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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives May 25 1935, Page 6

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - May 26, 1935, Blytheville, Arkansas Pace until Vii i rat i i a by hew saturday May 25. J035 third time Charm he will Kito Ihle Barney i Las of Battle Larnin definite against Lane a Welly Barney Ross former world lightweight and welterweight Champion new York i m advising my friends to make a Little bet on Barney to refrain the world welterweight championship in his third 15-round contest with Jimmy to Zarain at the Polo grounds on May 28. A most fighters feel that they Are going to win. But there tire various kinds of Confidence. I suppose a Book could by written on that but i la just Call the Type that i have now tile positive Brand and let it go at that offhand. I would say Hilt what makes me most certain that i can beat Mclarnin is the fact that after 30 rounds with him. I Ain sure that he cannot Hurt me with his Best shot the one he fires with lits vaunted right hand with All due respect to Mel Arnin. A grand Warrior. I have an idea that ill Knock him out in a late round if i fail to do that there in t the slightest question in my mind but that 1 11 win decisively. Before going into our previous fights and dwelling a bit More on our third edition. I want to Tell you my plans for the future. I vacated the lightweight championship solely because i figured that i could out Gallop Mclarnin and wanted this profitable assignment i still can do 135 pounds without any trouble a a a Canzoneri next win. Lose or draw against i la Box Tony Cam Oneri in August. Canzoneri regained recognition As lightweight Champion by winning As he pleased from Low ambers. I was glad when Canzoneri won had he been Defeated some might have hinted that i threw up the 135-Pound Crown to avoid meeting ambers. If i happen to Bow to Mclarnin. Which you now know would be a terrific disappointment to me ill do 135 pounds for Canzoneri. If not. Canzoneri will have to Box me at catch weights which is How All lightweights will have to come in against me while i hold the welterweight championship Mclarnin is Only 27 and still a great fighter a but i do not think that i lost to him last september and will turn in a better fight against him this time by Way of proving How really wrong the officials were. Out of 22 recognized newspaper j critics at the ringside last fall 18 expressed the opinion t lint i was entitled to the decision that went the other Way. I expect Mclarnin to be a Pound or two heavier this time. Tile Irish mature slowly and Jiminy is getting big. I expect him to come in at about 14�>1 pounds. Ill be a Pound or so lighter than i was last september when i picked up weight with postponements. I expect to scale boil 139 pounds which will leave me with All my Speed. La is my Speed that will repel Mclarnin. A a a everything to gain i held two legitimate world titles when i last met Mclarnin any fighter who Ever held one will Tell you what a Burden that is. This time i enter the ring with everything to gain and nothing much to lose. And i feel like a different Man. Mclarnin has been Idle since we last met and i have had three fights. The knockdowns i scored against Frankie Klick at Miami and Henry Woods at Seattle convinced me that i am punching harder. I have concentrated on this match. I Laid out a plan of Battle when i started training at Gros Sager Lake and have perfected it. I la make few mistakes this tune. I paid too much attention to defense the first time i battled Mclarnin although that is what brought me the decision i made a cagey fight. Benny Leonard told me that i looked like the remarkable Freddie Welsh in met on several occasions. Mclarnin found it difficult to tag me with his right hand. Jimmy tried to Belt me out in the Early going and gradually faded when he realized that lie could not accomplish the feat. In our second scrap. Mclarnin became the Boxer and i failed to take full advantage of my fencing ability. As Leonard said i fought like a Longshoreman a Good Deal of the time. The majority did not believe that i lost but i took too Many unnecessary chances. I m going into this engagement prepared for anything Mclarnin was a better fighter last september than he was the previous May. Even my heart went out to him As he bravely carried on with his left Eye completely closed throughout the last several rounds. You could have Hung your hat on it. A a Mclarnin inactive Mclarnin has been a great fighter. But inactivity kept him from being a greater one. Inactivity can to miss handicapping him in this fight. With three fights under my Belt Justice proves Swift Thrifty in eos Angeles Hauptmann cast in Hulk continued from Page 3 a tax l b 1933 1934 know that i mental Edge since we last met i have a physical and on Mclarnin. By this time we know pretty Well each others every move but i m going to turn in a fight that will be a combination of my two previous efforts. In a going to make an aggressive winning fight without taking As Many Foolhardy chances As i did the last time. Mclarnin was fighting Good boys five years before i made my first Start As a professional. Win in me Larnin professes to be As enthusiastic As Ever. I urn quite positive that training irks him and that he would much prefer to i get oui of it All Mclarnin can to be As Glt xxx As lie was and game. I have capable weight. I gave for this Dillin meet clash in i asses opener mat Headliner meets Pool in i am at the Peak of my demonstrated of conceding that t am Mclarnin up my lightweight title remunerative match and want another title badly. Naturally. Mclarnin wants to keep his title but there is no question in my mind in regard to which of us has the greater incentive. Get a Little bet Down on me. Ill again be welterweight Champion along about la o clock on the night of May 28. How they stand Southern league w i pct. Atlanta. 23 14 .622 Memphis. 21 17 .553 Chattanooga. 20 17 .541 a Nashville .528 Birmingham. 17 18 486 new Orleans. 17 18 .486 Little Rock. 14 21 400 Knoxville. 13 22 .371 night game. National league w. L. Pet new York. 20 9 .690 Brooklyn. 19 13 .594 Chicago. .571 St. Louis. 17 14 .548 Pittsburgh. .514 a Cincinnati. La 16 .407 a Philadelphia 8 17 .320 Boston. .296 night game. S i a a i a it league w l. Pct. Chicago. 18 to 643 Cleveland. 16 la .593 new York. 17 13 .567 Baston. 16 13 552 Detroit. 16 14 .533 Washington. 15 14 .517 Philadelphia 296 St Louis. 6 19 .240 yesterday s results Southern league Memphis at Nashville night game. Birmingham at Atlanta night game. Clit Tanooka 5. Little Rock i. Knoxville 3, new Orleans 0 National league Pittsburgh 7. Boston 6. New York 13. Chicago 0. Brooklyn 5, St. Louis 3. Philadelphia at Cincinnati night game. American league Cleveland 12. Philadelphia 2. St. Louis 6. New York 3. Joe Dillman will meet lefty Williams in the main match on monday night s wrestling curd at Hie armory and Doc Pool will take on Toinsie tassos in the preliminary event. Dillman and Williams Are both rough and ready workmen who can Tuke care of themselves. They should give a floor shaking performance Pool and tassos Are More adept at swapping grips than blows and each seems to prefer a More scientific style of performance than the rough game. $ i 30,000 saved taxpayers yearly by speedy court plan by Erskine Johnson Nea service staff correspondent los Angeles May 24 Justice has sprouted wings Here. If you drive your automobile Down a i it is Angeles Street and. Through no fault of your own collide with another cur. You can Battle it out in court within 30 Days instead of three or four years later. Ii a thug hits you on Hie head in los Angeles and is arrested you can go Down to the Railroad station before you even remove the bandages arum wave Goodby to him As he leaves for prison. Gladstone s words a Justice delayed is Justice denied a a Are heeded in los Angeles. A simple seeded up system of court procedure has solved the problem attracted National attention and saved Money for taxpayers As Well. More than $150,000 was saved last year under the new plan through elimination of individual jury panels for each of the county a 50 judges and establishment of a Central jury Assembly. Court Speed Marks set the amazing Speed of the new system was demonstrated recently when Superior judge Leon it. Yankwich of los Angeles set a new courtroom record by deciding three eases in one Day. The judge held a ii earing on a motion in the morning. At 2 p. In he began a contested divorce suit and finished it at 3 15 p. In then lie took up a personal injury Case and completed that by 5 p. In. Previously two other outstanding courtroom Speed Marks were established Here. One Case involved the kidnappers of William Getup millionaire Oil Juan and the other featured Thelma Todd Blond screen Siren. In the criminal division. Genies kidnappers pleaded guilty and were sentenced to life imprisonment just eight Days after the crime was committed and Only two Days after nettle was returned to his family. Divorce won in week miss Todd after deciding Mari four packing eases give an idea of the task confronting tile new Jersey High court which is scheduled in june 20 to hear Bruno Hauptmann a Appeal from conviction and death sentence for the Lindbergh kidnapping c. Lloyd Fisher heft and Frederick a Pope Are shown with the 210 volumes of defense evidence they brought to the state House at Trenton. And that does t include tile states counter evidence. Supposed owner american bldg is loan 22 h t Spincer 5 g l Hyde i is 2 b f Williams 21 James t Allen to Lucille Lovelace 17 w t Kitchen i is 2 Continental mortgage co 12 w w is Laver m j Isbell 12 is k in hards Southern state so purity co realty Purchase coi j 2 w m Taylor 3 is. 4 e j Brown 8 Katie m butt w 48�?T 2 Katie i butt 3 amp e 24 4 i b Stewart. He. To Clyde Robinson h a Al Cha ii la is 12 Edwin Robinson Mary is Walter Turner i 2 Tom Ward Mary Turner ii l Ward Oscar sales Adeline Williams 8 l w Hana Way 13, 14 is Jim Madkin Taylor Swift 9, Iosi Charlie Smith Louise Manning Johnnie Barr c e neighbors r is i Johnson Ada Ruffin Henry Guinn i Boatie Dumas Karl Reynolds i Virgie Caruthers i Rufus Lemmons j Gus Gray a Blytheville lbs c d e e f f ii it j j .23 .23 .23 40 .23 to 13 addition .23 .23 .46 .23 .23 23 40 .23 .23 46 i a 1.00 1.00 b e e f i .60 f f addition i i 60 addition 3 8 9 to 3 i 80 .60 .60. Of i of to .70 i 16 .80 .60. 60 supposed owner l b i to 8 inc la i Spradley sub lev t e Reeves i amp w v t e Reeves Fri Plev 2 it e Reeves we 2 is s to 3 is 4 Sudbury addition j s Dillah linty 5 amp he 61 m Mic Sanders 15 is we. Sunnyside tax 1933 1934 60 1.60 i 80 amp 9 6 i 20 i.20 15 5 la 14 1 9 4 6 3 6 8 to 5 3 2 deadline add Blue Eagle death predicted co services tuesday of or. After a Osceola indians will play Memphis aggregation Osceola. Ark., May 25 the Osceola indians will play the Strong Memphis furniture company team Lune sunday with Gibson. Star Amateur Pitcher in the Box for Memphis and Gulledge or it Driek hurling for Osceola. The indians have won every game so tar this season. Four club soft Ball league for Osceola Osceola. Ark. May 25 a soft Ball league has been organized with James Driver elected president. E c. Welbourn vice president and Ira Wright Secretary and treasurer the league has been named the Twilight soft Ball leagues and is composed of four teams sponsored by Welb Oiin drug co., Driver Gin co. Watson Coal co., and Nathan Weinberg is co. Games will be played each tuesday and thursday evening on the grounds of the new school building that it a Hersial was granted a j ont inert on Page 3> operation alone would give the last punch to a code Structure on the verge of collapse. The Quot Price fixing provision is confusing since prices of All articles for Sale Are fixed. And the question of what is covered by a intrastate Commerce Quot is so Contro As to enable Bailey will open Ball Park at Missouri line Boston 8, Detroit 4. Washington to. Chicago 0. Today a games Southern league Memphis at Nashville. Birmingham at Atlanta. Little Rock at Chattanooga. New Orleans at Knoxville. National league Philadelphia at Cincinnati. New York at Chicago. Brooklyn at St. Louis. Boston at Pittsburgh. American league Chicago at Washington. St. Louis at new York. Detroit at Baston Cleveland at Philadelphia plans Are being completed for baseball games each sunday afternoon at Harry Bailey s new state line Ball Park five Miles North of Here. The a state line Booker to team of negroes is being assembled with Quot Sony Cherry As manager. The first game will be played tomorrow afternoon with a Holland team As opponents the Ball Park has just been completed with grandstands for White people and negroes. According to or. Bailey exc it 1-Lent players Are being secured and an interesting schedule is being arranged. Ancient sailors believed that the Halcyon a Bird of the Kingfisher family nested on the Waves about the time of the Winter solstice and that the sea remained Calm and peaceful during this period lie Nee the term a Halcyon Days Quot for times of peace and Tranquility. Four thousand new patents were issued by the czechoslovakian potent office during 1933, an increase of too Over the preceding year. This Patent office has issued 46-700 patents since its establishment. London streets have been enhanced by the appearance of 1600 new taxicabs of distinct color design. And shape it has been estimated that there Are now 7950 cubs in London. 4400 of them being of modern construction Tai life Wasny tall cracked up to be Wuy no Nim a j on claim exemption divorce from handsome Pat de Cie a tick nearly Al codes co exactly one week after she filed Tho administration Bill her complaint of extreme cruelty. Two Young and progressive jurists both natives of los Angeles gave birth to the Swift court procedure plan. One Superior judge Marshall Mccomb 41. Graduate of Yale and the University of Southern California is regarded by his associates As a Quot great efficiency the other 44-year-old Superior judge b Rey Schaller is the self appointed watch dog of expenditures in Las Angeles county courts. He also is a graduate of the University of Southern California and is the author of numerous articles on Law procedure. Continuances few numerous ways have been employed to make the plan a Success. Judges Are a a borrowed a from other counties and practising lawyers with time on their hands Are made pro tempore jurists on Busy Days. Tile latter Are paid $25 a Day. No continuances Are granted unless an attorney is actually engaged in another cast. Default divorces Are heard before the open to review lug of regular court sessions at them fit to a. In All preliminary motions Are heard in one court a by studying carefully the approximate number of cases which could on an average be tried by a Given number of judges a a said judge Mccomb a we Are Able to set eases so that All those slated for a Given Day can be tried without continuances. Attorneys time saved Quot attorneys Are called by Telephone the Day before their cases Are to be tried to ascertain whether they exp sect to answer if so. As soon As it is definitely known what courtroom will be open the attorneys Are again Call next cd and notified. Ton. A this saves tile time not Only of attorneys witnesses and litigants As they report directly in tin court designated promptly upon the opening of court but conserves tile time of the judge As Well a when a judge completes the trial of a matter in the Early afternoon. He does no to leave to play Golf or make a Campaign speech. Should any Case remain a transferred during the Day. It is sent to his department. The court Dav ends at 5 p. two and three years behind in cases to be tried before the system went into effect As is the Case in Mast courtrooms throughout the country tile los Angeles county court Calendar is now up to Date Justice Waits now. Instead of keeping the Public waiting. Canada expects Rush Toronto ant. Up Canada anticipates a tourist traffic this summer which will equal that of 1929, when $309 000.000 was spent by visitors during the year. Almost a Nyala to administration Bill would make mandatory the imposition of codes at least covering w Ages. Hours and child labor except in industries a not subject to Federal Powers Over interstate Commerce arum smaller enterprises whose operations Don t a a substantially a affect such Commerce a Price fixing Quot is forbidden except where it is found necessary Iii the Public interest to prohibit discriminatory Price cutting or otherwise to protect Small industries against discrimination or oppression. In to penalties Are provided tile Federal Trade commission would enforce Rode provisions As to a unfair Trade practices a and code violations. Violations of wage or hour provisions and dishonest or fraudulent Trade practices previously outlawed by courts or pre would be subject to a $500 Fine for each Day and each violation. Governmental authority and enforcement would be limited to pub a lie officials or agencies and not granted to any code authorities. The president would be required All codes and make this Bill within six months. Tile question is can a Compro i Mise Between those two measures be reached ? still another complication in this Era legislative mess is the i fact that immediate expiration would eliminate such new Deal agencies created under Nira As pea. Federal alcohol control administration. National emergency Council. Export import Bank Petroleum control Board. Commodity credit corporation and soil erosion service to say nothing of about 200 paid code authorities. Ing the funeral Lefner who died Long illness. Miss Genevieve Allen who is attending George Peabody College in Nashville was Tjie guest of her parents. Or. And mrs. E. Allen Over the week end. Mrs. O. J. Cape and Mother. Mrs. Matilda Quartermous was the guest of mrs. Lee Rosen Bur and family in Manila saturday. C. F Kirkman we As a business visitor Iii Kennett thursday. Or and mrs. Ode Vance of Monette. Were Here sunday As guests of mrs. Hattie Shumate. Judge Robert i. Cope. Of the circuit court of Butler county at Poplar Bluff will deliver the commencement address to the Twenty three seniors of the High school. Or. F. C. Parks president of the Board of education will present the diplomas. On Friday night the graduating exercises for the eighth a Grade of the consolidated District j will be held More than fifty receive their certificates at hands of superintendent w Sewell. Rev. W. D. Edwards tor of the Baptist Church deliver the address. 15-year-old Bullet Monticello. Id it up it a a. P. Oatfield of Wolcott noticed a hard object in ins Mouth and removed it to discover that ii was a Bullet lodged in his Cheek 15 years ago. Native Flowers shipped from Australia to London retain All their natural fragrance and freshness. The Flowers Are packed in holds and Frozen before being placed aboard ship. I. 2 is 3 Ruddle Grove la Faye t in Sou t los i de Bank 7 amp 8 Sternberg Cotton co 9 to 12 inc Lafayette Southside Bank i is 2 la Faye t the Southside Bank 4 to 8 4nc Lafayette Southside Bank 14. 15 is 16 Lafayette Southside Bank 7 amp 8 Lafayette Southside Bank 4 to 8 inc Sternberg Cotton co i 2 amp 3 Ruddle Heights Margaret e Jackson n w Trantham american bldg is loan 7 is american bldg is loan Iosi n Hill e Bratcher will j j w Moore the j a g wheat r Tom w Jackson Pas Geo t Webb will Daisy r Hill 9 is Daisy r Hill 7 is Lizzie p Digger c j Evrard american bldg is loan j e Wilson Jim is Mary Jason a g wheat 7 to 12 a g wheat 6 7 7 7 8 8 10 11 12 12 12 12 13 14 15 18 .60 2.20 .17 .17 .17 .19 19 .20 1.80 .60 .60 .17 .17 .17 .17 .19 .19 .19 .19 .19 .20 Emma Hicks j f province will Dicken 5 will Dowell John Ewing 2 o Shonyo g f Williams o f Williams Johnnie Hays 13 is Linnie Topsy 3 Blytheville lbs Lucy Brown 7 is in 2 1.20 addition 8 i 1.20 amp is i 6 3 3 6 8 13 14 is 4 co 2 5 .60 1.20 .60 1.20 .60 .20 go .42 addition i 2.80 2.80 3 2.80 2.80 3 7.oo 3 4.20 4.20 4 2.80 2.80 5 7. Of 7. Of 5 4.20 addition Tillman s sub div Ted Green i i .36 Toler Skub div Sarah mingle c Vail a isl addition Lincoln savings is loan w1 j 4 Vail s 2nd addition Mamie Little f 140�?T i i .40 vails 3rd addition Lincoln savings is loan we 9 .57 Vicki a sub div Lydia Hughes e 40 1-3�?T lot 2 Lydia Hughes w 30 2-3�?T in 2 West end sub div Sam my la More la 2 .60 Anderson Bullins 22 2 .60 Gus Smith 7 3 h l Adkins 12 to 16 inc 3 h l Adkins in 3 .60 1.60 1.80 1.20 1.20 go 1.20 go 1.20 go .60 go 1.20 1.20 .60 .60 i of 2 of .46 .34 .60 co 3.00 Al 5 3 .20 9 3 .20 .20 8 3 .40 la 3 .40 .40 2 5 .20 .20 4 5 .20 .20 3 g .20 .20 6 6 .20 .20 7 6 .20 8 6 .20 to 6 .40 .40 8 7 .40 .40 12 7 .20 4 8 .20 5 8 .20 .20 i to .20 .20 3 to .20 .20 be to 1.20 1.20 West Gate Sternberg Cotton co 1,2 is Ross Stevens 8 is w wi5�?T Sternberg Cotton co 3 is f d Ferguson Sternberg Cotton co Iosi l v Hughey e d Ferguson 7 a j american bldg is loan la is Punk Willis Constance Westbrook i a 2 Harry Bailey 4 ii. I. Chambers 2nd h l Chambers i to 13 e j Sissons 14. 15 a h l Chambers 17 to 26 h ii Chambers i to 13 town d c Mclean m c Flowers m c Flowers Minnie Sadler All persons and re plat 3 a .48 .48 .21 .32 in 32 .16 .32 .32 9 a 4 b .32 6 b la b .32 5 c .16 8 c 12 c .32 sub div .90 .48 addition inc i 1.43 1.43 16 i .33 .33 inc i 1.10 1.10 of inc 2 1.43 i 43 Yarbro la i.00 3 i 1.00 1.00 7 2 1.00 1.00 9 2 1.00 1.00 corporations interested in said lands Are hereby notified that they Are required by Law to appear within four weeks and make defense to this suit or the same will be taken for confessed and final judgment will be entered directing the Sale of said lands for the purpose of collecting said taxes together with the payment of interest penalty and costs allowed by Law. H. M. Craig. Chancery court clerk a. F. Smith. D. C. In saturday Only a Chinatown soc a it with i Vlk Talbot Valerie Hobson Leslie Fenton Betty Boop cartoon a be kind to animals serial a Call of the Savage Quot with Noah Berry or. A continuous showing a night�?bk1 amp 25c transportation Legisla Hornersville society a personal sunday monday a Cardin a Ric he like Quot with George Arlins Maureen of Sullivan Caesar Romero Paramount news musical Short a singing Silhouette with Olga Baria Nova mrs. C. W Berry of Paducah. Ky., was Here sunday visiting her sister. Mrs. L. W Bolin. Or. And mrs b. P. Parks and children were guests of friends in Kennett sunday afternoon. Or. And mrs George s. Brown were in Hayti wednesday attend adm a continuous showing a matinee amp night Hie amp 35e tuesday jink uhf $150.00 Bank night wrestling or Mory. Joe Dillman 2 out of 3 old Pencil stubs turned in when new ones Are requisitioned Are collected it the Albany Telephone company and sent to the children of he Albany orphans Home not Pool 2 out of i monday Nite lefty Williams 2 hour limit Tommy tassos i hour limit is. Falls. Is Falls Bill i Dumpson Amati or is. Chari is Tacker Martins anniversary specials Gas 7c plus 3c tax at the Center pump super 72 Premium anti Knock 8c plus 3c tax Roth end pumps 12 . Sat. Noon till 9 . Sun. Nite no glassware coupons on this Sale 4 coupons Good for i gallon 80c Oil free ask attendants for kerosene 8c particulars special bbl. Price Martin Oil co. I Block North Stop Light Steele to

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