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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Blytheville, Arkansas Cuban Export cd Eort. Ait Abigail am my t son bars forgiving wife return to dad Abby sat or Sun 20 or 21 dear Abby my husband of 33 years whom i have always adored was unfaithful to me. I caught him and there was no Way out for him. He begged me to forgive him said the woman meant nothing to him and he would never see her again but i was so Hurt and numb and heartsick i to my son and daughter in Laws Home where i am now living and told than All about what had happened. I have thought everything Over and realize that since this has never happened before my husband deserves another Chance but my son has forbidden his father to come near me them or their children. I spoke with my minister and he agrees i should go Back to my husband. How can i my son tells me he will have no respect for me if i go Back. So now i must make a Choice. Can you advise me torn dear torn go Back to your husband. And Tell your son that one who cannot forgive destroys the Bridge Over which he one Day May need to pass. Dear Abby there Are bachelors living in this apartment building. They Are not hippies they Are Church going men yet there seems to be plenty of free love going on. They bring girls Here Day and night without any apparent shame changing girls every few weeks. Even the children know something Shady is going on. With All this Hanky Panky going on i can understand Why the Young people have become to disgusted with the older generation. I think these men should be asked to move. I would like your opinion. Over thirty dear Over what people do behind their own closed doors is not the business of neighbors. As Long As they do not disturb their neighbors i see to reason for them to be asked to move. Besides you Woald have a hard time proving that your suspicions were Correct. Dear Abby Paul he a my husband has a Best Friend who is slowly driving me crazy. We be known this Guy for about four years now but about a year ago he became divorced and that a when the trouble started. This Friend is Here every weekend for dinner and afterwards he and Paul go out on the town and i am left behind like Cinderella to clean up the mess. Paul knows How i feel about this and so does his Friend but still they continue. I Haven t been out alone with my husband for months and i am getting fed up. Every time i mention it Paul gets angry. Tonight this Friend had the nerve to bring his shirts along and ask me to Iron them am i being a nag like Paul says or do you think i have a right to be upset alone again dear alone you have a right to be upset. Remind your husband that he has a wife and if he wants to go eat of the Iowa a should Tell his Bachelor buddy to get a girl Aud Tho four of you will go out to a Stop to Paul s routine gather. Aud unless you put a Stop to Paul a routine right now you will and yourself atone More and liking it less. P. S. If you ironed the shirts you need Mort help than i Eon give you to a letter confidential to Barbara i think you should Tell Sandy that if she is serious about wanting All the gifts in Hor wedding party to to blonds she should select blonds. Tell her too you will gladly stand up for Hor but you wont a Dye for her. And what a wrong with a wig on the right William Buckley cd letters to the a dil dear sir j i have just heard the news of the changing of the Blytheville High school Alma Frater and to me it is very depressing to Wiear that people Are even trying to change the colors and nickname. It is hard to believe that the school Board a which is made up by half of the members a feeling bus alumni a would let their own la mater be changed right in front of their faces. What is happening to the bus school Board Why should they change the Alma mater if the White students had gone to Harrison i believe that they have changed their Alma mater. If people would just Stop and think about the Many students that have graduated and attended the sports activities and what they think when everyone is asked to stand for the bus Alma mater and they stand to something that they have never heard of before. I believe that it is time for the alumni to take a stand for what they stood up for during their bus years instead of sitting ground and watching their school traditions being torn up. A very harsh 1968 graduate name withheld by request Washington . Dear sir i have just heard the distressing news of the changing of the Blytheville High or school Alma mater. I am a 1968 graduate of Blytheville and very unhappy to hear this. When the school Board allowed this to be changed did they consider the thousands of students who have graduated and did they realize they were killing their a dear Ole Alma mater did they think of the Many graduates who have gone to All different parts of our country and who look Forward to someday coming Back to visit their Alma mater what do we come Back to now. A school where we can no longer sing a Hail to thee Ole Blytheville High school. Gone too is our fond memories of High school Days. I realize Blytheville High is also the Black students school now and they have a right to ask for some changes but do they have the right to change the traditional Alma mater no they done to. If our White students had gone to Harrison High would they have changed their Alma mater or would they have let us if we tried i also understand they Are trying to change the school colors. If this happens Why not change the name of the school to go along with everything else after All what is there to a name of a school after you have Token every thing else away from it. A very unhappy graduate name withheld by request Washington d. C. Niewa of outlier amp the wings of state governor bumpers has decided to rent air planes from state agencies rather than propose that the state buy a plane for executive use. In that manifestation of concern for the taxpayers Back pocket he is to he commended. Commendable too is the governors refuse to accept the loan of privately owned planes. Few things Are More suspect or More a Chiou to Mie spirit of Public serv a vice than Public officials flying High on Pri a vae Money. In Short if the governor spends any body a Money a albeit we Hope hell be frugal a we want it to be ours. Further we Hope that the governor will be a Mobile governor and wont be grounded by the fact that his predecessor former gov. Winthrop Rockefeller was criticized for buzzing Back and Forth too much. The governors office is in Little Rock but the people also Are in Al Dorado Texarkana Blytheville and Rogers. Arkansas is Home base but the state has business in Washington and new York a Arkansas Democrat words of warning the politician who Speaks faster than in thinks sometimes fails to recognize his own words when they appear in print hence the frequent assertion a i was to prevent such occurrences it might be Well for political statements to be pre a Rue by Yih vill col 111 he new the cod Bibb Bews of. I Bahry in Bain publisher lab a a Abby a. Baines senior publisher Oen Austin advertising manages a Bole National advertising representative Wallace Witmer co new Fork Obj ago of troll Atlanta Mem pm second dam postage paid at Blyth Ceville Ark. Member of Hie associated pram Subo Cimon Batka 9$ Carrier to Tbs Otto Al Blytheville or for faced by a disclaimer such As the one cited in a recent Republican gibe at senator Muskie a i know you believe you understand what you think i said but i am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what i a Columbia . State suburban town where Canter Atmos in maintained la 76 a month. By mall within a radius of 60 am be til Psi year 174 0 or six months $4 of Tor thres months by Nail outside 50 Miles radius 2l.uo for Roar mall subscriptions Are not accepted in towns and tues where be courier Newt Carrier acres is maintained Man subscriptions Ere payable in Advance note hrs courier news assumes no respond ability for photographs manuscripts engravings a Mats left with it Tor possible pull Kennedy 72 and penance a Young Man a senior at Havard who spent the summer a year ago working on the staff of Josiah Spaulding was telling me about it. Spaulding was the Republican candidate for senator Edward Kennedy a seat. He had High Hopes of unseating Kennedy the Young Man said wistfully. I observed that i could not imagine Why so secure is Kennedy in the affections of the people of Massachusetts. Was it Chappaquiddick Well yes the betting at first was that the voters would not wish to return to the Senate the Man who played the Lead in that drama. However said the Young Man not once did candidate Spaulding so much As allude to Chappaquiddick. And quite right i should think. Or. Kennedy was running to retain his seat in the Senate of the United states a body of men with great Power no single member of which however is so situated that he can gravely damage the coun try by a single venture into recklessness. It is of course otherwise if one is president and with the report now trom the pollsters that senior Ken Redy has taken the popularity Lead among democrats a Little ventilation is in order. I could not conceive of Richard Nixon a dwelling on Chappaquiddick in a National Campaign. Indeed one recalls the special greeting Nixon gave to Kennedy on the evening when Nixon returned to Washington from his trip to the Pacific to congratulate the first astronauts who landed on the Moon. It was a Rainy night and All the dignitaries were there to Welcome him Home. The cameras kept peeking at the Ashen face of Edward Kennedy whose first Public appearance this was after that awful television address in which he spoke in Tush eries a i was not under the influence of alcohol words that would ill equip him in the future to accuse or. Nixon of a Lack of Candor. But on that evening Nixon hovered for a special moment Over Kennedy a a Graceful act though to be sure magnanimity stops at the Frontier of presidential politics. No it be Nixon who would refer Back to Chappaquiddick in the event of senator Kennedy a nomination. It would be the thousands of americans publishers editorial writers clergymen school teachers who loosely speaking Are those who raise ethical Points and tend to give equilibrium to the National conscience. What they will say to themselves and to others is i think in two parts. The first will raise directly the question of senator Kennedy a fitness to serve As president under the Shadow of Chappaquiddick. They will say that the episode bespoke a sense of irresponsibility of personal a Bandon that simply does no to go with the office with this office. They will say that the posthumous mysteries Are entirely of or. Kennedy a making. All that is publicly known a bout the judicial proceeding is that the judge flatly said that he did not believe senator Kennedy a sworn word. The proceedings themselves Are so secret that not even Daniel Ellsberg for All we know is privy to them. And senator Kennedy a criticism of the closeout redness of the Nixon administration suffers under the circumstances. The second criticism is both More Subtle and More compassionate. It reasons that on that july evening in Chappaquiddick the senator behaved disgracefully but after All most people behave disgracefully at least once or twice in their lives and it simply happened that Teddy Kennedy whose family has the Best and the worst Luck in All the world was hit by a misfortune that resulted in death. The particulars of the Story the criticism goes will never be revealed because they do not show him up in a favourable Light. All this will pass but a sense of the fitness of things requires that he be made to atone for the episode both for his Sake and for the Sake of the standards of the Republic. And when you ask Bow does one atone who already inhabits Olympus Why the answer if one does not climb to the presidency. Not the first time a round. Next time maybe the penance having been done. But not this time. Vice president Okay. But not the presidency. Not in 1972. The Young Man at Harvard agrees. Washington Star Syndicate Lac Blytheville Ark courier Newt Page four saturday november 20, iou peanuts tonight s game is against s Gordie Howe a to Gordie Howe in t playing ii Gordie Howe hag retired ?.<? i thoughts on world by Alvis Carpenter pastor first Baptist Church last month i attended a conference in Kansas City on a Medicine and religion the Middle the conference was sponsored jointly by the University of Kansas medical school and the department of religion and Medicine of the american medical association. I found it informative and helpful both As a Middle aged person myself and As one who counsels with and relates to those in Middle age. An exact definition of Middle age was Neter agreed upon. The age Range generally referred to was from 40 to 61. Some contend it Ore a state of mind than a Span of years making it highly indefinite and relative. Middle age is described by some As a time when Many feel a High dry and alone a High on a plateau of achievement or performance after of a and stale because the payoffs Are not commensurate with tile demands had problem and alone is a limited role isolated from significant people Cut off from the Young and a threat As a performer to the older generation. One lecturer quoted remarks made by Frank Mcgee to Hugh Downs on the today show a few Days before Mcgee replaced Downs As emcee. A the modern Middle aged adult is subject to triple jeopardy. He is held responsible for his own failure and unhappiness the failure and unhappiness of his children and not infrequently the failure and unhappiness of his these remarks express Well the potential for frustration and depression the person Between the generations May experience. The leading questions of Middle age reflect a destination i is it worthwhile to be ambitious 2 what can i believe 3 does it matter much How i live 4 what is Man 5 what can i become and 6 what will become of me most of what i have reported sounds negative. You May Well a a if there Art not some plus is to Middle age As Well at minuses. There definitely Are. One of the pluses of Middle age is the Challenge it represents in calling it to be real persons rather than just role players. We can drop the role of a big daddy to become a real Man. We can die As a performer to become a person. A can let our roles die in order that we May dispense our gifts in Freedom. Instead of being a High a a dry a a alone a and a Between a the emergence of our True humanity can enable us to become a human a a creative a and our humanity and not our expertise become the basis for our relationships. In essence the solution to being caught in the Middle of Middle age is to View it As a Challenge and not a threat a time to grow instead of a Tim to regress. The Challenge is basically a spiritual one a matter of death and pressure action a willingness to die to that which limits and isolates that one May be free to live is a foal mfg Whin you just u a Abba i who you jolting about Tho israeli a Orolin rain Lster of in Van Bam a head cod Quot

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