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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Nov 3 1944, Page 5

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - November 3, 1944, Blytheville, Arkansas Friday november 3, iou Blytheville Ark Courter news Page Etc published every Friday in the interest of farm families of this agricultural Section. Farm news Fea enter the Plant to Prosper contests sponsored by the courier news and commercial Appeal. Machinery for farming needed county Farmers use modern equipment but Haven t enough a Mississippi county land is being Farmed Modernly pc it ii More than Cue fourth of ail tractors in Arkansas owned by Farmers of the county to set the Pace in use of farm machinery As Well As in production. Of the 8860 tractors in the state 1164 Are owned by non h Mississippi county tanners and 1145 in South Mississippi county. But tractors Are Only a part of modern equipment used in tilling the Fertile soil of this Section and much Mere machinery is needed a Survey has revealed. In questioning 848 North Mississippi county Farmers needs were Cypres cd for 300 tractors 142 combines 48 Corn pickers 104 tractor mowers fit pickup Hay balers and 142 main drills in addition to a considerable amount of miscellaneous equipment. Farmers made known their requests to tile county agent Keith Bilbrey recently in Hope that a More reasonable allotment of farm machinery could be obtained in 1045 farm machinery no longer is rationed. To Farmers except Corn pickers. But machinery will be rationed to dealers and counties. Production is about in line with the number of tractors. The county produces for the state about one sixth of the Cotton one fourth of the Alfalfa one tenth of the Corn and 2,000.000 bushels of soybeans or a very Large per cent. Shutter snappers quickly exhaust Baa film Stock Amateur photography is the chief Hobby of Haaff personnel i Lent George j. Geiger. Pm officer asserts. Be has reason for his belief. Last week the v pm received its monthly Supply of film 24 Rolls of each of the popular sizes within a matter of moments the news had spread and a line extending from tile sales counter to a Point Over a Hundred Yards from the building itself had formed at one time 106 people from majors to privates were awaiting their turn to buy films. Quot we sold out our Supply in about an hour Quot i lieutenant Geiger commented sadly. Quot thank god this happens Only once a farm woman a Ultima this is Pickle making season these Are some tested recipes that club women of Mississippi county enjoy making and their family and visitors enjoy eating it Rad and Putter pickles remove 50 medium sized cucumbers from brine and soak overnight in Clear cold water. Change the water twice the next morning allowing an hours soaking each time Drain and cover with vinegar which has been heated to a boiling temperature. On the Twe following Days Drain off the vinegar heat to boiling and pour Over cucumbers on tii fourth Day Drain off the vinegar slice cucumbers \ Inch thick put in to Stone Jar or enamel lined Container with one garlic cont or one slice of onion. Pour t cup of salad Oil Over the cucumbers mix the fallowing together and bring to a boil 7 pounds sugar i pint vinegar cup Black Pepper corns cup of whole spire i lint red Pepper pour boiling mixture Over cucumbers. Let stand to to 12 Days stirring now and then. Pack in Jar and process for 15 minutes in hot Here Are a few More hard to det items we be just put on our shelves Yale night latches. 2.25 sergeant night latches 1.50 8 Inch pipe wrenches 1.25 4 Gal. Garden sprayer. 1.95 electric alarm clocks 4.95 Large fire shovels. 45c Small fire shovels. 15c enamel Wash basins 59c Large Metal dust pans 50c Woolen athletic socks. 75c Whirlpool elec. Churn 17.50 solid brass Cusp Dors. 4.95 rubber Cuspid or Mats. 39c Gillette Teck razors with 5 Gillette Blue Blades 726 Vav. Main incorporated phone 515 when you take your John Deere tractor out in the Field after our factory trained experts have Given it a a going Over a you la say it performs Good As new. Our showmen Are experts. They know exactly w hat your tractor should do. And How to make it deliver a full measure of service. Done to wait for a breakdown Check up now and a few simple adjustments May save you the expense and delay of More serious complications later on. When you Hying your tractor in. Bring in your scrap. Keep both in the fight. Missed implement co. Blithe Ville Osceola Sig water Bath. Larrad and Nutter Birkie made from fresh cucumbers Twenty to to 30 medium sized cucumbers 8 Large White onions. 2 Large Sweet peppers a a cup Salt 5 cups cider vinegar 5 cups sugar 2�?T pounds or sugar substitute 2 Tablespoons Mustard seed i Teaspoon turmeric 1 a a a tease us cloves. Wash cucumbers and slice As thin As possible chop onions and peppers Combine wit ii cucumbers and Salt i it stand 3 hours and Drain. Combine vinegar sugar and Spires in Large preserving Kettle bring to boil add drained cucumbers heat thoroughly but do not boil. Pack while hot into sterilized jars and Seal. Olive Oil birdies i gallon sliced cucumbers i quart onions ground coarsely i Tablespoon White Mustard seed a j cup Salt i Teaspoon White Pepper 11. Cups Olive Oil or 5 cup salad Oil and h c. Olive Oil slice unpeeled cucumbers very thin add tile Salt mix thoroughly and allow to stand overnight. Press juice out of the sliced cucumbers thoroughly to the quart of ground onions add Quot bite Pepper White Mustard seed and Olive Oil or halt salad Oil and Iva of Olive Oil let kids mixture stand i hour. Then add to sliced cucumbers mixing All together. Pour enough Apple rider vinegar to cover dilute vinegar with water to proportion of part vinegar to three parts of Waack pickles solid in sterilized or it a pint Glass top jars and let stand to Days before us 4 h members help gather county crops non ii Mississippi county shoo boys and girls who Are members of 4-11 club have picked 14.200 Bales of Cotton up to no i. It has been announced by Keith Bilbrey. County agent. Tills is a Large contribution to the War Effort tip it represents onh a part of the work they Are doing he said they Are also helping to Harvest tile county a 1,600,000 Bushel soybean crop in addition to Corn and Hay Nineteen of the 22 Public schools in North Mississippi county which have 4-h clubs have remained closed tint la nov. I or later so tile youth could help in tile ii a Vest of one of the county a greatest crops in history. These 4-h club children Are milk lug a great Deal of Money also. Ruin Cain of lie Gosnell 4-h club a averaged picking Over 300 pounds per Jav All fall past monday. She made $1122 picking Cotton Many of these club members now have Bank accounts of their own. A respectable percentage of their f. . News Many farm Security borrowers Are taking advantage of Good prices to pay off their debts. Through get 30, in borrowers in Mississippi county had paid off their operating Loans in Lull tills includes instalments not due until october 1945 and october 1946 these 19 borrowers have borrowed and in paid $23,102 in principal and $1,212 Iii interest since they have been on the farm Security program. These families Are now on a sound 11-n.metal basis and Are Able to either furnish themselves to make a crop in 1945 of to obtain financial Assisi ame from another source the Virgil Cunningham family. Route 2, Leachville is one of these successful families. Instead of depending on Cotton farming the Clin Nin Ghatta have several sources of Cash income. A four acre truck Patch is one of these sources this summer and fall they have marketed 14 it Fermi vegetables from their farm. Or. Cunningham has realized a Cash income from Cotton and hems an i will also have Corn to sell Iii addition to growing vegetables for the Market the Funni i earnings is going into War Bonds t he rest it tin Money will be spent on clothes school expenses and lot recreation. Fly carries on an excellent love at i and tomatoes in their Garden. The Home program mrs Cunningham Success of this family is an examines put tip 1000 quarts of fruit and pie of what can be accomplished vegetables tilts year. And they still through Good planning and mantis v r carrots radishes Green onions age mint and hard work. Buy your Winter Supply of Wood and kindling Whilo it is available. Plantation owners special Price on too rank lots Barksdale mfg. Co. Blytheville Ark phone 2911 Ter pint Seal lug. Fickle Hill Green Tomato Green tomatoes stalk celery Sweet Green peppers garlic 2 quarts water i quart vinegar 1 cup Salt Dill to taste use Small firm Green tomatoes. Pack into clean sterilized jars. Add to each quart Jar a Bud of garlic one stalk celery and one Green Pepper Cut in fourths make a brine of the water vinegar and Salt and boil with tile Dill for five minutes. Pour the lint brine Over and Seal immediately. These will in ready for use in four to six weeks. Whale Green Tomato pickles pack quart Jar with whole Green tomatoes. Put in 6 to 7 peppers. Mix i Tablespoon Salt. 3 cups vinegar and i cup Waler. Bring to boil fill jars and Seal. C Crystal Pickle 7 pounds Green tomatoes 2 Gallons water 1 quart Lime 4 pounds sugar 2 quarts vinegar 6 strips of cinnamon bark i Teaspoon grated Nutmeg i Teaspoon ground Ginger tie in cloth it slice Green tomatoes a a Inch in thickness place in porcelain lined or Granite vessel. Cover with the 2 Gallons of water in which the quart of Lime has been dissolved. Let Stalin 24 hours. Remove rinse Well through several cold Waters to remove All Lime sediment. Dissolve sugar in vinegar add cinnamon Sticks and cloth containing Nutmeg and Ginger. Bring to a boil add slices of Green Tomato and boil rapidly until slices Are glazed and syrup clings to a spoon in drops. Fill sterilized jars with the slices arranging cinnamon Sticks attractively with the slices in the Jar. Discard the cloth containing Nutmeg and Ginger. Process quarts to minutes pints 7 minutes. Mrs. Dyess Lee Pickle soak sliced Green tomatoes do not Peel in Lime water made by adding two cups of Lime to two Gallons of water. Let stand 24 hours. Rinse in cold water. For every 4 pounds tomatoes add an equal weight of sugar Arm 1 quart of vinegar. Add whole spices whole cloves and stick cinnamon. Mixed Pickle i ounce White Mustard seed i ounce ground White Pepper g ounce stick cinnamon i ounce turmeric ii ounce dry Mustard 1 pint grated horse radish 2 ounce celery seed 4 or 5 pounds sugar 3 or 4 garlic buttons 2 Large Heads cabbage i gallon cucumbers brine 15 onions Large 3 dozen peppers 3 pods hot Pepper grind cabbage onions Popper and garlic. Add cup of Salt and let Drain in sack overnight. Add seasoning and cover with cider vinegar. Let boil All Over the vessel about 25 minutes. Add to brine cucumbers which should be diced. This makes 3 Gallons. Quick Relief from stiffly Stuffy distress of head colds for Sale a soybean bags a seed Oats wheat Barley a Spear feeds Blytheville soybean corp. 1800 w. Main phone 856 or. Farmer we can add months to the life of tractor tires our modern equipment can handle even your largest tire. Repair in time will ave you both Dollar and work Day. Estimate without obligation. Guaranteed work a ceiling prices Modinger Poetz tire co. Wilwy. To North phone 2201 yes a we have them in Stock heavy duty trailers with 650x16�?6 ply Goodrich Silvertown tires and four Springs. No permit required Ellis implement co. Blytheville Ark. Deltas news published by the Delta implement po., Blytheville no. To Friday a nov. 3 plan to have your tractors repaired and overhauled just As soon As von net a Chance this year. Parts and labor Are just As scarce As Ever and it looks As though there will he More equipment in need of repair than Ever before. We Are hoping that we can Start Early repair instead of replacing parts where possible order necessary parts Early and keep our customers from losing work Days because of breakdowns. You can help us by bringing your tractor in before the Rush season. I among quite a few Mississippi county Farmers and business men to attend the mechanical demonstration on the Hopson Plantation near Clarksdale miss., yesterday were Louis Nash j. La. Williams and Fred lineman of Blytheville it \ k. Tucker of promised land and b. S. Simmons of Dell. I instantly Relief from stiffly Sneezy distress of head colds starts to come when you put a Little Vatro nol up each nostril. Also helps prevent Many colds from developing if used in time just try it follow directions in folder Vicks Vatro nol Madame May satisfaction guaranteed readings gifted Reader and advisor. Hwy. 18 West at end of Blytheville bus line. Headings daily 9 a. M. Til 9 p. M. New equipment deliveries of the past week include tractor stalk cutters to Clarence Moore farming East of Blytheville and Fred Batton of Manila and a steel Stock Lank to j. In Gurley of promised land. I by now have 50 Pound ale mite grease buckets and vice grip pliers on hand in the parts depart ment. I let us know if you be used equipment tor Sale we be More buyers for All types of equipment than Ever before. I in our shops this week a d-30 International truck for minor repairs for we we Alexander of Osceola a Kamiah la for overhaul for Annie Smith of Manila and a k-5 International truck for a new clutch for w. T. Johnson of Jonesboro. 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