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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 1

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Blytheville, Arkansas Gosnell High school s chapter of the future Home bikers of America under the sponsorship of mrs. Audia Briley took a few minutes thursday after on to share Early thanksgiving activities with the pm few at pursing Cantar in Blythe Ville. The girls prepared fruit baskets for each of the 69 patients at the Center and visited with each of them offering thanksgiving Day Best wishes. Courier news photo by Neil Gilbride a labor writer Miami Beach a. A president Nixon s Blunt pledge to press wage Price controls whether organized labor likes it or not has met with brusque dismissal by a hostile Al Cio convention. The confrontation apparently signals a major presidential Campaign clash in 1972. Labor sources expressed mixed views Over who came off Best politically in the rare Public clash Between Nixon and president George Meany of the Al Cio at the federations convention Friday. A Nixon was speaking to a National audience a said Peter t. Schoemann a member of the Al Cion a powerful 35-Man executive Board that earlier won convention approval to refuse cooperation with Federal wage controls. A White House aide said Nixon came Here against the advice of All his advisers. The aide pictured the convention treatment of the president As a studied Many labor leaders viewed Nixon s speech before some 2,-000 delegates alternates and guests As the opening Sally in the presidents bid for re election. A the did no twin any friends Here but in a afraid its going to have a big effect in the nation a another Al Cio official said of Nixon a face to face showdown with labor critics. Nixon said whether he gets cooperation from labor and other groups or not a it is my obligation As president of the United states to make this program of stopping the Rise in the Cost of living the audience at Best gave scattered polite applause and laughed when Nixon contended that his 90-Day wage Price freeze was a remarkable Success and that a if you done to think so go Home and ask your wives who go to the grocery Meany and most other labor leaders Are waiting Only for the democrats to Settle on a presidential nominee before throwing All their support that Way. Democratic presidential contender sen. George Mcgovern of South Dakota got a comparatively warm Welcome in a speech backing labors pay demands. He suggested that Nixon be a phased out of the White House next year. Many of the labor leaders Here talked More favourably about a democratic ticket headed by sen. Henry m. Jackson of Washington with possibly sen. Edward m. Kennedy of Massachusetts As Jackson a running mate. A while some of you May be against me politically and some of you May be against my party i know from experience Over the last three years that when the chips Are Down organized labor is for America a Nixon said in one of numerous appeals that fell All but Flat. Al Cio officials refused to introduce Nixon Over their Loudspeaker refused to permit live television coverage of his speech and sent their musicians out of the Hall so they could no to play the traditional presidential labor Page 2 a of fac courier mews Blytheville Arkansas 72315 vol. 72 no. 163 10 gents 14 pages saturday november 20, 1971 Nixon. Meets brusque dismissal May Herald clash action line migratory Bird Hunting keep the plug in the gun with today marking the beginning of Duck season in Arkansas Many sportsmen May or May not be aware that a Hunting regulation change adopted this past summer by the state game and fish commission does not apply to migratory waterfowl under the Protection of the Federal government. At one of their summer sessions the members of the commission agreed to abolish a regulation which required sportsmen Hunting some types of game to plug their shotguns so that the Magazine would hold no More than three shells. This change was duly reported in a National Hunting and fishing publication which not Only agreed with the commis by Webb Laseter Sion a stand but also praised the members for their action. Several area sportsmen who read the article have asked action line to explain More fully just How the new regulation applies to Hunters. R. A. Nelson a Blytheville businessman who is a member of the commission said a abolition of the old three Shell Law applies Only at the state level and not the Federal. A Federal regulations relative to the Hunting of doves ducks geese and All other migratory waterfowl stand As they always have and Hunters should keep their plugs in their shotguns when Hunting these game Birds a he emphasized. A the new state Law permits Arkansas sportsmen to Hunt Iii a staff writer Quail Turkey rabbits Coon and the like without a plug a Nelson added. A the change went into effect this summer a he continued a and the commissions thinking on it was that doing away with the three Shell Law will probably go a Long Way in correcting the problem of saving crippled according to Nelson the three Shell Law was originally adopted Many years ago when Market Hunters were slaughtering great numbers of Birds and the measure was necessary to preserve them from possible extinction. A today however a Nelson said a a we be got a whole new generation of Hunters and not Many of the vicious Market Hunters Are still around. Of course some Are around and they Are still vicious a he commented. On reason for the decline of the Market Hunter Are the numerous Federal and state Hunting rules and regulations establishing the number of fowl which May be taken and the seasons when they May be hunted. This Nelson said is sufficient to preserve game Birds and eliminates the need for the old three Shell Law therefore it was abolished in Arkansas. A a on the Northeast Corner of Dixie and 10th, there is shrubbery which obstructs the vision of motorists turning onto 10th action Page 2 Roundup nov. 20 i base says thanks col. Bruce k. Brown commander of the 97th bombardment Wing at Blytheville air Force base yesterday issued the following note of thanks to citizens of Blytheville and Mississippi county. A thanksgiving is the Day set aside to pause and give thanks. A it is appropriate at this time a said Brown a for the base personnel to extend a special a thank you to the citizens of Blytheville and Mississippi county. A we Are thankful for the splendid support Given to us. A the excellent relationship which exists contributes to the High morale of our air Force people for which i am personally grateful. A i am confident that this relationship will continue and will grow stronger. A fall personnel of Blytheville air Force base join me in wishing each of you a Happy thanksgiving and joyous Holiday braves paps tonight Blytheville East and Blytheville West Junior High schools will meet for the fourth time on the basketball court tonight when the two teams collide in the Blytheville High school gym. A preliminary eighth Grade game will Start at 6 30 with the varsity bout to follow. Both teams Are undefeated. West started its season with a 58-43 win Over Gosnell while East spanked Manila 49-29. West won two of the three games played last year. As a sidelight to tonight a game Joe Gude will be stationed at the East Entrance of the gym Between five and six . To sell season tickets to the Blytheville High school Home games. The Price for the season tickets is $8. The chickasaws open at Home tuesday night with Greene county tech. Wrong Way deaths a head on collision last night on interstate 55 near new Madrid claimed three lives Missouri state troopers said this morning. Killed were both Drivers Robert r. Finney 28, of Decatur 111., Linzle Parker 33, of Matthews mo., and Parker a wife Ray Beth 27, authorities said. Officers said the wreck occurred at to . About one mile North of the Kewanee overpass when Finney a pickup travelling South met the Parker Auto which was moving North in the southbound Lane. According to troopers the cars collided in the passing Lane of the interstate. All three bodies were removed to Richards funeral Home in new Madrid. Copper bowl set Good weather is expected for tomorrows third annual Copper bowl which pits the Blytheville police department against the Security police from Blytheville air Force base the game will be played at Haley Field with the kick off set for 2 . Admission to the contest will be donations of canned food dry goods or clothing which will be distributed by the officers to needy families during the Holiday season. A Blytheville Man Willie Parker jr., was treated for a lacerated lip at Blytheville air Force base Hospital and released last night after he lost control of his Auto and crashed into a ditch Bank according to Missouri authorities. Police said Parker was driving South on route in just North of the state line when the Accident happened about 10 15 Parker told officers another car forced him off the Road troopers said. A suspect is being sought by Blytheville police today in connection with an altercation which happened at 7 30 last night at an Ash Street Pool Hall officers stated this morning. The victim of the assault Willie Turner of Blythe Roundup Page i another View of red Cross by Frank Ellis a managing editor think All the american red Cross does is handle donuts As american troops Are boarding ships for service in Distant lands think again. Think All the american red Cross does is help get servicemen Home from those Distant lands when a close relative Dies unexpectedly think again. Mrs. Julia l. Haralson executive Secretary of the Chickasawba District of the american red Cross headquartered hers at 224 n. Second St recently explained a few of the diverse activities her office engages in. In Elisha Burnes is a Veteran of world War ii having served in the u. S. Army during that world wide conflagration. The red Cross chapter Here has worked with him since 1947 mrs. Haralson pointed out after researching her voluminous records. A we helped him prove a service connected disability which helped him establish his eligibility to earn a waiver on payments of his g. I. Life insurance a she commented. She noted the value of that help by adding that a if you be kept your g. I. Insurance and become totally disabled then you Are no longer required to make any payments and you still maintain your a a a Billie o. Mcfate another Veteran of world War ii has been helped by the red Cross Here for close to 18 years his first Contact coming in 1953. A there too we have helped prove a service connected disability which then helped him to get an automobile free of charge a mrs. Haralson noted. She explained a Law which allows one free Auto to any Serviceman who has lost a limb due to a service connected disability or injury. Mcfate has lost a leg due to blood clots and it was this loss which qualified him for the vehicle. A but that a Why we had to prove his loss was service connected a the executive Secretary added. She pointed out that red Cross investigation was Able to prove that a mastoid operation Mcfate had had in the late �?T40 s led to the blood clotting which Cost him his leg. A in addition we be assisted his daughter to receive benefits under a Federal a a a mrs. Luther Brown too has cause to remember world War ii. Widow of a Veteran who served in that conflict she has been helped with her claims for benefits for herself and her child mrs. Haralson said. Her husband was a Short time postal employee but she qualified for benefits from the veterans administration thanks to efforts of the red Cross. A maybe More importantly a mrs. Haralson continued a we counselled with her about her future. A she decided to return to school and she just came in today the Day the accompanying photo was made to show us the High school equivalency certificate she has earned. A she had finished the sixth Grade years ago but has now achieved that certificate in a two year period. A she plans to go to the to tech school and take a business course to better support herself. A a she la need that education As the social Security she gets will end when her child reaches 18 even though Shell keep getting her a pension. A a we re proud of her and the part we were Able to play in her # a a the red Cross does work with donuts and deceased persons relatives but it also works daily with a number of Complex human problems. A these cases Are just a Sample of what we do with veterans a mrs. Haralson stated. A these Are just three of the people we happened to help the week that picture was made a she said. A that picture a was made to illustrate the work of one of the 13 agencies which participate in the Blytheville United fund of. A yes we receive financial Aid from the United fund a mrs. Haralson added a and we Are grateful for their help and for the people in and around Blytheville who donate each year to that worthy cause. A their generosity helps make our work a Little state weather Clear skies and Cool temperatures covered Arkansas today. Skies cleared Friday As a cold front moved through the state. Temperatures dropped considerably As the front moved through the National weather service said. Texarkana waa the wan nest spot in the state at 57 and Fayetteville and Harrison reported the Lewest temperature 52. Three Blytheville area residents were in the red Cross office recently to meet with mrs. Julia Haralson executive Secretary of the Chickasawba District of the american red Cross. Mrs. Lel an Wells left a Volunteer who donates one half Day a week to the office talked with mrs. Luther Brown Billie o. Mcfate and Elisha Burnes after they had talked with mrs. Haralson. Courier news photo

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