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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives May 25 1935, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - May 26, 1935, Blytheville, Arkansas Blythe Villi Ark. Courier news saturday May 25, 1935 Page four evidence. Aud if there Are any among our Reader who think there is any possibility that Justice miscarried we advise them to talk to officers to whom the negroes both before and after their trials made confessions of the crime of which they were convicted and of other crimes. Did they receive the death penalty rather than lighter punishment because they were negroes Well we would not give much for the chances of White men guilty of similar crimes committed under similar circumstances. The Blytheville courier news Tbs courier news of publish c. R. Babcock. Editor h. W. Haines advertising Limiter Side glances sole National advertising representatives Arkansas dallies inc., new York Chicago Detroit St. Louis Dallas. Kansas City Memphis published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the Post office at Blytheville Arkansas under act of Congress october 9, 1917. Served by the United press subscription rates by earner in me City of Blytheville 15c per week or $6.50 per year in Advance. By Mau within a radius of 50 Miles $3.00 Par year $1.50 for six months 75c for three months in mall in postal zones two to six inclusive $6.50 per year in zones seven and eight per year payable in Advance. The poor Little Rich girl used to be a subject of widespread pity especially in plays and novels. Perhaps it was rather soothing to those of us who were never cursed by superfluous Cash to reflect that you can have All the Money in the world and still suffer from dissatisfaction and boredom. Anyway this ancient Motif has popped into the news again. This time we have a wealthy Young lady from Illinois who went to new York to set the sights a few months ago and who has found that a life of elegant idleness is All a snare and a delusion. she is advertising for a Chance to undertake some feat of adventure or exploration and she says a a in a fed up with teas and cocktail parties i want to do something real and it All follows the time honoured tradition. And yet it is somehow hard to feel tile pity we used to feel in such cases. In a Day when millions of americans have been made to learn How extremely tragic life can be when Money is lacking it Isnit easy to feel very sorry for a person whose one trouble is that she has too much. Rapists lib eled in a Telegram from Little Rock several Days ago the International labor defense demanded that the courier news publish a retraction of statements that have appeared in this paper from time to time in which Jim car Ruthers and bubbles Clayton condemned negro rapists were declared to have participated in robberies and in the gun attack upon sheriff. La. Wilson and Deputy Arch Lindsey which preceded their arrest. A we protest against libel about Grayson Clayton and Carruthers a read the Telegram. A children not convicted of shooting theft and the like. Arouse race hatred mob violence. We demand you retract such statement next Issue and adhere to the fact the Telegram is not important and we refer to it Here not because it merits any reply hut because it illustrates the ignorance or the insincerity of the organization that has undertaken the defense of the two negroes. By no St retell of the imagination can Clayton and Carrut Liers lie described As children. Neither Are they lacking Iii Normal mental development. There is no earthly reason that we can think of Why they should not he held strictly accountable for their crimes of they have not been convicted of shooting and robbery it is Only As everyone with any acquaintance with the Case knows because there was in sense in going to the expense of trying them on such relatively minor charges when they had already been found guilty of a capital crime. Of the International labor defense were sincerely interested in the welfare of negroes if it honestly abhorred race hatred and mob violence it would not devote its energies to saving rapists from the penalty for their crimes. Particularly would it refrain from indulging in such ridiculous protests As the one printed above which can have no possible purpose but to stir up the very race hatred and mob violence of which the International labor defense professes to he so concerned. There is a natural and inevitable Public feeling against negroes guilty of crimes against White women. But it was not that feeling that brought the death sentence for Smithers and Clayton. They were convicted and sentenced on the basis of unanswerable uis by inca service. Inc. T. M Bec. U 8 Pat of the local carpenters think in a a Little bit crazy this curious world by William Ferguson norwegian Flag flew farther. Horth and farther South than and other. Flag on Christmas Day 1923/ on Amundsen s ship the Malig in the North Polar Basin and at the Bay of whales with the sir James Clarr Ross whaling expedition. A Ivar rior shuns Ivar it is rather unusual to ibid Adolf Hitler appearing As an apostle of world peace. Unusual and exceedingly Gratifying. Germany says Hitler has a great task of internal Reform to accomplish and must avoid War if she is to succeed at it. And then lie goes on to add a War always was futile. Every War first destroys the 1ksi people of a truer Woi is were never spoken. Coming us they do from the one european statesman who has seemed More ready than All others to resort to War they Are doubly impressive. If the truth they voice eau sink Home everywhere the great struggle to preserve world peace should he much easier. A a poll is considered feminine in most Rountrie and is refereed to As Quot she a we a child / a is born with la a \ y a All its Muscles j a Jjck a in place / a of i eve Erv muscle i trip j j fiber that the i a r child Ever v a i will have \ a is produced Xii m before. Birth. J Vemi ii in in a i \ j cd Quot a. Vij by inca service. Inc. Sfas soon is the human body has its Filiti equipment of muscle fibres it loses the Power to form More. If through injury any of those fibres Are destroyed tile gaps in the muscle tissue can Only be tilled up with scar tissue. Next How Many Deer Are there Iii the National forests of the u. S.? playmates for la years find they Are Sisters ered when they were located after seven years search by their fatties. Edward Neal of Riverside Cal a brother was discovered several years ago the search is being continued for a third sister. Butte Mont. Up for la years Rose Montana Neal. 18. Abd Josephine Lee Neal 16, played together went to school together. Lived near each other. Then they discovered they were Sisters. Their parents were divorced about 12 years ago and their Mother placed them in an orphanage from Winch they were adopted by different families. Their relationship was disco Tho fact is that our constitutional form of government is As the titanic was when it was struck by a submerged Floe. James m. Beek. Smelly Gloucester May have Aroma of petunias Gloucester mass up a the phrase a Gloucester by the smell a sometimes applied by olfactory conscious visitors to this town famous for fish May have a new significance if the Garden group the one thing necessary is to keep your sense of humor and always see the funny Side of life the funny Side of people. Mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt. Summer brings its own Peculiar types of diseases by Williams f Kio i Down if me was perfectly Normal he d is going after a drink every five minutes,<5o $j0 t look at the clock every ten min it jets sneaking out for a smoke every fifteen minutes them a Only then would me y v be perfectly it sane. L. By ahem Ouk boarding House i lilt Morris i ninth the brain called encephalitis and More popularly known As sleeping sickness is strictly a summer disease. The greatest epidemic of this condition in recent years occurred in St. Louis two years ago but last year there were minor epidemics in Illinois and Indiana. To cast common infectious Dis of childhood which is prevalent in the summer in whooping rough tile incidence of this Dis a begins to climb about the first of May and reaches its Peak if july and August. Ii is More is pious for infants and Young Bab a Titan it us for older children. Typhoid fever us always a warm weather disease it a associated in our modern times especially with motoring and camping because motorists and campers persist in drinking water from unknown sources and in purchasing food anti milk that May be contaminated i that <5ct> Hust a h / stamped fifty i i million of them 7win6s in is time an he s still deeply interested in the Job. Do you a think a guv like i that is All there / v. Upstairs a i what eat these hens1? \ w Vay Sylvestet path e St Ake it Royal Quot Burmas egad i one a do sent eat a Koval it Burma my word Lonyay they Are valued at#2so \ apiece in great Caesar j Mana Burma ego poached on Toast would Cost you a , know or at r k they do with the shells it on use them As Pine j \ porcelain teacups j editor journal of the american medical Anocia Tion and it to Lygoria. The health Magazine for every season there Arr Tain diseases. Climatic comm Are Likely to be associated special hazards thus in Winter freezing by i dents from skating a ii. Likely to occur Scarlet flt a measles May be most a a a a in Spring and begin to mn.?., by june. Pneumonia occurs a t. A f rom j a n u a by i h Roc % it r it in meningitis usually during the late v. Tit Spring sunstroke an a. Sonal disease with the coming Oigt ?.��?�. Tiler we begin to far co m tons resulting from exec pc vat from motor vehicle attic. An t from drowning a web a. Certain infectious disease which airways More prevalent in Ammer in a in medical investigation Nave shown that two serious crippling diseases always appear More frequently in summer and disappear with the coming of the first cold weather. These Are infantile paralysis and epidemic Etc up Hallos. Infantile Pami Yais is a crippling disease that affects children chiefly it involves inflammation of tile front portion of the spine Aud bring about paralysis of the limbs. Occasionally there is paralysis of the Muscles involved in breathing and fatalities Are not infrequent the epic Mir inflammation o Yeh Maiora Utt whats so great about s Yem a they Ges look like chickens to me a course i int an % authority when they re ii on the Hoof but you % give pm a ran a Brownin stick a Napkin in my Collar an i la sprain wrist a Pullin myself to x Jess the table an a break an army. Bushin u or Jay myself / j \ v a ii away f wife who walked Home gets divorce verdict Urey look at fee by thru a Lornette snails arc Bell men Ai Clear uni in Jaunt t m. Ila u a it 3

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