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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1968, Page 1

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - November 16, 1968, Blytheville, Arkansas Cit. Highway workers at the Blytheville Cotton classing office have been nearly two Days behind classing samples according to . Brownlee officer in charge. About 230,000 More samples of Cotton have been handled at the office this year than last Brownlee said. Despite the advanced stage of the Harvest Quality has continued Good he said. Courier news photo Cotton harvesting booming along wet Rainy weather and Cloudy skies last week slowed picking of Cotton throughout Mississippi county and the entire northeastern part of the state according to r. M. Brownlee head of Blytheville a Cotton classing office. A Brief respite allowed a return to limited harvesting on thursday followed by another slowdown this week with the arrival of More inclement weather he said. For the week ending nov. La the classing office graded nearly 41,000 samples for producers bringing the season s total to 267,428 samples. Last season on the corresponding Date Only 31, 658 samples had been graded. The heavy backlog of a classed samples kept classing office personnel Busy thro ugh the weekend. At the present time the classing office is nearly two Days behind with classing. Quality continued favourable last week despite the advanced stage of the Harvest. Slightly Over two thirds of last weeks receipts were strict Low middling and higher in Grade. Twenty five percent accounted for lower White grades Ana the remainder was made up of Light spotted and spotted grades. About 61 percent of samples was i and 3-32 inches and longer in length. The remainder was i and 1-16 inches and Shorter. Eighty five percent of last weeks receipts had Micron ire readings in tilt 3.5 to 4.9 Premium Range. Demand for current ginnings weakened last week and prices continued to decline. Prices offered Farmers ranged from too to 300 Points Over acc loan Levels. Some producer Are Selling at these prices but Many Are holding. A few Farmers began tendering Cotton to the cd c loan during the week. Gin Yard prices for cottonseed continued to Range from $48 to $55 per ton. Spot Cotton prices on the Memphis Market on november 12 were middling i and 1-16 28.00 cents strict Low middling i and 1-16 24.25 and Low middling i and 1-16 21.25 cents per Pound Down 25 to 50 Points from last week. Soviets goad arabs plot Mideast coup by Leon Dennen Nea foreign news analyst it will be a grave error for the United states and nato to take lightly president Tito a warning thet a the danger of War is very near a in the Middle East. While the peace negotiations in the United nations proceed at snails Pace War fever rises steadily in the Arab countries and Israel. The yugoslav Leader hardly an alarmist is one statesman who understands president Nasser of the United Arab Republic and is aware of the Long Range plans of his russian patrons. Because of Tito a Long Friendship with Nasser Yugoslavia broke diplomatic relations with Brae. After the june 1967, War. However relations Between the ,wo0jfde? of the so called in ahned nations reached freezing pout when Nasser who it now surrounded by some 5,000 soviet military advisers technicians and secret agents approved Russia s invasion of Czechoslovakia. Tito realized belatedly that Moscow was using the car As a base for aggression in the Mediterranean. That directly threatens Yugoslavia a Security. As the yugoslavs see it the stalinist hardliners who now Chart the course of russian foreign policy Are no longer interested in peace in an area where they can exploit friction to their Imperial advantage. They Are not yet ready to Sanction the resumption of full scale hostilities Between the arabs and Israel. But Moscow is employing every diplomatic trick to hinder a peace settlement in the Hope that continuing unrest in the Middle East will strengthen the pro russian elements in the Arab countries. To bolster russian influence in the Region the Kremlin recently dispatched Nuritdin my kit Odinov As ambassador to Syria. Ostensibly a moslem Mukhoti Dinov is a top soviet official who is an old hand at fomenting a wars of National he will operate jointly with Khalid bag Wash russians Veteran agent in the Middle East who is believed to be the real political Boss of Syria. According to East european diplomats bag dash is the Man who arms trains and controls the Arab terrorist bands that harass Israel from bases in Jordan. Moscow is thus in a position to escalate or curb terrorist acts not Only against Israel but also against Jordan a pro american King Hussein. Jordan wants each with Israel. From Israel s Point of see soviet Page i Road hearing set in news Blytheville Ark. Vol. 69 a no. 216 a to cents a to pages saturday november 16, 1968 nov. 16 its a Long Road that has no turning. An even longer one which has no beginning. For 14 years Blytheville s chamber of Commerce and City government have been working to relieve the traffic congestion Between Blytheville air Force base and the City. The project begins to ignite this month when the Arkansas Highway department and county and City governments join in holding an open hearing on a new four Lane route from the base to the City. The hearing a Here on nov. 25 in the municipal courtroom of City Hall at 2 30 . A is one of the Early initial Steps Ken Smith the Arkansas Highway departments District Engineer in Paragould explained. A fall agencies concerned will have to be satisfied that the location of the new route is proper a Smith said. Several agencies Are involved. There Are the City county and state governments plus the department of defense and the u. S. Bureau of Public roads. All Are contributing something to the new route. Construction. Smith said will be simplified a because we Are talking about improving existing routes. Rather than opening new the base City four Laner will begin at the intersection of division and main streets will continue West on main to a Point action line just past what has been known for years As the Rice Stix building at main and Twenty first. Just West of thet building the route will utilize a sort of informal Street which is known As Center Street and which bears North. Center intersects with Highway 151 the air base Highway and the new route will follow 151 to a Point just West of the base runway. This is where fat fab will construct a new main Gate. A All told from the division main intersection the route will cover Only two and one Quarter Miles making the City to Gate path several Miles closer because of the new Gate location. Smith said that after the hearing planning May begin on getting final approval and advertising for bids on the work. A we want to urge All property owners and people who Are interested in the Road to come out a at the hearing and ask questions concerning it a Smith said. It it it it appears that he four Lane facility stands on the Brink of Success. Blytheville a chamber has spent untold Man hours on the project. It has sent numerous delegations to Little Rock to testily before the Arkansas Highway commission. Then gov. Orval Faubus was brought to the City several times inspected the narrow dangerous two Lane Highway which now serves the base and agreed that something should be done about the situation. A promised to help and actually May have tried to help. But nothing happened. Last Winter a delegation from the chamber went to Washington to expedite any number of projects in which the City had an interest. Among these was the base City Highway. Chamber president Alex Hill and his group met for several hours with officials from the . Bureau of Public roads. At the end of the session the Blytheville group Felt they could see a hint of Light at the end of the Tunnel. They returned to Blytheville and began working with the Arkansas Highway department the air Force and the . Bureau of Public roads. Although Smith would offer no estimate As to when construction might Start the project now is launched. All systems May not quite bad go Quot but the prospects Are better than they be Ever been. The Road is Well past the conversation stage. It has the approval of the Arkansas Highway commission and after the hearing will need Only final approval from tha Bureau of Public roads. Estimated Cost is $569,000. Mississippi county s Economy will be boosted during the Holiday season by approximately $272,000. According to spokesmen from the Banks in Blytheville and Osceola. This amount is the total Cash savings now held in four county Banks which will be mailed out later this month to membership holders in the various banking Christmas clubs. Of the four Banks contacted first National and Farmers in Blytheville and planters and first National in Osceola each with the exception of Blytheville first National report an increase both in Christmas club members and in the amounts saved Over the previous year. The breakdown of the Holiday savings held by each Bank and their total memberships Are As follows. First National of blytheville�?$62,092 587 members. Farmers Bank and Trust of blytheville�?$65,000 535 members. First National of 0sceola-$87,000 675 members. Planters Bank of osceola�?$57,500 475 members. Armorel school District has been notified by the slate department of education that it will receive $47,196 in title one funds to be used for educating disadvantaged children. The amount is $21,839 less than the District received last year. A formula readjustment of the number of eligible children in the District accounts for the decline according to we. H. Moore associate commissioner in charge of the state s Federal programs division. Eleven . Soldiers held in Cambodia Are giving Prince Norodom Sihanouk a slight pain in the pocketbook. A their stay is too expensive a the cambodian chief of state told visiting foreign newsmen his eyes twinkling. A i have to pay for Many Good lunches for the americans were captured i july when their Landing Craft strayed into camb Ian Waters. During the Celebration of the country a 15th anniversary of Independence this week the prisoners have twice been personal guests of the Prince in local French gourmet restaurants. All it would take to release them Sihanouk said is a message from president Johnson pledging to avoid Border violations and the killing of cambodians. This was my first whale and i Hope its my last that was the reaction of Tom of Toole As he finished supervising the Crew which mane Vered the main Section of the american museum of natural history a new whale into place. The new York museum is replacing its old whale see Roundup Page i 100 outdoor toilets Likely to remain because of work involved in covering the various political happenings during a presidential state and local election year action line found it necessary to delay answering readers questions for a time. Now that the election is a thing of the past the column will resume its attempts to answer As expeditiously As possible any and All questions but because of the recent delay action lines files Are once again backlogged and readers of the column whose questions have gone unanswered Are asked to remain patient. A i understand there Are Over too open toilets in Blytheville. Why Isnit something done about them a a Anonymous City. After talking w t i h Lewis Mayo county sanitarian mayor Tom a. Little City attorney Edsel Harber and several aldermen in addition to checking a City ordinance which is supposed to regulate sanitary facilities of this Type the general feeling seems to be that the City has a Law which if enforced will work a hardship upon the poorer residents of Blytheville. Turning first to the ordinance itself number 565 which has been on the books since passage by the City Council on March 27, 1956, action line finds that according to the Lav the owner of any building used for human occupancy whose property line to within 300 feet of a Public sanitary sewer is required to install at his own expense suitable toilet facilities connecting them to the sewer. This requirement must be met within 30 Days after official notification by the proper authorities with failure to comply subjecting the owner to a Fine. In addition to the Fine the City can make the connection charging construction costs to the owner and placing a Lien on his property to insure collection by the City. On the other hand if the property is More than 300 feet from a sewer an individual May obtain permission from the City to install private sewer facilities septic tanks open toilets Etc providing these facilities Are approved by the county sanitarian Mayo. This approval is granted following the sanitarians inspection who checks to see that the private sewer complies a with All recommendations of the sanitary engineering division of the Arkansas state Board of As simple As All this sounds since the Law is spelled out in Black and White in the City clerks office enforcement of the ordinance is virtually impossible according to All with whom action line spoke. Mayo the first person contacted. Readily admitted that approximately too of these open toilets do exist today in the City. In spite of this fact he said great strides have been made a correcting this problem during the past decade with a the elimination of from 45 to 60 of these facilities in each of the last five hopefully Mayo continued a Urban renewal should take care of part of the problem a but in the event that people continue to ignore the Law before this happens he said he understands City officials will Deal with violators More stringently. Part of the problem in the past Mayo added has been the Lack of cooperation by the City when he has reported violations to them. Today however he says that this difficulty has been overcome and he has been promised the fullest cooperation of the City in prosecuting offenders. A Edsel Harber said the City is ready to prosecute or bring before the judge anyone who does no to abide by the Law. By a hat he said i assume they City officials Are ready to go on this thing a Mayo commented. Getting Down to the real source of the problem Mayo said the reason the City has been reluctant to Force the Issue in the courts is because a Many of those not complying with the Law have no Money to pay for a sewer connection so rather than take them to court we let them slide along trying to Correct the situation More or less on a voluntary of the too or so open toilets remaining Mayo was asked How it any based on his periodic inspections of these facilities he considered up to minimum standards As set Forth by that Section of the ordinance governing private sewers. Answering quite candidly his reply was a was Long As there is one open toilet remaining in Blytheville it will not be up to health department because of mayors conversational reference to Blytheville City attorney Edsel Harber action line contacted him next asking How often he has had to take Legal action against i Olaf see action Page s need floats for Parade Lack of float entries in Blytheville s annual downtown Christmas Parade which is scheduled to be held dec. 2, Tifrea tens to cancel this years activities according to Parade chairman j. L. Westbrook or. In Telephone conversation this morning Westbrook said a right now we know we will have to bands in the Parade but Only three churches the first methodist Christian and the presbyterian have said they will enter floats and at least to Are needed. A unless More churches schools or civic organizations notify us of their intention to enter a float by the Middle of next week a he lamented a we will be forced to terminate plans for holding a Parade this Westbrook continued adding that any organization interested in entering a float should notify the chamber of Commerce contacting them at to 2-2012, or by calling him at to 2-2342. Court suits filed in the civil division of circuit court the following suits have been filed Montgomery Ward and co. Is suing r. J. Hodge and Louise Hodge. The suit alleges that a a running account that the defendants have with the plaintiff is not being retired properly. The suit seeks $384.38 plus 6 percent interest. Orgill Brothers and co. Ars suing we. Wallace Smith doing business As lad and Lassie the suit claims that a promissory note of $7,of0.18 is not being retired. The suit is seeking that a mount plus 6 percent interest in addition to a to percent attorney charge. Larry g. Wright is suing Horace Mann Mutual insurance co. In a suit stemming from an Auto Accident on North Highway 61 May 18, 1968. The suit seeks $10,000. In a related suit William r. In court fags

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