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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 1

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Blytheville, Arkansas A broadcaster smooths out a Rocky Road by Jim Branum a staff Blytheville Arkansas vol. 71 a no. 146 # to cents # 20 pages saturday october 31, 1970oct. 31 Johannesburg a thirteen persons were killed and 230 injured today when a crowded passenger train crashed into the rear of a stationary one near a Johannesburg railway station. It was unlikely that any More than a dozen of the injured would be hospitalized authorities said. Judo clubs from Arkansas Tennessee and Missouri were scheduled to take part in an Aal judo tournament today at the Blytheville Myca. The event which began at la . And was expected to last throughout the Day is being sponsored by the Blytheville judo club. The Public is invited to the session. Little Rock a gov. Winthrop Rockefeller said Friday that the department of health education and welfare is making an additional Grant of $83,000 to financially troubled Arkansas am amp n College at Pine Bluff in response to a letter he wrote to president Nixon. The $83,000 is in addition to a preliminary Grant to the predominantly negro College for assistance in developing the College s program. Auditors have placed the College s liabilities at about $2 million. Little Rock a an ordinance adopted aug. 5 by Earle City Council to prevent picketing within to feet of a store Entrance was ruled unconstitutional Friday by u. S. District judge g. Thomas Eisele. The judge also expressed a great concern about three related ordinances also adopted aug. 5. Little Rock a charges of loitering against 29 persons arrested at the Pulaski county courthouse thursday were dropped Friday on the recommendation of sheriff Monroe love and the prosecutor s office. None of the 29, which included 27 negroes and two Whites appeared in court. The group had gone to the courthouse thursday to attend a rape trial in which six Young negroes Are accused of raping two Young White women May 29 on an Arkansas River Sandbar. Quito Ecuador a a self proclaimed a a extremist group claimed credit today for the kidnapping f Ecuador a air Force commander and demanded that he nation be returned to constitutional government in return for his release. The demand was made in a five Page letter to everal newspapers by a group identifying itself As a Ecuador 70.�?� the letter said Gen. Cesar Rohen Sandoval kid raped tuesday was alive and Well and promised to lend his tie to authorities As proof he is being held a by the group. There was no immediate comment from officials. President Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra was Given dictatorial Powers last june 22 by the army in an at empt to halt deterioration in the Economy and a wave if antigovernment violence by students. Velasco offered a $40,000 Reward for information in the whereabouts of Rohon Sandoval. Strict Security precautions imposed after the kidding were relaxed slightly on Friday As several of the 400 or so persons held in the Case were released. A we were moved to Weona by a Man named Jessie James in a great big old Dodge touring car from Lenox Tenn. Ira Wright says the Only Way to find Lenox is by a Detour guess he a just about right the town hardly exists any More no Post office or schools a ghost town so to the voice of Don Whitney walked about his Small office in Osceola like a Maiden tiptoeing through a Rose Garden As he relived every moment of years Long gone years that might have died had not they been Happy years. But then this is the Way Whitney a intellect works it lives happiness it collects Happy moments and stories like a Squirrel collecting nuts. In fact if the Whitney mind could be Laid out like a newspaper and read there would be found a Community of Beautiful people his friends Church he loves a son he is proud of and a wife he adores. Don Whitney is a self made Man. Like All men that pull themselves up on the fragile string of poverty his Success has nothing at All to do with the laying of the foundation on which they must build. The environment such men fall heir to was created Long ago by others. How easy for them to become bitter to find fault to hate the environment so much that the hate destroys them and leaves the environment the same. But Whitney like a number of others found Beauty material to build on. To be poor Only meant they had no Money and Little that Money could buy. Don said a i remember 1932, i was very Young at the time but i can remember that All we had to eat was a bag of red Cross flour and skim milk. Mommy had to sift the bugs out of the flour. After some doing and we came up with the Nickel to pay for the skim milk there was still the two mile walk a mile there and a mile Back to get the milk. But then we did a lot of sopping in that saw Mill As Whitney continued to talk one could see his Mother Rushing about an old country Kitchen its Wood cooking stove with the warming oven atop preparing a meal for six kids and a husband. There were Many times when that meal consisted of cat head biscuits and saw Mill Gravy with a Little Black Coffee thrown in for the older folks. Coffee for kids was unheard of. A three times a Day Mommy made 48 biscuits and the left overs she put into an old White Stew sitting on top of the warming closet. You know How kids come Home from school starved near to death Well i was no different. A i would tear into the Kitchen and take one of those left Over biscuits and with a Finger rim out the top of the biscuit and pour it full of sorghum. Buddy that makes for Good Don can go on and on telling stories of the Large family the love and warmth that be found. How it feels to wiggle the toes in the hot dust on a Wagon Road to the pulling of the cover and sleeping at the foot of the bed on cold Winter nights being the youngest of the six kids Don had a lot of cover to pull. By the time Whitney was 12 he knew he wanted to be in broadcasting. However at this time of life he thought of broadcasting from the standpoint of entertainment. At this time in history the Battery radio was in its heyday and was considered the greatest invention for the Rural family since the Franklin stove. The Whitney family saved enough Money for a Down payment on a radio through one of the mail order houses. Of course it was one of the Battery types and every bit of Power was squeezed from the Battery. When it got so weak that no sound came from the radio then the Battery was put into the oven of the Cook stove and heated until the radio would play a Little while longer. This went on until there was More Money for another Battery or until Hea Ting did no Good. At any rate this was done a introduction to broadcasting. A at the age of 13, Don organized a band and began his radio career. Easy no. In order to have the program each week Whitney had to sell five sponsors at two and a half dollars each. The station a Jonesboro got half and the band the other half. If the Road was Rocky Don never noticed. Even when he took a Job As a mandolin player with a group of grown ups they toured the country playing political rallies for two dollars and fifty cents a Day and a Bologna Sandwich. The contract called for meals but Bologna was what they got. Their Man lost and got lost and the band never got the two dollars and fifty cents a Day. Bologna sandwiches were All they got. This was done a first professional Job As an entertainer. It could have disheartened some but not Don. He went on to become known As Quot Arkansas biggest hillbilly in the entertainment world. Its difficult if not impossible to confine some men to one facet As in Don s Case Broad Quot casting. He was a Good entertainer and even Here it is impossible to tie him Down to one Type. Don was a Fine Ballad Man having the same gentle touch with a song As did Jim Reeves. He was a funny Man when the role called for it. Don was a single act and almost always had a radio show As Well As working with bands. Whitney worked the Ernest Tubb show with Tennessee Ernie Ford and Hank Thompson. There is no Way of knowing As to How Many shows or How Many Miles he covered with the Pappy Stewart family. He was under contract to the four Star recording company. Still this was not enough for Don. He had to get into the other end of broadcasting As Well. Of course this meant announcing Selling program directing and sometimes sweeping the floors not to count the one to two shows he did each Day As an entertainer. Don went to work As an announcer Jan. I 1945 for radio station Welo Tupelo miss. He stayed with them until March of �?T48 w Hen he came to klan in Blytheville. On klan at an hour when a Man should be put in jail for getting out of bed so Early Whitney had a country bumpkin Type show that was outstanding in itself. He was also a full time announcer. In 1957, Don Lay Down the old starvation Box guitar and went to work As station manager of Kose in Osceola. Here Don was no longer in entertainment and should have had More time for himself but not so. There was Church work Community work chamber of Commerce of which Don was president one year. He was the chamber a Man of the year for 1969. He is still Selling Dong commercials managing a radio station and perhaps sweeping the floor now and again. When asked about his Success Whitney said a i owe it All to having a Good wife that is pretty Dolly and my Church without these a Man goes for nearly 25 years the Whitney voice has Laid Down a Blanket of warmth both in song and in speaking Over a Large part of the mid South. Don has not done a show or made a record since 1957, yet he got a letter from a fan Early in october asking where to buy his records. This is Whitney a great big 22c pounds of unadulterated humanity and country gentleman if there Ever was one. Or. Bob Riley democratic candidate for lieutenant governor in tuesdays election was at a drop in Coffee this morning in the Dale bumpers Headquarters. He paused to Greet visitors among whom was attorney Graham Partlow. Riley was to be in Little Rock later in the morning for a tour of 14 shopping centers with other candidates. Courier news photo Don Whitney action line Hospital policies queried by Webb Laseter Iii a staff writer two questions have been received by the column recently both of which Deal with operations at Mississippi county a two hospitals. A i understand that our county hospitals have five administrators one each Over the medical facilities in Blytheville and Osceola two assistant administrators and an associate administrator. A with the High costs of Medicine and Hospital care today Why does the county need to be paying High salaries like these to this number of people a a Anonymous City. Hospital administrator Bill Carter offered action line this explanation. A first of All we have an administrator. That a me. Then we have the assistant administrator Jim Lowry Over at Osceola memorial. A we also have an assistant administrator of finance. Rex Gibbons who spends All of his time with Cost reports budgets accounting internal audits and financial matters of this nature dealing with both hospitals. A finally a he continued a there is John Cherry who is consultant to the hospitals Board of governors. He works on Long Range planning financial planning and government Carter said the multiplicity of tasks involved in running the two facilities necessitates keeping each of the present administrative positions filled. Salaries paid to the five administrators from Jan. I to sept. 30 this year Are Only a Small percentage of the county hospitals total expenditures Carter said. Based on financial records of the hospitals Carter revealed the Gross amount paid to All five in salaries represents approximately 2.3 percent of the total expenditure for the nine month period. The amount of take Home pay actually received by the men is about 1.7 percent of the total expenditure he added. It it it a recently i took my wife to Chickasawba Hospital As a maternity Case. I was told the Deposit for such cases is now $150. Several years ago the same Deposit was $65. Why has the amount increased a Anonymous City. This question was also directed to Carter who replied a the hospitals have a Deposit which is designed to cover the Cost of an average obstetrics rising medical costs have caused these Hospital deposits to Rise accordingly he added. A actually for maternity cases this is perhaps the Best bargain in medical care you can receive at either of the county hospitals when you consider the Cost and amount of equipment that must be kept on standby to handle births a Carter commented. In addition the administrator said the Deposit in this in stance does not cover the entire Cost but Only a portion. Charges for maternity cases Range he said from $175 to $200. It it it a a news Story in the courier news earlier this month reported that a gift of $1,750 was made by the chamber of Commerce to Blytheville air Force base for construction of a covered picnic area at the base. Quot Why was this done when City Parks in Blytheville Are sadly lacking in facilities and when the Federal government provides recreational facilities or. Military bases to which the majority of civilian residents living Here do not have Access a Anonymous City. Chamber president Bob my Haney was contacted first and asked to comment. A people tend to forget a my Haney said a that the chamber of Commerce is not an of City government but is composed of businessmen interested in promoting not Only Industry but also Good Community relations. A this particular gift was not taken from the chamber a budget but was collected from members who wished to contribute to this project. Good relations with the air base Are extremely important to the Community of Blytheville and military personnel and dependents at the base contribute substantially to our Economy a he added. At Mchaney s suggestion the column also talked with James red Vannoy. C of c executive vice president concerning details of the gift. Vannoy said base officials approached the chamber asking for assistance because Money in Barb s base Central fund was insufficient to pay for the project. A the chamber s air Force Liaison committee took it up As a special project raised the Money by taking donations from members and then turned this Money Over to the base a Vannoy said. A when the base was reactivated Here i thought the air Force said they would Fly traffic patterns away from town. In recent months i seem to hear and see More planes Over Blytheville. Has there been a change in policy a a Anonymous City. Action line checked with it. Jim Boensch Blytheville air Force base information officer and he replied a there has been no change in Boensch made that statement after he had talked with those responsible for designating the flight paths of the aircraft. A this policy of avoiding flying Over cities As much As possible is air Force the lieutenant added Quot and is contained in the department of defense instrument flight action Page 2 managers disagree Little Rock a the manager of Dale bumpers Campaign for governor and gov. Winthrop Rockefeller s Campaign director disagree on How tuesday s election is going to go. Deloss Walker bumpers Campaign manager said Friday that a poll taken this week showed that based on the current trend bumpers would win the election with 54 to 56 per cent of the vote. Walker s gop counterpart Marion Burton said however that Rockefeller a Campaign had been a a accelerating and that the governor is a probably John Ward head of Rockefeller a Public relations firm also questioned walkers figures but refused to divulge the results of the governors own poll. A we never discuss them and i wont discuss them he said. Walker said in an interview that Jim Ranchino a political science professor at ouachita Baptist University had taken the bumpers poll. Walker said his own a conservative estimated was that bumpers would receive 57 per cent of the vote or More. Burton said bumpers support had been a a sliding and suggested that the democrats Campaign staff was trying to create a bandwagon effect with the reference to the poll. He also said increased criticism of Rockefeller by or. Bob Riley the democratic nominee for lieutenant governor bumpers a jumping on the debate issues and congressman Wilbur Mills Appeal for american party candidate Walter Carruth to withdraw from the race a indicate to me they bumpers Headquarters Are concerned about the Way things Are bumpers has said the decline in his strength reached its lowest Point about eight Days ago and was not on the upswing again. Walker asked if there had been any erosion in bumpers following said the Democrat s Campaign a had to Cool off and we did Cool it off on a we could not maintain the kind of enthusiasm that we had going As we came out of the primary because we knew we could t sustain it with the dollars we had to spend a Walker said. A we also knew we compete with or. Rockefeller on Money. Therefore we had to Cool our Campaign completely Down and then allow w in Throp to come out with his deluge of

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