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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives May 3 1937, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - May 3, 1937, Blytheville, Arkansas Moi four t. Pc a in r Thoj Blytheville courier news Vos courier news cd publishers c. R. A Boock editor h. W. Haines advertising manager \ tis National advertising representatives Arkansas dailies inc., new York. Chicago Detroit St. Louis Dallas Kansas 011/, Memphis. Al published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the to t office at Blythe Ilir. Arkansas under act Congress october 9. 1917. Served by the United Presa j. Subscription rattus by Carrier in the City Blytheville 15c per Eck. Or 65c per month. By mail within a radius so Miles $3 Oor year $1.50 for six months 7>c for three months by mail in postal Acnes two to six inclusive $<1.50 per year in Sones seven and eight $10.00 per year payable in Advance. Dist Rirl 17 elsewhere in Thi Ier news appears Issue the your in necessarily condensed anti incomplete review what has been acc m j tallied in the past six years toward straightening out the financial difficulties and improving lie physical efficiency drainage District it. The Point to which we desire to give further emphasis Here is that a Complete change has been achieved in the Outlook for owners til i acres land which comprise the District. In i Omo t he District was Burd ened with an impossible a debt. Pax delinquency had reached such proportions that those land owners who had been Able to keep up their payment were beginning to doubt the Wisdom attempting to do so further. No maintenance work con science had been done for years and inadequate drainage was beginning to impair the productiveness Al Large areas. Today the District is the eve a final settlement its debt problem nearly All the land is Back the tax books and a splendid Start has been made toward the Complete rehabilitation its drainage and flood Protection struck tires. Ii is not the business this newspaper to attempt to apportion die credit for this change. In no Small part course ii has been tin result the general improvement in agricultural and business conditions. The commissioners it. A. Lynch \ w. Afflick and ,1. La. Tain and recently v. I. Holland have Given persistent and effective attention to the districts problems it is certain however that the Success their efforts was greatly facilitated perhaps it is not too much to say that in a Large degree it was made possible a by the fortunate Choice which was made. When the District was thrown into receivership six and one half years ago. A receivership re this Kin l is commonly regarded a a sinecure. When Clifton la. Scott received the appointment from judge Martineau the general expectation was that he could he Content to draw his salary and do Little else except put chaps to acquiesce in whatever program the bondholders might work out for salvaging their investment in the District. Instead he movement for government assistance out it Way applied himself to the districts problems with vigor and intelligence and made himself a National Leader in the in the rehabilitation similarly distressed improvement districts. So far As District 17 is concerned the results speak for themselves. The District Aud its property owners Are Back their feet and can face the future with a degree Ltd Confidence that was not possible when the receivership was inst it ated. Liar Ink Iki one Ila weirdest court decisions we can recall offhand was recorded Iii Nev York the other Day when a magistrate held that a Man who failed to remove his hat in a bar Iii the presence ladies was guilty disorderly conduct. Tho culprit in question it seems a taking his ease Iii a second Avenue bar his hat tilted comfortably Hack off his i Row when a feminine customer came in. The Man failed to 4mc6vo�-v. Lien the proprietor requested and him do so. Lit got a bit Tough about it. A Tho police finally Drew cards in the affair the Man was lugged off but court and the Pearl judicial Wisdom mentioned above was the result. Now we May lie old fashioned and v be idly Hack ii usher ish but we can to help feeling that a woman who insists that men uncover Iii her presence has one excellent recourse in such a situation. She can stay out bars. About $800, myst. Lur in 1937 Oil Tho w i i pm a America a War machine and the ire in Peru Cal we build that machine the More certain it is that War will come. Peter Witt c be Cland o., at a students peace rally. I wont Tat until the lord commands me to end no inst lint tie commanded nit to Boffin ii Jackson Whitlow tennessean 43rd Liny cd his self imposed last. Alt reckon All to jest As so Kin have a baby full a wit As one 40 year old. Homer Peel i1.pp Loii ii no. 34, who married girl to years old. A i. O contract is adequate Protection for any employer against sit Downs. La Downs John l. I wis. Any other kind strike these men who spend the Public Money ought to have some experience in the making a Dollar. Senator j. W. Ca t a. Difficulty Bailey. North Italy proclaims herself to Mussulman Power wit rout falling Down her task its a big Chi tit Ian Power. Balbo governor Libya and duties marshal Halo in the White House a item to which people parts the country live. Mrs. Frankli Blytheville Ark courier news monday May 3, 1937 Side glances by George Clark a Marion White w �1937 Nea service inc cd St Chau \ it is to a Ai hark Iott Locroi a. Neo tar to John 11 a a ii Al r it. Johir , mining investment ii a a to. Hoh a x ii to Aas. Llana rpm Junior Pinr Lorr anal Juan Al Nam a. V it 11. Ii Kin Hhd. Wan Iii ii to. John h an airy a Elrre anal Jam no a rival in Low. Ill i l i i ii Kwh dry. No i i it i har. I it t la v Stark . Joan a i r i ii Nail Fri Tel ii a Orton California mining Iiron Torr. I in Chicago and Momchow i hated dallying. I Tho City after that. I tame to j Joan laughed softly. New York As soon As i saved just like i enough Bob listened casually. A your fathers dead Loo Isnit i he a he inquired kindly. I a yes. He died when i was very Young a a a it sounds a next saturday a Bob noted. A is the 30th. But Norton is coming from the coast some Day next week so there will probably be a few details to Iron out concerning the Bella Terra. I Clit is so Good a she said. Caliz j better be hand. I May even my How much Dorothy had have to run Down to Washington helped her already a having Doro for a Day so. But the next to limn min m ii i ii not lira. Ali to Lier i Cri t in Mollt Tifi. Then limn birr Fici to move with Dorothy to Careen Hills. Chapter i thy Here. In be always been lonely in new Bob nodded understandingly. A i imagine you have dear. New York is a hard place to make friends. I remember when i first saturday Well the a Queen Bermuda sails at three clock. Do you think . And mrs. Andrews can make it a a i know they can Bob Moe returned from California came Down fr0tt> Connecticut i their eyes met and held and a Tho a presently Joan s dimmed with the following wednesday. Jon and lie dined Early that Evenin a at a Small downtown hotel. A i have news for you announced after a while. Lob looked across the table drinking in the exquisite loveliness Here the Golden curls peeping out below the pert Little Black turban the Blue eyes Radiant and exciting now the soft Cheeks inviting a Caress. A a you be found the apartment a a no. I Haven to really looked for one. Eve been too Busy moving a Don t Tell my a he said in mock used to talk to myself at nights because i was so lonely. That was tears at the sheer happiness which until i got the Job with . Hen filled her heart dry. He a been Fine Joan. Al Joan most like a father to me. I done to have any folks either you see. Sybil has been swell to my too. By the Way How did you enjoy the Tea a a it was a Lovely party Bob a Joan reported truthfully enough. A course it was a bit formal and Well in a still in Awe Sybil. And her friends too i a i Bob grinned. A i Felt like a Bull in a China shop the a i have a a Souve kind a presently he said something for Joan smiled eagerly Nir from the mine a a no. It Wasny to Ilia. a have you got it with you a he stirred his Coffee with exaggerated nonchalance. Quot i can to give it to you Here. A a Why not a a ooh it s sort a private present. A later in a taxi going Uptown first few times Sybil entertained i Jalc t00 t a tiny Black velvet Box distress a that you be deserted the me. Everything was so Damnable from his inside pocket. Quot shut a i m getting tired this. I can to even get out to find a Job until you quit one tiling four years have taught in us the do not understand the in which they do not d. Roosevelt. Wherever the free play individual action and the free play Competition Between busine., has been stifled. Democracy has been smothered. Tom r. Girdler chairman the Board Republic steel corporation. This curious world be William Ferguson Lovely lodging club. Where did you move a a Green a to Green Hills boy that s Fine with Sybil a Joan Shook her head quickly. A no. With an old Friend. A she told him meeting Dorothy at Sybil a Tea. And mrs. Downs subsequent invitation. A so a she concluded a Dorothy and i Are living alone in the huge Downs House while the family is in Bob smiled approvingly. A at Peter Downs he you re certainly meeting the Best people lie s one the leading attorneys in the City. You say you and this Dorothy Starke went to school together a a yes in a Seattle a he repeated in Surprise. A you never told me you lived in the a you never asked me a Joan countered smiling disarmingly. A no i guess i did no to. I be always been too Busy telling you Correct. And that fish faced y0ur he commanded. As Jennings watched me like a Hawk she did so he opened the Box and As if he suspected i intended to reached for her hand. Gently he make off with the Silver. However Sybil Means Well enough a a you la like Dorothy ii n Tiaa Lav ii Orrl no if slipped a ring her Finger. A ooh Bob a Joan a eyes widened As she look eco Down at the sparkling Diamond her left he patted her hand As it i hand. For a moment she jul t Lay beside her plate. A if she a a j gazed at it holding her breath in Friend yours ill have to like speechless wonderment. Her wont i a Joan smiled. A you done to have to like a Well i want to. Is that better a a much she smiled do you like it a a like it my dear i never. A such a Beautiful ring in All my life. Its so so utterly magnificent. To frightens my. Take it off. Dear and let me read the in brightly. A a Wmk you come Home ascription. It Lias an inscription with me this evening and meet Hasni to it a her a so that i May meet with her approval a a a done to be silly Bob a he leaned Forward and looked at her More intently. A a there a a Little detail we must decide first a he said very quietly. A what a from his coat pocket he took out a Small card Calendar. A i what a Fine fellow i was. I never 1 asked . Hendry this afternoon thought to ask about Sis i have a warns them when a Hunter is armed a perhaps it s time i told you she spoke lightly and even Bob could not detect the serious undercurrent in her voice. A i was born in Sacramento and later went to Seattle to live. After i left school we moved Mother Aud in to Chicago. Mother died in the dim Light she held it up and made out the tiny letters a . H. A. To j. B. 4-1-37.�?� a i love it. Bob a a and i love he slipped the ring Back her Finger and took her into his arms hungrily. In the Mirror the taxi Driver caught a glimpse them but red lights and Jay walkers claimed his attention. Let the two them have a Little Romance. He Rem err. If he could spare us both for a bored How it was when he and Joan a eyes were starry. A what did he say a a the asked what was taking me so a so Long a a a that a what he said. He likes people who make up their minds and act immediately. No Dilly the missus were going out. Gee that was a Long time ago what swell times they used to have in those a pair like this though. They a never have the Tough Breaks he and the missus had. Pretty soft it was for some folks to to continued in the flame an acetylene. Torch were replaced by a Uke flame from the Center. Of the som and the Torch placed in the cd to Chicago the keat would Burn to a Crisp All Plant and animal life in North America copt. 1937 by be service. Inc. 5-3 every Hunter who has lived in Coyote territory will attest to the fact that without a doubt coyotes know when a Man is harmless and when he is not. Numerous experiences Are recorded along this line by Many famous Hunters it the West. Next How does the Riant Nightjar avoid detection the family doctor c Lay Illinois right lain is cond sign in t. La but should not by form i years ago from the the Blytheville courier news the Relief flood sufferers raised an increase the 1933 total the by the local fire department were population England and Wales h Walpole h. M. Calvin. Lee Musgrave John Smith h. O. Osborn. H s. Singery Oliver Wicker l Taylor k. Reece e. Taylor Roy head Damon Mcleod Tom Brown Sam Barnes and Hardy Pearce. Is now estimated at 40.645,000 altho 1931 census it was 39,952,337. The number decrees Nisi made absolute in respect dissolution annulment marriage was 4.-069-a decrease 218 from the High record 1934 Tim Day May 3. 1927 c Ceola a funeral services for . Ii c Dunavant who died at j i Home Here yesterday will be held from tile family residence at 3 clock this afternoon. Or. Duna British marriages Rise London up a the popular Besant who was born in Tennessee marriage and birth in 1844 served with generals great Britain Are falling Wheeler and Forrest in the con 0fj and that the population is Deli debate army. He came to mis j Clining is disproved by the latest is Sippi county in 1874. He was one statistics issued by the registrar if the organizers and the first general resident the Tri states medial association and As a represent Flag stars stump coed san Jose Cal. Up a state while divorces drop i College co eds Are apparently much a farther advanced in the history Hollywood than in that the United states. One who was asked the examination question How Many stars there Are in Hollywood promptly replied a about 530�?� but when asked How Many stars there Are the american Flag the original the figures show that there could t get past were in 1935, the last period number 13. Acne this county in the state j calculation More marriages More legislature was instrumental in obtaining the passage much important health legislation. Contributors to a $30 fund for babies and fewer divorces. An old English rhyme is the the marriage rate was 17 2 per source the prevalent superstitions Lier 1.000 population com j Bon As the proper Days which pared with 16.9 in 1934 and 15 3 in a person should Cut his nails. 1932 there were 598,758 births time record. Ouk boarding House with major Hoople in no. 263 by Ink Morris Hsii Kein editor. Journal tin to Merican medical association and Ify Gaia Ute health Magazine the patient with tuberculosis is usually underweight when first found to have the Active disease. For Many year doctor Haw n a Side red a gain in weight an pm i portent sign Progn s m Teli i Early stage the disease it is j not desirable however to Force a rapid gain weight Ai than to Force a rapid weight in cases obesity the uninformed Art i ret no mend overfeeding a it and eggs even six to Rig meals a Day. Any Tojie nutrition that puts to a Strain the digest Taratus is liable to do Arm As Good. Most authorities ret that patients have thei three meals a Day with t Cipal meal at noon Rath night. Feeding Between not Wise if it destroys to tile Tor regular meals the ability the person his food. By to milk extra dirt. Great no much Aal i luring 1903 certain diets were i developed in Germany known As i the Sauerbruch and her manna Odorfer. And diets it was i believed that by the us these Bitts it was possible to change j the soil w hich the germ grows. I the essential feature these diets is the elimination table Salt and the substitution a Salt mixture Rich in Calcium tile diet a so includes Large amount in a cooked fresh vegetables and salads with added fruit juices the meats in the diet Are Cut Down As Are also the sugars tile total amount water taken i i lessened and fresh fruit and Veton it table juices Are substituted for water. These diets have seemed to be value in Many eases but l eve still ate experimental so tar As concerns any routine adoption them even by leaders in the treatment tuberculosis. Scad if the Odds Abe h to i my Choice Quot to win the Derby and i bet 4 too i la make fac Moo in they jump to 13 to 2, and i Wauer zoo i la make let me see mr6, Hoople will be 5s Xvi no you a meal Box Cap numbers with a Pew screws added and served with nuts top in you keep trying 7 to Hatch a Derby Winner out the last time you reached in t to pull i the Derby k often because the the patient it is not to give three regular in such patients May req frequent feedings wit amounts easily digest a patient who is exer take More food than it usually at rest. Crocodiles sabotage planes Nairobi up Crocodile i Ake Victoria Are Sabot aging the Empire flying bom service Accord pig to reports reaching Here rubber buoys anchored in the Lake Foi mooring the flying boats have vanished investigation show that the crocodiles puncture and sink them. The will Only a u lat per cent the i the ifs want uie hawaiian. He Mao can pick pm but they always lose a a in to meet my t. Run amp Al amp in Ujj

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