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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Oct 14 1936, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - October 14, 1936, Blytheville, Arkansas Page fou Blytheville Ark courier news wednesday october la Idu the Blytheville courier news the courier news co publishers c. R. Babcock. Editor h. W. Haines advertising manager sole National advertising representatives Arkansas dailies inc., new York Chicago Detroit St. Louis Dallas Kansas City Memphis published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the Post office at Blytheville Arkansas under act of Congress october 9, 1917. Served by the United press subscription rates by Carrier in the City of Blytheville 15c per week. Or 65c per month. By mail within a radius or 50 Miles $3.00 per year $1.50 for six months 75c for three months by mail in postal zones two to six inclusive $6 50 per year in zones seven and eight $10.00 per year payable in Advance. Rpp Ribhi Iii Irons this to eke a Issue the Sutsut it la evening Post Sheds a column or More of stiff v tears Over the sad demise of the democratic party it knew of old which it says has been a Alen up the new Deal. We can Well imagine that the posts grief is shared by All Good republicans. They must have loved tilt1 democratic party of the decade 1920 to 1930. It such an easy opponent on election Day. La is nostalgia that makes tin Republican politicians and their journalistic spokesmen weep for the democratic party they used to know. They Are sorrowing for the Good old Days when they ran the show and the democrats were just a not too troublesome minority. A competent psychologist would Tell them that their tears Are really shed in self pity. For the greatest change that has taken place in the democratic party is that it has come to life. It has achieved a program and a leadership that suit to get american people too Well to suit hit republicans. That is what they Are crying about. Spectacular May one of the oddest political careers of the 1930s seems to have been ended for the time being at any rate by the resignation of William n. Mcnair As mayor of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh surprised itself in the first place by electing Mcnair at All. He had been a perennial candidate for divers offices and people had begun to class him As a permanent also ran. His election to the mayoralty one of the most sensational features it the great political overturn which followed the depression. Once in office the mayor Cut a spectacular figure. Whether he moving his official desk out into the corridor of City Hall getting himself arrested or begging that his own salary be slashed he forever making headlines. With this Genius for publicity however he did not seem Able to Combine an equal Genius for Good government now at last he resigns to Rescue the City from an unendurable financial mix up. It is a queer unaccountable political career which he has brought to at least a temporary end. Of r t Oak we f a me act Saver ? f what silliness is this a a v heart Saver ? / real patriotism in the matter of patriotism Paul revert might serve As a Model Tor american by incas men notably those who profited during wartime. Not that they should be ready to Gallop about the Countryside warning the populace of the imminence of . Or anything of that sort. Rut a letter just discovered by spa workers reveals that during the of i i 2 Paul Revere w Rote to the u. S. Mint at Philadelphia offering to Supply any amount of Copper for coinage at less than the current european Price. At the time the mint having trouble obtaining shipments from Europe because of the . The example set by this patriotic Poston merchant who placed himself and ins Busine at the service of his government during parlous times scorns a splendid it gone for modern business men to keep in mind. Ii Amin Quot la motorists c1 a court of appeals in Georgia has handed Down a ruling in an automobile injury lawsuit that might Well stand As a warning to All motorists. In this last a Driver going along a Street near a school. A child darted out i rpm bet Ween two parked cars and tile Driver could t Stop in time. Suit lilt i Iii behalf of the Childe an tilt it veer court threw it out holding that til. Child s own negligence wa., the cause of lilt Accident. Now tin1 court of Appeal has ordered the cast reinstated and set for trial. Its decision is that it is up to the Motorist to take it special care when driving on a Street where there Are Many children. He knows that children Are Apt to pop up from nowhere in front of his car he must take that fact into account and prepare in Advance for such a thing to happen. Its a sound warning for All Drivers. Side glances by George Clark Salute to a amp be Carl ii us Bel is the Best Pitcher in baseball including Dean. A dizzy a Dean. St. Louis Cardinal Pitcher. A in few people except experienced physicians know How to talk to an acutely sick Man. I lugubrious anecdotes All too frequently contribute to an univ Oracle outcome. Or. George b. Lake Chicago. A a thermometer ought to be Hung on every pulpit in the their temperature be shall know them. The Rev. Norman y. Peale new York Churchman advocating Quot hot Quot sermons to stimulate Church attendance. A naturally air planer Are pleated adventures than slaps. An air plane can Fly Over tin sea but a ship is rather Ai a los on land done to you think Audrey aim Caughey 9-year-old. English orphan. In America to live with Uncle. A there May be countries that can afford democracy. But Germany will remain True to the form that alone assures her Lite the form in which there is less talk and much More action. Adolf Hitler. By w ill Anih it to tit it i \ to it itt. I i i i oils. I 3 a Especial chair for me that dresses cart be hum Caer said of and when i a sit Down. The is to shrieks and therefor to heart of Hock. It saves my heart and also the u of who thinks a dress 13 Beim eat of. No Hom 13 Complete without ome. I m Tarin of i a .4 \ Patent on it. I i = t who Mot her j get a a u a us. A a a o a 105 a another Nice thing about this Little place is that it has a garage in Case von should decide to buy a this curious world by a Quot in re Fergus can �?�i.1 Sci. A vice not thu. First i pack animal of the elephants were us eid for this purpose in the Days of cart Hame. We te1rms, Quot Ogo Dent _ mean i no the West and o Rhent Lea in no the ease Are derived from the latin words acc Dene Quot the e Palu no Sun and Quot Coz ens Quot the Fps no Sun. Let 1916 by Nea service. Inc. Nara inn re today Kath until Carol Itic Meed live on h run Down nine fit Rui with their in r Multi tiler major Sam m kid and two old Mervyn to a mid Zickef. Rule i a miked to Mohd a Ai fit Matins hut i next leered by him for i v e Klov ill Home from College rate mid Caroline Mart to Louisville in Lull to deliver four linked Linum to a club. Their med i id a Triick by a ear driven by ii it Runarg who ind Diu i amp pm mid Loti Menton to Luke the two girl Quot Mill the Linum to the Elty. Having timed one of the Linn he Imkin to buy tin formula for eur Liik mid conking. Kate Auk for it. Mid the Man Payn it when Nile inform him Flint mile him Ween him meal the licence ton from their ear. The Karl Liny kale a new eve Ali Ikje rent mid Hank the $500. Re. I urn. Ii it Home they learn that the Igor Kaire him been foreclosed on Hie Meed farm mid that they Mimi move to a dilapidated tenant Boime. Iii Lexington a i k How mid. N wealthy and bitter Young Mountaineer tepid hid lawyer Flint i win had to take Over the Meed farm. Min go of with tit. Story chapter Vil a in ate said that night a you Sal the Law allows us to stay Oil Here a while. But if we be got to go lets go quickly prolonging the agony Only makes it Caroline agreed though shrinking As it someone had struck her. A yes i think clue sooner we move the better Gya Vidad. It would break our hearts to stay on Here a a the things the major consented. The next Day sunday. They passed this normally pretending that nothing had happened but on monday morning they rushed into packing Vith a sort of feverish haste confronting the first move of the car lives As if it were no More than housecleaning. The fact that the five most important suites of furniture were to be left behind almost As much a Shock to the girls As the loss of the House and farm. Morgan Prentiss coming out to Meed Meadows that night found Kate stunned and Remote. Ile said to her a you done to have to Tell me abort it Honey. Eve known it for four or five Days. And in be known for a Yeai two that it on the . Anybody could see the old gentleman Riding for a a everybody but Caroline and i a Kate replied. A lies been actually Crafty about hiding his worries from us. Lets get away from these packing boxes. Lets go a Forgan willing enough. They left the littered Hall and went out into the Yard walking slowly and close together across the Damp grass. A smell of honeysuckle and june roses Hung in tile air. When they reached the pasture Fence Kate a horse came up to her putting his whiffing nose against her shoulder As gentle As a Moth in spite of his size. She said a there Brown boy a and gave him the petting he begged for. Then she slapped him on tile think and drove him away. A i wonder How hell like his new quarters a she said ruefully to Morgan. A the barn at the tenant House is pretty a forget it tonight Kate a Morgan said sharply. He Drew her to him and kissed her. When she tried to speak he kissed her again and presently Lier heart pounding dizzily responding As always to his love making. They went Back to the House and sat on the porch Steps Kate a step higher so that morgans head rested against her Knees and she could stroke his hair. Che said to him out of he thoughts a that girl from St. I Paul. Even a visitor. Did you like her a lot a Morgan answered a a she a goo looking and Quick on the Uptake. But it wont break my heart when she somehow Kate knew lie speaking hic truth. The girl had t reached him. She moved and sat beside him on the step and kissed him tenderly. He responded in his own ardent . He treated her always As if she were some thing in Cly desirable and yet infinitely precious. He very articulate. He could Tell her that i he loved her in a dozen different i and charming ways. He could and he did. There the flair of the j finished Southern Gallant in All i that he said to her. With his ten a Der extravagant words he put her on a Pedestal and made her a Little j proud of herself. It his . I and yet when he had left Kate had a hungry cheated feeling. As she stood on the porch and died the lights of his roadster brighten the Highway and Dis appear she Felt this Lack with a sudden piercing clearness. She thought in dismay. A the did no to say a thing about what a to become of i us he did no to mention our moving Quot. She Felt like the woman j in the fable who had gone to the Wise philosopher to ask him the j meaning of life and the Wise philosopher had replied a a it a a i Beauty a ii Day my Good woman. A very Beautiful Day.�?�. Well maybe Morgan had his own sly j Wisdom in his treatment of her to night. Maybe he had purposely refrained from talking of the things that were grieving her. Kate chose to believe this for she in love. By the end of the week the packing accomplished. They had decided to move on monday. The House almost dismantled. It while Kate emptying a wardrobe in one of the bedrooms that Althy came panting up the stairs to find l r. Miss silo demanded belligerently a do de dishes go wifi de House a a certainly not a kale answered a a in be got most of them pasta a yes my Althy said. A you Glt Mem All packed but Dom Fine out in de of built in cupboard and Misti Howard say he expect dem Dilu to be left behind for him to us he say a Many a got to have some think to eat off Haven the a it Quot ate grew rigid. She Aske a emr. Howard said that a thought he out at the Bai with dido bring him in did he a Althy replied a major sat did no to bring him in. No a i done come in by himself. Hts Bee walking All a round Down stairs Kate did not pause to hear Moi she ran Down the Steps and Wei into the dining room. Her Bla ing eyes met the insolent look c a tall Young Man who Slouch against the Mantle his hands i his pockets. He a rough version of Gary Cooper. Even i her anger she noticed that. A Barf you or. Howard a she asked. A yes one answered straighten ing a very Little. A Well a Kate said crisply a gel out get out till monday unto i monday this House is ours. When we give you the keys you Ca Corno in. Not i he Saif a i came with it i grandfathers leave. Ive Leo buying some farm implement from him. I asked him if i co uhf come in and look Over my place the lest two words were drawled unmercifully. A ooh a exclaimed Kate weal with rage. They looked at on another taking measure lie Sav a girl who filled him with Admiral Tion and longing and hate. So saw a Man who stirred her pro roundly by his strength and Pinsof Fence. Rate said a those dishes done to go with the House or. How Aid. They re what a left of in grandmothers Haviland. Yet probably done to know what Hapij land is. If you want something to use for yourself there a a boat a of heavy crockery ill leave of a waver mind a he replied delis brately accenting his Mountain twang. A i put you to thai trouble. Ill just order a set of Spode or Wedgewood sent oui from he showed her thus that he die know what Haviland . In showed her that he could Ever buy Spode and Wedgewood by the set for a whim. His proud bitter mind told him that it would make her in her Blue blooded poverty hate him the More. He sauntered out without speaking further leaving Kihei trembling with helpless a j when he had Aune she Leane Ltd or head on the tall old sideboard and i burst into tears. To be continued Carbon monoxide your blood. Will get into Saihe United states would cover about one Hou p to of the Moon 3__ v the surface area of the Moon is Only one fourteenth that of the Earth. Hie diameter i i Only 2,163 Miles. About one fourth the diameter of the Earth. An air plane flying at a Speed of 280 Miles hour could Fly around the Moon at its Equator in 24 hours an next what Birds lest the instinct to build their nests and Why a a a a a a i Nefa # i i doctor mow to guard against if one of your comrades faint. Get him out into the fresh Anat once. Put blankets under and Over him and surround him with Bot water bottles or hot bricks keep him warm at All costs or he May develop pneumonia. Persons asphyxiated by car Bon monoxide Are peculiarly susceptible to pneumonia. Call the Gas company and an ambulance at once you should always make both Calls because ambulances Are not equipped with resuscitation apparatus. In the meantime the patient should artificial respiration by what is known As the a a manual or a Sschaefer Quot method. Everyone working in industries where there is a possibility of exposure to Carbon monoxide should be familiar with this method of resuscitation. It is very easily carried out. Anyone can learn How to do it. By this knowledge one May thus be Able to save someone s life. Story of Transvaal cemetery Gold revived Johannesburg up it a the Days when Transvaal Farmers distrustful of Banks kept their savings in coffins Are recalled by the discovery of a Hoard of Gold and Silver coins by natives who were digging in the Carolina District near Lake Chrissie. In the Early Days the Voo trek Kars pioneers used to have their coffins made to measure in Advance and these coffins were usually kept in the attics. Farmers could find no safer place to hide their wealth than in false Bottoms constructed in the coffins. Often the secret not revealed and it is believed that Many hoards lie buried with their owners. Highway robbery frequent in the Early Days too and Farmers buried their Gold rather than face a perilous journey to Deposit it in a Bank even when they trusted the Bank periods of a it each were Short and when native risings occurred men had to it ave and Many of them did not reveal the it r 1 of the hiding place. A Digger at be realigning often the local Hospital a guarantee it $5,000 against damage if he we 1 permitted to dig in the ground so i bars of Gold which lie believed wet buried under the site of a cancel traction Camp ets wished in la Boer . Fortune Hunters still dig in to i Transvaal hoping to turn up of of the numerous hoards that be 1 mainly lie buried chiefs elsewhere w i. Were slain in the colonial wars i the British and portuguese Are routed to have left much treas i which has not been found. Fire accommodates firemen new Britain. Conn. Of it firemen figuratively killed to. Birds with one Stone when the i answered an alarm to the Home s h Anderson to extinguish Chimney fire. Finished with the Job they were called to the hoi of John Pelletier two houses a j where a Furnace explosion occur red. Health Carbon monoxide hoarding House a too idly the approach of cold weather when the deadly Carbon monoxide menace strikes most frequently. Male s timely and informative this article by or. Fishbein revealing Bow t h e danger if asphyxiation May be avoided. By do. Sokhis i Islip in editor journal of the american medical association and of 11 v gel the health Magazine most of the deaths from inhaling Carbon monoxide a caused by illuminating Gas in the Home or by Gas from the exhaust of running automobiles in Elm d lures. In certain must workers Are exposed to thie Gas. The Hazard of Carbon mom poisoning is Mir i Moi the Winter than in t because More people to up the car Early Iii t1 before taking it out of garage. Warnings Ai practice have been re Atter year and yet to brings to Light numeral of unnecessary deaths cause. To guard against such t Home or work the Toilo St auctions arc important 1. Keep windows open As possible 2. Do not permit an run and discharge Xii directly into the air of room every workroom have to flexible tube w be attached to the exha to carry exhaust a doors. 3. Remember that Carbon monoxide is odourless you cannot j therefore judge ii Carbon monoxide is in the air by the smell of the room. Or even by Ute cloudiness of the air. 4 if you suffer from head i aches report this fact at once that the condition of flit a be investigated and proper ventilation provided. 5. If you do not feel Well. Set a doctor at once. You May b sensitive to Carbon monoxide if it re so than your fellow work i in that Case you had bet a change your occupation la not Safe for you to be expo to even very Small amounts of t Gas. So May it Sci is sure vol Winand we re even 1 put tins the slue on the a five Bills i owe the pot for 4 the Raincoat with major i iou t Mono web minus i summer to warm morning be closed list this Ted year \ Winter instances rom this Uil a at m much Lions to Aast Gas a work i should Inch can list pipe out of the bulletin of the new state department of labor re mends these first Aid Masut it you get a headache or faint nervous or in talk out into the fresh air at and stay there until you biter. When you leave go slowly when you get out sit quietly. Do not go Tor a walk May not have enough of a your blood to permit you to any additional exercise in yourself in any am a exertion at such a time is serous and May cause you to come unconscious. Wrap self up warmly therefore. Sit Down out of doors until feel better. Do not hurry around mom is necessary at your work More exercise you take the Tive a Bucks ? you must be % throbbing with generosity today 30 let me out prom under the a ate that easy / the coat Good As new except that the Roop of that old watershed leaped like a l adder and the shoulder you w Ope ragged gutters were As ripped open Asa i the time you Walke \ dinner Vest Ive Beem waiting to Quot Home on your Nab Tou in one of your big Heab Tei wandering Elbow \ a a Quot a \ moods to ask you from Clawson s or the last year s Calendar that s hanging up in your cell / join a i St cd i m a i i act so Irh kill up top Clyde

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