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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Blytheville, Arkansas A r by Abigail Van Buren t let sister decide who she wants dear Abby we have a Lister who is 62, attractive and still working. She owns her own Home and a Nice car. She has been widowed for a number of years and has always said she did no to care to marry again. She recently met a Man whom she recognized As someone she had known in her girlhood. He is 75, but looks and acts much younger. He does no to drive so sister gives him chauffeur service. We done to know if he is poor or just stingy As he has never Given sister any kind of gift and when he takes her out to a a diner it is always to a cafeteria. He is of another Faith and is not in Good standing with his Church. It appears to us that he is looking for someone to take care of him in his old age. What can we do to keep Sis a ter from marrying him and making a mess of Hor Well organized life anxious Sisters dear Sisters theres just an outside Chance that sister enjoys this gentleman company does no to mind Chauffer no him around Aud finds dining with him at the cafeteria a real treat. And she May even enjoy the prospects of a taking care of him in his old age. A Man who is 75 but a looks and acts much younger sounds like pretty Good company to me. Dear Abby my pet Peeve is the Boss in an office who Calls his a girls by their first name but expects everyone to address him As i think it is simply a matter of Mutual respect and if he wants to be called a mister a he should Call the women a a miss or on the other hand if he prefers a less formal atmosphere around the office and Calls the girls by their first names he should also be called by his. What do you think mrs. J. Dear mrs. A if i worked in an office and called my to Quot mister a a which i surmise about 99 per cent of the a a girls do a i would t object to my Boss calling me but if he did i would solve my problem faster by telling him about it than writing to dear Abby. Dear Abby the other Day while visiting at a friends Home for the first time i found it necessary to take my 3-year-old daughter outside for some a few minutes later i had to discipline her again using As before a thin paddle it s actually a paint mixer to spank her Bottom. My friends husband whom i had met Only minutes before came tearing after me red in the face and trembling demanding to know a what that baby did a his tone was so loud and abusive that my child was frightened half to death and i was dumbfounded. I am not in the habit of explaining my actions to strangers but i simply said she had disobeyed me whereupon he accused me of a a beating her. I thought the poor Man would expire on the spot he was so furious. Naturally i did t stay much longer after that. Abby do you think he had a right to berate me before my own child and cause her to wonder if i had a right to discipline her in that manner i was unaware of his attitude toward spanking a child. Should i have apologized to the Man i Wasny to sorry i spanked my child As i try to be consistent in matters of discipline. Shook dear Shook you owed this Man no apologies perhaps he was a a Shook that a child should be paddled with something other than a hand but he was out of line for having made an unpleasant scene even More unpleasant. Dear Abby i was in. Trigue by the couple who were so disturbed Over a widow who expected to be invited twice for each time she entertained. Apparently the Issue was a mathematical one. Should one entertain on a one for one basis or in this Case on a two for one it seems to be that when people reach the Point of being bothered by the arithmetic of hospitality they should be directed to a certain passage of scripture which says a when you give a dinner or a banquet do not invite your friends or your Brothers or your Kinsmen or Rich neighbors lest they also invite you in return and you be repaid but when you give a feast invite the poor tile maimed the lame the Blind and you will be blessed because they cannot repay Luke 14 12-14 the Rev. George w. Wickersham ii Rector St. Luke Church hot Springs a. On the rights William Buckley it was a Ham is my we a Bone. M have a Jar on Rabar cims Ila of que the two party system Are we moving right building a two party system in Arkansas used to mean voting Republican. It was the second party right so when Winthrop Rockefeller ran for his third time the routine a and increasingly successful a Appeal for the two party system showed up in his Campaign. But at least one arkansans was puzzled a now there a something illogical a it occurred to Dale bumpers about perpetuating one party in Power continuously in order to perpetuate a two party or. Bumpers has a Point a the Republican party has been successful enough at the governors level so that democrats at least when led by old guardsmen of grass eaters began to look like the undernourished second party. Besides the object of the two party system is to encourage a healthy Competition in the interests of Good government right sometimes it does no to work that Way of course and both parties wind up appealing to the electorate s lowest common denominator. But in Arkansas to judge from the perspective of 1970, the higher aim of the system is working. After a couple of shellac Kings the democratic party seems to have Learned that it does no to pay to run a Jungle Jim or an old guardsman against the Republican candidate this time it nominated a gentleman for whom even Winthrop Rockefeller who has to lace him in the election could not restrain admiration. Should the democratic party now go unrewarded for showing Good judgment even if it took a certain amount of trial and error to get there the two party system be benefited by demonstrating that it pays to join the Competition for better government whatever the answer it s no longer routine in Arkansas to assume that voting for the two party system Means voting for the Republican candidate for governor. Of course when it comes to the legislature. A a a riposte but if the two party system Means rewarding those whom one considers the Best candidates in each party How justify a vote against Winthrop Rockefeller a Wiio has done so much for the party and tile system a defeat for governor Rockefeller encourage the same old style Republican candidates who used to dominate a shrunken appendage of a party How Long before they could supplant or. Rockefeller and proceed to reduce the . To the gnarled old party it used to be in Arkansas How a that for building a two party system there does no to seem to be a routine answer any More. You just take your ballot and make your Choice. A Pine Bluff com Marcia Tiey Are saying that the country is moving right and to there Are those who Are sore afraid. I do believe that they Are a superstitious lot and that those who examine the meaning of the terms As used far instance by the attorney general or by the Public whose political inclinations the new York times is nowadays polling will find it a Good Deal less spooky than they have been taught to expect. A a rights can mean a Good Many things. In the context of what troubles american society at this Point it Means primarily a stricter enforcement of the Law. Granted this will get in the Way of the licentious habits of some of our priests . Berrig Anand poets . Lowell but also it will restrain others who tend to express their dissent from Public policies by e. Blowing up buildings at the University of Wisconsin. Now no one who believes in Laws and those who done to believe in them will simply have to be domesticated should object to the Laws enforcement. If there is a Law that says that individual a must not impede individual bus Access to the chemistry lab then presumably there is very Little disagreement Over the proposition that when individual a nevertheless proceeds to do just that the police should be summoned b should be restored his rights and a should be punished according to the specifications of the Law. Now what troubles Many liberals is less the Prospect of deterring a than the proposed Means of identifying and apprehending him. If a is clearly visible standing guard Over the Entrance to the building Shotgun in hand that is one thing. But suppose that a is the Man who organized the blockade of the building or the Man who intimidated b Over the Telephone from even trying to get into the building or the Man who fired up the crowd which then proceeded under the forensic impulse of what a said to go to the barricades there you have problems because typically the Liberal resists extraordinary ways of finding and convicting the criminal while the conservative typically believes that it is More important to find him than to countenance the victimization of a or to permit his oppressors to go unpunished. The current debate Over for instance the no Knock Law is of this character. One of the decisions of the Warren court Massiah overruled the traditional arrangement by which the prosecution was permitted to introduce into evidence such proof As it happened upon which was incriminating in nature. It was judge Cardozo who had held in an important decision in the twenties that it is More important to detect and to punish transgression than to elaborate endlessly the abstract rights of the free citizen. Now there is no denying that there Are secondary As Well s primary victims of almost any crime. The mugger not Only a dresses against tire old lady whom he knocks Down in order to steal her purse. He also agg resses against All. Those other men women and children who knowing that the muggers patrol the streets deny themselves the Freedom of those streets. A few weeks ago at a foreign Airport my bags were roundly examined because it was suspected that a bomb was being introduced into the air plane in which i was to Fly. There was certainly no doubting the dimunation of my privacy of my Freedom which is an aspect of my privacy under the circumstances. In that sense the bomb threatened has won a partial and quite irrevocable Victory. He succeeded in assaulting however indirectly every passenger on that flight whose bags were searched a turn to the right in american politics Means of course Many things some others of which i propose to bring up in due course. But mostly they Are talking about the prospective dimunation of the privacy of secondary victims of current lawlessness. I join my Brothers in the Liberal Camp in deploring the prospective losses but i differ from them in believing that on balance the Exchange is Worth it. The important Point is to Grant to the state not one More ounce of Power than it needs in order to return a net profit to the individual in the transaction. Governments Are prehensile organisms that feast on the Freedom of its citizens. But government is also in the altogether desirable absence of vigilant Justice the single institution whose primary reason for being is to protect the individual from his aggressive brother. Clearly As things now stand in an age when the individual american is threatened and intimidated by a Lawless communion of professional and Amateur thieves and revolutionists a turn to the right is a turn towards the maximization of human Liberty in our dire circumstance. J0- 0 vital unless state county and City govern Meta Are Given Back to the people they govern then state county and City problems will be solved Only by continued pres sure applied in Washington. This is Why passage of the new Constitution is so vital to the people of Arkansas. The ancient document under which Arkansas government now attempts to function imposes limitations which effectively prevent the state from gaining any ground in its continuing efforts to attain an adequate level of governmental services. State and local governments will continue to shrink and National government will continue to grow unless state govern the Blytheville courier news the courier news co. Harry w. Haines publisher 1928-68 Harry a. Haines editor publisher Gene Austin advertising manager sole National advertising representative Wallace Witmer co., new York. Chicago. Detroit atlanta., Memphis second Clara postage paid at Blytheville Ark. Member of the associated press subscription rates by Carrier in the City of Blytheville or any Nicot is strengthened it is a fact that the Powers of state and other local governments Are waning while the Federal government is pulled into the vacuums created by local abdication. This is in a Large part due to the flexibility of the Federal Constitution in contrast to tile rigidity of that dry rotting old Arkansas Constitution which kills the Init Active of All the local governmental subdivisions within the state. County and City governments however Are the real losers under the 96-year-old document. Constitutional limitations keep most counties and cities operating under 19th Century statutes. A Paragould daily press suburban town where Carrier service to maintained $1.75 a month. By mail within a radius of 50 Miles $13 per year $7.00 for six months $4.00 for three months by mail outside 50 Miles radius $21.00 for year. Mail subscriptions Are not accepted in towns and cities where the Courter news Carrier service is maintained mail subscriptions Are payable in Advance note the Cornier news assumes no responsibility for photographs manuscripts engravings or Mats left with it for possible publication. A new Calendar by David Poling to be educated and informed about the entire religious scene one should touch base with the underground or at least open the cellar door. A Lively tiny monthly publication Here and now seems to run on the tracks of the religious underground railway. Its editorials reviews and articles Are not what you would find in presbyterian life or Catholic digest. This is not to say that it is smashing stained Glass or promoting new heresies it has other priorities than the construction of cathedrals or the Progress of denominational mergers. Right now for instance it proposes a new Calendar. The reason for a new Calendar is spelled out by editor Gordon d. Gregg a when a turning Point occurs in history when something really unusual happens that causes history to take off in an entirely new direction people have usually symbolized that switch in direction by starting their calendars at some event which seems to them to represent the hinge. We stand at one of Tbone turning Points today. A new world is being born yet the new world according to Gregg was born under the sign of the bomb. Twenty five years ago the bomb hit Hiroshima. This Marks the new age and the Calendar published by Here and now indicates that we Are in 25 a b. After bomb. You might Here want to put Down on a separate Sheet of paper the events and happenings that will be found on the underground Calendar. Don t expect to find halloween or Lincoln a birthday. July 4 is out. Ditto thanksgiving. Says the editor a we have dropped the traditional holidays and have included dates which we feel signify in Many different ways the turning of history in a new the new Calendar seems to touch events and people in four categories assassination or tragic death political upheaval discovery and social happenings. Under the first Gro pug Are the dates of John f. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. Also the murders of Martn Luther King or. And Patrice Lumumba and the death of Dag Hammarskjold. Political upheaval dates flour ish on this Calendar Kent state Hungary Bay of pigs six Day War in Israel Chicago convention Watts riot tet offensive in Vietnam. Lyndon Johnson s retirement. Discovery dates Are obvious sputnik heart transplant and the Moon walk. Social happenings stretch All the Way from the poor Peoples March on Washington to the Grandfather of All Rock festivals Woodstock. The moratorium Day Earth Day and the opening of Vatican ii make the list also. The new arrangement of things May not include Christmas and easter but the Celebration still goes on. If the underground Calendar interests you it can be obtained for $4 by writing to 111 West Monument Avenue Dayton 0-Hlo 45402. Blytheville Ark courier Newa saturday october to 1970 Page four How j hat s Otthat i tall a feminist movement

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