of 30 feet. Only about 95 Miles will have Tifi Eist c, As entirely a Noi inn 1 Way but a he cd Inas my a to to projected some jetties of a but Inlo to Ault by j to insure a Channel there a sol t "�?~i1 be i , because there a to 1 a Nal is a sed. But Ter a in to but four spill Wane i e Adu St the canal Chan likes Zuhse i�?T1 various Rivers and Many Kivi a a wll Fonnet Wian i i to i is is yoked he Lum 8lance such undertake d f a f bin Felt to Flori ? no but so nip the Commerce of a states will pass through it. At powered shipping costs the effect Mould be Felt throughout the county while roughly half the Money a a pc it will go to other states for special machinery and equipment. Probably four years will be required to Complete the canal even at an emergency Pace. Odd y enough not even All Flor-1 Ida a a sold on the canal project. Protests have been received from ctr numbers of Commerce in More than 80 South Florida communities where the canal does not run ask Jing further investigation of the pos Sivility that infiltration or Salt sea water into the Rivers of North Flor Ida might pollute sub surface water i sources and Lay waste thousands of i acres of Rich farm and Citrus lands. This possibility was pointed it in an old geological Survey report which is now being re studied by the sceptical. Waits Congress action the trans Florida canal was one of the first projects put up to a the Public works administration a year ago when it be a to function with the original three billions appropriated for Public works. But i the Bra never got around to it. President Roosevelt is now willing to allot the initial $5,000,000 for the i preliminary work about to begin Here he said but is not willing to i tap the present four billion works i mid for the remainder feeling that a project of such importance should wait on a specific appropriation of Congress later. According to Success. I be far As Money to b1 More or a screen Star that is your Meas then probably i m Rivers glaciers and Clouds constantly Are pouring water into the sea almost As fast As it is being taken out by the Sun through evaporation. R a septpinliffb1 a -190 by Battle of Marathon Lull Richard m. Hoe inventor born i860 National pro Biti Tion party or panned at Chicago As observers Lauh Al the idea of tire us. Ever having a Nodi Biti Oft Street Railroad in Pittsburgh opened by Bing Crosby sometimes it is a help to get an Opportunity like this. Writing a column i mean. It gives a Chance to answer All at once a lot of questions that Are cart Tamal in being asked. For inst Awre a blare i the i a to what do you it tribute Success a that Sall you mean by pretty Well As i m supposed notorious As radio Singer. If Ute of Success successful. But it in t mine. It just happens that in a Lucky enough to get paid for being Able to sing. But getting a lot of checks for doing something i like to do Isnit my idea of Success. Ill consider myself successful when i be done All the things i be always wanted to do. I want to own a yacht. I want to fish for Tarpon off Florida. I want to take a trip around Hie world just As a tourist. I want to see the world series every year and tile Kentucky Derby and the army Navy game. I want to qualify for the National Amateur Golf tourney. I d like to win it. Of course but in a not counting too heavily on that. A a a not a Success vet i want to be a Good husband and have a Fine family. T want to give my dad and Mother a Good Home. I want to be Able to do what i want when i want to do it. Then i ii consider myself a Success. So. In my own estimation i m not yet successful. I be been Lucky All my life Luck to have Good friends to get Good jobs and to be boosted along without much initiative on my own part. A lot of people say i m the Laziest Man i probably am. I done to mean 111 deliberately shirk a Job i just Don t go out of my Way to find work. In a not a believer in a Kismet or a a Fate or anything like that. But i do believe that you get along better by letting things take 4ime the announcing the opening of be Imey a Balcony ready to Wear department we Jui t completed the 1 a modelling and if our store and have installed a Complete ladle it adv to weal department on the Balcony where you will find a Complete showing of the new fall style in ladies and me Oil. Suits dec and Milliner at in popular i Rise invite mini in Pelt inn. A amp i off new Che Rry carte casual hats head is cd to fit .98 smart tailored brims in Fine Quality fur Felts made with the very newest folded crowns Ami turn Back brims in stun Reg fall color All head sizes Bing Crosby their course than by running around and waving your arms. When i was in College studying to be a lawyer a few other Guys and i organized an orchestra. To make some Money. I played the Drums and Sang As a Side line. Gees in for radio pretty soon singing became my big thing and i quit College. Al Rinker and i started singing in vaudeville and we landed with Whiteman. Later we went with another orchestra along with Harry Barris the dance program was being broadcast so radio became my sideline. Then i went in for radio exclusively. As a sideline i made a new fur trimmed Ami sport Coats beautifully style j arum finished the original creations of Ippa Fine $16so a and 24 75 car Loans reasonable rates no co signers prompt confidential service u. Vav. Mullins second floor Sudbury bldg. 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