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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Nov 3 1944, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - November 3, 1944, Blytheville, Arkansas Sage Foo Blytheville Ark courier news Friday no Yem re 3, 1944 the Blytheville courier news the courier news co. H. W. Haines publisher Samuel p Norris editor James a. Cd "n8, advertising manager sole National advertising represent Helves Wallace Witmer co., new York Chicago Detroit Atlanta Memphis. Published every Atte Moos except sunday entered As second class matter at the Post office at Blytheville Arkansas under act of Congress october 9, 1917. Served by the United press subscription rates by Carrier in the City of Blytheville 20c per week or 85c per month. By mall within a radius of 40 Miles $4.00 per year. $2.00 for six months $1.00 for three months a mall outside 50 mile zone $10.00 per year payable in Advance. Military men of letters some Day when the War is Over it should be the fascinating task of Stone scholar to examine the communiques speeches and general pronouncements of our military leaders for the ii rat which these statements can throw on the men their characters and their abilities. Until t hut time is at hand it is enough to make the Broad Bose cation hat our top generals and admirals express themselves remarkably Well and with Groat variety. Their vocabulary when they address themselves to civilian audiences is free from military aridity. And they employ it with a directness clarity and very often imagination that Many professional writers might and probably do envy. General Mac Arthurs utterances have the Oriental splendor and rolling periods of the old testament due logically enough according to reports to his assiduous Bible Reading. Admirals King and Nimitz and general Marshall can condense important news into a Model of straightforward reporting or and especially in Marshall Scase can infuse this almost Blunt Economy of expression with boiling hot sincerity in Public speeches. Admiral Halsey contributed a satirical and gracefully contemptuous comment on the japs inflated Victory claims when he informed Admiral Nimitz that he had salvaged his entire Jap destroyed Fleet and was withdrawing in the direction of the enemy. But Best of All perhaps is general Eisenhower s description of War which he gave to a v siting congressman in France. Quot War a said the general a is like pushing a heavily loaded Wagon up a Steep Hill in a fog and never knowing when you Are going to reach the top. So you have to push like hell All the in All military literature it would be hard to find a More illuminating simile. Needless to say the general was not speaking of his strategy or his armies tactics neither of which is the least bit foggy but of the unremitting Effort needed right up to the hour and minute of the enemy a final defeat. In these memorable sentences general Eisenhower has impressed us All with the dangers of complacency and has done it to our Way of thinking far better than a Hundred speeches on the subject. Those sentences Are something to Cut out and paste up in Home office or i factory. Or better they Are Worth learning and thinking about. They Hight to keep us pushing. Finally Conics to pass thit our Mast leave Germany Tempo if one Day it a died fuehrer artly the German Navy will take him in its care the gel Man Navy know. All tin Island domains of Yak world. It has a cat bases and hiding places in the most Distant a boat . Broader policy or. Churchill has informed parliament that it will be the British policy to let the greek people choose their own form of government when Normal conditions return. Would it be impertinent of us to ask if the Atlantic charter of which or. Churchill is co author did not announce As its policy the right of All Peoples to choose their own form of government and without retaining any provisions about deciding what and when were a Normal conditions strategic Retreat in Buffalo the Bison which stood 1800-Pound St lifted in t to Cut ral to it nil Inal a been moved to an no and apparently sate Coiner museum. No reason was announce could he that some meat hungry Farer in a moment of in rationed Aion had been trying to carve Steak from the beast Neon spies of a i. But Way i Pas a hip new Cravat wanted some of the infamous Pierre Laval a famous White neckties brought 300 francs apiece at an auction of the former Vichy big shots effects. Now what Are we offered for a new Cravat for m. Laval a Little Model in hemp perhaps which will satisfy All his future requirements in the Neek Vlear line Fiew amp. Off Twylte a a prod notion to title a Lump Al editorials cram Miter Bow Tepi Ieese Ai endorsement feta ii to of term to the objects what the Bible is not the Good of a Bible lies in tin textual contents. Not in its ability to Stop a Bullet. The same u to nod weight of pure steel would make a far better shield if that a what it s wanted for. The War production Board gave that warning Over a year ago. A Bible or any other Book with or without a thin Metal cover will Stop Only near spent bullets or Shell fragments. Now. According to the Federal Trade commission tests show that the books would make the wounds still More deadly by causing spreading at the nose of the Bullet. Pm Chafer. Are being victimized by Opportunity Hunters who cornered the Supply of 25-cent bibles put on Metal covers costing at tile most a few cents and then priced them for retail at $1.95 up. Retailers who sell the books without repeating tile extravagant claims now outlawed by the Etc cannot be held too greatly if at All to Blague. But if the smart ones who stirred up the whole demand re ally believe what is Between those covers some of them May by now be living in some discomfort with their conscience. A St. Louis Post dispatch. A a a they say now that tile enemy is gone half our country rises to accuse the other halt. Jerome Tharaud member French Academy. I say to you that the welfare of the Tanner and the working Man go hand in hand. Neither can be prosperous unless the other is also prosperous. Sen. Harry s. Truman he Missouri. A a a the lev Candy a child eats the better he is Likely to be physically especially in respect to his Teeth. Labor department children a Bureau. A a a no what is done to Germany Atter the we we cannot bring about a full measure of retributive Justice. Peace which will give Germany what he deserves is impossible. Prof. William Ebenstein of u. Of Wisconsin. A a a we cannot find anything to attack a. A strategist he a the Jap a Good Ping Pong player. Admi. William f. Halsey or. Sidi glances cow 1�44 by Nea service. Inc. T m Reg. U. S. Pit off 3 Ycu gotta Yie / a def sic Udey Poky a it i y Mia Iser a r a so june baked tile schools prize pumpkin pie that a bitter news than some of the political shill we be been tunning ii you Haven t shown the letter to everybody in town a a this curious world by won am Ferguson i mat scum Al automobiles have been junked Elve ? Gay 4 during 104-�4-/ f walking to work or sharing in your car will a help conserve j the nation s vital. Ii car Supply. Copy 1>f4 by Nia service. Inc t. M Rio. U s Pat of. Iii Storti Leo Koba Leek. Intel broke him Mig lied ii contrite to ii ii nil in the lentil end of rur Vetrer in Jill it it it Kii to Viki Enterprise Liichi sleek is not entirely imply Filo. To i the hut the fees Ore Enrite mid besides Llou u to holds in Imper Quot till bus . Sas v re rhe first thing i did was Rush to the Bank Cash the Check and open an account. It a Only when i had the Crisp new Check Book safely in my pocket that i really Felt that everything was the Way i wanted it to be. Somehow id been afraid that Boggio might change his mind at the last minute and Stop payment. Now it was too late. One of the strangest things about the human mind is its remarkable adaptability to new circumstances. This minute was one of the highlights of my existence and i should have been half crazy with Joy. And Here i was walking calmly Down the Street and making plans for the future. After awhile i realized i was famished so i went into a drugstore. I sat Down at the counter ordered a Ham Sandwich and a cup of Coffee and then laughed at myself. Id just been thinking about the adaptability of the a mail mind and yet id unconsciously followed the same impulse of leaner Days. With a Check Book and two Hundred Bucks in Cash in my pocket i should have gone to the Best joint in town to celebrate and Here i was in a drugstore swarming with Twenty five Dollar a week Sale clerks the boy shoved the Sandwich at me. A something to drink a he inquired. A Coffee a i said. No wonder we were on opposite sides of the counter. I always order my Coffee together with my lunch and invariably the soda jerks ask me if ill have Alexander a Wilson Quot Knox a after picture gift to film Cutter har-1 Ara Mclean was a Gold medallion beaning the inscription a to Bobbie who Cut a president and got away with something to drink. Today i let it go. I was in too Mellow a Frame of mind to make cracks. In fact i looked at the fellow with a sort of genial tolerance. There was Only a narrow counter Between us but it separated eighteen Bucks a week from two Hundred and fifty. And we were both about the same age and i bet i did no to Start out with any More advantages than he had. A but for the Grace of god ,. A i murmured to myself. A anything wrong with the Sandwich a he asked. Quot no buddy a i said. A a it a at. Dinner that evening mrs. Watkins sprung the news on my fellow boarders. A emr. Kaba tick is leaving us tomorrow a she said. A and in a sure Well All be sorry to see him i bet they a be sorry. Salem son would be prostrate with grief. They All stopped eating for a moment and looked at me. You a have thought i was moving out of the White House instead of that Lousy two by four excuse for a room. Gransie was the first to break the silence. A Well Leo a he said. A i Hope it la be a move for the a yes a i said. A in a by the Blank look on my face they Tell whether i was moving of my own free will or whether mrs. Watkins was so tired of my being constantly in arrears that shed politely shown me the door. You Coulee see they were All dying to ask me questions but did no to know How to begin. Ruskin nervously cleared his Throat. A a new Job maybe a this was lots of fun. I was being Coy on purpose and the Way i had to be coaxed to give out information you a have thought that each w Ord was a Pearl dropping from my lips. The least inquisitive of the Bunch was Mcneil. Head just grunted and continued eating. But i could Sci that Salemson was dying. Finally she was unable to restrain herself any longer. A Are you remaining in the City a she asked. That was just like her. She was too genteel to come out with the direct question a where Are you moving to a and had to use a circumlocution. I thought id make her sit up and take notice. A a you la probably find me at the Columbus towers a i said casually. If id suddenly started taking off my clothes and paraded around the table in the nude Salem Sony a jaw have dropped lower. A Why done to you make it the Waldorf a she asked. They now began taking me seriously. Maybe it was the tone of my voice or perhaps my suppressed excitement was beginning to creep out All Over. The suspense was becoming unbearable for All of them. A an inheritance maybe a queried Ruskin. There was a Long pause and then i let them have it. A ten years ago a i began dramatically a i helped an old lady across the Street. Her hands were shaking and she was poorly dressed but i treated her As if she were my own Mother. Although she asked me my name i never gave it another thought. Last week she died. After they a Given her a paupers burial they ripped open her mattress. And what do you think they found a you could have heard a pin drop. A what a breathed Ruskin. A bedbugs a i said. Was i getting Hammy but they All went into convulsions with the exception of Salemson who shuddered. A i done to think that a funny a she said. At any rate the general curiosity was dampened for the time being and i was Able to continue eating without going into any embarrassing explanations. If a fellow knows How to mingle truth with fiction and has people guessing All the time he can always keep the situation Well in hand. To be continued if Yon want to nay More War Bonds sell is the furniture Vou Are not using for Cash also Liberal Trade in allowance for old furniture on new. Alvin Hardy furn. Co. 3 i e. Main phone 2302 have Only so the Fleshy Clappers to Wall the Middle and rear Are not True legs. Quot adj dont Light a attach or jul scratch i to Quot says Anthony Sousa in hsfch3 in huf Iyog amp or h-3 j next where did English walnuts originate we fill All Hoctor a prescriptions and save you Mone Stewart 3 drat sin or Aln Lake orb unix prescriptions freshest Stock guaranteed Best Price Kirby drag stores a in Hollywood by Erskine Johnson Nea staff correspondent exclusively yours with Jerry Giesler As her attorney Mayo Methot is tolling friends Shell ask plenty of Green in her scheduled divorce Battle with Humphrey Bogart. Tho separation reminds us of what Mayo told an interviewer More than a year ago. she said Quot has thrown away some of the Best scenes of his career arguing with me in the living aaa Ingrid Bergman will to starred in a technicolor film version of Quot the Scarlet Lily a the Story of Mary Magdalene. David o Selz Nick will produce it from Rev. Edward f. Murphy s prize winning novel. A a a Edmund Lowe and vie Are huddling on a resumption them popular film series sergeant Quirt and Captain Flagg. Aaa Katie Hepburn will introduce a 1 new Quot Pancake Quot Hairdo top of to behead braids that stick out Over tin forehead like the brim cd a hat for her role in my mrs Quot without Linda Darnell a maid. Hazel has been promoted. Shell play a Cook in Linda a next movie. Aaa add incongruous sights acad Emy award Winner Paul Lukas taking Rumba lessons from Arthur Murray. A Elmar can it a Ghast Vulcanizing tire a tube repair a s. Hwy. Cattan bait s. A s. Hwy. Al Farmerly with Illier am. Up our boarding House with maj. Hoople out our Way by j. R. Williams come it Pancy a a pest invited himself to Bud Abbott and Lou costello stable at buds night spot the Back stage and was attempting to impress the comedians with his Success. Two people walked by and waved Hollo. Beamed the pest., Quot people who Don t even know me Are saying Quot you really will be Abbott interrupted Quot when people who do know you Start a Yin a a a Warbler Mercedes Marlowe is helping Jackie Coo an forget Ramsay Ames. For Sale 285 acres of highly improved land an Highway ii f o a r Miles South of Blytheville c. G. Smith factory method motor rebuilding a a our newly installed equipment includes a crankshaft grinder doring bars Piston grinder bearing re Sizer line Boring machine connecting Rod re Bab biting machine Etc. Our men Are approved methods. Factory trained and use factory take your truck car or tractor to your own dealer or garage and have them Send the motor to us to be completely rebuilt a a John Miles Miller co. Blytheville Ark. Singer Helen Forrest and re Anc a new two some. A a no truth to reports that re lie will film a movie about horse that threw l b. Macer. Peter us the Don Edwards a the typewriter Many Royal Smith Corona and Remington portable Type Riters 118 n. 2nd Streett phone 3382 every transaction must be satisfactory try our �?o0n made ice Cream Ole Hickory inn from huh Ach ii hit who g n a Rhi Iso Maki my with the Kimg g124e is Don t disturb the animals a that ome Mam choir has Beem hollering Kurrass for. Hin Selp slice 2 o clock a he. Helped Finnegan Nab a Safe Blower and now Hes Wahi my for the Mormino Voo need a change of costume he Rohlo a step up and try of this Necktie for is no w right Here is a Cli Here a the of that poor Guy of plete i i Kiev eur seem a Eloe print Mam git out of of ale the i a coat so Quick Pec Oie \ got caught in Mecha jism a that Machi me he might a Beem killed he May be i maimed Fer life x j h / or v Mink / Iii la Dale \ f Shtyk v u a let of Yod did t Sel \ it you fathead Don t i m Aee am enemy to / body else saw it \ never let a Mam know \ you saw his stupidity i let him git Back into his coat am look like i / Mot him happened i i ,. Am hell love eve or Enbody even Quot Ycu a s4 a \ when Mot to Loo prediction Hoagy Carmichaels latest tune a my Christmas song to will be a Holiday hit. It was introduced by Georgia Carroll. A a a Stuart Erwin is Back on the Warner lot for the movie a pillar to his five dogs Are Back with him following him All Over the lot. From pillar to Post. A a Happy holidays for Veronica Lake i and Deanna Durbin. Their divorces will be final Early in december. I David Niven has a picture Deal with Sam Goldwyn immediately after his release from the British army. A # a i Danny Kaye Sylvia Fine is writing a Broadway show. No. Danny will not be starred. Of trick film endings have two studies admonishing audiences not to reveal the plot kickers. Quot the Princess and the pirates and Quot the woman in the windows have the Surprise endings. Miscue Little Jackie Jenkins fell Down and skinned his nose Between scenes of a your vines have tender Quot after this if you fall Down a chided director Roy Rowland. Quot will you please fall backwards Quot Farmers we have Pleny of Iron roofing and rough Cypress for barns and Sheds. 3 year Cha terms if desired. E. C. Robinson lumber co. Electrical supplies Gin and Mill supplies at present our stocks of repair parts Are As Complete As during pre War times put your plants in shape for fall now. We Jive services Call us Day night or sunday. Belling Belt lace steam packing pipe fittings Aii size pipe Crane valves Gin saw files and Gummers Hubbard hardware co. Serving Blytheville 25 fear work shoe Rota irs Are made Here wit or the same Metic Klous care used for most expensive shoes. Our leathers Are Long wearing and i he Best available for this character work. If Vou want Wear and Comfort try us. Planters How. Co., inc. Home of Sherwin Williams paint de Laval milkers and separators Gould s electric water pumps u. S. Belting and packing Candlewick Crystal Ware Complete lines of hardware phone 515, Blytheville Ark

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