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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1968, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - November 16, 1968, Blytheville, Arkansas Kaht wet it int no it it to cheap foreign compert/ow.4 it goal a it a Aht fall fun no dear Abby my husband recently joined the masonic Lodge. Naturally i was very proud of him but now it has presented a problem to us. He tells me that this is a Quot secret organization and he has Given his word that he will Tell no one about the secrets of the Lodge. Abby in All the is years we have been married we have not kept any secrets from each other i have cried begged threatened and tried everything i could thins of to make him Tell me these Quot secrets of his Lodge but he refuses. How can in organization which is supposed to be dedicated to such High ideals create a Barrier betwee a Man and his wife id appreciate your views. Wife of a Mason dear wife consider yourself fortunate to be married to a Man whose word Means something. And quit pestering him to reveal the Lodge secrets or you la lose your Mason by degrees. Dear Abby the boy who sits in front of me in history is very smart and gets 100s on almost All his tests. I was stuck during a test last week and asked him for some answers. He gave them to me wrong i did no to know it until we got our papers Back. He got too and i got 65 i was plenty mad and told him i thought he was a dirty cheat. I admit i Wasny to very honest to ask him for the answers but done to you think he was twice As dishonest to have purposely Given them to me wrong his world is holy be thankful cheated dear cheated done to expect to find an honest partner for a crooked Deal. Dear Abby i have often read letters in your column a bout women who were worried about their husband s being unfaithful. Well i Arn one woman who is not worried. In fact i am All for it. You see my husband s capacity for love making is far greater than mine and rather than Force himself on me night after night he attempted to divert his energies to various other hobbies. The hobbies did t help so he eventually took up drinking and was Well on his Way to becoming an alcoholic before i realized his problem. We discussed it and told him i would rather have him out playing the Field than kill ing himself with the bottle. He agreed and complied with my request and it has made a new Man out of him. His other women Aren t taking anything away from me. In fact they Are doing or a favor. I am grateful for other women. Content dear Content if you Are so sure of yourself in this strange love Why Are you blabbing about it i Don t advise your system. Dear Abby my husband is not speaking to his parents because last sunday we invited them for 12 of clock noon dinner. They did no to show up but at around 1 45 . My husband s sister phoned to say that mom had unexpected company and they could t make it. My husband thinks they should have told the unexpected company they were sorry but they had a previous dinner invitation and had to leave. What do you think a. Dear . Think your husband is right. And i also think your husband should Start speaking to his parents. If Only to Tell How he feels and get if off his Chest. Everybody has a problem. What a yours Foi a personal reply write to Abby Box 69700, los Angeles cal., 90069 and enclose a stamped self addressed envelope. Blytheville Ark courier Newi Page a saturday november 16,1968 caution almost lost the Day but. Nixon s big bet pays off rough Road for Nixon by Don Oakley Nea staff writer if for nothing else history will remember Richard m. Nixon As tile Man who in 1960, missed becoming president of the United states by the merest hair breadth in the popular vote and who eight Veals later won the prize by almost the smallest possible margin in the electoral vote. President elect Nixon now. Of course has been Given four years in which to give history much More reason than this to remember him he a not. However by any Means been Given a Bonk Check or anything remotely approaching a mandate. The closeness of both the popular and electoral vote Iii 1968 demonstrates that America is not disenchanted with its Romance with liberalism. The a swing to Tho rights which All observers thought they detected at the beginning of the Campaign never developed momentum much past dead Center. Even though adding the nine million votes for George Wallace to those for Nixon shows a Clear majority of americans who want a change in the country s top leadership the presidential vote i still too evenly divided Between Republican Quot rights and democratic a left to warrant any fundamental reappraisal and startling redirection of National policies. America is still the land of the Middle of the Road where Tweedledum and tweedledee despite the impatience they arouse in some of us All of the time and All of us some of the time Are still the Only feasible candidates to govern an electorate composed of so Many disparate and competing groups and blocs sections and interests. The outcome of the congressional elec a in mud of other finns is further proof that americans Are far from repudiating the past eight years. Though the republicans gained in both houses they gained very slightly. Nixon will thus be not Only a minority president he will be a president who must work with a Congress controlled by the opposition party. Neither circumstance is unique in american history. Political scientists will be analysing the amazing events of 1968 for years to come searching out and weighing the multitude of elusive factors which combined to produce this narrow Republican Victory crime racial unrest inflation the Vietnam War the revolt of the White South the revolt of the Young you name it. But one Factor which cannot perhaps be fully Analysed but which cannot be ignored is that of the famed credibility Gap that came to a head in the final year of the Johnson administration. Of Trust of president Johnson May or May not have made possible for Richard Nixon to win the presidency but Nixon s own credibility Gap of Long standing emphasized by his loftiness above the issues during the Campaign and his playing of the cards excessively close to his Chest very nearly lost it for him. Titis vague wariness of the american people toward Nixon their reservations about jul f what kind of Man he is. What he believe1 in and where he intends to Lead them plus their wavering Faith in the country s political processes and politicians Are things Nixon must first of All overcome if he is even to begin solving the grave National and International problems he will face in the next four turbulent years. Accommodating the Motorist there is a stretch of interstate 55 Highway extending from new Madrid to just South of Portageville most of which was completed last fall but which As of today is still not open to the motoring Public. The official explanation for this delay is that shoulder work on this project was not completed and minor work still remains. Still to be done is at least some of the sign work along this route. The Point we wish to make however is that much of this Highway work was done last summer although the project still remains uncompleted and closed to the Public. In the meantime the motoring Public has used . 61, and accidents along this congested narrow route have been Normal and above. It seems to us that some accommodation could be made by the Highway department in opening completed sections of new Highway As quickly As possible. For example the Shorter stretch Between new Madrid and Conran could surely have been opened sometime this summer to accommodate the heavy . 61 traffic. Recaps not All of the stretch was ready but surely after More than a year of the completion of the pavement preparations could have been made to open at least part of it. Nothing is More discouraging to the average Motorist than to be travelling on an Over crowded inadequate Highway and look Over and see newly completed pavement built to interstate standards that has not been used despite a completion Date of weeks and months before. If it takes More than a year for a contractor to Complete merely the shoulder work and the sign work a some of which is still not Complete a then 1972 is much too Early to expect completion of the interstate construction system. Motorists could understand delays a if some Effort were made to open interstate sections As quickly As possible even if the entire project was not completed. This seems to us to be nothing More than elementary Public relations although there Are times when it appears the Highway department never heard of the phrase. A daily Dunklin Democrat Kennett to by Bruce Biossat Nea Washington correspondent Washington Nea Republican Richard m. Nixon won the presidency from vice pres Dent Humphrey and George Wallace by a strategy that was almost too cautiously calculated. He correctly sensed a National mood of unhappiness Over crime racial struggle and Campus unrest. He gauged correctly that if he could get in tune with that mood he might find the winning wave of votes. At the same time he foresaw that hard punching George Wallace might Siphon off crucial millions of those votes if his ambit Ous drives were not somehow countered. Nixon moved to meet the threat first by picking Maryland a gov. Spiro Agnew As his running mate in the belief Many voters troubled by the Quot Law and order Issue would find him acceptable. The gop presidential nominee also Bent his Campaign utterances sharply toward that Issue. This really was Nixon s Prin Cipal bet in the Campaign. He decided Long before the last minute bombing halt that there would not be too much critical mileage for him in the Vietnam War. The Mere fact of continuing peace talks in Paris tended to neutralize the Issue and persuade millions of voters that some sort of solution would develop no matter which party held the White House. Yet the president elect almost bet too hard on Law and order. The dismaying events surrounding the democratic convention in Chicago plunged Humphreys fortunes to unnatural depth and exaggerated for awhile the value of the Issue. In the months before h i s nomination at Miami Beach few had spoken of Nixon As a prospective landslide Winner. He was then expected to have a Tough Battle no matter who the democrats chose. Indeed the whole protracted argument for new York gov. Nelson Rockefeller a nomination was founded on a questioning by some politicians of Nixon s electability. Suddenly a week or so after Chicago he looked like a Crusher. Pollsters had Humphrey nearly off the Chart. Electoral vote counters tossed the vice president Only a few tiny morsels. The Nixon High command decided it was on the big tack that the thing to do was Hammer it hard and stay off anything a like campaigning in Black ghettos a which might weaken the Issue. Toward the end it was Only rarely that Nixon used the word a a Blacks at All. Up to a Point the strategy worked beautifully. The voting results which gave him five old South states against the three he took in 1960 and also awarded him the Border areas showed that Wallace at the Climax had been met and countered. Preliminary findings suggest too that the strategy blunted Wallace in some Rural and suburban territory he threatened to take in Northern cities and their hinterlands. But the Wager As at least one Nixon strategist feared was too narrow. The memory of Chicago faded. So did Wallace not just where it would advantage Nixon but among Blue Collar workers in cities and suburbs where Humphrey would be the beneficiary. Humphrey fought Back from ground Zero organizationally. He spoke for a bombing halt and then got one luring previously reluctant democratic economic themes to lure backers of Wallace to their wore familiar Home. Potent democratic habit re assert itself. And some affluent suburbanites already Cool to Nixon a political personality evidently faulted him for the narrowness of his Appeal. Pollsters voter profiles show that Many suburban a in e r i cans though anxious for Law and order also strongly favor appeals to and action for the minorities in the Core cities. So big states like California Illinois Ohio and new Jersey which Nixon was figured to win easily Drew tight. Pennsylvania slipped away. By the skin of his hide no More his big bet paid off. The Bly i Hev him courier news the courier news Oxx Harry Vav Haines. 1928-61 Raury a. Haines editor up big Amer j Gese Austin advertising tanager sales National advertising representative Wallace Witmer co., new Yorac Chicago Detroit Atlanta Memphis second class postage paid at Blytheville Ark. Member of the associated press subscription rates by Carrier in the City of Bytha Ville or any suburban town where Carrier service is maintained 35e per week. $l.o0 per month. By mail within a radius of of it q year $3 00 to six months. $3 to Tor three months by mail outside 50 mile radius $18.00 per year Oay Abie d Advance mail subscriptions Are not accepted in towns and cities where the courier news Carrier Eeren ice is maintained mail subscriptions Are payable in Advance note the courier news assumes no responsibility for photographs. Manuscripts Engram hips or Mats left with it Tai possible publication. By William Lawrence . Phyllis Diller took out her two front Teeth to show Merv Griffin on his to show the other night. They were not replacements for missing Teeth but two thin veneer crowns joined together in a splint and made to fit snugly Over her two natural Teeth. These Are commonly called Hollywood splints and Are primarily used to cover up discoloured or crooked Teeth 0 r those which look a Beautiful in the Eye of the movie or to camera. After All you might even get turned off seeing Gina Lollobrigida posing in a Rudi Gem Reich swimsuit if she flashed crooked Brown Teeth when she smiled at you. Hollywood splints Are wafer thin hard plastic veneers that fit Over the natural Teeth tinted and shaped to give any desired look. They Are attached in a variety of ways but strength and function and permanence Are not their Basic Virtues. They Are for show for cosmetic effect. You d better slip them out before biting into a club Sandwich. This Type of splint probably originated with the a a terror Teeth that were made for movie freaks such As King years ago a in Blytheville quorum court in its annual session at the court House in Osceola today approved Mississippi county a 1954 budget of $295,193 and authorized $190,000 for Road work and Bridge work. Among those from Blytheville attending the Chickasaw football game in hot Springs on Friday night were mrs. Clair Miller and son buddy thud Connally Gail Whitsitt Martha bean. Delores Adams Millie Bradley mrs. Louise Hill Susan Moore Betty Lee Garrott mrs. Ray Hall mrs. Russell Mosley arid mrs. P. D. Foster terror Teeth Are also veneers which fit Over natural Teeth. They Are used to enlarge the hideous As possible. Freak Teeth Are usually Bulky but within prescribed limits not too Long or too crooked because that would alter ones speech which is of course undesirable in the theater. This is a minor problem with cosmetic splints since they can be made thin enough not to interfere with Normal speech. All of the front Teeth can be capped in this Way uppers and Lowers. If you re going to a party and want to show off a glamorous smile get yourself some veneers to Wear Over your tired Brown Teeth. Please s e n your questions about dental health to or. Law Terence in care of this paper. While he cannot answer each letter personally letters of general interest will be answered in this Colu Mele a of Nea Piffier Quot or. Agnew wants to know How Long before his name is a household word Quot

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