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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Oct 1 1941, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - October 1, 1941, Blytheville, Arkansas Page fou Blytheville Auk courier news wednesday october i iou Hie Blytheville courier news the courier news co ii. W Haines Puglia her Samuel f Norris editor j. Thomas Phillips. Advertising manager sole National advertising representative Wallace Witmer co., new York. Chicago de Cit Atlanta Memphis. Public evry afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the Post office at Blytheville Arkansas under act of Congress. October 9, 1917. Served by the United press subscription rates 3y earner in the City of Blytheville l6c per Etc. Or 65c per month by mail. Within a radius of 50 Miles $3 of per year $1.50 for six months 75c for three months by mall in postal zones two to six inclusive $6 50 per year in zones seven and eight $10 00 per year payable in Advance dated that til is it was pretty and everybody said a mental lets not flinch Iii the Finch when 10. Months afro America faced the problem of arming itself and Arni Iok other Peoples resisting aggression it was frankly would mean sacrifice much just a word nodded gravely and a yes Quot now the time is Here when the Pinch is actually being Felt. It Isnit a word any More. It is a reality. And it hurts. A there in t enough of certain materials aluminium Copper steel rubber. The defense plants must come first. Only what remains after their needs Are met is available to plants making non defense items. I hat wont always be True. Facilities for producing More aluminium for instance Are on tin Way. But at present there is a shortage that in ans and will mean real hardship. It Means men out of jobs in the midst of humming activity. It Means dark shops whose customers want g Axis which can to be turned out because the material has gone for guns. It Means salesmen with nothing to sell. It May mean ruin for manufacturers whose plants can to be adapted to defense uses quickly. It Means in snort hardship and privation sacrifice. Further it Means a sacrifice that Falls harder on some than on others. There b Only one thing to do. It is to equalize these burdens just As much As human ingenuity can equalize them. It is to revise the priority system As director Nelson is already trying to do so that those entitled to materials will i e sure of getting them. It is to insist on subcontracting to the extreme limit of practicability. It is to spread defense work and civilian work that does not interfere with it As widely As to. Sible. It is to make sure that sacrifices of jobs and businesses Are not made merely for the Sake of sacrifices but Only when the utmost Diligence and intelligence cannot find a Way to avoid them. American ingenuity american resourcefulness american steadfastness a Are going to be lint on trial this Winter. We must not flinch in the Pinch. Streamlining the army army changes to make the service More flexible and Able to adjust itself to modern conditions in the Field have been Corning fast these Days. For instance National guard officers May now be transferred to any duty anywhere in the army. It was formerly the policy to keep them with their original units. Further army commanders May of t Oill Way now reassign any officer under their command without reference to the War department. That cuts out red tape and it would seem reasonable that a Man judged competent to command an army should be competent to shift his officers about without filtering the change through some bureaucratic Mill in Washington. These with the constant weeding out of officers who have not shown up Well in Maneu vers Are some Assurance that the army is being brought in tune with the military times. Is Romance dead the question s been asked before but we ask it again on Reading that Lily Pons glamorous opera Singer is turning Over a lifetime collection of fan mail As a contribution to the wastepaper drive. With the proceeds about $2, she will buy defense Stamps. Well ifs an emergency and ifs probably More important to have cardboard Cartons for Beans than to preserve notes Reading a i think you re wonderful. Miss Pons in 1925 and a a what a the matter you were Flat on the Bell song last night a in 19112. Still you watch this contribution go into the Macerator without a sigh for All the Pink and perfumed sighs now to be converted by a ruthless mechanical metamorphosis into Cartons for soldiers shirts. That a life we guess. View. Of a tit amp a Public a to on to this column of editorials from other newspapers Doc not neck Saar or mean endorsement but is an acknowledgement of interest in uie subjects discussed. Unco. Side glances Fry i Ebrami Arkansas so a Yankees guests and her exiled sons to the member of the 153rd Arkansas infantry. Who from his regiment s present station at Camp Murray. Was wrote to the Gazette with conspicuous a enthusiasm about the Homecoming Celebration Little Rock is planning for the Quot Yankee soldiers Quot of the 35th division we rail Only commend re Reading of doubtless a in liar words Joy shall be in heaven Over one sinner that Repon Teth More than Over ninety and nine just persons which need no repentance let s agree it was a bad oversight when Little Rock did not turn out to Welcome the 153rd on its return last july from Tennessee Maneu vers where the regiment had won marked distinction. But after All the men really got Back Home. And that was the great thing for them and their families and friends. As some speakers Quot need no introduction Quot so in a sense they needed no formal Welcome. Arkansas just took them Back to itself. To offset any feeling of having been neglected then they now have the proud consciousness that their outfit along with the 206th anti aircraft coast artillery was among the few National guard organizations in the whole new army to be assigned to Active duty in the National defense instead of being kept in training Damps to be made into soldiers. The Dase of the Quot Yankee soldiers Quot from Missouri and Kansas and Nebraska who make up the 35th division is different. They need Assurance that they Are not strangers in our midst but Welcome sojourners. And who knows but Given time to work on them some More we May eventually succeed in converting these Yankees into pretty Good arkansans and southerners have patience. Camp Murray these sinners May yet be brought to repent Arkansas Gazette everything that the common Man has striven for since the Days of Magna Carta and before. Is now at Hillman associate director general. Orm. Christianity is the Only Universal Lett in tile world. Or. A Harry Cotton president presbyterian theological Seminary. Serial Story Bride from the sky by Helen Welsh Imer copyright 130. Inca ii Urvi be inc. We in my name. Iti get you out of tin a anyway and let you Trot Back to Phillip a he turned swiftly and Judy heard the outer door at the Entrance close after him. The Mutton had hurried ahead to open the heavy Gate. Corp i or . Orvic. Re to ute., a it re a Orr or Asi of a by Allen chapter xxx fhe brighter Light Del not conv on As Judy hurried to get her Brown Calico dress fastened around her. Her eyes were dark smudges in her face and Tho russet hair gleamed faintly in the meager outside bulb. Quot Phil a she called softly for-1 Eft alone Judy did not re getting that. To might sing dance j move the Calico dress. She or yell because there were no wrapped herself in the Blanket other feminine guests of the City and Laid Down on her cot. Tonight. I she looked at the slim watch the Man who stood behind the set in Blue and White sapphires a Matron was not Phil. He was a birthday gift from Phil. She had tall Young Man in a Brown v t intended to remove it from her tors suit. There a no laughter wrist but miss Mattie a arrival in his eyes now and his fit in Chin had interrupted. The watch had looked weary. Topped in the High Altitude. She Quot i imagine the sky was Nice to would not know that it was morn night Sandy a Judy add re her ing until the Matron came again visitor. Quot my Star Patch Wasny to meantime a rat ran around the cell and escaped through a Hole. A a would you like to enter i. She could hear it scratching some Allen a cell a a the accommodating i where near and moved closer to Matron asked. A a being As you arc the Wall. To lie married i done the Why you of this was a thousand times be together worse than falling into space on rhe Matron unlocked the door your Back when she reached Lviv did you in pc to Druid Edward when there Are so in my homely boys hanging around town Quot of Judy a cell and Flung it b her father and Phil this jail Sandy clo cd it immediately would apologize. The rat ran Back a i m afraid you be got the wrong and this time her scream was so this curious world by William Ferguson Man. Funny i had the same idea i once upon a his lips twisted slightly. Quot she got away from Quot you mean she jumped from an air plane to escape you a the woman a voice queried. Quot then what was the Man like that she wanted a Quot a ten minute egg. Not Good on Toast a Sandy supplied. Terrified so frenzied that Steps came running. Quot what a being pulled off a the wardens huge voice asked. A another drunk seems purple pigs a Quot purple pigs its a rat a Judy explained. A clock me up anywhere anywhere ill die Here been out a matter of seconds but the strange whirring in her head the dimness that tried to discover where she was and Why lengthened the seconds into a Long Vista. A give somebody named Peter the food a she murmured. Quot and let me wait some place her request was granted. She was placed in a wider cell which was shut off from Peter s Domain. She was Given fresh water with which to Wash her face. A miss Judy Allen associate editor of under Twenty that popular fashion Magazine for girls is now seen splashing cold water on her face a she mimicked following outlines from her magazines advertising. Quot miss Allen was in jail at the time the picture was the Matron came later with More information. The police court was meeting and Judy was to appear. A just As soon As i change to my White dress a she answered and began to take off the Brown one. A but Why a a a Haven to you observed my dear that men fall for the fragile and helpless let me Wear Riding clothes and id get two months in your talking like this kept up her courage. Policemen As she knew them were kind. They chatted with her when she passed them at certain Corners. If any of her friends knew where she was. Well they would know most any minute now. I know i will a. Chim very Young not half As a its just Peter a Nice fellow. O Brave As she looked it Hobby a along on one foot Judy went with the Matron. A my father is we All know him around Here. You be s to i i e d everything when you get your breakfast hell now Quot Judy answered. Quot think of be mighty pleased if you do some also holding court today she my Job a Quot your Job a she was aware that Bis eyes narrowed tried to the rotund Warden chuckled and walked away. Quot help help you dumb in Piek out her features in the Dusky i efficient Judy a voice cell gave up. When he spoke again his voice was gentle disappointed impersonal. Quot i thought you stepped into the empty spaces Bec Ause you wanted to save your Thomas Jefferson introduced Finger bowls into America aft r. the custom Haj Europe. 11 the amp Alaa of the i the mat amp a a Ata i and the tc0/9p/0/v it it represent of the l 71a/&li/je Wyatt to i com. I by Nea service inc. Answer signs of the Zodiac. Next How fast do hummingbirds walk topped. What did it matter that she yelled nobody cared. A Judy Judy Judy Darling a that was Sandy a voice. That marriage after made such a 1 was Sandy too trying to break mess of everything. I did no Tun d0wm the Gateway leading into the do stand your by line a portent to Quot Sandy you re wrong a a never mind Judy. But to a o in police reception room. She fainted away then quickly completely and did not regain consciousness Urt til the Matron to tiler glad i eau Ahi on in time came with a Small Platter. Com-1�?Td want any wife i claimed to Mon sense told Judy that she had for april. And Crete pro is tons k Evacula a Edson in Washington by Lush Edson courier news Washington correspondent Washington. With the Navy poised to shoot on sight any Axis a pirate Quot submarines or Commerce Raider and with British Allied and Neutral shipping losses i m August Only a Little Oxer i of boo Gross tons the lowest since the War began save Only in athe month of match. 1940 a Reed August was 84.009 Gross ton that a Vantage Point is afforded for an four time the output of Amor t Over All look at the shipping Situa a year ago but it s still not quite Hon. Theres a further interest in equal to the total shipping loses the subject too. In View of the for August of this year a Low launching this month of the i a month. Three ro-2 Liberty ships which to get the Correct picture of How Marks the real beginning of the inadequate that new output of 84.-amerlcan emergency shipbuilding Oao tons a month really is von Effort. Have to compare it with the Avor according to the maritime com age monthly shipping to sos omission output of new ships in 1 310.000 Gross tons for the 24 months of the War. Or compare Peak losses of 580.00j ten 1941, during the grecian campaigns and 540.000 last during the Dunk lion of june 19fo. Figures not inc origin there arc no accurate or accept $12,000 a year cd figures on German and ii Ilian shipping losses dining the War. The British claims i if cling sharply with what the Axi admit. Those losses however Don t lit into this picture whatever they Are. Ifs British Allied and Neutral shipping loss that presents the problem and the total to sos in two years of War Are 7.442,00gro. Tons of which 4, 389,000 Gross tons Are British and 2,753.000 Gross tons Are ailed and Neutral. Iii round numbers that represents about 1700 hips sunk. How close can the unit d states come to making up Tho losses at the present time this tonnage which has gone to the Bottom of the Ocean is greater than the entire u. S. Merchant Marine in i Salt water. This u. A. Seafaring merchant Marine today is in round numbers 1210 Sill. It 7.oso, Gross tons. Of those ships approximately 500 Are in Ion i m Commerce and 700 Are in coastal Trade. But All of them would not make up for the British Allied and Neutral losses. Two sources of Supply Are available to make up those ios. Is. First is the seizure of German italian of Iowa. The annual state salary list i dosed that or. Edward n Ander on and Virgil handier Ach and president respectively o the University of Iowa and or. Charts e. Friley president Low Aid. A ill ask the judge to let me Telephone she knew that Sandy a face looked ill with worry As she passed him. He leaned to say Quot Chin up Judy. In a taking the blame. Iti take the rape what a crazy fool i was a his face was Stern cold critical. Quot you planned Sulci a Nice Jaunt Sandy a Judy heard her voice answering. Quot too bad your plans if he thought he could tic life into knots and blow Thorn apart he might As Well begin to learn better Light now. Then she heard her name a Case of municipal Airport versus Judy to be continued always keep the tires equipped with valve Caps to shut dust and i dirt out of the valve neck. More than 115.000 Miles Olun of de ground pipe lines carry crude. State College each receive Oil and gasoline across the United states. Marine creature by j. R. Williams i our boarding House with major Hoople i m glad nou like tue Dregs Martha a t Edni t Wahi a j Buster s friends v at the dam be to think t a so met by my he Poon id r by the was t still have. The Flam my Peel my that somebody i know is Golma to come Blasing Mav be it s something Voo ate a As por the dress t d be 4 proud to have Voo j por a daughter 4 Joliet a Don t worry the re Eves j will Stasio Cut y like Dork mobs n hem they see you horizontal i pictured mammal. 8 Black Gibbon. 15 fugitive. 16 hypnotic compound. 17 provided. 18 weaken. 19 Gem. 20 company abbr. 21 nigerian negro. 23 japanese Coin. 24 begin. 26 by Way of pm. 27 pile. 29 Long Cut. 30 fast african society abbr. 31 roofing material. 33 greek letter. Answer to previous Puzzle 40 unavailing. 42 perform. 44 mining tools. 46 bed clothes. 49 Newt. 50 spare time. 52 Sailor. 34 Giggle. Danish and other Tonna Laid up 3f a Bird. In North and South am be n port 38 elevated the u. S. Ship requisition a to made j abbr. 209.000 tons of this shipping Avail t 39 anon. Able. And ii latin american republics take similar rn-hor., they will provide 500,00 4 tons More. But tins total is equal to less than to per cent of the loves by sinking. Will Roll in 1942 big source it Supply must therefore come from the u. S shipbuilding program now just beginning to Roll but which will really get Goin in 1942. The maritime commission schedule Calls for flu completion of 99 vessels a million tons in the first Quarter of the coming Zealor the second Quarter. 146 ships of i Aco,v,j0 tons. For the third 154 ships of 1.646.000 tons. For the fourth 134 ships of 2.ogo too tons. The total for the year under this schedule will be 574 ships of 6.046,000 ions. Of the prospective d for the first Quarter of 194-3 229 Ahi a. Of 2,270.000 tons Are added to that 1942 total then and Only then will the ship losses begin to be equalized. But unless the submarine menace can be overcome 1 completely which is an obvious impossibility. A lot More tonnage is going to be sunk in these next 18 months. So its still a Battle of construction against tremendous Odds. Web t r e Aid e to a t mpg v id e eid 53 arouse to notion. 54 River Spanish. 55 Marble. 56 Provost Var. 58 a color. 59 Alabama abbr. Co printers measure. Cd exists. 62 inversely a Ovate. Of myself. 65 euphonic de. Vertical. 1 sorrows. 2 brutal fellow. Cha. I a m l is 3 article. 4 conceals. 5 Public works 45 resident of 14 pertaining to the glottis., Ida fuel. 22 suffix. 23 heavenly body. 25 beverage. 27 slim. 28 Rasca Lity. 31 Hail Norse 32 to classify. 35 wheel part. 37 kind of leather. 41 denoting presence of nitrogen. 42 French preposition. 43 preposition. Administration abbr. 6 Union of american printers abbr. 7 Many a name abbr. 8 mimeograph device. 9 god of War. 10 tunes. 11 Sheds feathers. 12 one. 13 variety of Mica. Thailand. 46 onion shaped Root. 47 natural simplicity. 48 curried a horse. 51 skidded. 56 conspire. 57 rant. 58 Edge. 59 Many a name abbr. 62 spiritual essence in occultism. 63 land measure Iowa coach a. St2,000 Des Moines la. Up the Heads of two de seat a1 institutions and a football coach Are the highest paid employees o the Tate

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