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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1936, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - October 19, 1936, Blytheville, Arkansas Page your Blytheville Ark courier news v wow a a a monday october to 1936 olo faithful cml Iscle. Broke a a from its go minute so Quot it ule on pcs -. 19, 1930, Quot pc spouted Wei within to m/nu7es, s it a then wait a Vvs 7v to i a a Ute l to erupting to c 1 it hts cv1w a. Its v l remt Bep w by \ the time of t of Mccloskey a -nt>4\ Imo nth1, w it a Street so j i it v you Gou lid la = / t by out Youk v it = / safety bumped \ it Tok autos after to Ero it wheel s m put a a Lek in his v Tom Ach he is decorated you with # t get to a couple of \ badges the a a c took five or to a pounds of v y Al to a Steak it i \ be j u a off f Andev Jet Hao nit4 the Blytheville courier news the courier news co. Publishers c r. Babcock. Editor h a. Haines advertising manager sole National advertising representatives Arkansas dailies. Inc. New York Chicago Detroit St Louis Dallas. Kansas City Memphis published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the Post office at Blytheville. Arkansas under act of Congress october 9, 1917. Served by the United press subscription rates by Carrier in the City of Blytheville 15c per week. Or 65c per month. By mail within a radius of 50 Miles $300 Lier year $1 50 for six months. 75c for three months by mail in postal Sones two to six inclusive. $6.50 per year in zones seven and eight $10.00 per year payable in Advance. Reckless St ant l l Vin s did Ali air Dart. Too probably nobody will bother about it but right now be a bad time to drop a Wreath or two in the Ocean in Honor of Tho stunt livers who made is Many headlines created so much excitement and provided such a Long casualty list Bach in Tho Era which Hogan about to years ago. Tho pan american Lippers arc carrying mail express and passengers Over the Pacific on regular runs now and similar ships will be shuttling Back and Forth across the Atlantic before Long. And something of a debt is owed the stutters who tackled the oceans so rashly Back in the �?T20s. It is hard even to remember the names of those flyers now. There were serious minded technicians of the air of course such As Lindbergh Aud Chamberlin and the various army men. There were also a Good Many Young daredevils who looked on the Broad peril haunted seas As a Challenge to their daring and who be Happy until they had replied to tin Challenge. Some of them made their flights successfully Landing in England or France or Hawaii just As they had planned others set out and were never seen again. But All of them did their bit to accumulate that store of experience and knowledge which aviation had to have before it could Loop the seas on a steady commercial basis. It used to be the fashion you a remember for serious Mindt d Folk to dismiss those flights As stunts. We were assured that the flights proved nothing that an Ocean crossing by air was so extremely hazardous that it took Luck and extraordinary skill to get across and that it was foolish to believe that hit or miss haphazard jaunts by stutters would Ever bring us nearer to Thi goal of regular transoceanic passenger planes. That was All very True of course but somehow we do have these transoceanic passenger planes now we Are about to have a Good Many More of them and it is hard to avoid the feeling that these stunt flights did a Good Deal to Blaze the Trail. For tile stutters if they did nothing else showed us just How dangerous an Ocean flight can be. They emphasized in an unforgettable Way the olt of r a need for perfect organization elaborate preparation and better planes. They it least demonstrated that the Job Wasny to going to tie easy and they did prove that it could be done if everything win right. The lesson stuck. Pan american spent years getting p. Ady Tor this Pacific line. It wont to almost unbelievable lengths to make its flights Safe and secure. It insisted on netting planes of a Typo that mod designers thought it impossible to build in the Days of the stutters. Now we Are at the goal of those far off Days of the mid twenties. A pile old dream is coming True. And at least a Little of the credit ought to go to those daring tool Hardy and occasionally crack i rained youngsters who set us to dreaming to years ago. Bruce a attorn i ii tory after All that some of our More vocal so Ltd a pointed experts have said about the supremacy of Hie air plane in naval warfare of the future it is interesting to notice that the British admiralty after Long investigation has decided that tin battleship still is the most powerful weapon a Navy can possess. The investigation began last Spring when a committee was appointed to determine once and for All whether the bombing plane has rendered the battleship useless. Sir Samuel Lolare hrs lord of the admiralty announces in a speech at Edinburgh that the committee is unanimously in favor it it continuing the construction of battleships. Advocates of thu supreme importance of the bombing plane have been unable to prove their ease. Whether this verdict be the i suit of British stubbornness or of enlightened inquiry it moans that in the i it lire As Iii the past Britain will Reb principally Tor her defense on the capital ship. A Salesman can Lake Back an automobile ii the Pat menu arc not met but no system Ever has been devised to put Back an appendix or take in a used baby that Basil i been in id a. Or. Moi tis Fishbone editor of the american medical journal. A once we had warts pus dogs and Shaw. Nevi we it Illy Nave Shaw so Why Lux make the beat so it Glover Jones Veteran screen Witter answering George Bernard Shaw Barge that Hollywood scenario writers Aren t capable of handling his plays. Intern a late use of liquor is turning this nation into a slaughterhouse. The number cd automobile accidents causing death injury and Damner in which Drunken Drivers figure is appalling. Bishop Ernest Lynn Waldorf methodist k a Sepal Church. In England we Genet ally take tile position that our private lives Are our own concern. Noel Coward English playwright actor. Side glances by George Clark Salute remove by Rich a Munia so. In. Ii in. In la lilt it toll a Kaill mid it \ 11% Ltd on ii it i ii run farm ii Ali air it a Alif a i her >1 Chik s \ to Midland a it old Vonro Ami Kkt. Kanin i nit a it re Iii Moh an i it k Vii uni my Irrl in a for Kim pm Luau ii fill and a Ca 11 ii y. Major vice addicted to drink nto Tui cum Ion dome and its fur i in ii in Khz and the nor Tauc in f ii rec Lone ii i a ski k Hom Mil hitter on no Mountaineer wha decider to nettle a Inonu tile Mille in Iii Lien wit he to Tea. While the Meed Are packing to move into a dilapidated tenant inurn.-, Init arrive to limped i property. Kale treat him rudely and he Reno non with insolence. The Day for the Meed to move Tirri v in. Now of on with till Story chapter i i written Well she give any thought to our clothes we generally look All right done to we a a a exactly a Caroline said continuing to manicure her nails. A finish Reading the note Kate resumed. A a done to worry about anything. Just come. Affectionately a Good old can a Caroline said. Cynthia was her own age yet she had never seemed to belong to any particular set. The whole town the entire state claimed her. She was a tall smart looking Brunet in whom a Distant French train was still visible. She had Good nature and plenty of Money after Kate and Caroline had to fortify her. Though not pretty finished painting the Wood y10 bad her share of male attn work White there was a Little a in t on it local and otherwise. Hera a june party was always an event. The major was pathetically pleased to learn that the girls St Pui Cir a a were to of a log a big party to the Mailbox Guthei. Lien the Day arrived lie ii and Zeke polish the Sedan in i preparation for the trip to town. A left in one of the cans. Kate a Brush was still temptingly wet. She said to Caroline with an innocent look a i must put Granddad a name on there a a Law about it a a do it neatly a Caroline warned a Tho Box sits right beside the Iyll fixed for clothes orc rent Tate you know. Vav Vou a a ask Rrt a a a a he a a front kale nodded and went out to the picket Fence. With a Corner you a asked the old Man anxiously. The Wistful hopefulness in his voice touched both of her Brush she painted Sam j y mice Lou Ned both Meh or the Box in even blocked of Quot is a Asp by. Caroline burned letters. But beneath it she pointed of r loves kale with rickety House in letters it the engine. They twice As Large and very straggling. A i left instructions for that patient to he kept quiet Anil away from work and now i understand he has sold some insurance to nearly every nurse and Interne in the when Caroline came out and saw it she frowned and burst into laughter. She railed her Grandfather to see. He laughed too. The Little joke caught on in town. Some of the younger set sensing the fact that humor was could not look at him or at each other for the tears that came into i their throats. A plenty a they assured him together. A i rave my new dress,1 you know a Kate reminded him gaily a and Carolines was new last year. Well be elegant a no need to to11 him that their Satin slips were falling to pieces from to this curious world v. William Ferguson the Only tolerable approach to the Quot a \ a g la 7 t0m Meeds new position directed mail y,1,1. As Ings or that foul slender feet would dance Stock ingless through grim necessity. They kissed him and drove away and he went into the House in a Mellow mood proud of the Meeds new position directed mail to them with that address attached. There came a dance invitation to the Meed girls of rickety House before a week had insects still Bela is the scars of ancient River that Cut through its Rocky formations before it became a desert Clien a ult Ivan a hot Cynthia two pretty girls who were his or it Welle i v ii o f ii scm0r planed granddaughters. Kate he Tho o h y f0ll0, ported. Vas a trifle reckless and it in Quot As or Gratvol but there Cline was a Little too shy and re ins it. A a a vex by in Alt i they were a mighty Fine Sweet a dear country Jakes you will j pair. He would just drink a Julep spend Tho night at my House of on it. No. Drat it a Julep meant course. Come before dark. Well ice and that Mountaineer had his have a tray dinner up in the ii electric Fri orator. Henry because the downstairs will j the old gentleman decided to be ready for the crush. In be two substitute a Nap for the drink a men coming for every girl can flair for Compromise being both you Bear if and a Little orchestra the Blessing and the curse of his you be heard Over the radio j cheerful indolent Naturel. He Lay Louisville papers please copy Back in a chair spread a clean i Don t worry about a handkerchief Over his face and. Fell to dreaming of the time when Ovate paused and scrutinized the Meeds were somebody. As the paper. She said to Caro j he breathed the handkerchief Rose line with a Sharp Little frown be i and fell Rose and fell. He i tween her eyes a a Cynthia a rubbed dreamed that someone was pour out something and written Over my Tea from a handsome Silver i it. At first she wrote a done to worry pot that stood on a great Silver about new dresses a but she a i tray. The gentleman beside him rubbed out the last two words and i who had just been served was general Lafayette an amiable person to be sure. A thank you general Lafayette a he was saying to him a for admiring our Silver service. It came from England. No not Sheffield. Sterling sir. Yes general when the civil War comes on Well take care to Bury it. The Yankees would melt it Down in a hurry.�?�. And then general Lafayette changed into a Blue coated Union Captain and 40 Vee is had parsed like the flit of a Birds Wing. The Union Captain was about to drop the Silver service tray pot and All into a glowing cauldron. Tie dreamer cried out in loud protest and suddenly Zeke was shaking his shoulder and saving urgently a Wake up major Sam you a been having de nightmares Wake up and eat yeah supper a major Sam Meed Rome awake and looked at the old coloured Man. A Zeke who said a a in be been dreaming about the Meed Silver. That stuff my Mother had buried during Tho civil War. I wonder what Ever happened to it a Zeke answered in a puzzled voice a Flawd a mercy major Sam i ainu to thought of Dot stub since i was a boy. Ole miss used to set me digging for it but we never find it. Ifs done rot in de ground i a Silver does t rot a major Meed said. A Well its gone now. Sons everything. Don t Ever mention it to the girls Zeke. They a take it right hard if it was called to their minds. Especially miss Kate. She a High Strung. Shed take it right hard to lose a Silver service that a poured Tea for general a Eye ssh major Sam. What a buried a buried. Ainu to no use stir ring up de Young critters a bout Dot Silver. Dey s stirred up cuff As the a Young critters a meanwhile were parking their car in the rear of the Chenault place and slipping in at the Back Entrance. They knew the House and the servants so they were permitted to go up the Back stairs to the room reserved for them. Something prematurely festive about the place had made them take these precautions. Kate opened the bags and Hung up their evening dresses while Caroline arranged their toilet articles on the dressing table. Kale cocked her ears to listen. A Caroline a she said a was sure As you re living Cynthia a got a House party Here. It sounds like a Bee his a out there a Caroline replied bravely a a Well i m not afraid. These Percale look exactly like printed linens a to be continued i Are the one creatures that possess True wings. Join there is nothing Cise in nature like Tho win As of an Mere the wings of a Bird or of a Bat Are merely made Over Tore figs Ilyin j fishes elide along in their fins and flying squirrels Glide to Means a i skin stretched Between the fore and Hind Leas Tut insects have wings originally made for the purpose of flying. Nixt hew Hose to tin North Anfir do butterflies exist try Billianis Cerer Large american stores ranked above Europe a Pittsburgh it up it a european department stores still Are below the efficiency and service standards of similar stores in the United states according to Edith Jamieson instructor in salesmanship at the University of Pitts i Burgh s research Bureau for retail mining. Miss Jamieson reached Lier conclusions after a Summers tour in i England and on the continent i during which she studied department store methods. The salaries paid salespeople in 1 american stores Are larger than those paid in Europe she said. I a despite the High Type it exec i it Ive training and the Able hand i Ling of personnel in the foreign i stores they have a Long Way to go before they Are on an equal basis with american stores a declared the instructor. Mal Pike frequently Are eaten j by their mates. Russian Miner gets overcoat in Royal style Moscow up a play which caused a furore in Moscow literary circles has revealed that a Sla in Novite Gold Miner will receive a Reward for exceptional work an exact duplicate of an overcoat worn by King George v. Made by the late Kings tailors. The incident was brought to Light when Micolai Pogodin. Prominent soviet playwright read a comedy to a Circle it Moscow writ ors. Criticized because thought the comedy improbable incident forced. A its a fact a the circumstances. He said that the gild Miner where name was not revealed was offered a Reward for his Stakhno Vite work he requested a a Shuba Quot or overcoat such As that w Arn by the late King. Gold Trust officials were Trey communicated with Der Sere Brovsky. Head it his audience based on an Pogodin Ream revealed graphed Back. A Send me his Sere Brovsky then communicated with the soviet embassy in London. Which ordered the coat through the late Kings tailors. Pogodin won his Point and the play after being rewritten will be produced both on stage and screen. Social credit sweep in Canada predicted Montreal up social credit will sweep Western Canada if the government does not lighten the debt Burden of Western provinces and cities mayor Gerald Mcgeer of Vancouver predicted in an interview Here. A anyone who thinks that the Aberhart program of debt Reform and refinancing for new needs is is very much mistaken a he Shock a. Alexa Litho Gold silly said. He Ding Gram. Said social credit was win Many converts with its pro try St in Moow. Be Jebrovsky Tele a read courier news want if Sou Klevs a few Sou Wollet Batty so Many Black Eye a a take 7mln Sou grab sour enemy s Fano Uke this Ano to v Otter Rand this Vav a up adj 0,07 Hina licked riot now sek me but Sou showed that before it s to Man s to of Tea Quot s me the Blac uses. Guard Wail Garbon Ian Ding i Hilse poisoning at ii. Him or Al work a to u a a off t Tnp. By or. Morris Fisi Iki in editor journal of tin Ameri Rar med Ira i my ovation and of 11%-K� la. The health Magazine at. Home or at work Carbon let rat blonde As a Poison my or guarded against. This sub Hanoi is used in the rubber Industry a i solvent and in the dry can Industry a cleansing agent it is put in fire extinguishers b is of its Power to put out flan Many cleaning fluids sold for Home use consist largely of Ubon tetrachloride. In Marline. Ups. Workers us Quot this sub to Lur removing grease i rom machines and from the hands in by shops use it As a dry Sham to tic doctors prescribe it for remove of hookworm and other parasite nevertheless the fumes of Quot to Bon tetrachloride in Quantity m disturb health and overdo ire exceedingly poisonous of the hands Are kept too no in Carbon tetrachloride the com to will draw the Tat out of h skin. Which then becomes dry a dry skin cracks easily Andin a then can enter and Caus secondary infection. People who work a great or a1 with Carbon Tetra Chloride should grease Tho hand regularly with ointment Bel going to walk to prevent the Ness that May result. In p Carbon Hon is eventing into tetrachloride of utmost in a Are heavier than air and o k he lower Levels in Large plants a there Many workers Are employed t is customary to build suction devices which will draw the poisonous fumes out of the room Carbon tetrachloride should no t get used in shampoos for hair deny because it of the danger of pot soiling those on whom it is used a a a person who is acutely Poison cd by Carbon tetrachloride should be removed at once from Contact with the substance and Given plenty of fresh air the doctor will Alka Inize the body provide suitable remedies for building up the blood and will guard against any possible dangers to stomach kidneys and other organs which May be damaged by this chemical publisher 82, counts 67 years on paper Mineral Point. Wis. 1 up in j. Bennett 82, Mineral Point is believed to be the oldest new palier Man in Wisconsin Boily i years and continuous Active vice. When 15 years old he began t set Type on the Mineral Point Tribune for the last 58 years he Lias been publisher and proprietor of the pay ii. And during to a a rime he has t missed More than jul Quot press Days. F egad bics mamufacturer5 Quot Mae w/ntin6 breathlessly or a wobyin16 Model of my new Inver Loloki a or rat r >0 Gimple is its mechanism i am compelled to keep it a secret but x assume you gentlemen that the honors that Abe sure to 61-oefed upon me n Ull Mot torm Nae brom Cli to w till major i loot tic whatever became of the Flytrap you invented for garbage trucks x could have blown "th1 froth Obb so Beers with the leaves x peeled off my cabbage j and stuffed j into that Bra n j orphan \ n one e d our one

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