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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives May 1 1937, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - May 1, 1937, Blytheville, Arkansas Pan fou Blytheville Ark courier news the Blytheville courier news Tui courier news of publishers c. R. Babcock editor h. W. Haines advertising manager sole National advertising representatives Arkansas dailies. Inc., new York Chicago Detroit St. Louis Dallas Kansas City Memphis. Published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at tile Post office at Blytheville. Arkansas under act of Congress october 9. 1917. Served by the dotted press subscription rates by Carrier in the City of Blytheville 15c per >.eck, or 65c per month. By mail within a radius of 50 Miles $3.00 per year $1.50 for six months 75c for three months by mail in postal zones two to six inclusive $6.50 per year in zones seven and eight $10.00 per year payable in Advance. Son protects America la by a Hoilier i in in Tho House appropriations committee has approved a Hill by which i nolo Sam would spent some $-11g,, on his army during the coming year. It accompanied this approval by asserting that the nation s defences today Are a unprepared to offer resistance to any Force equipped with modern offensive technically this May be True enough. If some magician put the entire United states army Down at Columbus and the entire French army Down at Indianapolis ind., the americans probably would he quite powerless to keep the French from moving on to Columbus. The French have More men More planes More kinks and More gnus. Tile equation can give but one answer. But practically the committee s statement is wildly misleading. For it leaves entirely out of consideration the most important Factor of All. Whenever we Start figuring out our National defense program we ought to Start by asking just who is going to come Over Here and Assai this under equipped army of ours and How they Are going to get Here. If the lessons of tin1 world War mean anything at All they prove that there is not a nation on Earth today that could land and maintain Oil our shores an expeditionary Force capable of defeating our army. For we have after All a Navy and a pretty fair one As navies go. To make invasion of America possible our nameless foe would first have to heat that Navy and not Only beat it but practically annihilate it. There does not exist today any Heel whose command would dream of trying to come Over to our Waters and do that. The thing simply Isnit in the Book. Assume though that it has been done. The next step is to establish a secure base on our coast a a base with a big Harbor and ample Dock space which moans one of our principal seacoast cities. And while our army May not be very big the experience of the British at Gallipoli ought to be enough to show that Iii such a venture the cards would All be stacked in our favor. Suppose the base is seized however what next our invader must now get his army Over Here. Where does out Ouk Way / Well i Hope / you wik bib what would you do with it in you won seventy or. V eighty grand on the Derby a a he get his ships transporting half a million men and All their supplies and equipment across 8,000 Miles of Ocean is no overnight Job. Transporting two or three times that number and keeping them fed clothed and fully equipped is next door to impossible unless you have practically All of the world s shipping at your disposal. It just does no to add up. Our army May be in dire Straits although considering the Money we have spent on it in Tho last decade it ought to he fairly respectable but you have to do some involved flighty and Opi ilm scented dreaming to figure that we Are Iii any real danger of being overrun by designing men from beyond the seas. It Ping i he Onsi Imer the administration seems to have swung completely around the Circle in its attitude toward monopolies. The president s current insistence that the anti Trust Laws be overhauled and strengthened his refusal to approve the tidings Bill to legalize contracts to maintain prices and the suit against Hie aluminium Combine a All these tilings offer a Sharp contrast to the Early history of the administration. For in tin Early Days the White House seemed to have Little fear of monopoly. Perhaps the most potent of All the objections to the Way the Nua worked out was tin charge that it fostered monopoly and left the consumer at the mercy of tin a big the Sherman anti Trust Law got so that it looked like an extremely dead letter. Now apparently tile opposite course us to i in followed and the Ordinary consumer who tears that the prices of tilings la buys will go up faster than his income is Likely to Welcome tin change. Ass eau e of the mowers Over in Helena which is in Arkansas they found a pint bottle of a Qiu Darling bottled in Bond of March 3, 1897, behind Dusty and Musty leather bound volumes on a Musty Dusty shelf in the court House a Arkansas record newspaper Rex inter was thrilled when he not an Pix it Unity to smell the Cork of the bottle which lie declared was eaten away and the liquor die said had Quot a bouquet like a summer Breeze blowing Over a held of bluebonnets a it is easy to understand that even a whiff of that a old Darling which was the name on the bottle made a poet out of him in just a second like that stable boy cd old England who became the sweetest Singer it his times in just an hour. It is our suggestion that he be Given a few additional whiffs it might inspire him to become Hie poet laureate of Arkansas but the amazing thing is that a lad who Art write like that was denied All except one tiny whiff. But such is Lite these news it a i Quot i Guys rarely Ever do get whats doming to them we mean that they dont get their jul i deserts which in this instance would seem to by Ihorn than u whiff. A Clarksdale miss daily Register. Every Sli enal agent of the f died in gun Battle with b i. Who has criminals has been sent to ins death by a gun in the hands of a paroled convict. J. Edgar Hoover saturday May i 1937 Well i \ i guess i i d be wishln1 id got it when i was a a which is the \ wo�s7, or \ Best Fer a \ you Kio a old Guy to fall suddenly worse Perth Young one the old Guy had to woe fifty yeas be pore me got it Blit the Voung one would have to Wock Pec fifty nears after Mavin had it j Side glances by George Clark a my husband wont even Tell me what his salary is. Says he does no to want to worry my pretty this curious world be William Ferguson Oast of it Hahan Tih Joan Hau it wet heroine nectar ii John Hendry. John la is of y. Mining investment head. Hoh a \ i ill to Vvs Hendryz Junior partner and Jon a Tinner. Sikh la Kin Ory. Maria Lite. John a Nitro and Joan a it vol in lot r. I la i la h k in la r y. Sybil Brot her. Ii o it o t la y Stark til. Jon ii girlhood Friend. Ii Norton. California i n i no promoter. Voter Dijt loan Lio it elem and Defeated Dreidel to Hee new York. Mea ii Vav Hiie the exultant Sybil Telephone in Philip Loru a on to Seattle. Chapter x after a minute or two Joan a Telephone ceased to ring. She breathed easier in the silence that Lilied the room. There was still much to do. Plans to make. Bob s photograph stood on the Bureau. She took it up tenderly care singly and As she looked into the Clear smiling Gray eyes her own filled with tears. Tonight she was cutting the last tie that hound them. In the morning she would be out of his life forever. Forever. There could be no dream of meeting him again. Not Ever no matter How Many Long years dragged into the future. Tile same cold Fate which had taken her father from her Mother was forcing Bob out of her life now. She too must tread life a path alone her heart slowly withering within her breast. Like her Mother she too would reap her final Reward in a lonely room deserted and forgotten. A Goodby Bob a she whispered. A Goodby my Dearest a she leaned against the Wall the picture clutched to her heart and tears streamed Down her Cheeks. J in in death Valley California a Eglton once believed. It it was a Knock on her door Sharp and imperative which recalled her to the present. First the phone now the door. Who could it he a Joan a a voice called brightly. A Joan Barrett a Joan opened the door. Dorothy Starke came into her room. A Joan you did no to answer tile phone hut the room clerk saw you come in. Juan what a the trouble a Dorothy looked around the room at the two bags ready for flight into the empty closet beyond. A a Joan you weren to going a slowly Joan Sank Down on the bed and when she spoke her voice was hollow. A they did no to know about me Dorothy. I Ever face them now. A Dorothy sat Down beside her and put an Arm about her shoulders. A Joan a she said sincerely a you done to think id Tell them do you of my dear please done to think that of a it be your fault Dorothy. Sybil asked a a a Sybil a a Frost bitten Dorothy snapped. A if you were bluebeard a sister i give her the pleasure of knowing it. Of Joan Trust me please done to run away from this a a i must Dorothy. You done to understand. A Dorothy reached Over and took the picture which Joan still held against her. A you love him done to you Joan a the reply Joan might have Given choked in her Throat but Dorothy read the answer in her eyes. A you do love him. And you a walk out like this without a word of explanation a dully Joan Shook her head. A i expect him to feel the same toward me. A a Quot our a rather have him eat his heart out in uncertainty a Dorothy persisted disregarding Joan swords. A a you a rather have him waste his life searching for you following you Over the world in these mad flights a a the could forget me a Joan re plied weakly. A Are you going to forget him As soon As you leave Here a a forget Bob a tears sprang afresh to Joan a eyes. A forget him a she repeated. A was Long As i live there la never be a moment when i wont be longing for him. There la never be a night that wont shut my eyes dreaming of him. Of Dorothy he a been the greatest happiness in be Ever known. That a Why i can to let this Shadow which follows me come Between a running away from it wont help. You be got to stay and see it through if it Ever comes a i can to. I can to marry Bob and have him know about my father. I can to have him look at me and think what All the rest of the world thinks that murder is in my blood. You know they said that Dorothy. You know they said that about me in a a there a nothing to run away from yet a Dorothy pursued along a new Angle. A meeting me Hasni to changed anything done to you see Sybil can ask me questions until she a Blue in the face. Of Joan wont you believe that your secret is Safe with me a a i do believe you Dorothy a Joan answered and suddenly she realized that she spoke the truth. Tao Rothy was right. There would be nothing gained by running away and everything might still he As she had hoped. She did Trust Dorothy she Felt a new Comfort in her Friendship. Perhaps it would be better to have a Friend who shared the secret. Even when her Mother was alive the problem had been easier to face because there were two of them. Atter a moment she said a i wont run away Dorothy. Not while there a a Chance of Bob never finding it out. A the wont. Done to worry. And ill manage Sweet Dorothy jumped from the bed gayly and pulled Joan to her feet after her. Lets forget it Quot she cried. A there i Felt so Happy at finding an o d Friend in the wilderness and it turned out that i was an avenging Angel. Believe me i was scared to death when i saw those bags of yours All packed. Como let me help you unpack Light now. Then Well go out and celebrate. In a starving Arentt you a a i Hadnot thought of it a Joan smiled. A i Hope i Wasny to expected to get through the evening on Sybil Hendryz a puny hours she held up a Black velvet dress admiringly found a Hanger for it. A a we la have fun together Joan. Just like we did in school. Remember old dribble puss with the Walrus mustaches the one who tried so hard to teach us geometry and Senor Ricardo who recited love poems in Spanish a a a Joan smiled reminiscent try. A How Long Are you going to stay in the East Dorothy a she asked replacing lingerie in the Bureau drawers. A two or three months anyway. Mother and dad Are in Honolulu for the Winter and in a Here for the Noble purpose of completing an Art course. Maybe i can find a Job when i finish. Who knows she spun around suddenly As a new idea occurred to her. A say Jean Why done to you coma out and stay there with me while the family a away a a at the Downs a a of Joan hesitated. A a in a feel As it i were intruding. A a nonsense. Aunt Margaret would love it. She a been worried about leaving me there All alone and just As worried about packing me off to a hotel. If you would stay at the House with me it would solve a it would be fun a Joan admitted. A then its settled. Ill Hava aunt Margaret Send you a formal invitation tomorrow. Why in the world did no to i think of that before we unpacked everything again a to be continued our. Moon is the closest to the. Sets of All the Twenty six known Moons of the solar system. Neither Mercury nor Venus the two planets closer to the Sun than is our Earth has a satellite. Thus of All the suns 36 Moon children our own remains nearest the Center of the solar system. Next How do coyotes use their a sixth sense the family doctor by Williams rest is most important Factor Iii treatment of tuner Eulysis no. 202 by us. Morris Fishbein editor. Journal of the american medical association and it Lygeia 11�� health Magazine important in the treatment of tuberculosis is supervision a competent doctor it is not a to Tell a person with this Dilt to go off to a farm ii it out doors drink a lot of milk and plenty of eggs. Proper supervision of oxen and rest selection of a suit of the digestion. To it complications and c. Of the Progress of arc of the utmost Imp Only by such careful diet cart Merit of fill stud disease Alite a ate of isl i Hie at May if overfed gain in weight. With an excess amount of flabby fat he May have More than usual difficulty in recovering. Grad therefore Are soon As tile a unde Talce them. Of exercise that do varies Accord fore and that breathing then continues until the time of death. In certain diseases the patient breathes much More rapidly than Normal. When we rest we breathe More slowly than Normal and thus rest the lung tissues. This also can lie done in various mechanical ways. Height of the Moats. It is believed by archaeologist that the corridor was used to allow men at arms to go from the defense towers to the guard rooms without crossing the i open court. I Ertress 700 years old found under louvre Paris it Upit the need for More underground space i parts famous louvre museum has led to the discovery of the Walls of a fortress which was built 700 years ago by King Philip Augustus. Workmen were digging under the Pavilon de la horology while cutting a subterranean passage and Fin underground room when they found the ancient Walls. The Wall which was found us pierced by a Long corridor which it is calculated stood at about the pet pig eat its Way to Short existence West Falmouth. A. Up a mrs Charles burkes pet pig has eaten itself into its own doom. Mrs. Burke raised Chester the j pig from a baby and it grew As i tame As her Kitten. After its regular morning meal. Chester would stroll into his mis a Tress pantry push up the bread Box cover and help himself to the contents. Now Chester weighs 300 pounds so off to Market he will go much sooner than his less avaricious Brothers and Sisters. Read courier news want ads Scotland Yard again seeking women police London up a Scotland Yard once More is advertising for women police. Although applications have been pouring in from All types of women including University graduates most of these have been discouraged by the stiff requirement a woman candidate for the metropolitan police Force must be a Paragon of virtue intellect and Beauty. The qualities she must possess include a sound heart and lungs Good sight hearing and speech Fine Teeth Clear complexion free from All physical defects an Alert mind graces of character and disposition. With emphasis on cleanliness tolerance and sense of humor and the ability to Wear Well any Type of clothes from rough country Tweed to the most elaborate evening dresses. Ouk hoarding House with major Hoople hated exercise. Provided just. As Lieut is Able to the amount each person can of citation us it possible for doctor to time the various in treatment. Rest As has already been in honed is probably the most Sencial single Factor in the tit Merit of tuberculosis when the it ease is Active tills rest How can by anything from Aliso and Complete rest in bed to a hours in a reclining chaff whenever he has p Vee. The Bercu Losis victim should be in i in any event Over a period several Moulin he will wan1 be in bed or on a a dining Al much of every Day. There is advantage to lying in bed ii vier if a patients mind is curbed and if he nervously to about he must hum the no ods of relaxation both pin and mental. A while the patient is resting my to his individual condition. At first a few minutes of slow walking is sufficient. Later the patient May be Able to undertake a certain amount of the Light physical activity associated with the i Asier sports thus the patients exercise May begin merely with sitting up in a chair. Ile Hen walks about being Able eventually to Devi or to take trips in a motor car later on to May do Light manual work and. If the institution with which he is associated has a department of occupational therapy i May indulge in that. Still later he May consider Golf horseback Riding or even skating. A a. Whenever there it a period of exercise there must also be period of rest. Tile test May be taken As a regular routine. The Lethe patient May stay in bed until 16 of clock in the morning take i Nap Lor two hours in the aft r noon and go to bed every nigh at 9 of clock. As will la described later there Are also new measures for resting certain parts of the body alone. It must be remembered that the lungs begin their work with the birth of a child ii not nightly be r a plague to your drafted spoof i to a Jef of a i to not i Kite nip to give Gratis the Al a Nae of a the Steed that 7 have through a my expert knowledge Pao Kio Forn to win the Derby Maku off but m Ark you Bill i Oki a i re could pa66> most of Twat thele in r Low Gbar j f m Billi of a re Quot Maha a say that oat -6uz.zler soul dm1 t beat am egg i to a f Roth a ill ast time we we it to to pos they forgot to us Witch Mim from. The ice Wagon f i saw that race his jockey used ice tongs Fop a Triolet he was going like a basement bargain when some smart jailbird shouted ice that Burro stopped so quickie took his jockey two Days to thumb his Way Back /

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