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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives May 27 1935, Page 3

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - May 27, 1935, Blytheville, Arkansas Mostly May 2t. 1935 3.53 Tiv no a a xxv to tit ult. I life is Topsy Turvy but they Are Happy parents of quintuplets have adjusted selves to role of Fame. Pact the free Moi tier Ami father of famous rabies by w1i i is Thornton Nea service staff correspondent Callander out life May not be All Beer and Skittles to a family blessed with the worlds Only year old Quint Owlet but a Good Deal of it is made up of callers and conferences. A stones throw across the Road from the Mode Hospital where the quintuplets Crow and kick in their Little cribs the Dionne family is still trying to work out a design for living that will reconcile its status As Plain North Ontario Farmers with that of one of the most famous families in the world Oliva the quins father who remarked miserably after their birth that a a in a the kind of Man they ought to put in is glad today that nobody took him up on that he has a hired Man now. To help crop the 50 acres he is putting into Hay and Oats this year mrs. Dionne has a maid to help her rare for the Little House where tile quins were born and to care for their five elder Brothers and Sisters. A a enjoy Prosperity the government is paying Oliva $100 every month and with other income incidental to being the father of quintuplets he Lias bought j Little Rock Ark May 24. Him Haley second baseman on the himself a shiny new car in which Hup a a Friendship that started on j old Gainesville team set his older to whirl Down to Callander shoo a Greene county baseball Diamond 1 Friend up As somewhat of an Ideal mama Elzire and papa Oliva Dionne life s course has changed greatly for them in a year. Friendship of governor and Tom Haley has lasted 45 years Ping with mrs. Dionne or to take 45 years ago has kept gov. J. M the three elder children to school Futrell and Tom Haley close to at Corbeil. J aether. The conferences take a lot of Haley now is one of the Gover time though and either direct or norms most trusted friends a through the managers and advis moves around to Capitol quietly and i trellis club claimed a runner on hours who have attached themselves a pretentiously seeking no Aud j by s team was out Futrel said to him. A constant Stream of peo fences and giving few. The Man was not out and that his pie with propositions divert a a Japy a no Means gov a club was not going to stand for governor patrons experience As an arbiter in baseball disputes. There were always squabbles Over runners being out then As now. One Day other members of fun time of Oliva from agricultural the strictly Emory a chief counsellor but his sex anything that was not right. A a Slingshot Ace to appear at state line a Slingshot Quot Charley Taylor who claims better marksmanship with his Slingshot than any local expert with Rifle or pistol will appear in an exhibition at Harry Bailey a Ball Park at the Arkansas Missouri state line sunday june 9. Jack Delk who boasts considerable ability with a pistol has accepted the Challenge issued by Taylor to any local shot to compete with him. Others will also probably try their aim when the event is staged. Taylor hails from ree foot Luke tenn., and has gained considerable prominence among sportsmen for his uncanny ability w Ith a Slingshot. He has toured tile country showing in various cities. Now that weather and roads Arr pressies a a of fair of state Are not i later when the two clubs got in opening up callers constitute a snored. His observations made to another dispute Young Haley further diversion a the Dionne Priva a on Many subjects have i proposed the decision be left to fut have a w7de Atio ship among a Quot to pass before issues were set re. The decision pleased every the French canadians of this and 1 i one Haley recalls and after that nearby communities and most of when governor Futrell wanted disputes with any team were read them Call frequently nowadays to someone he could Trust transport by left to Futrell. 11 j n a it offer advice Sam oath. Cone Ratu Bills of the 50th general As when Futrell ran for represent 11111113113 Drivers us lotions or lust conversation in Sembly from the governors office to Tat Ive the first time in 1896 Young n,., in1 a a j. Where he worked secretly with a in Tom Haley campaigned the county in Oak Vou Ilsy voc Gal adviser he turned to his old for him. Then when the aspire Friend Haley. There were no mis a tons of the Greene county lawyer Indianapolis id. Up voluble French. Parade past on sunday a a lets picture a typical sunday aps to the Bills. Center on the circuit court clerk i the truck and pleasure car drive after noon at the Dionne As the _ each has unlimited Confidence in ship Haley helped him get it. That ers have adopted an unwritten Friendship extended on through the 4aw a Essen the hazards of night Days of Futrelle a senator ship his driving according to Maurice term As circuit judge and his service Tucker president of Indiana Moas Chancellor. Tor traffic association inc announcement of Futrelle scan famous quins first birthday a the other. If they differ on am preaches. Subject it does no to Lessen their its a pleasant Day Clear and Friendship or Confidence in the cooler than a fitful Sun promises least both declare an almost unbroken Stream of the first meeting of the governor cars churns through the Sandy and Haley was As second basemen filled in Road past the unpainted on opposing baseball teams in 1890. Dionne Homestead their occupants the governor was 18 then and a craning necks As they go by. Ley was la. Because the big Sec some Stop to take snapshots but one baseman on the Jackson com there is no place to Park and emissary team took an interest in Little room to pass. The Dafoe a Hospital is closed to visitors soothe Stream moves slowly Pas Spito her 26 ears. King at flesh Hun n filed on a East 50 pounds heavier than in Dionne porch tells that the Days when she had Only five planking and Sills Are about to be it Hildren instead of 0 replaced As soon As we can get a Carpenter. Oliva saws a i smiles and laughs listening most Garden has in. Speaking Seldom and then in House and a Black Kitten stalks a a across the a narrowed furrows. In the past Ere behind the Housea a a a a Joyc a fat Hoe oohs the Sod several of Moyeer advisers chickens following Hun and Hope-1 neat in a dotted print dress she fully investigating tile excavations a group in Earnest French conversation stands by the front Gate there is Oliva neatly dressed in a dark suit and mrs. Dionne wrapped in Black i air Back of her neck in the fashion. I 1 that her is Grandfather to to a Long cloth coat. curled at the neck in the current Dionne. With Oliva almost constantly. Leon. His brother runs a Small garage Here. Oliver Dionne Olivaus father and hits Grandfather to the Quint up Job in a since government jail ice have taken Over the Iob of keeping order at the Hospital which duty he performed All last summer. Dudacy for governor was another trying ground for the Friendship. Haley again As state Bridge supervisor. Haley is helping in his old friends administration. Haley has been somewhat of a i political figure himself. He was Greene county tax collector from 1909 to 1912 and served As postmaster at Paragould from 1913 to 1917 under president Wilson. Back in 1913 Haley had two race horses. Al c was a Trotter that started 26 times that season and won 22, placed third three times and ran out of the Money once. The a Campaign Quot was Over North co j West Missouri Kentucky and Ark Arp Ansas Darius a pacing horse did a t do so Well and was dropped i rom the running Early in the season. The racing Hunting and fishing Are things the two old friends like to talk about when they Are tired of politics affairs of state and incessant visitations. They have hunted and fished Many hours away visitors throng in one of the group is a priest one of the Many religious in the Legros family from which mrs Dionne comes. The others Are friends. Soon they All troop across to the Hospital to see the baby a i with being the parents of Quin then there is More conversation when a Motorist wishes to pass a truck lie is expected to Flicker his headlights. The truck Driver will Flicker his taillight in response if the Road ahead is Clear. His recognition of the approaching car is followed by moving close to the right Edge of the Road to allow the other vehicle plenty of room to pass together. They went Back to their old Greene county Hills last sum to lives with a daughter in a liner and hunted squirrels. La Noat he Imp in the vilified a something Worth while to tit if you feel Quot draggy Quot and Lack Pep and vigor you owe it to your family and to yourself to snap out of it. And become your old self. Take a bottle of fur atone and see How much better you will feel. Muratone liquid laxative and tonic cleanses the entire system and is a general All around body builder. A $125 hot i in hog Ken ular i for to Money guarantee. At leading drug stores adv j mall neat House in the Village and Seldom makes the trip to his songs Home. Despite the distractions that go and goodbye. I pleasant picture of a healthy and the five older Dionne c Well furnished term family still a Are much in evidence health \ Little dazzled perhaps by sudden Happy appearing. Ernest the old Fame inf a fort line. But beginning est looks More mature than a after a year to make the most of 8. Years in a dark suit it the g and even to enjoy their unique trousers and an Eton Cap rose1 and Theresa. 7 and 5 respective in Are grave Little replicas of their Mother Daniel. 4, is a fat Little Rascal who loves to Roll a tin can across the Kina Burr floor and Arain i than la was a year ago. Thy attention demanded by All 4 t year Olds by suddenly pointing a a in the per Pruna the tinsel and it Mug Alo. Allo. Hospital Yard across the Road Pauline the youngest is Only 2 i and has striking Long Blond hair a. A pwn. In contrast to the others All the i i Siy i Ivd i la it children Are Active and Well be 1 Quot a ainu v i Hua Hayed and plainly but Well dres it j i i sed they All speak Only French a a Folk to old let House life changes j Thedford a Black draught is. Since the weather broke this made of purely vegetable ingred a Spring Rose and Tierese have sent so finely powdered leaves and joined Ernest in attending the roots of approved laxative plants Parish school at Corbeil 2�?T.� Miles it is f,.pp from sickening after from the Home. Effects often Felt from taking pow Little is changed in the Dionne Erful Mineral drugs Home from the Days when the Quot a have found after using Black quintuplets were beginning life draught in my family that it is a there ure several pictures of the reliable Home remedy Quot writes mrs famous Bubi is in the main room a p Tolette of Oakville. By. A i and the mechanical refrigerator j have gotten up mornings feeling which was sent in the Early Days tired. Worn dizzy and i would take still stands in the Kitchen a new i c0me Black draught and soon be one was secured when the has feeling better. My husband says Pital was occupied. Black draught Tea does him More the floors of the House Are still Wood for bilious Ness than anything Bare of Rug or carpet but Are lie has Ever taken cleanly scrubbed sold in 25-cent packages mrs. Dionne circulates among a adv 3b65 Tuples the Dionne present position. It is not without significance that Oliva starts his new cur off with a Rush at full throttle in dashing style life is a More colourful affair All around the Dionne. Well drive your engine troubles this new Way a Large part of our reputation has been built on Texico Moron Oil. It routes our custom or Anay from big Oil Bills Aud repair shops. And now its purity Sunoo thess Aud endurance Are perfectly protected by the new red Aud White cause at no extra Oost that s value Worth coming for. And so is our service. Texaco motor Oil no Arch service station Vav. J. Wunderlich Janies Sanders at the Arkmo state line organizes new Bonus March i Fob All i rallying his forces in Loa Angle for a new Bonus Mardi on Washington Royal w. Robertson. Above declares bin a a army wont return until it achieves its purpose. Ilobert Ben who headed Tim coast veterans 1932 pilgrimage will move ids Host cant by freight train. He to a crippled Veteran the picture showing the Brace to wears to support ills spine. Continued from Page ii t nickers provides comprehensive interstate regulation of rates fares and practice. Which must be just. Reasonable and not discriminatory motorized common carriers would be licensed and a showing of Public interest and financial y required with Bonds to protect the travelling Aud ship Ping Public. Prevention it excessive rat control Over mergers and promotion of gaiety Are pro \ ated tile water Canter Bill covering ships in interstate and foreign Commerce on oceans lakes and Rivers would remove regulating Powers trom the department of commences shipping Bourd Bureau and rive tile i c c Power to prescribe maximum Rales when necessary to Correct discrimination or remove prejudice against american exports us Well a minimum rates where . Last my ii explains aim East my n save. Quot tile ultimate objective is a system of Tihoi Spurlat Ion for the nation which will Supply the most efficient Means of Truus it Ort and tarnish service As cheaply tis is consistent with fair treatment of labor and with earnings which i i will support adequate credit and i the ability to expand As need a i Clops and to take adv Vintage of All improvement.1 in Hie Art. J a this system of transportation i must be in lie hands it reliable j i operators whose charges for Aery-1 i tee will ire known defendable and reasonable Aud free from unjust Canadian students win scholarships in states Montreal up three indents one a coed. In the department of economic and political science it. Mcgill University Nave Bra u awarded scholarships tor continuation of their studies in the United brutes they Are in Harrison Nark a. I la Val i usher a Ami i Eleanor e Reid Lark and Lusher will go to Harvard University to continue doctors choose child s laxative you do not in it to intr children to Fly Fern a mint tin delirious listing redwing gum i mime i hey like it and i. Nuit u i hew id the Tim Tive int Dieni is netted with helpful naively Jinn Etui i enter the system it int in ally is nature fist Rondeu i he a Hulk of a lint i Les Etive mass is thus avoided Loo lit. The non Mummy non Helm Tot i Kueht Lri of f Iseji Hunts ingredient it gives e Thorou ii prompt but gentle action Lur every member the family i Lei Nyta dangerous Slid Lien a mint is tile , chm eve s. Inuit answer 11c and 2v Ai druggist. Their studies while miss Reid goes to Bryn mawr College. The Man who named thousands of plants and animals Linnaeus was himself a Man of Many names. He in. A a signature at various time the name Carl Linn Carbin Linnaeus sni Olander Carl von i june and Carl Linnaeus his father a Nils Inger Parsson. Orthodox Mohammedan arc Loath to construct a building or weave a Rug that Lite straight line or flaw Quot symmetry Uliey Lille it that Only Eliuh is , anti unit to construct a perfect building of Rug is . Eike Chike Gas Start easier than the i j. I government it Quirt s for its emergency equipment Joynek amp Kon i old Letheo Iii Iri by tors a i a v w i a Tir 7. Fresh As the breath of Spring wet ill you travel a amp a you arrive r a make this pleasant Experiment for yourself next rime the weather is a a terrible a on a Day when it is blistering hot and Sticky or dry my Dusty or wet and foggy. Pick out the most uncomfortable Day then go aboard any principal train on any Western Railroad and enjoy a thrilling transformation a from discomfort straight into the supreme luxury of air conditioning. Air conditioning on wheels. Western railroads have spent millions in materials and employment for thousands of workers in air conditioning principal trains. They have pioneered again this time to bring their patrons the finest transportation in the world at the Lowed Tost. It there is such a thing As Romance in Industry surely it is this great Forward stride which now makes Western Railroad trains so Cool so clean so splice Simp into perfect weather. Aii Carn air conditioned perfect weather begins when you Hoard an air conditioned train at your Home town. I ree from drafts and sudden rises in temperature you will relax in Lomi Ort. You Are free from smoke tenders doors and noises. You have air i moisture scientifically regulated Freedom from humidity. A train ride now is healthful and restful and so clean that Alen can Wear White linens. You May live in an air conditioned Home some Day. But you t an ride Iii an Ain condition cd Star today on All principal trains running w est and North of new it rat aus Memphis St. Louis c hic ago. These Fine trains Are now air conditioned in lulling coach chair lounge club dining sleeping Aud observation tars. Hor tins new Servile you pay not one Penny extra. On Many Western trains you will find oat lies Aud chair cars with luxurious seats modernistic lighting smoking compartments commodious Wash rooms Tush told dunking water and Lum h Servile from Lite Cli in a car at reasonable prices. Save Money and Tim Western railroads have done More Rhau improve their service. They have pioneered in making the Basic fares As Low As 2c per mile round trip for sleeping car travel with corresponding Low rates in coaches and c hair cars. Sleeping car charges one third lower t our Dollar goes farther on h Estern railroads spec Ial bargain Low priced summer excursion tickets to Many Points on Sale daily commencing May 11, with ample final return limit. Ship your Auto at reduced rates and travel in Comfort by train. See nearest Railroad ticket a gent no matter w Here you want to go or when the Western railroads Are ready to serve you for both business and pleasure travel. For details on special places of interest routes rates or literature see any local Railroad representative. Phone write or Call on him lie will gladly advise you. K it \ i it amazing Low fares a impossible As it seems tile luxury of air condition eel travel is now available at lowered fares with no sleeping car surcharge on Western railroads. Read these Sample round trip l ares first class Good in Standard sleeping cars berth extra to to it Points named and return. From Blytheville c Ali Fornix. Hic Agu. Ill. Denver Colo. Kansas City to. Memphis City Mev. Minneapolis St. Paul Minn. New Orleans la. North Pacific foist. St. Lands to. / a to St $82.40 35.75 19.00 2.95 74.20 28.45 18.70 90.90 9.50 9effec in May i 5 by train North w cd cdx and lakes dude ranches National Parks Pac Lite Northwest Alaska California san Diego exposition Southwest old Mexico Texas Gulf coast larks american Rockies Aud resorts of every character on Youn Western i och by train see Ai least one National Park fun ram Tou is Western railroads Cool a clean a dependable a quiet a n id

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