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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives May 1 1937, Page 6

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - May 1, 1937, Blytheville, Arkansas Page a Blytheville Ark courier news Don t let Tood golfing fault Quot Uto la out yourself Larrv correction essential says Winner of Augusta journey by Byron m i son Winner of the lain Augustama terse tournament it was against the advice of my parents Aud the professional of my club that i turned professional. Nov. 23. 1932 i was t at All certain t it i was taking the right step. In my own mind i stall Assn a finished Gall r by an Quot Means among my Faun it sliding in body in Tod of pivoting. That is i would Brint my Hie Hack with the club on the backswing. Dick great. Who had Ted Longworth is p. A a Quot a a so Nul the Glenn Garden country cent of fort Worth nolo i this out to me. And i practice to Correct it whenever golfers who want to improve their game find shot j a in Ltd bad they should go to their Chi professional and ask him to watch them l it a few balls then they should heed his advice and practice. Done to try to work out faults yourself by tract icon a without knowing where the trouble lies if you do you May find that the fault has become grooved. In that Case it will take just about five times As Long to straighten yourself out. I shot 300 for Tho 72 holes and collected $75 in the Texarkana open it was just a Little More than four years before i won the Augusta Mast to tournament and collected $1500 to Tell the truth that $75 gave me More of a thrill i wanted to Frame the Check but had too Many other things to do with the Money byrons Start As Ida Vine fro far from auspicious my Success in tie Texarkana of n led several fart Worth Bud Ness men to Pool Money for the purpose of financing no throng the Winter circuit starting on the. Pacific coast i made my j Btl in the big time professional Lea ii in the i Ais Angeles Onen. Dec. 15 1932. I finished thirteenth Anc w on $62 50 but everything went bad thereafter. I was out of the Money in the Santa Monica. Pasadena and Agua Caliente opens by that time i a not on a out of tire nun v but out of my mangy As wll anti my backers Baler a Iii i r turned to fort Worth in mid l a Ruaro. I heard that the Texarkana country club teas Lookin far a professional applied for the position. And was signed april i Quot 1933 it was my first Job As a professional. It did no to pay much an a when another Winier season Refl la a around i did t have quit on u a Money to again make the coast circuit. It was my father in Law to a who made it possible for in i make the Trio he had Faith i me and loaned me what Money Rea u ired. I played in four California tournaments and did no to quite make expenses but on the Way Back to fort Worth i banged out a 66 in the first round of the Texas open at san Antonio that enabled me to finish second one stroke behind Wiff Cox. And win $325 i also finished second in the Galveston open winning $300. So wound up about $500 ahead on the trip for the first time i Felt that i bad found myself. Nelson Breaks Little a Lorg match play siring i was married june 24, 1934. And worked harder than Ever to improve my game i began trying too hard my wrists became too tense and tight at the top of the backswing i began using my body too much tile result was that i was pushing the Ball to the right and to the left. I Wasny to hitting it. These faults were pointed out to me by j k Wadley a Texarkana Oil Man whom i consider the Smarte golfer outside of the professions. Pra Tice he d concentration eliminate d the faults. I managed to save enough Money through the summer and full of 19 4 to take the Winter Cir us by an i had my Best Success in fan Francisco where i dented us on Little. 5 a l his phenomenal a trip play victories i beat a base trick by Krenz tests gits j t Tori sunday game Slat it aft err Loon at is. Pro of help us. I. A boxing mat to Vernell Williams of Gary Loop William could Tab it. A ii the legs waving in the air into who literally was knocked ovum r. And came Back in the rounds to win a decision in tournament at i Kentucky Liny. Indiana a. A. U Arinin pm i of duly Gie Blytheville giants will get their second exhibition test tomorrow afternoon we ii. Weather i emitting they will meet the Strong Crosstown Semi pro club from Memphis the game will be railed at Walker Park starting it 3 p. M. Rigi Lav afternoon they will it net Linier their first Northeast a kans a h ague opposition in a pre reason game with Paragould Tele ii Quot his acceptance of the clubs invite Ion for a game Quot a rec i Ltd int a it teed v i Boyce Williams Paragould Ager. Mana or per Hill hobos eyes were not nirm restive against Quot i it to Quot Al Xander s Independent he t bundus. Though they did win i a a a vier tensile. 6-0. Thev Wen i held to four hits by Blankart i end Wail. The giants will by lout to redeem themselves with be Willow tomorrow and judg my in in the was they have been resting the Pellet this we k. Thev Are due Lur a comeback. The Cross owners Are bringing i one of us most powerful semipro outfits in Shelby county. Last Viar they Laid claim to the till by virtue of their Twenty wins i As compared to but 5 losses. It took the Memphis Chicks class a-1, ten innings to win 3-2. Thanks to Handy Andy Reese extra session Home run. Russell St wart. Giant second baseman was a member last year and said they will offer plenty of Competition. T b. Marshall a tall right hander with a sweeping Side Arm curve Ball will Likely Start Foi the Mem hians Cartnick Veteran Tery mate the lineup will Likely Lith first base end Owen Hill saturday May i 193? Champ trains to amp no Leigh with a a rid Quot my Catcher. His Bat remainder of the include it grif Bill gods a Sec Short Robert Southern league will be game Osceola Osceola will open its Jackson term., dutch Welches exhibition Kirc Hofle a april 30. Osceola exhibition season at sunday playing generals of the no aim gets Mort Dollar v. Buy be lout strikeout artist a1 applies hot towels tender treatment or attention than the million tug to Mast r Robert Peelier sensational Young the Cleveland indians. Trainer lefty Weisman to the Speed Bull pitchers Arm to bake out. The is first Start of the Campaign. Louis Browns in six innings. Putter Edward Short Stob. 18 be june 19. 1918, at s n. J. Home add a treat father is a n Pavic la. Irs old born Aith Amboy 313 John i Bailie with in Penn Livania Railroad. Need Illy four months to finish a i. Huffman High school plans to o Back in in Quot a and take a pedal examination to receive i diploma was an excellent spent while at Huffman High drool they did not play Footfall. Several years before tile Fame tent and his los a was years guard. Junior qualified Ehause of with tin s i team it to u. Penn barred because critically Hurt. Of i and tile Purl fret lined via Aliso he till the rot play d it brr t mat or Oblin v or foaled ent on the following Day. B t in round mat quoth i warn de Harold my Stiden. Who v win the tournament i netted about $700 on the Trio \ and in the Spring of 1935 i was invited to the masters tournament for the first time. I finished i Dith but that Wasny to important. Tits important thin was that it was there that i m to c Rye Jacobus pret id it of the profession i golfers As hit Ion it was the b St thing that so ver happened to me in Golf Geary Jar bus liked the Way i combed nov hair or something ii signed in As my assistant at Ridgewood n a for the summer of 1935. Tip vim v Erin it North v inner a i Mied had Jersey a i to ire i us the n us Iske Bull trained tin senior year Atter part a Pating in heart prof ids chances n scholar i in lied a it City team Ball his la a years a Rotten Vil Rill Simi Ayot f East a Stu played Forward team was of �?T36 games session it to go in. Benn t re at lie did t year. I Short i a a. Lore Coli wit i the and West captained the tech baseball team two years. Captained the All Memphis nine lits senior year. Was chosen on the All Star team three i of four years. Pitched anti played third base walloped Hie Tomato for .315 average last year. In 35 performed with Liberty Cash grocery Semi pro team. Incidentally they were City champions too. Continued ids habit of playing with winning Bell clubs last season with Crosstown lie int Joo played third base. They vice also considered the Best team in Shelby county. Andy Reese of Memphis Chicks i my to hit a Home run in the tenth to beat them. His father is a Mechanic but is retired two Brothers both Ball the older now 26. Played several years in Memphis this Spring Glenn beat Russell out for the Keystone Job at Greenwood. In the summer he works for j it. Watkins co. Blytheville fans Hope Russell s Luck of playing with winners holds out this summer. Ilour of i it a to Hill at Hailey s hark on sunday Hill third Al Fiegler formerly in the Cotton states . Leu Field Marion Hill Centerfield and de Marshall High Fth id. Skipper Bobo s Likely first lineup will include Frank Miller la Russell Stewart 2b Pete Pavich is Bobo. 3b George Pratt of. Carleton i Annex of either Frank Hill or Charlie Byrkett of Julian Harrington giant right hander from Lewiston n Cwill be on the Mound and Frank Man Cuso behind the plate. There will be a Small admission Chai a to defray expense of the visiting club. Aultman to meet Riley on monday one match that should Appeal particularly to those who like for their grapplers to stick to grappling. And another that would Likely feature the rough House variety Are on monday night s wrestling tar i at the legion Arena. Tex Riley the last and scientific youngster who seems to la coming along fast and dutch Aultman. A dutchman of reputed ability clash in one of the 90 minute two out of three Falls affairs. In the other match Joe Dill Man. The durable greek who likes the going Tough and Jack Kenny the powerful newcomer of late will match skill in what will probably end in a socking spree a boxing preliminary will open the show starting at 8 of clock and Mike Meroney will be the third Man in and out of the ring Dur Grunt and groan perform Kitty league. Efforts Are being Nail a to schedule games with Jonesboro and Paragould before the season opener at Blytheville thursday May it. The next game i giants help the locals pry off in lid Here. Grady Mills Greenbriar who led the Center telders last year my who lugs been a persistent foldout came to terms with scent Ary Busi Ness manager 13. Fred Taylor yesterday. The terms were lot made Public but both parties corned Henry Culp he Only left hander on the pitching staff arrived from Lafayette. .a., and completed the club Roser. With the Campaign less than a week ago. Manager Elmer dlr a Hott has a Gigantic task of re icing his squad. 23 players Are n Camp and ten must by whacked fit before thursday. The biggest problems lie in the hurling and among the Outfield w. L. Pct. Little Rock .9 2 .818 Memphis. .8 4 .667 Nashville. .6 5 .545 Chattanooga. .5 5 .500 Atlanta. .5 6 .455 new Orleans. .5 8 .385 Birmingham. .4 8 .333 Knoxville. .4 8 .333 National league w. L. Pct. St. Louis. .7 i 875 new York .5 2 714 Pittsburgh. .5 2 .714 Philadelphia. 4 .500 Boston. .4 5 444 Brooklyn. .3 5 375 Chicago. 2 6 .250 Cincinnati. I 6 143 i american league Quot w l. Pct. New York. .5 2 .714 Detroit. .4 2 .667 Boston. .3 2 .600 Cleveland. .4 3 571 Philadelphia. .3 3 .500 Chicago. .3 3 .500 St. I Amis. .2 5 .286 Washington. 2 6 .250 by Richard Mccann aka service sports writer ii is reported that or. Burleigh id just As soon leave anyway Grimes is keeping score on the number of base hits that Bounce off the right Field screen in be Field. Under the present ground rules at the Flatbush sanitarium any drive striking said screen entitle the Batter Only to the number of bases he can make safely. Or. Grimes would change that. He has the notion that this screen is going to be quite an easy Turret for his to heavy left hand batting order and for the first few weeks he is going to count the number of drives his boys Bounce off the Fence in comparison to tile enemies totals. And if the dodgers Dent the screen oftener or. Grimes is going to notify the league that henceforth hereafter and until further notice any drive hitting the screen shall be and is hereby a Home run. A Man Mil can do it Elvis used to be the old ground Rule at Flatbush until Casey Sten gel found that in 1935 Tho visit ing firemen practically Tore the netting apart. A of course Quot says or. Grimes Quot my boys have got to show me beyond any doubt that they can hit the screen More often than the other Guys. I think Heinie Man ush will do it enough All right but 1 11 need More than just Heine of Winsett. Lavagetto. Brack Bucher and Phelps can bang balls it Al the netting then 111 change he Rule and make those drives ice or. Grimes Isnit by any manner of Means the first baseball Man to arrange his Park for the Benefit of his Ball players. Why. Only a few years ago when Al Simmons was sold to Chicago by Connie Mack or. Louis Comuskey went to the trouble of digging up the Home plate and moving it a Little closer to the left Wall hoping and thinking that the Poling a Ole i Ald Belt out a flock of Home runs. I in trusts while lawyers bickered Over i Ether there should be a ii lit and manager Jot Gould ran around the neighbouring Countryside looking Tor a place to train heavyweight Champion Jimmy Braddock worked out in a Chicago gymnasium for his proposed bout wit a Joe Louis at soldiers Field. June 22. In the dirt around the pitchers Box so that when the rival hurler would rub his sweaty hands in the dust his grip on the Ball would be lessened. The giants pitchers. Of course had been tipped Oft by Mcgraw where the doctored dirt was and they weren t affected. And that reminds me. I wonder if the Boston red sox grounds Crew still sprays the left Side of their infield before each game like they did last year so that it be too fast for or Joe Cronin the shortstop lie has i ing tin players. Once. Western Boxer wants to fight with boots on <6 by w St in using t on Thi i snort n to i chump1 Tell eve recon us. Batson and in team. Editor of the in Nul recon giants Eddie rotary receive d his autograph to a contract. It Poi to i ii with Travis Jackson a Jersey City team at Gulfport in february y. Took part in game against Memphis Chicks. Has a younger brother Aho a shortstop. Who v ill be heard from later. Pete a . We will be looking for him. Or rma1 hirer Berlin it up it henceforth Mav children foreign nordic Kames German parents not give their sounding names. Tey a in find adv cd to Christen to in instead with purely German nordic Quot name u ii us Wolant or Quot Sieg fitted a Jami St cond 1916. A address unwed in Mer of Bas Ball v Russell base. Born Memphis term 120 n. Claybrook i St it Phis. A than As a car at tech played three four years in Forward and selected to Captain All Memphis Cage was City champions victors Over Bels of the league Friday baseball team Booker to a. Next state line Ball Park Dale tomorrow. The House of Day of the most colourful baseball clubs i tin As a travelling agy leg thousands of Miles to i the team boast i Ball players and better Niini i beards and Long them unusual the i Booker t s will St a tuesday the by Stewart take on the Cana August 14, troupe of Ball play Home the unusual and be Grad in an uproar with High but still Masugi year., number of their Bas is de Hammar was 1 laugh provoke lion. Tile Paragould re Northcut Arkansas the House of David meets la m v Bailey a Nile at the Hermon Albuquerque n m up like the old time cowboys to die with their Bootjack ii it son 225-Pound lie weight Boxer wanted to them when he climbed into ring for the Golden gloves i lament Here. Quot we had a hard time in Jack out of fighting with his on at Clovis Quot said Les s i director of the tourney. Jack son of Deputy Faiuu Hitson fort Sumner n m listed that he had never i in anything but. His boots who on. Livy Vear the omitting boobs fivers Bill. M i ought a1 has one Index pendent country and a lion covers very season. The mythical team. Us eco i �?~35 and 36 Ane of the Best i ii the majors clubs their tresses make game with the ii Ai 2 of clock Ker to a will an clowns a Cis who pull up the crowd their antics to win a Large liner with them the principal it of the Augress troupe via us mine for a a it idol Cleveland up to get Ltd or for their product Ion it j Black pit a 27 members of an a eur theatrical soc Ieti a. 11. Special trip to Pennsylvan mines. Is. Since Only five pitchers Are o be retained during the season he skipper must decide Between Lohn Miller hat old Barntt Johnny Sain All six Fet and better my weighing 190 pounds Walter Bud Quot Lutes Joe Hering. Joe Musick and Culp. He plans to have at least one Southpaw so to right handers must go. The Outfield situation is even More perplexing. Returning in addition to Mills is Thomas Mabry. The newcomers Are Paul lunge a protege of Johnny Tobin sex Brownie Mal Semasek Bill James. Rolf Gary and George Hearne a graduate of the Ray Bourn school at hot Springs. Only Bree will be retained. John Solmos first base George Carson second base and Kir Hoff Are almost sure to stick. Gene Williams John Shepka George Weber infielders must fight it out Tor the other infield Post James White and Robert Lynch jr., catchers have a two Way scrap for the receiving Post. Because White can play third and Boss Kin Holt is an Able Catcher it is believed that White has the inside Job. The fight is on and places will not be decided finally until thursday. Kirchoff states. The whole squad will be taken to Jackson via Mathis bus lines Secretary Taylor said. Welch formerly played with the Osceola engineers and is Well known Here. Australia honors flier Sydney n s. W. It up a sir Charles Kingsford Smith famous australian flier who disappeared while on a flight from England to Australia 18 months ago is to in honoured by a memorial at Mascot aerodrome Sydney Airport. Hie fliers famous plane the Southern j re is and other Hying relics will be i loused in the building. Yesterday results Southern league Memphis at Chattanooga rain. I it tie pock at Atlanta rain. Knoxville at Birmingham wet grounds Nashville at new Orleans rain. National league new York la. Brooklyn 2. Boston in Philadelphia 2. Chicago 7. Pittsburgh 2. St Louis 7, Cincinnati i. American league Washington 4. New York Detroit 4. Cleveland 2 Boston 15, Philadelphia 5 St Louis at Chicago Rai n of Dave a games i. Southern league Memphis at Chattanooga. I ittle Rock at Atlanta. Knoxville at Birmingham. Nashville at new Orleans. American league Boston at new York. Washington at Philadelphia. Chicago at Detroit. Cleveland at St. Louis. Mack helped Grove old Connie Mack himself Wasny to above fixing up his Park to Aid ins players. When Lone and lean lefty of was rearing Back and firing them in for the athletics a few years Back or Mack had his ground keeper build up the Shi be Park a itching Mound to the maximum height of 15 inches above the Home plate. Indignant rival managers sick of seeing Groves fireball sweeping i Wii on the Batter from the Clouds claimed that or. Mack really had the Mound higher than permitted by Law or Clark Griffith had differ it ideas when his Speedball King j Walter Johnson was reigning. Sir Walter you see was so Superior to his american league contemporaries that he needed no help but on the other land the Washington hitters As ver were rather weak so Grin had the Washington pitching hound shaved Down to the level of the rest of the infield thus a Nabling the local boys to find the rival pitchers easier to hit. A a John Mcgraw who Learned his Tuff from the old orioles was lot above such tricks either. He was once accused of raising the Polo grounds base lines a lightly making the Field somewhat Saucer shaped so that his team. All of them expert Hunters would be just that much Belt at the Art of laying Mem Down my beating Mem out. And another time the boys say a hat Mcgraw put powdered soap Chick tricksters in state Competition today i eth e Rock. May i Byron Walker will run the 220-Yard dash. Russell Mosley will compete in the 880-Yard run and a 880-Yard relay team composed of Walker Mosley Homer , and Bunch will race under the Blytheville High Banner in the elate High school track meet Here this afternoon. The Little Rock tigers Are favourites to cop to Heep stakes with the Russellville and Nashville teams slated to give them the strongest opposition. National league St. Louis at Chicago. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. Philadelphia at Brooklyn. New York at Boston Jersey City sets new minor attendance Mark or. Wert amp Wert optometrists Over Joe Isaacsr store we make pm see phone 540 Iii Jan Skoro Blytheville Golf tourney postponed the inter club Golf tournament Between the Blytheville and. Jonesboro country club go teams scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at Jonesboro has b in indefinitely postponed it was announced this afternoon by the tournament committee of the Blytheville club. The game was postponed because of weather conditions a steady downpour of rain at Jonesboro today making it inadvisable to go through with the tourney tomorrow it was stated. The two clubs will agree on another Date later. , a russian City founded a few years ago on the Kola Peninsula in the Arctic Ocean i Bas a Podl lation of 30,000. Have you visited our new modern service station White Rose gasoline Goodyear tires Willard batteries Road service on Gas tires wrecks 24 hour ski vice Call 633 for prompt service Tom Little Chevrolet co. By Nea service Jersey City Rochester swings Defeated the Jersey giants 4-3, in a 12-inning aug ural contest in the new 060.000 Roosevelt stadium before a record minor league Tendance of 31.234. The former minor league Tendance record was established two years ago at Chattanooga when 24.639 witnessed a night game. Fishermen we Luve plenty it minnows and a oaths open for at 4 your a. M. Sti Ilij l on Genii tii Kirk mall read courier news a. Art wrestling \ 11-Stiir lard Joe Dillman j ack Al Nna tia Kiley dutch Veltman Ammelina legion Arena Velsek legion monday in edit. 8 so much depends on Good appearance. That a Why so Many people Are pleased with our laundry and dry cleaning work. Their clothes look better and Wear longer. Blytheville aun dry

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