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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1935, Page 1

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - September 12, 1935, Blytheville, Arkansas Blytheville courier news the dominant newspaper of Northeast Arkansas Ani Southeast Missouri vol. Xxxii no. 15h25exei Herald Serex a Trust bi.ythkv1i.le. Arkansas. Thursday se1tkmbkr 12. 1935 single copies five cents Deal ii cull fails to break Bruno Hauptmann s null Solice Aid pickets Battle holdings to go House of Morgan will sell i rail Road Empire at auction new York. Sept. 12. Up a control of the great financial dynasty created by the Van Swerin Gen Brothers of Cleveland a net i work of railroads real estate and i Industrial holdings valued at More it than $2.ooo.ooo.ooo�? will be sold at i auction by j p. Morgan and com i Pany. It was Learned today j the Sale unprecedented in scope i i in recent financial history will Dis j Post of such important railroads i As the Chesapeake and Ohio the j Erie the Chicago and Eastern Illi i Nois the Denver and Rio Grande the Missouri Pacific the Nickel plate the Pere Marquette the Tex-1 As and Pacific and the International great Northern. Under the auctioneers Hammer will pass control of hundreds of interlocking companies welded together in four huge holding companies by orbs p. And m j m. Van Sweringen who started with a mod est real estate business in the sub Jinns inlets arrival the Cole Broth cars Clyde Beatty circus second largest on Earth will arrive on three special trains Over tilt Frisco Early Friday morning circus grounds East main Street Parade leaving the circus grounds it ii a. In. The Parade will follow a route West on main to Franklin North to Walnut West to fifth South to main and Eust to the circus grounds performances Start at 2 my 8 p. In Gates open at i and 7 p. In. Downtown ticket office tickets available tomorrow at Borume a drug store 20ft West main at same prices As at circus grounds be thrills in store for Young and of with Corning of big show Bruno Richard Hauptmann. A certainly does t seem to be especially Wilmer Allison wins National singles title Forrest Hills. N. Y. Sept. 12 a up it a Wilmer Allison hard hit i Ting texan who astounded the Tennis world yesterday by an upset Victory Over Fred Perry of England won the National singles i title today Riding roughshod Over Sidney b Wood of new York in straight sets 6-2 6-2 6-3. I a mrs. Lekes leaves big estate to husband Chicago sept. 12. Up a mrs Anna Ickes killed in an automobile crash August 30, left Mast of i Lier $500,000 estate to her husband. Secretary of the Interior Harold l Ickes. Her will revealed today. Fate s verdict condemned Slayer of Lindbergh baby gains weight in death cell by Paul Harrison aka service staff correspondent Trenton. N a sept 12. It Bruno Richard Hauptmann goes to the electric chair for the murder of the Lindbergh baby there is no one who doubts that he will walk that a last Miles without having added a word to what is left of the kidnapping mystery. Each morning since last february 16, when guards Are astir and Dawn filters through tile tomorrow is circus Day there a Only one thrill that the urls of Cleveland Little Over 20 years j lilt a boy it you were has carried ago. A ver to the Man you Are and tottering since the financial Lhatt a the shivery Blissful Antoci earthquake of 1929, the Van ser Gat Ion of circus Joy. If you have Ingen Empire slipped out of con children of your own Vou deck Mem tool of the two Brothers last may0.t in their Best clothes and take when despite desperate efforts to eni Down to see the a big show a meet obligations they were unable of you Ore single you borrow somebody a youngster to take you to the circus. That is the spirit that will be abroad tomorrow when the Cole Beatty circus with its trumpeting bands red wagons oink lemonade invades Blytheville the first of the three Long trains is scheduled to arrive at Dawn Over the Frisco Railroad. To take up maturing Loans. To Back do league utilities hide famed Lauters eur court fight will carry attack on new Deal legislation to highest i tribunal new York. Sept 12 up terming recently enacted legislation an attempt to Advance a theory of state socialism already proven dangerous to tin rights of the american people the Edison electrical Institute representing the nations greatest utilities. Today retained noted counsel to test the constitutionality of the new Deal Utility control measures. John Vav Davis one time Democrat in presidential nominee Newton d Baker former Secretary of War. James m Beck former solicitor general of the United states and Forney Johnston of Birmingham were the lawyers retained and they will carry t lit right to the supreme court the Institute said Weiss May Wield Louisiana Power Low ginning figure reflects late crop Only 99 Bales of 1935 crop Colon were ginned in Mississippi county prior to september i the courier news was informed today by Chester Dunhower Luxora census Bureau com Jim Dent for this county. The figure smallest in years compares with 10,296 Bales ginned prior to the same Date a year ago. Last years crop was in of the earliest on record while this years is one of the latest. Thirty injured police resort to guns after Lear Gas is exhausted actress death pea awaits repeal of Huey Long a Laws a Power to it reckoned with in the new setup which will prevail in Louisiana with the death of senator Huey p Long is Seymour Weiss above one of Long s principal advisers and close friends Weiss tonner shoe clerk and Barbershop manager was advanced by to president of the new Orleans Dock Board and had great in flue with hts chief she tells Assembly p. E to i alarms will be set Heady to support renal in consequence no end of. A a a a youngsters will go to bed tonight ties against aggressor with the alarm clock set for an unearthly hour to dream of a at in the very front Row with to the prettiest of bareback riders a a. Thu it and Ava lists blowing him kisses lands spokesman in the from the backs of galloping horses it bag e of nations Assembly tor the or out of trapeze swy ung Miles High countries called the conscience of in the air. However the lure of the it i Toda a circus is by no Means limited too id Alfill All obligations in crud j the Little folks and Many of the lug co Lect Ive penalties in event boys who have been eagerly in it. A Matei became a victim of j awaiting the arrival of the big show Range in age from seven to a Eden came at once to the be seventy the Rands support with the state a a mein that the league of nation but pvt sound of Tlle Alann wu1 could not take decisions contrary1 ?lsp91 a a Ucb a taming happen to Justice under pressure of fore Luijs ill. A St is Rea 01 Dawn. In Ifni i in Fri t a fit a a a a a a re p i a a l a Washington sept. 12 up a the Roosevelt administration a patently determined today to make Huey p. Long a political machine j suffer tor the Laws he swept thru Louisiana a legislature. Public works administration officials ready to spend $50,Udo, Khz in Louisiana repeated warnings that no funds would in available school until the Laws Are repealed. Quot we do not want to go to jail Quot one of the officials said Quot one of Long s Laws provides a two year prison sentence and a $10,000 Fine for any pea official who attempts j to build anything in Louisiana Quot i Holland consolidated school Dis i strict. In a special election tuesday Pem Scot county Road District seeking $48,000 from 1>w a for new building Holland to voters of the i gave All but unanimous approval to a proposal to seek a Public works projects get ant Royal administration loan und Grant of or $48,000 for the construction of a new Caruthersville to an h 1k,1 it t announcement by s. V. Medlong. Job to local attorney who is assistant District is asking a pea loan director of the District spa old $26,000, to be secured by Bonds flee at Sikeston reports three a of theorized at tuesdays election Pem Scot county projects approved and a it a Grant of $22,000 for the by the state office it Jefferson mailing program. In addition it is applying for $4,000 for the Purchase of equipment let through Temple West Chester. Sept 12 up it Henry Huddleston Rogersjr and William James Kelly will by admitted to $1,090 bail each today pending in inquest next tuesday in the death of Evelyn Foey actress. District attorney Parke announce d that in autopsy would be held late today to determine the course of the Bullet the autopsy is expected to determine whether she c omitted suicide or was murdered. Rogers and Kelly were lodged in tile county jail on warrants charging Quot suspicion of miss Hoey appeared in fifty Mullon frenchmen. Spring buddies the Vanderbilt review among other Broadway hits. She was shot to death Early today at the Rogers farm at Lynden. Authorities discovered the body on a bed in one of the rooms. She had been shot through the right Temple Fera will continue program in two cities Little Rock sept 12 up Floyd Sharpe Deputy spa administrator announced today of his return from Washington that 7,000 Relief clients employed in Fera projects in Little Rock und Minneapolis sept. 12. Up a demands for stringent protective measures possibly martial Law. Over the Battle torn area where two men died in a furious Midnight engagement Between police and strike pickets were made today j full Assurance that Law and or Ider will be maintained at the flour City ornamental Iron Coln Pany j Plant scene of another bloody outburst of labor unrest in Minn apr it Evelyn Hoey found at 1 wast demanded from mayor a. I Oil Aromas Latimer by Walter Tetslaff Home of one with do president of the company Tetslaff said he would not Appeal directly to gov. Floyd b. Olson now for National guard troops and indicated his next move would be a final plea to Latimer for ample police Protection to assure safety of workers. Battle rages for two hours meanwhile indignation ran High As a result of the death of two persons and the wounding of at least 30 others in last nights bloody two hour Battle. The Battle was one of the worst labor disorders in the history of Minneapolis Long a Union stronghold. For More than two hours police riot squads fought to disperse a crowd of 500 pickets including women and children. They hurled Volley after Volley of tear Gas bombs until their Supply was exhausted then riot guns and service revolvers were swung into action. Fighting Back savagely As they dodged through tile darkness from shelter to shelter the pickets finally were forced to Retreat leaving two of their number dying on the pavement and More than a score of others injured. Thirty of the injured were taken to hospitals which were forced to Call emergency staffs on duty to care Foj the victims. An Nesci mated number of others suffered minor injuries. Sends guard chief St Paul sept. 12. Up a nov. Floyd b Olson today dispatched Gen. Eliard a. Walsh commander City they Are no. 198 Missouri stat Quot Highway commission route so. Sec no decision by court on Hauptmann Appeal Trenton n. J., sept. 12 up a Luther Campbell Chancellor of the new Jersey court of appeals and errors announce d today As the court convened dial there would be no dec agon today on the Appeal of Bruno Richard Hauptmann condemned Lindbergh baby layer. Frosted skylight outside his cell Hauptmann has awakened to Check a new Day on his Calendar he does this impassively enough. Calmly too he has torn off the leaves of seven spent months until there Are Only a few chapters left in his Book of time september october november december. Of will there be a december Hauptmann does t seem to worry about it. He says Good morning to his hoards and sometimes asks what kind of Day it will be. He hated Hie pitiless summer heat that beat Down on the Little Brick death House in the prison Yard. He dresses in Blue Denim trousers Blue Cotton shirt socks heavy shoes. Watched by vigilant guards lie is allowed to shave himself und dots so regularly and fastidiously. Food is handed him on paper plates accompanied by stiff paper Forks and spoons of the Type sold for picnicking. Throughout his confinement Hauptmann s appetite has been excellent. Has gained about 5 Bounds Quot he has t had a moment of said col. Mark o. Kimberling the prison Warden. Quot sleeps Well and manages to get a reasonable amount o Fexer Lse in his cell. Our doctor goes to the death House every Day and he says Hauptmann probably has gained five pounds in weight. The Man certainly does no to seem to be especially worried All along i have noticed that he either must be continued on Page 2> Greece to vote oct. 27 on return of monarchy a Athens. Greece. Sept. 12. It up a Greece will hold a National plebiscite on of Tobt a �?~27 to vote on the return of the monarchy it was announced today. The plebiscite was to pave the Way for the restoration of King George in who left Greece la years ago the country since that time thus been a Republic. Cloning Stock prices new York sept. 12 up a Selling of Railroad issues unsettled tin Stock Market today after an Early rally led by Utility shares. Trading lightened considerably i Rem the recent Pace that accompanied rising prices. A t. And to. 144 1-4 Anaconda Copper. 20 1-4 Bethlehem steel. 39 Chrysler. 71 5-8 cities service. 2 general american tank 40 general electric. 34 1-8 general motors. 45 5-fc International Harvester 59 1-2 Mckesson Robbins. 7 1-8 Montgomery Ward 36 i a new York Central. 25 5- Packard. 5 3-8 Phillips Petroleum. 26 1-2 radio corp. 8 St. Louis san Francisco i 1-4 Simmons bed. 14 3-4 Standard of n j44 Texas co. 19 1-2 u s. Smelting 95 u. S. Steel. 45 7-8 onite. 4 1-4 or military measures. To mobilize sept. 20 is bound to find a goodly gathering of youngsters und grown ups in the Railroad Yards. But just sept 12. Up a Italy Ste. That it to my a herds of trained test mobilization of Over to too too >1 13 so hundreds of horses soldiers and organized civilians i Cage after Cage o1 wild al1imals which Many believe will Mark the and red Wagon the cavalcade of i opening of hostilities against ethic i 2f,bras�?~ camels and it aks nov no pm has been set tor sept. 20. To the show grounds promises to afford a Quot free show Quot not to be overlooked. Immense Street Parade a trumpeting bands tooting Calli Morm inquiry reopened o0s rumbling wagons of red and Gold cumbersome elephants and Miami Fin sept 12 up a humping camels will take posses Tim Miami ministerial association Slon of the downtown streets today requested president Roose Shortl it before noon tomorrow when velt to reopen the Federal invest the gorgeous and fantastic Street gut Ion to determine whether there l Trade will pass in review was human responsibility for a magnificent extravaganza the death of world War veterans in Quot serenade of Spain a a depiction the the Hurricane disaster on labor Charm Romance and Gayety of the Miami ministers want new High school building will a lion 5, gravel Road and Grade erected near the present school $11,044.50. Five Man years. Building. It will lace Highway 61 no 215 Bragg City special the present building it was sex Road District gravel Road. $33. Planned by w i Myers. Supennten-959. Thirty nine Man years. Dent. Will be remodeler for use As no 240 Pem Scot county Road a Grade school and to accommodate District 3, route 2, Portageville High school vocational and Home gravel 7 Miles. $24,486 thirty j economics departments in Achord three Man years. Lance with recommendations of the 1,01,1 District offices. A fourth project previously had stat a department it education. Been approved. Little Praise Spe Cia Road do stick bringing the d. Total in this county to $94,189. President May move medling said there is about $800. 1 p a i a i too More in applications on tile o prevent Loa Mrike from this county. Washington. Sept. 12 i up presidential intervention to avoid a Complete tie up monday of the soft sneaks at Lake Street Coal Industry appeared possible to r Day As a joint wage conference diva la u Obi a ill l.4i i vie Ivul in Usu i a _. Fort Smith would be eared Fot Minnesota National guard to the scene of the Minneapolis labor riots. Walsh Wras directed to investigate and report on the possible need of military Law meanwhile the governor conferred with his Secretary preparing for possible martial Law i Rade concessions to Germany will be ended until they had been transferred to the new spa work alter the ii Hie Money is forthcoming the j closing of the Fera on september 15. In addition to keeping these workers employed a Skeleton administrative Force will be employed in each county to Grant limited Aid in Rural areas until of i Toter i. After that Date the limited Relief of the Fera will be administered Mcm ohis evangelist Sharpe explained that the work of Hie administration was being continued in Hie Little Rock and fort Smith areas because of Hie Large number of unemployed there s50 agreed judgment Day. New York Cotton land of Romance will serve As a prelude to the circus performance Prober upwards of 1,060 men. Women. Horses elephants and camels will take part in tills spectacle. Clyde Beatty the world s greatest wild animal Trainer this season a group of forty Black oct dec Jan March May july Chicago wheat o ten i j Low close i sep 92 1-2 92 5-8 91 1-4 91 3-8 dec 93 5-8 93 7-8 92 1-4 92 3-8 i Chicago Corn open High Low close 1 sep 77 7-8 77 7-8 75 1-2 75 3-4 dec 57 1-4 5 7 3-8 56 3-8 56 1-2 new York sept. 12 up Cotton closed steady. Open High Low last presents 1047 1049 1042 1043 maned african Lions and perform 1052 1053 1047 1048 my Bengal tigers. Mrs. Clyde 1053 1056 1051 1051 Beatty another Champion wild an 1059�?T 1060 1056 1056 i Bual Trainer will be seen with a 1064 1065 1061 1063 a Reat mixed group of performing 1069 1071 1088 1068 Muncie beasts in his Cage of fury. Spots closed quiet at 1080. Off 5. Lluc folks will be delighted to 6arn that the addition of a score of european clowns has increased Mew Orleans Cotton contingent a attn new Orleans sent 12 up there win b it performances atj1 a a 2 and 8 p. In the doors to the big it to be ,.dessj>how will open an hour earlier to Iriny not i \ j per nit an inspection of one of Selling and prices closed six to a nil he a nine Points lower. Open High Low close 1043 1043 1035 1037 1043 1045 1040 1042 1047 1047 1044 1044 a a a a iss Borum drug store 205 Vav main j 10t�?T 1 Street and at the circus grounds. 1064 1065 1062 1062 Ovaline Gaskins daughter of mrs. Quot let your Light be Shine Quot was weary continued with Little Prog rattle Gaskins was awarded $50 Sermon delivered re a ,0 Quot d a a a Quot do a Quot it Quot to last night at in Lake Street met.-., up a Tom and mine Union Mem it a a yesterday again the Odin Church by the Rev. Herman Quot Alt no a a it it corridors As. A rating Library inc. A Butts of Memphis Aho address he Wale committee went i motor Muju Tea were received alien Eri a i Iet or a a oily of to session for the seventh Day. Turn a car a which the girl was Riding his series of evangelistic services de their discussion toward probable j co judged with a car operated for vej.1 a Bruno Neal and vocal by Ivor Tevelt or the i tor de a Etc american lend no Library by music Aas Given by Moody b. Con it a a or Lei no Ivha v i t a pc cd Fri a Hingham of Memphis song Leader such action would by to secure Jay 6l> four Miles South of w to is in charge of the musical Extension of the present contract y on july i. Programs. I a it United mine worker members j Abai Ham were coun yesterday afternoon 117 boys and assert they will not continue Ator ule girls attended a special meeting at work after tile contracts expire Washington sept. 12 up a the state department has in formed Germany that on and Atter october 15 the Reich will no longer be accorded the Tariff concessions granted to other nations under Trade treaties negotiated by the United states in a Mast favored nation basis. The action it was said was 111 Auto injury snit brought about by two develop a merits first Germany a persistent and flagrant discrimination against american products and against american holders of German Bonds and securities second Germany a insistence that the most favored nation Claus in the German Amel lean commercial treaty be abrogated. Which or. Cunningham used of 5� it 16 Jet and magic lessons to illustrate his to i. These meetings Aru held each afternoon at 3 45 o clock j. C. Penney co. Store is redecorated rearranged will explain subsidy to Pem Scot Farmers Caruthersville to. A meeting will be held at the courthouse monday sept. 16, at 9 30 a. In to acquaint Farmers with the procedure in getting the unspent subsidy on Cotton. A Man oct dec Jan March May july the worlds largest travelling zoos or to enjoy a concert of popular and operatic music by prof. Victor j Robbins military band. Reserved and admission tickets will by on i Sale All Day tomorrow at the Kentucky burial for old Osceola resident Sacco Vanzetti lawyer a t a Ai the remains of Bennett Mcgreg-1 0,11 state by Quot cd office wifi victim of heart attack cry. 87, who died at Osceola yes a Ter Day were sent to Dawson a a a Chestnut Hill mass., sept ypri�8�. Ky., where burial will by Caruthersville schools 13 up a William Goodrich Ifrid a Artemon. T c ii Ai i i Ann Thompson. 70, Boston lawyer 1 Mcgregory who died after unroll in Carly i Usu the j. C Penney company store figured prominently in the de a Sov Ltd Al years illness from cancer has been redecorated and rearrange Fonse of Sacco and Vanzetti. World j that a ear made hts Home with i Caruthersville. To. R. M de to take care of an enlarged Stock known communists died of heart his Only son. F. D Mcgregory. He Pierce superintendent of Caruth the Balcony which has not been disease at his Home Here Tuduy. Jaas widely know n in this Counti ers Volle schools today announced in use for several years except at Fiat my lived at Osceola for 32 937 enrolled in High and Grade the Christmas season has been re years schools for 1935-36. Heaviest in opened with the ladies ready to Cotton growing tested 15 a to Large of Are Rollent in High school is in the Loro a new a and a in Nebraska counties 10. Spots closed steady at 1080. Off sues for divorce Wear Stock there a new shoe department has been provided and j facilities arranged for a menus _ clothing department in a special Wausa. Neb. Up a the Rev. Part of tile store. m. Ethridge native of Georgia Cream paint was used to Deco Anco pastor of the first methodist rate the Walls and ceiling so As Church of Wausa has planted i Range ments. Jack Edwards named Pem Scot Relief head Caruthersville to. It freshman class there being 110. I the Grade school has 699 enrolled the High school 288 weather Arkansas fair tonight Friday today s subsidy 1.49 Sylvia Collins has filed suit a Memphis tenn., sept. 12�?the against Leister Collins in chancery average Price of middling 7-8 cot court Here asking a divorce ton on the to leading Cotton mar desertion is charged on the basis sets today was 1051, thus Stab of the action. Fishing today a subsidy at 149 i Ivy w Crawford is attorney for cents. The plaintiff. To afford better fight. The Wood Colum with varying degrees of was announced wednesday from Cloudy Success in six Nebraska counties. Be state Relief administration y temp hot and Vicinity fair to w Ork and counters Are in Walnut. Masons meet tonight his current stand is As Large As office that Jack Edwards. Holland no get Anco priday not much change it normally would be in the South had been named chairman of the in temperature. A according to his personal Compart i Pem Scot county Relief commit-1 the Chickasawba Lodge no. 134 sons and of a Quality that would tee. Succeeding atty. Steve med the maximum temperature Here f and a m will meet tonight meld a Bale an acre it was Plant a Ling. Who resigned and is now with yesterday was 76, minimum 50. At 7 30 of clock visiting masons i de in May but is almost certain1 the District spa office at Sike Clear according to Sam Quot a f. Are invited to be Frost bitten before maturity stun As assistant director Norris official weather observer

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