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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1968, Page 2

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - November 16, 1968, Blytheville, Arkansas Kef Ntuli Briary. Ippun Gnor ii we pay to to f f to Rhin renewal a other gov no 1 Cim Tinord from Pas our in of the ordinance. Aft inn Clun mgt be few the Job or ii mental programs he i i Vii dons a the county san. Tar Tan. In the meantime he said Warren commented that is tee blatant offenders Are being Fin regular health inspections went de whenever they Are reported begun by Mayo several years and it is shown that the real in reply Harker began by ago. A the City has been very dents in question Art making no a ayin. A this has been a con successful in eliminating a attempt to maintain minimum to Nuino Battle getting people Large part of this problem with health standards hooked onto the sewer for As out having to go through Legal if a situation involving open Long is i can remember and we channels a j toilets becomes intolerable to a a still Irvinc to get people to Warren Ai St pointed out that person s neighbors. Little con craned pushing for stronger enforce eluded then the people with a despite the problem though Meni of the Ord Lance is actually complaint should notify the Harper said to the bes of his on the shoulder s of the mayor county health department re because an Alderman has no questing an inspection by Maya authority to Correct the pro Blent a when Mchaney was questioned. Be answered first by same he has had no complaints recently then going a step further added. A i Don t even recall and in int past regard no urn a jew a stable Jordan under Are Hussein would be a a f e r a he continued. Neighbor than a Jordan under a sewer District five takes care communists. No action is taken to Force 0? most people in my Ward but Bot the russians warned a Mil dance. Be explained be if a problem of this Type Doe Hussein that they will unleash cause a its expensive to Lay a fax it j imagine it might be m their terrorists against Bim Sewe connection and Moat 4 an Irea around South thirteen should he agree to a Compro the people not tied in to the City the. Fourteenth or fifteenth. In lines simply do not have the any Case. No Ewe Down there hat Money Ever called me about knowledge i Haven t had to take a complaint of int Type to court since becoming City attorney four years ago during the Las a Evera years. He continued upon Mon o. Hts of ice by Vivo of violations in correction with open to lets letters Are sent to the reported offenders u Reater tos them with court action Inlet corrections Are is taken to a i in health soviet condoned rom Paga i . Roundup ont Moed from Page i a 76-foot plaster of a Blue whale that went on display in 1908-with a Brand new. Up to Date Model. 94 feet Long and weighing 21.000 pounds the new whale which has a steel Skeleton covered with polyurethane foam and fiberglas took nearly two years to build it is being placed in the Hall of Ocean life the museum s largest exhibit Hall. The 26-foot Tail Section will be put in place Friday and the nose will be added next week. Soviet scientists today revealed the first living creatures to Fly around the Moon and Back to Earth were a pair of turtles and a number of wine flies and meal Worms they were All aboard the soviet Moon shot Zond s which landed in the Indian Ocean sept. 21 after a we Klong flight they armed Back in a soviet Laboratory in Good condition moving about in their containers and with Good appetites a report by four scientists in the communist party newspaper pravda said they lost some weight returning Home to per cent lighter. Blood analyst showed no substantial difference from a group of stay at Home turtles used As a test control. A Juno Silas Baker Duio sunday 1 w Goodwyn Institute lecture series Theodore bum Iller Speaks on Northern Italy 2 31 contemporary american composers notice in the probate court of Mississippi Bounty Silas Ervin Baker a former Arkansas Blytheville resident died yester in the matter of the Day morning in a Walnut Ridge estate of no. 1756 Hospital he was 69 Eva c Fradenburg he moved from Blytheville to deceased Hoxie about 35 years ago last known address of decedent he leaves his wife. Alice ran Manila Arkansas by Baker Date 0f death october 25. 1968 seven sons. It Baker of an instrument dated novem Jonesboro. Leon Baker. Gene Ber 25. 1965. Was on the 15th Day Aaron cod land last of a two Baker and Thomas Baker All of november. 1968, admitted too a �nefd1o to Aaron of Mouton. Tex by Baker probate As the last jul of the with will an thereunder. A contest of a a last a Dun kit help of St Louis. Billy Baker and above named decedent and the mat is relaxed the composer Mike Baker both of the Home undersigned has been appointed talks directly to the audience four daughters. Mrs l e s e i administrator and can express himself fully. Mcclung o. Chillicothe 111.,. 3 00 net playhouse mrs. Russell Holder of Walnut i is a across the River. A feature Ridge and mrs. Duane Mason la Jas he film starring Broadway actor of Conway and Connie Baker 1�/ha Vin a Naimy Lou Gilbert in the Story of a of the Home two Brothers. L b. Baker and Bill Baker both of Blytheville. Services will be at 2 . Sunday in Hoxie by Bryan funeral Home of Walnut Ridge. Gentle rag picker on the Manhattan waterfront whose attempt to help an abandoned girl leads to his own destruction. 4 36 tale of two cities san Francisco. Part one of two when asked Why a he City does to invoke that Section of the ordinance whereby the City makes the necessary sewer con gee Mise with Israel Moscow a newspaper Izvestia this Clear in a Long editorial which said a attention should be drawn to the great progressive upheavals in jord mrs. Currie diesat87 Jake h. Dunkin programs that compare and a contrast the cultural situation the Pupaia or Oriental be of san Francisco with that of shrew represents the earliest 1qc0 l of Angeles Type of primates in the animal new net festival world. A 11 persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them duly verified to the undersigned within six months from the Date of the first publication of this notice or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any Benefit in the estate this notice first published 16th funeral services for Jake h. The rite of Spring. Conductor Dunkin 43. Of Manila who died Zubin Mehta leads the los an sense of collective wants and sen ices for mrs. Lillie b. Yesterday in Memphis Baptist Geles philharmonic in the pre needs action line s final Stop was in the office of mayor Tom a. _. Little who. In a lengthy explain Anian Loci Etc which in our of Currie. 87, who died wednesday Hospital after a lengthy illness Parathion and performance of or Poslos giants Section. Charging the owner for at on 1 Bobby White administrator with will annexed p. O. Box 548 Blytheville Arkansas 72315 11-16. 23 told this column that the work and attaching his prop strict enforcement of the Ordi Erv if he fails to pay Farber Nance will probably create More 1 said this answer must come problems especially among Low-1 from the mayor. Income people in Blytheville. Than it will also Are of course the re checking to be not Only How by following the letter of the j evolutionary activists o bad Iron Are one of the main Rea in a West Memphis nursing sons for the successful struggle Home will be conducted Mon to eliminate the results of is Day at i . At Carter s tem rails aggression Quot pie Christian methodist Episco the a great progressive up pal Church by Rev. H. A. Snead and Rev. C w. Ward burial will be in Eva a will be held tomorrow at 2 so Stravinsky n the rite of Spring a Lilai Lobatch evs p in. In the Manila first Baptist new the Pitchman to. A Hie understanding of a new Church. A mood study of the hawkers geometry that was in the chancery court officiating at the service will we wares on the streets vented by a russian a Hun-1chickasawba District be Rev. Carroll Evans assisted a London paddlers of every Garian. And a German with warning order Mississippi county by Rev. Jack Glass and Rev. I Ini a a rom produce to sweat recognition to the rus Dale cemetery Crumpler fun widespread the problem of open Law. Little said the City could Ash terrorists toilet really ii in Blytheville indeed Force compliance by a Parem a a a eral Home in charge but Law of complaint regard Thorning City worker to make con voted is Ash Kedson my their existence Ite a my the connects and place a Lien Jordan of ukr ver. A a co a in. And two niece., mrs a pm it Cro a y i it is increasingly Clear that Alice Robmson no or Ehu property random three of the City Ald in the even this did happen i a v a it Ere lds in a final me Buji Williams to War the Mavor said. A the Homes Iren. And Bob Mchaney. Asking Are of such Low value we would them if they were receiving n t a Abl to find a buyer and Cali or connection with this is if the City can t sell the houses Ane. Then we can t get our Money two of the City councilmen Back Williams and Warren both a in the Long he continue aloud the opinion that the pro eds the City would eventually Blem is basically one of econ end up holding a lot of houses mics. Saying enforcement of the of Little value with no Hope of ordinance in Many instances is getting Back the Money spent settlement of the Arab israeli conflict Only if it brings about in their client states communist regimes similar to the soviet pattern. Court not practical As far As complaints go. Williams mid he has received a none whatsoever Quot sine taking office two years ago Warren admitted that in his Ward. A this has been a com continued from Page one Wyatt and Sharon Wyatt Are suing Horace Mann Mutual i surant co. For $10,000. The suit stems from t h e same Auto Accident. Ben Rowell with burial in Man Ila cemetery Howard funeral service in charge. A Veteran of world War la he was a Farmer and a member of the first Baptist Church. He leaves his Mother mrs. Willie Punkin Manila rpm and one sister. Mrs trigger Wall of Hughes Ark. Sian 6 30 what s new see 4 00 7 0� All aboard or. Cleo Cook on making the connections a Little said this method of collecting from owners of cheap rent property could prove even worse a because the people living in these houses Are probably paying As much rent Ai a Mon complaint in the past but they can afford now. And if the. N criminal division of j Haven had any Calls on it owner is forced to comply with 1 Cuit court the following recently because to my know the ordinance he will say the charges have been hied. Ledge we have pretty Well Eli property has increased in value Kenneth Rimmer has be a raise the rent and the occur barged with forgery and utter pants will and up without any burglar and Petit Jar House at ally As things stand today the acc Ted of passing a mayor says a solution will hop ,or8ed Check at Hay s considering How Many a hid fully come in the form of fed it Tore drawn on the first Nat to Start with that s not a great ral assistance either through Iona balt a a he also is charged with a notice to contractors Beth Harris. Three Stepsons Rev. Currier Caruthersville Sam Currie. Muskogee. Okla., Onnie Currie. Memphis. She was past president of the District missionary society president of the ministers wives of the Blytheville a Forrest City sen ices Tor Cir. Cleo Hearn District president of stewardess Cook who died thursday in Board no. One of Carter s tem Angeles will be conducted pie Church and a member of monday fall am. At Blytheville social arts club. The body will lie in state ers to China to Good Luck mens. 0 30 time for living mental Outlook and adjustments to changes an examine. _ Ationo of several of the problems woo and Tronu Ann buildings faced by older persons. That v rap the Sty 7 00 jazz from Newport i 7 30 Channel to travels i960 Santa Barbara. Pacific Parad High igbo from the guitar and is trumpet workshops at t h e 1 00 american Memoir Albert e. Seyler plaintiff is. No. 17824 Frances m. Seyler defendant. The defendant Frances m Seyler is hereby warned to appear within thirty Days in the court named in the caption Hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Albert e. Seyler. Newport jazz festival in july the automotive american. Or. Dated this 7th Day of novem-1966, illustrating the techniques Doods looks Back with postal Ber 1968. At 2 00 of clock . And styles used by some of the Gia on the free Wheeling Advent leaders of jazz in the w orld to Turous Davs of the Good old Day. Model to. 8 30 the French chef sunday from the Church. Cassidy monday 2 30 All abroad igloos and tents and buildings that scrape the sky. 3 00 journey Santa Barbara Pacific Paradise. 3 30 the big picture mated them private told that there Are still around too open toilet in the City Warren said in reply. A Well Ward s ame Church so leaves her husband Lor-7 until pm. In a or Cook to Angeles on son William Clyde hear Mon los Angeles. Her Mother mrs. Carne Whit and a step father. James weekly report. The . Army White both of Blytheville a action around the world. One brother. Thaddeus Owens whats new 85 wife of w. H Cassidy died Brooklyn. N. Y. Yesterday a Ner Nom in Meceo j Burg w1u a in los angles. Jtj a Vic will by conduced by pathfinders Mack Sennett. Filmmaker Home funeral Home is charge locally. Puff pastry for Many Fine desserts s of net journal to be announced. Mrs eve Silencer Cassidy. The bras boys. Firs of a three part Story of two Braveboy in Africa. Break a at Jordan s Gulf station where it is alleged he stole a number of personalized Bank checks. Rimmer posted $10,000 Bond. She was a native arkansans nge Jug funeral Home and had lived in the Blyt Havill Are most of her life. She was a member of the immaculate Conception Catholic a Church. In addition to her husband she leaves two sons. Charles Leo having and lighting runway taxiway and apron municipal Airport Manila. Arkansas sealed proposals will be received in the City Hall in Manila. Arkansas until 2 00 p rn., november 20, 1968. For furnishing All materials tools appliances and labor for construction of us paving uil7u cd lighting and turfing of the runway taxiway and apron on the charged with second a agree a att Art. Municipal Airport of Manila Arkansas. Rap or an alleged assault of Twenty thre plans and specifications May be examined at the office of 9 14-year-old girl. The mayor. City Hall. Manila. Arkansas. Plans and specifications i a Rosary service will be pm May be obtained at the office of the Engineer. W William Graham Harrell Lawton Hunter ducted tomorrow at 7 30 d in jr., inc., no. To Faucett Plaza building Markham and University rank Clifford Parry and Tom Pune Raj Home Chapel Uuie Rock. Arkansas 72205. Copies Mav be obtained at a coat of my David Taylor have bean w the the Reau Iam a. New a Moo or in. No Winandi will to . Charged burglary and of Brand a a a a certified Check or bidder s Bond pay abit to tha City of a grand larceny Rev William Wellman in the Nill Arkansas in tha sum of not less than five per cent 8% Rhc charge stems from an immaculate Conception Catholic a he amount of the bid shall accompany each proposal and shall alleged illegal entry to Byrum Church. By sealed in a separate envelope firmly attached to the outside hardware on nov. 8. 1968 j Bur Jtj Wil by a Dogwood be of the sealed proposal. Toe outer envelope shall be opened first the to car accused of meters. Fwd if the documents Are not found to by in order the sealed pro stealing 13 pistols. A Post shall be returned to the bidder unopened. The defendants Tach pasted a bidders shall include with their proposals the Snett of a sup 2,500 Bond pm mental information with the information required. A geographic Center the geographical 1 n Mack Sennet added an import ant chapter to America s cultural heritage Early in the pre sent Century. 5 00 Folk guitar program 39. Potpourri and review. Laura goes Over special questions and problems and harr.? a. Barnes culls to Hutt Haines. 192&-c8 privileges authorized As second class mail butt Berylle Courter Newt Blytheville Ark 3rd at Walnut it zip. 7231s rial Heinie a Job listed daily except sunday second Plaas postage paid at Blythe Nile Ark. To and towns to the Birthe Nlle Trade territory Home delivery Kates daily 3sc per week by mail payable in Advance within 58 Miles of bin hence per year More than so Miles rom Blytheville Sis of pet leu Geraldine Liston clerk by Opal Doyle d c. Percy a Wright attorney de b. Cook atty and item 11-9, 16, 23 30 it quote. Quot Quot i services by Cobb funeral Home integrity mrs. Eve Spencer Cassidy Rosary service 7 30 . Sunday in Cobb Chapel requiem mass to . Monday immaculate Conception Catholic Church. Center of Cassidy of Batesville Ark and the United St Tes eluding Al Lawrence Cassidy of Turrell Aska and Hawaii is in Butte one daughter mrs Ellen county s. A 17 Miles West of Points the Way for the future Tammy a. Priest of Tuscumbia. Ala. Castle Rock and 14 Miles eat final program. E 0 As been on brother j. B head of of Mie Junction of the Borders 5 30 economics of South Drakou Montana and the sir of collective wants grandchildren Wyoming. Eth Public Economy in the and 31 great grandchildren. Quot the major items of work Are As follows Section i Section ii Tacuone i Subj to Faa not subject not subject Tom warning order immigration Laws there Are about 700 different grounds in the immigration item excavation it Rutiri Peron 17,500 c y. 1,500 c y. To Paa participation 300 c y too by. To Faa Partin Patton a too by in tha chancery court Chick tows for deporting or expelling Asagba District Mississippi aliens from the United states. 34 Joo c y 1.900 c y �T�0170 8 y. 42,340 8.y j Iso l f Molt. Saem 50 a 21 too l f. To Sac common borrow in Sot Cement bae or 4s, Black Baa j7s408y 5170 8 y Imo s y. A halt surface m.930 8y m40 3y Issos. A aae a Fenc if a to it Soo of. Clara e Fenc a 500 l f runway Lithia mod intensity 44 a 14 a tax. Way licht to a la Darf roved Cable 9 too of. 7300 of m00l.f. My drama Structure seeding and fertilisation 13 0 a. To a a a. Sections i and la work in for e 3200 foot runway which la partially eligible for Faa Grant fund. Section Iii work la tha additional re quire Mente to construct the runway to 4500 l f which is not subject to Faa Grant fund the proposed contract is under and subject to executive order 11246 of september 24, 1965, and to the equal Opportunity clause. The a Dor must Supply All the information required by the bid or promo amp a form. Witt be accepted on any or All of the contracts. No bids will be considered except from bidders who Are licensed under the terms of act 124 of the 1939 acts of the general Assembly of Arkansas As amended proposals will be Consi Trad upon the basis of cot the doers financial responsibility is equipment. His past Perfo it trance in Compi Eung contract a and his reputation for doing Good orc the owner Resen the right to reject any and All bids to a ave any formal sad to accept the proposal or proposals seemed to be for the Best interest of Manila Arkansas. Bai received after the stated time w Jjoe returned unopened to the Binder Oty of Manila Manila Arkansas j b. Brown mayor it William Grahamjr inc. Consulting engineers be. Ift Varnell Plaia butting Lizut Rock. Arian fat 722h county. Arkansas. Garv Edward Costner plaintiff no. 17815 is Carol Ann Costner defendant. The defendant Carol Ann Costner is hereby warned to appear within thirty Days in the court named in the caption Hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Gary Edward Costner. Dated this 24th Day of october 1968 at 1 30 o clock p. M. Guy Walls attorney de b. Cook att and item Geraldine Liston clerk by Donna Diciccio d. C. 10-26, 11-2, 9, 16 according to the encyclopaedia Britannica. Wanted la. Is 3n Lippre Cuciti Topf rec Iarion i would like to extend my apart lotion to Oil the people of Blytheville for your support Ond votes of Confidence in the november St election. It is indeed o pleasure to serve you the people of Blytheville As your Alderman. Bill Miami prayer for the kingdom should the believer prey for the coming of the kingdom of god upon the mph this s a quest on often asked. My answer s. A yes positively yes a of this ii what we want then we should Pray Tor it of we Hoft Ustiy want god to assume sovereignty Over Mankind k we want him to take the Remi of government into his Hinds if we want his wit to be done upon Earth if we want to he done with government of the people and have the government of god then we staid Pray Tor the coming of his kingdom upon the Earth. While others Are petitioning Congress Tor Relief the believer staid be petitioning god for Relief we Are told in god s word that in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving to let our requests be known unto god Phil. 4 6so if the kingdom of god s what we want we staid make request Tor it the lord instructed he disciples to say when they prayed. Quot thy kingdom come a it is my conviction that this should now be our fervent request More be than Ever before. The moral and spiritual condition of Mankind has become so desperate that nothing Short of divine intervention a going to be of help. However the constant repetition of the three words Quot thy kingdom come a is of no value. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous person will Avail much but the constant repetition of even a scriptural phrase is useless of Many who say Quot thy kingdom come a were asked what they were requesting they would Htut no ensure. There Art ministers who Lead the people to Pray. Quot thy kingdom come a when it is their belief that the kingdom e Here now. They do not know that god s kingdom is his government and that it can Only come about by divine intervention they have Idle dreams about the Church conquering the world and they have no place in their thoughts Tor a world invaded conquered and governed by god. There Are Many prayers in the Bible which Ere petitions Tor god to intervene. These show us Meny ways to say Quot thy kingdom our own prayers staid by fortified by these inspired words. 0 let the wickedness of the witted come to an end but establish the just. Psi. 7 9. Arise. 0 lord Tot not Man prevail Tot the nations be judged in thy sight. Put them in fear 0 lord that the nations May know Thane Silvas to be but men. Spa 19.20. Ansi 0 god. Plead thine own Cees remember How the foolish Man reproached thee daily. Forget not the voice of thine enemies the tumult of thou that Rise up against thee increased continually. Pm. 74 22-23. Ole q. Sellars Tom m Wiki be 61 i our newspaper Evans Ekum project. A previous messages Are avails pie without charge on request. A package of literature win he cwt to so who Tare a. You will not he visited. The word of truth ministry 1.0. Al my la a la us. Mox state Bank no. 698 report of condition of merchants amp planters Bank of Manila in the stat of Arkansas at the close of business of october 30. 1968. Assets Cash balances with other Banks and Cash items in process of collection. $ 429,527.4 1 United states government obligations. 223.971.53 obligations of state and political subdivisions .147.222.23 securities of Federal agencies and corporations. 125.000.00 other Loans and discounts. 1,440,556.18 Bank premises furniture and fixtures and other assets representing Bank premises. 9,902 of real estate owned other than Bank premises. 1.00 total assets .$2,378,180.33 liabilities demand deposits of individuals partnerships and a corporations $ 969,496.81 Tima and savings deposits of my duals. Partnerships and corporations 574.502.13 Deposit of United states government. 11,892.23 deposits of states and political subdivisions. 445.773.23 certified and officers checks Etc. 4.568.74 total deposits $2,006,233.14 total demand deposits .$1,350,718.13 total Tim and savings deposits $ 655.515.01 total liabilities .$2,006,233.14 capital accounts common Stock total Par value 100,000.00 no. Shares authorized 1,000 no shares outstanding 1.000 surplus. 100,000 of undivided profits. 169,947.19 total capital accounts. 369.947.19 total liabilities and capital accounts. $2,376,180.33 memoranda average of total deposits for the 15 Calendar Days ending with Call Date. .$1,929,503.68 average of total Loans for the 15 Calendar Days ending with Call Date. 1,474,030.65 Loans As shown in a a assets Are after deduction of valuation reserves of. 18,053.3$ i Bobby White. Cashier of the above named Bank do solemnly swear that this report of condition is True and Correct to the Best of my knowledge and belief. Corrects attest Bobby White l. E. Townsend mrs. E. C. Fleeman Max h. Schrader h. D. Alston Rwm. Borowsky James b. Cheadle directors. State of Arkansas. County of Mississippi is sworn to and subscribed before me this 13th Day of november 1968. And i hereby certify that i am not an officer or director of this Bank. Seal my commission expires May 12, 1972. Flora a. Fleeman notary Public

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