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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Blytheville, Arkansas Libraries Are founded primarily to serve people. The Mississippi county Public libraries with several divisions attempt in Many ways to serve their Many patrons Young and old. Elizabeth Rose Black left photo administers much of the work at the Osceola Library. Or. And mrs. Otis Mcrae of Osceola right Are among those who have taken advantage of the a talking books Quot program available to anyone in the county. The accompanying Story gives further details on the services which Are an integral part of each of the county a divisional offices. Courier news photos news Blytheville Arkansas vol. 71 a no. 12ft # to cents # 12 pages saturday october to 1970 a moment of darkness Wisdom according to Bennett Cert a is accumulated information philosophic or scientific learning knowledge of the Ages available at negligible Cost to All of us within the cover of the Only thing wrong with that statement is the word a negligible Cost a meaning very Little when in fact one can walk through the minds of Wise men from the beginning of recorded history to this Date for the sum of nothing More than the time it takes to go to one s Library. Think what it would be like to sit at the feet of Socrates or Plato and listen to them teach or perhaps you would rather visit a theater and watch a 17th Century cast of shakes Perian actors do one of the Bard s plays there Are the ancient As Well As the More modern Battle Fields where the stench of dying hangs in the air like a picture Frame hanging from a Rusty Nail what about the roman Arena where Man and beast fought each other to the death. All of these things can be looked at Felt walked through Only through the pages of books. A a a it is True that movies and to Are great entertainment and not to be overlooked or done away with. But How Many times have you seen what could have been a great love or adventure Story for you except the male or female character just did not fit your concept of masculinity or voice was wrong the body size and shapes were not right for the part and the setting was All wrong in your mind for making love or defending one s Honor. The truth is the most Beautiful and perfect Peoples and worlds who Ever lived or were created Are those which walk the labyrinths of ones imagination. For the stimulation of the mind and imagination there is no greater thing than the printed Page. There is a concept that libraries Are dark Dingy places with Musty old books antiquated ideas and some completely uninspiring female who comes flying in on her Broom each morning to look after her books and people. If this stereotyped Library and librarian Ever existed it no longer exists today. For example the Osceola division of the Mississippi county Library is As sunny and Bright As the smile on the face belonging to Petite Elizabeth Rose Black the Young lady one finds helping people in the Large room out front. Mrs. Olive Ritter county librarian is a lady with ideas that Are As fresh As the Dew kissing violets in the morning. A a a the Blytheville division of the Mississippi county Library though it is in bad need of More room possesses both Beauty and brains. For help of a literary nature one will have come to the right place. Mrs. Ira Gray the Blytheville division librarian diminutive in stature mentally she walks tall. She has a great knowledge of books plus a willingness to go far beyond the Call of duty in aiding persons to find the books wanted even if she has to go outside of her own Library to do so. The same holds True for mrs. Ronald Richardson miss Janie Secretary. She adds the touch of youth and the ability of aiding people in their search for knowledge. In it it the Library can be one s greatest source of entertainment. For instance one can find information on How to construct a poem or build a space ship. One can make love to Cleopatra or do Battle with Goliath depending on the imagine see Library Page i action line All school children must pay fee an action line Reader has contacted the column alleging that numerous students living in Dell Gosnell and Armorel Are attending school in Blytheville but Are not required to pay the $400 fee charged to non residents. Specifically the writer wants to know a Why these kids Are allowed to go to school in Blytheville free of charge a based on statements from John Roden county supervisor of schools and l. D. Buck Harris superintendent of Blytheville schools every nonresident student in the District is assessed the fee. Explaining How the system works Roden said there Are three methods whereby a person living in one District May Transfer to another. Under a private tuition agreement parents of a child residing outside the Blytheville District May go to the superintendent asking that the student be enrolled in Blytheville. The Only stipulation is that the parents Are required to pay $400 a year for each child thus accepted and enrolled. Roden said the second Way this can be accomplished is through a school tuition agreement such As in effect Between Burdette and Blytheville. Burdette a school system does not operate beyond ninth Grade and All senior High pupils there Are permitted to attend Blythe Ville High. The difference Between this method and that described previously is that the Burdette District must pay the $400 per student to Blytheville rather than the parents he said. The least frequently used method Roden continued is the Transfer agreement. Before a child can be moved from one District to another a Parent or guardian must petition the school boards of both the resident and non resident districts giving their reasons tor the Transfer raq Fraet. If both boards find the request valid. The presidents of each body sign the agreement and the student May then enrol in the non resident District. Roden sad the reason a Transfer agreement is rarely sought is because when approval is Given by both school boards not Only is a student moved but the resident District also loses average daily attendance Ada credits to the non resident District. A normally All schools want to retain As Many students As possible a Roden said a to keep the average daily attendance figure state funds Are allocated to schools in Arkansas on the basis of this figure. The higher the Ada the greater the a mount of Money received by a school according to rodents records la Transfer agreements Are in effect for the 1970-71 school year. Eight students have been moved from Blytheville to Gosnell one from Gosnell to Blytheville and two from Burdette to Gosnell. Roden said the reason so Many pupils Are transferred from other districts to Gosnell is due to the location of the air base near the school there. A we have a lot of military personnel who come Here and take quarters in Blytheville and other surrounding areas temporarily until they can get base housing. A knowing they will eventually be moving onto the base the procedure is usually to permit their children to Transfer to Gosnell so they will be close to since the county supervisor has nothing to do with private tuition agreements Harris was telephoned and asked if any non resident students admitted under this method Art permitted to escape the $400 fee. In reply he stated that to the beat of his knowledge att non residents Are being charged. A now the number of students charged private tuition is very Small. Last year we Only had five. In a not sure How Many we have this year but i m sure it s also a possibility which does exist he added is that a nonresident wishing to attend school Here might have entered a Blytheville address of a Friend or relative As his Home address when enrolling. A if this did happen All we have to go by is the address we have on record so we have no Way of knowing we should charge him As a non resident unless we Are told a Harris commented. A a Why does no to the courier news publish pictures and More detailed stories of Arkansas states football games a a Anonymous City. Courier news editor Harry a. Haines said a prior to the current football season arrangements were made to have pictures made of Asu games played in Jonesboro. A state s first three games were non Home contests played in Wichita kan., Hammond la., and Little Rock and the courier news is dependent Ucon the associated press for written coverage of those Haines also said Bill Trimble sports editor in covering the football games on Friday nights often travels out of town to do so. When this happens he frequently returns to Blytheville Well after Midnight and then is Busy saturday mornings at the sports desk. Because of these factors he is unable to attend Asur a out of town games because of the travel time required. Trimble will cover All Ash games played in Jonesboro Haines added. Crash brings probing oct. To policy examined Beirut a three iranians hijacked an iranian jetliner to Baghdad today and threatened to blow it up unless the iranian government releases 21 prisoners Baghdad radio reported today. The broadcast said four women and three children were allowed to disembark at Baghdad but 45 persons remained aboard the iranian National airline Boeing 727. Fort Smith a six persons who allegedly shouted obscenities at vice president Spiro t. Agnew during his appearance at the municipal auditorium Here thursday night were found innocent Friday on charges of disturbing the peace. Municipal judge Lawson longer issued the ruling saying there was insufficient evidence in the Case. New York a minutes after an Anonymous caller warned authorities of a bomb an explosion rocked a Queens courthouse building Early today causing extensive damage. A custodian in the building and 17 prisoners and several guards in the adjacent Long Island City jail escaped injury. So did two policemen who had responded to the warning and were outside trying to get in. Montreal a Quebec separatists have warned that kidnapped British Diplomat James Richard Cross will not be found again unless Canadian authorities end their search for him and free 23 a political prisoners by 6 . Today. The Quebec liberation front said in what it again called its a last communique Friday that a neither the authorities nor their fascist police will find Diplomat j. Cross again if they do not fulfil our demands. Following a bid opening yesterday in mayor Tom a. Little s office Barnett construction company of Jonesboro was awarded a contract to overlay a one Quarter mile stretch of Robin Dale with hot mix Asphalt. Barnett which was the Only firm to submit a bid said they would do the Job at a Cost of $12.50 a ton. Final estimates Are that the work will Cost $5,625, Little said. Weather permitting City employees will begin monday preparing the Street for the overlay. Robin Dale should be ready to handle traffic again by next saturday Little said. In addition the mayor continued one Block of Indiana Between ninth and 10th will also be asphalted. Work on both the streets is a demonstration project Little explained and if successful will Mark the beginning of another City program which will repair other existing Concrete streets using the same method. A total of 154 handicapped citizens from Mississippi county were successfully rehabilitated and placed in gainful employment during the 1969-70 fiscal year ending june 30, e. Russell Baxter director of the Arkansas rehabilitation service revealed yesterday. See Roundup Page i editors note in the seven Days since a Colorado air disaster evidence has mounted that there Are flaws in the government s policing of the rent a plane business. This dispatch from the a special assignment team examines those weaknesses. By James r. Polk and Dick Barnes associated press writers Washington a the 30-death disaster on a Wichita state University football flight has uncovered Blind spots in the Way the Federal aviation administration acts As watchdog Over the rent a plane business. The Faa lifted the License thursday of the firm piloting the Wichita state plane. It also slapped a $50,000 Fine on a second firm which owned the Craft and grounded All its other planes for emergency inspections. In a news conference the Faa pleaded ignorance of the safety problems until after the hired plane had smashed into a Steep Mountainside in a Deaden Canyon in the Rockies a week ago today. Yet the Faa had warned two schools including Wichita state a against football flights by the Small air firm two months ago. The Agency said it assumed the rental plans were scrapped and it took no action to Stop the firm itself. On an emergency basis the Faa revoked the flying License thursday of that firm Golden Eagle aviation inc. Of Oklahoma City after ruling it had no certificate to operate a passenger plane As Large As the ill fated Martin 404. The Faa cited 16 safety defects on a second plane also used for the football trip to Utah state in handing the $50,000 penalty to Jack Richards aircraft co. Inc., also of Oklahoma City. As Faa administrator John h. Shaffer announced the crackdown still More questions surfaced i. The Faa warned not Only Wichita state but also Tulsa University this fall that Golden Eagle lacked a License to Fly Large chartered football flights. But asked if the Faa had taken any Steps to warn Golden Eagle before the crash Shaffer said the Agency did no to know the firm was actually going ahead with such flights or had been making them for nearly a year. 2. The Faa was unaware that Golden Eagle also sought to Fly two other Kansas football teams this fall. Golden Eagle s written offer to Kansas University said planes could be rented from american lease co. That firm lists the same phone and address in Oklahoma City As Golden Eagle. However the Faa said it had never heard of american lease co in its investigation. It broadened its probe to include the mystery firm after being told by newsmen about the Kansas offer. 3. Wichita states basketball team used a rented dc-3 flown by Golden Eagle on Road trips last Winter but dropped the firm this year. The shockers basketball coach could t be reached for comment. But two flight scares at Cincinnati and new Mexico state were reported at the time. Shaffer said the Faa never knew about the basketball trips. 4. The government inspector at Wichita who phoned aug. 14 to caution the school about Selling seats to football fans for a Golden Eagle flight to Texas a amp a did t follow up his warning. Shaffer said the inspector did no to know the same firm flew the football team to that game and to West Texas state before last weeks crash. 5. In Las vegas nev., where the doomed twin engine plane was mothballed for three years before its fatal flight the Faa has yet to find a record of any current renewal of an airworthiness safety certificate. Officials say a 10-Day ferry permit for the Craft expired sept. 21. Pressed on whether any up to Date License renewal was issued anyplace the Faa says it does no to know. 6. The Faa said it has no Normal surveillance or maintenance checks on aircraft brokers such As the Richards firm which buy sell or rent used planes. One Faa spokesman said. A a it a just like me buying a used oar. You Don t know what its condition the National transportation safety Board said it will open a hearing into the fatal football trip at Wichita oct. 21. Investigators say the rented 20-year-old Airliner was taking a Scenic route through the Rocky mountains West of Denver and was unable to escape a Blind Canyon that ended with a towering Wall of mountains forming the Continental Divide. The second plane that reached Logan Utah flew a lower route Westward Over Wyoming. The Faa cited safety defects in the sister plane that ranged from Oil leakage in an engine to improper fire extinguishers. It impounded that plane levied the $50,000 Fine and grounded 15 other Richards planes immediately until a government team can inspect them on an emergency basis. Both Richards and Golden Eagle can Appeal the penalties. The Faa said Golden Eagle was flying the Wichita state team without the necessary commercial flight License was piloting an unsafe plane in taking the second half of the team to Utah state and had a Pilot who lacked a valid License for medical reasons. The Agency said that Pilot Leland t Everett who was grounded earlier this week had been expressly denied a renewal of his medical certificate last year. But officials refused to say what medical reasons were involved. Tulsa University acknowledged thursday night it had gotten a bid from Golden Eagle but trimmed the firm from its list. Athletic director Glenn Dobbs say Why. Shaffer and other Faa officials said there Isnit enough manpower to keep an Eye on every plane rental. A we can to prevent this sort of thing unless we put a Man watching every aircraft owner a Faa lawyer George Carneal said. Shaffer said an Faa ramp inspector had spotted and halted another rented plane getting ready to take off from Miami for the Bahamas with a College soccer team on the eve of the see policy Page t

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