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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Blytheville, Arkansas Blytheville courier new vol. 59�?no. 51 Blytheville Arkansas monday May 20, 1063 14 pages five cents common Market meets . Demand for cuts in tariffs close up a about 5.ih>0 prisons passed through Tho coins of Blytheville air Force Rose saturday when he base conducted its annual open House in conjunction with National armed forces week. Here visitors climb Steps to yet Belier View of b52 cockpit. Courier news photo comb threat at meeting of nato Ottawa it a terrorist threats to bomb Ottawa hotels Bricht increased Security precautions today As top ranking diplomats continued arriving in the Canadian capital Lor the ministerial meeting of the North Atlantic treaty organization. Among those due in today were i s Secretary of state Dean Busk British foreign Secretary lord Home and French foreign minister Maurice come de Midville. The meeting begins wednesday. A number of hotels received Anonymous letters during the weekend saying hotels housing nato delegates would be blown up. It was assumed the threats came from the Fly Quebec lib elation front the underground group that wants to separate French speaking Queller prov Mer from Canada. The Fly has claimed credit for a number of bombings in the past few months in Montreal. So tar its violence has been confined to Quebec province. Ottawa is in Ontario and most of the province s people Are of British descent. Teenagers get60-Dayterms two teenagers were sentenced to a a Days in jail and a third is i being held on $1,000 Bond in Ron Rusk and ministers w embassies West German foreign Munster Gerhard Schrender arranged a mooting with Canadian foreign Secretary Paul Martin for this morning the German made Clear that he will Hack the proposal to so up a new nato command Structure to handle National no a by in units in the Alliance and to coordinate their operations. Germany supports the re i Quot using of a part of the Alliance s no Lear capability under discussion. He said. A we believe that sir h cooperation will mean Ping oin handling the difficult task of nuclear by k is to see Martin tuesday i also will Confer with other delegates in Advance of the nato mooting diplomatic sources Aid thai p is Bilio doubt that the 15 nato countries will approve the new nuclear command. Chapter meeting it Biol saw a District red Cross Board meets tonight at 7 3 v in the chapter House on North second ecord traffic accidents cars driven by Danny Holman. Sou Moultrie and Allen w w Icker 912 Illinois collided Al Entrance to Shamrock lanes on n. Loth yesterday. Police said both cars were Darnel cd slightly. No charges were hied. House tire at 310 s. Lith at 8.05 this morning. Truck fire at 8 59 . Yester a on f. Main. Nee Ion with a series of soft drink Box burglaries. Assistant police chief George Ford said three boys 15, 17 and 18. Werp arrested Early saturday morning. Ford said the three admitted breaking into soft drink boxes at Johnson Kusso service station. Deep Rock service station. Parrish and Metzger service station and the new Post Oil ice building. The youths said they forced the boxes at Johnson s at first and Ash five Dit lenient times and at deep Rock station on e. Main two time5 Ford said they admitted to a total of la such burglaries netting about $25 to $30 in Cash and a Small amount of merchandise the burglaries took place Over a period of about 30 Days f Ord said. The 17 and 18-year-Olhs were tried in municipal court saturday and sentenced to to Days in jail. They were released to the county penal farm. The 15-year-old was placed under a $1,000 Bond pending his trial in juvenile court. Ford said the 15 and 18-year-old youths have prior records. Astronaut relaxes Juk will decorate Cooper by Jules Loh Cape canaveral. Fla. A with two Days of examinations questions and confetti behind astronaut Gordon Cooper planned j to do absolutely nothing today exp cent relax. That s something that comes j East to a Man who can doze off w bile perched atop a rocket set to blast him into space. Asked at a news conference sunday if he thought his flight concluded propel Mercury Loop or replied that it was his personal opinion that great gain would j come from an extended Mercury flight. A a then he tossed the question to j or. Robert c. Seamans ass Onate administrator of the National Are j Finali ties and space adm Nistra i Tion. A we Are faced with a decision in the next week or so on another i Mercury flight a Seamans said. Hut said it is quite unlikely an-1 other Mercury manned Mission j will he conducted. But demands . Agree to formula to eliminate gaps hottest Light a the world s most powerful beam of Light Burns through a steel frying pan. Held by a Westinghouse research Engineer in two or three seconds. The Light source uses a new concept of excited atoms to produce brat hotter than the surface of the Sun uses for the Light include simulating the heating of space vehicles re entering tile atmosphere High intensity searchlights welding ceramics. Dynamite theft is investigated at Birmingham out for Coffee Turtle returns it a Many of the nato i be housed at their Leach Ville a Pokey the Box Turtle returned to Leachville yesterday alter an absence of More than a year. Roy Long said Pokey was once a sort of Mascot of the Auto company for which Long works. Long placed a sticker on his Back with the company Emblem rail talks resumed Washington apr the railroads and five operating unions heeding the urgent request of president Kennedy resume bargaining today in their Long fight Over work rules of no agreement is reached before june 12. Only new legislation providing for either compulsory arbitration or government seizure of the railroads can Block a nationwide rail strike. A three Man emergency Board provided the basis for new negotiations in a report to the president last week. Kennedy. In making the report Public said a there is no time to let a lost for completing their Agi Cement in this critical dispute. The ultimate dependence must be upon their own efforts a the key Issue in the Battle Over what the railroads Call a a Feather bedding is the Fate of 40.000 firemen on freight and Yard trains a presidential commission last year proposed that the jobs of these firemen be eliminated Wuh on it. About a y ear ago Pokey disappeared. Long said he figured the Turtle had gone wherever turtles go when they leave civilization. A i never had any idea he would return a he said a but sure enough yesterday he was Back in town a or. Brightwell is appointed or. Richard j. Brightwell former commander of Blytheville air Force base Hospital has been named medical director of Washington county fayetteville1, Arkansas. Or. Brightwell who was a lieutenant colonel during his tenure Here. Is a graduate of the Oklahoma University school of Medicine and entered the military service about 20 years ago. He is a graduate of special Public health schools of the i s. Naval medical school in Bethesda my. Birmingham. Ala. Apr authorities Are investigating the theft of a Large amount of Dana mite several Days before twin i blasts touched off negro rioting i he longer you keep acidity. Threw Sparks of personnel working on Mercury Raja unreal Al Over nation. Hights the longer you delay put two cams dynamite i Ting them on the gemini pro he said. Tuesday the laconic oklahoman with the Huck finn Grin will re-1 Cene the National aeronautics and 1 space administration s Dustin-1 gushed sen ice medal from presi-1 Dent Kennedy at a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. Then he will address a joint session of Congress and the follow my Dav w ill go to new York for j a ticker tape Parade. A a a two cases of dynamite were stolen from a storage House prior to the May it bombings of a negro House and a Motel. Sheriff Melvin Bailey disclosed sunday. Normally that would be too pounds. New officers named by Bank Osceola a new officers have j been named for Osceola s missis today Cooper plans Only to rest Sippi county Bank. From the one predictable after ef-1 s. B Wood or. Chairman of feet of his 34-hour cosmic Advent the Hoard said that j. W. Farris Turey an Onrush of adulation from will take Over As president of the Fanfani picks up support Rome it a it a Amintore fan Lani s chances of continuing As Premier continued to improve today. Two More political parties decided to Back another Center left government for Italy the National Council of f Ana nos Christian Democrat party voted saturday to endorse continue 13,000 Low seniority men being Dis action of the a opening to the left missed immediately and the other 27.000 jobs being eliminated As men retire die or move to other jobs. Which Fanfani introduced. An admiring populace. His latest taste of it was a Homey and Heartfelt Welcome by the people of Cocoa Beach who turned out sunday along a 54 mile stretch of Sun drenched Highway and waved flags and Bunting and Beach towels and hollered a Well done. it was one of the largest crowds Ever assembled in this Neon lighted Sand spit which the astronauts Call their Home away from Home. A a the astronaut accepted the plaudits bom an open car. Waving and grinning his now famous Erin. Beside him was his wife. Trudy two cars behind were their daughters Amala. 14. And Jam a 13. Smiling in teen aged embarrassment. The Parade ended at a Beach front Motel where the girls sat hemp Rev and listened to their father describe his 22-orbit space flight for the Benefit of the 700 newsmen who had watched him blast off four Davs earlier. I Hank succeeding the late Johnny cram. Bill Joe Denton of Wilson has been named vice chairman of the Hoard. Farris has been executive vice president and manager of the Hank since 1950. Graduation at Wilson i Usona graduation exercises at Wilson High school will begin at 8 o clock tonight in the High school auditorium. Baccalaureate services were held yesterday at first Baptist Church. Speaking on tonight s program will be fir Honor student Reggie Cullom second Honor student Shirley cab and James m. Garrett. Resident Engineer of he Arkansas Highway department the seniors leave tomorrow for Pensacola Biloxi and new or leans. A it s a frightening said Bailey. There is plenty of Loose dynamite in this an uneasy Calm prevailed during the weekend. Nearly 1,300 Law enforcement officers were available tor duty and potential trouble areas were under heavy patrol. About 3. Ski Federal troops called up by president Kennedy for possible use Iii Birmingham were on standby at two Alabama bases. A a gov. George c. Wallace who has sent about 700 state officers into the City. Bled suit saturday in an Effort to Block any use of the Federal troops. The president and Wallace met a few hours later at muscle Shoals in North Alabama at a Tennessee Valley authority anniversary Observance they talked during a helicopter flight to Huntsville where the president spoke. A we discussed things briefly a Wallace said later at a news conference Pierre Salinger White House press Secretary said the discussion was a not it Wallace maintains that state and local authorities Are keeping tile peace in Birmingham and can put Down any disorders that might flare up. In Northeast Alabama. 11 persons were arrested for attempting to Complete the integration pilgrimage of slain Baltimore postman William l Moore they were charged with breach of the peace. Music fatal to five cows by Akl Hartman Geneva apr a the european common Market countries agreed today to american demands for across the Board Tariff cuts. This apparent reversal of position was aimed at ending the deadlock to tween the worlds two greatest trading blocs. But at the same time the six european countries demanded that in return the United states agree to an automatic formula for adjusting gaps Between High american tariffs and lower european ones. West German economies min ister Ludwig Erhard claimed credit for the new proposal which he said he thought would end the deadlock with the United states it f ranch finance minister Valery Gistard d said it s for the americans to the full session of the 73-nation general agreement on tariffs and trades conference marked time while the common marketers and the americans cockeyed for position. Chairman Hans Schaffner of Switzerland called of an afternoon meeting hut agreed to preside at a special evening session of the disputing sides Crux of the situation is that ministers of the common Market countries a France. West tier Many Italy the Netherlands Belgium and Luxembourg a insist on reductions in individual tariffs they considered too High As Well As agreed general cuts the delegation has insisted on equal percentage cuts from both sides with a goal of slashes As High As 50 per cent. It wants to open formal bargaining sessions May 8, l%4. It it it a common Market official said no Date could be fixed for bargaining talks until the United states and the Trade bloc agreed on a approach he said the Date if the United states consents to handle the High Tariff problem on the same level As its pro vocals for across the Board cuts. Maurice . Belgian min ister of foreign Trade conveyed the Market group s derision to Christian a Heller president Kennedy s chief negotiator at the Gatt talks the talks wind up tuesday. The proposal Call for a substantial equal linear Tariff reductions. With limited exceptions a in Short the United states wants nearly All tariffs slashed by the same percentage at France s insistence the common Market countries contended that High tariffs should of Sla cd by greater amounts than Low european tariffs american negotiator reverted this As a violation of the . Trade expansion Art of 1982, which gave the president the broadest Powers in history to Cut american tariffs. Victor Bell Dies at 61 Bell 81, j ant Post irs he was a bar of the mrs. Aline Basa Osceola Vic Osceola s assistant to Tamer died at i a in. Today in a Memphis Hospital a native of new Albany miss., he Camp to marked tree As a postal clerk in 1927 and moved to Osceola in 1932. He has been Assi master Here for 12 Yea a methodist and a in Lions club. He leaves his wife Stephens Bell one daughter. Mrs. Jam Tim. Bowling Green. Tkv two Sisters. Mrs Hilbert Tharp and mrs Herman by both of new Albany and grandchildren services will he conducted 2 tomorrow of first Moth is Church by Rev. Lee Cate burial. Swift funeral Home charge will be in memorial to it in Memphis. Don Owen is at Mission a Barbone from St. Don Owen Charlesmo. Will be Sis Sippi county Union regular serv ices Durer through sunday. Mission supt Paul will he bringing the the 7 15 daily service sunday. All Mission services the Public. In minion for s week partly Cloudy cooler area forecast a decreasing cloudiness this afternoon by coming partly Cloudy tonight cooler this afternoon and tonight Mig 68-78, lows tonight 45-52. Tuesday partly Clouds and warmer wit highs 75-82. Outlook for wednesday partly Cloudy and cooler. A a a a mrs. Daniels Dies at age 85 mrs. Addle Daniels. 85. Longtime resident of big Thev Ilie. Died Early this morning at the Home of a daughter in Memphis. Arrangements Are incomplete at present. Cobb funeral Home is in charge. Mrs. Daniels is survived by four sons. D c. Daniels. Brad Daniels both of Blytheville Murray Daniels. Flint. Mich., Sam Daniels Bells. Tenn. Three daughters mrs. George Smith Memphis mrs Annie Mae Sawyers and mrs. Mary f Arrel i both of Blytheville. Hornchurch. England apr the Hornchurch drum and trumpet corps went for a weekend rehearsal in Peter reads pasture read s 50 cows lifted their Heads with interest As bandmaster Brian Keeler raised his Hawnn for John Philips Sousa s a Semper Fidelis the Drums crashed out and the horns blared. Five cows dropped dead. The rest stampeded Keeler apologized profusely. A they were obviously terrified by the noise. A said read but he added that he would t sue a a these things happen a something to Smee at a French Baker one of a group visiting new York to study mass production baking methods a a nose the smell of bread s goodness to judge from the gallic Grin he s wearing. Won t Speed hearing Washington apr the supreme court refused today to Speed up its hearing of an Appeal in which gov. Ross r Barnett of Mississippi claims the right to a jury trial in the criminal contempt i Case pending against him. U. 8. Weather Burian agricultural Servic Keiser Ark. Skittered showers accompanied a cold front which pushed through the stale last night and which this morning Lay through tile Southern portion of the state rainfall amounts were Light for the most part generally less than to Inch. But Keiser picked up 20 of an Inch in a late evening Thun Dershow or. Cooler air will overspread the state today and tonight. Yesterday s highs ranged from the Low 80s in Northwest Arkansas to the upper 80s and Low 90s elsewhere overnight lows were in the 50s in the Northwest to 55-80 elsewhere. The five Day forecast through next saturday Calls for temperatures to average near Normal except up to five degrees below Normal in Northwest Arkansas. Cool first of the week warming trend Middle of week but turn i my cooler again Neci end of week. J Normal High mid a los North to mid 80? South Normal lows. Mid in North to Low 80s South 1 precipitation will total Between 50 and 75 Meh with Loca i higher amounts occur my mainly last half of the week. Yesterday showers did Little to relieve the dry condition. The 20 at Keiser brought the rain a to. Tai so far this month to Only .62. Cooler weather today and tomorrow will slow the ins of soil moisture. Hut additional showers will he needed this week to bring up some late planted crops and keep others glowing normally. The main Hope for significant Rains will he later in the week. High saturday it Overn Sot Low yesterday ssi huh yesterday re overnight Low St mean temperature�?57 precipitation past 48 hours 7 a in. Precipitation Jan 11 is Sunset today s is Sunrise tomorrow i to this a this one 5 \ ear Ajo huh yesterday so overnight Low 70 ted pita Ion Jan i to this Ria 24 24

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