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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 5

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Blytheville, Arkansas Courier news Blytheville Ark a saturday november 20, 1971 Pace five astrological a a forecast a of Cerf Oil big tet Mcnaught Syndicate inc to determine your forecast note paragraph opposite Date which sunday general tendencies Thi is a strange and unusual Day. Everyone has great Energy and vitality but this May be used in the wrong Way to break up conditions which Are Good but annoying in some Way. Instead use the Energy to improve upsetting aspects while leaving conditions As they Are. A Fine sunday for includes your birthday. To receive from a higher up materialistic favors As the new week opens. Look for new ways to build up a greater amount of Security for yourself. Show appreciation where it is deserved. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 Stop procrastinating ask a higher up for a favor you need at this time. Then plan for greater Success. Involve yourself More in a civic affair. \ Day of activity pays off Well. Holding fast to accepted Princi-1 Alert. Pies teachings. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 i you have Many new ideas but you know exactly How to and m you stick to one is Vance faster but take care you most practical you get Best redo not act too quickly and suits. Making new contacts is irritate a higher up. Get Busy. Your Best bet. Go into details on the civic matter that will so your plan is understood. Jacoby on Bridge North 20 a Nuj vkq3 a a105 4 a a j West East a 108654 a 73 v109872 v 65 a 8 a j963 a 96 a 87542 South d a a92 v a j4 a kq72 a Kios North South vulnerable West North East South 1n.t, pass 7n.t. Pass pass pass opening Lead a Vio help those living within your general area. Take it easy tonight. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 if you keep at that studying gemini May 21 to june 21 begin week properly by keeping promises to others and satisfying creditors. You Are Able to straighten out Small differ you want to do instead of go i fences with mate today. Show ing off on some Tangent you j that you Are devoted and Loyal. Make this a most satisfactory and profitable Day. Make sure to keep some Promise. Reneging could cause you trouble. Moon children june 22 to july 21 find out what associates expect of you for greater Success. You Are Able to handle gemini May 21 to june 21 an opponent very tactfully now. Study reasons Why you find try to understand someone Al yourself in the position you currently Are in then do something constructive about improving it. Done to fret about some attachment who feels As restless As you do. Show Devotion where it belongs. Moon children june 22 to july 21 morning is Best time to sit Down with associates since later you will not be in the mood to listen to their views. Know what is expected of you and try to please. Control your temper. Leo july 2 to aug. 21 a Good Day to repay some favor extended to you in the past and to give assistance to one in need. Get As much rest today As you can so the new week in business will be very successful. Take a Little necessary exercise also. Virgo aug. 2 to sept. 22 plan to entertain friends you like and to whom you owe social favors. Being particularly kind to one you love brings Fine results. Make your appearance attractive Early. Put More music in your life. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 2 every Opportunity is yours to join with congenial and have a delightful time by enter-1 Ness be Wise sets Point of View. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 doing those things that will bring the respect of co workers is Wise now. Excellent results can come of this. Make your wardrobe More charming and your chances for Success increase. Vidgo aug. 22 to sept 22 engage in activities that you enjoy and you accomplish a great Deal. You can give expression to those Fine creative talents you possess. Save time for a Friend in need. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 you Are now Able to make conditions at Home much better if you get the Aid of an expert. Make sure your plans Are practical. Avoid a person whose i Deas Are not Good. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 make sure you handle those special tasks exactly right As the new week begins then All works out better for you during the week. Support allies with your views and gain Goodwill. Sagittarius nov. 22 .0 dec. 21 a perfect Day for making collections paying Bills and putting All monetary affairs in order. Listen to suggestions Given to you by experts in Busi by Oswald amp James Jacoby with 39 High card Points in the combined hands South should be in seven no Trump. Anyone who uses Point count will get there. There Are 12 top tricks in sight and the play for a 13th is to score four diamonds. This is automatic against any 3-2 break or if the Jack is Singleton. It is also possible to guard again running up against four diamonds to the Jack in the West hand by the simple expedient of playing out the King and Queen. If West holds four diamonds East will show out on the second Lead and the finesse will be automatic. How about four diamonds to the Jack in the East hand if West a Singleton is the eight or nine and you know about it in Advance you can Cash Dummy Sace and take two finesse against East. This is a possible play but you would look mighty silly if West held Jack and one club. Nevertheless you can eat your cake and still have it left if you count the hand. You Start by cashing the three top hearts. East discards a club on the third. Then you do the same with your top Spades. Again East Jettison a club and you know that West started with to cards in the major suits. Now you take your King of clubs and Dummy Sace and West follows to both leads. Since you know j of 12 on West a cards he can to hold More than one card in the Diamond suit. You play Dummy Sace of diamonds. West drops the eight. You know that East holds All three missing Dia Mons find Are Able to Lead through them twice and make the grand slam. Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Fresh fruit a Texas Sweet oranges a apples a 8 varieties a pure Mississippi sorghum a ribbon Cane syrup a pecans a fresh produce a phone 532-8075 Myricks mkt. Airbase Hwy. Honey Christmas shoppers special october 21 thru october 30 eclat. To Day Sale will allow too to save ind avoid the Hustle and Bustle of Christmas. Shop in privacy tour Home or ours Bonnie Coggin 763-6130 Eva Rakestraw 763-1222 Juanell Jett Osceola 563-6897 Sarah Coventry inc. Pine fashion costume jewelry wino tv40 taming them. Some Hobby can be perfected now that is much to your liking. Spend some Money a done to expect others to do it All the time. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 out with Good pals to Public places that will be educational and profitable. A Good Day to become better acquainted with one you like but know Only casually. Keep sober though. Sagittarius nov. 2 to dec. 21 you have to handle Money matters although a sunday so be sure to exercise great care in so doing. Get to the source of Well being by living the Golden Rule. Forget Petty matters. Capricorn dec 2 to a Quot 201 sociability is on your mind now so get of Many worthwhile people As you can Contact. Plan to. To desirable personal Aims steer Clear of the kind and show you Are Wise. Aquarius Wail 21 to web 19 attending the services you like will inspire you for better living in the future expand your thinking and give you greater Aims. Plan new weeks activities Metic ugly. Get More successful results. Pisces Fen 20 to mar. Good friends will give you the right suggestion for your most cherished alms of a personal nature so be sure of listen carefully. Attend group meetings that Are worthwhile. Drive with utmost care. If your child is born today. He or she will be one of those interesting Young people with a series Mien because of the exaggerated conscientiousness in this nature. For that reason any subject can be discussed with your child and a practical answer received. Try to give your youngster As much amusement As you can so the mood will be lifted to a More pleasant one and then there can be much Success in this life no matter what the Forte May be and it could be music. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 study yourself As you would others and then you know How to improve All of your operations. Be sure those social plans Are working with ease now. Fine Dav for expansion. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 it is your intent to put All of your practical matters in Fine order. You can do so with efficiency now. One who is having a Tough time can be aided by you. Show generosity. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 getting together with allies and Clanning advancement for the future is Wise now. You can now join a social group which you like a great Deal. Show a hat Vou Are a charming person. If your child is born today. He or she will of one of those Clever and charming Young people who will by concentrating upon How to became important and famous which is Fine provided you be or. Right kind of education. Make available the right social and cultural opportunities plus the encouragement that your youngster needs to really make Progress possible in this Chart. Teach Early the Fine Art of give and take and avoid selfishness. Monday 2 45 sing i sing to 3 00 All aboard Story telling. Or. Be would like to read a Story to Poncey but cannot locate a Story Book. Troilus has hidden the Book which contains the Story about Billy Goat Gruff. Troilus considers the Story unflattering to trolls but or. 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Kanins nostalgic anecdotes reveal much about the unpredictable couple who kept their private Ives under wraps. 9 00 mus workshop for teachers in in 9 30 topic Memphis City i schools c wind creates dunes Alamosa Colo. A winds blowing against the Barrier of the Sangre de Cristo mountains lose Force and drop their Sands Over the centuries creating what is now the great Sand dunes National Monument. 8173 a it add to hawaiian look to your wardrobe with this charming style. The easy to Wear Muumuu. No. 8173 with Phot guide is in sizes 8 to 18 bust 31%-40. Size to 32 bust. Ivy Yards of 45-Inch. Patterns a to Ordor Moil to a Blytheville courier Newt Potter dept. 723 . Lev 5340 Chicote Hin Oil 60610 ii a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a now of a so a Book separately patterns�?75c each my. Suo. 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