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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Mar 20 1937, Page 6

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - March 20, 1937, Blytheville, Arkansas Page six Blytheville Ark courier news regular regular Guy of its and plays Bill Peck s bad May be at last. Boy of i igers settling Down by Richar Mot Ann Nea service sports writer what a this country coming to anyway Max it addled a bit Baer and Kingfish in a transom left Navy leave it to go so England and Paul Dean says Don t Call me i affy and the Daffinese boys of Brooklyn Are learning How to run the bases and now Gerald Walker is getting serious. Gerald Walker the Detroit Clown who tried to steal second base when the Batter was being purposely passed. Gerald walk a who insisted on playing the Outfield one Day with his shoes tucked in his Back pockets. Gerald Walker. Who singled Home the tying run in a world series game and then before the cheers had died Down was picked off first ending what seemed to lit1 a winning rally Gerald Walker who for years has confounded the Peris harassed his managers confused even him it. By stupidity and tomfoolery on bases now he s set till Down. The Detroit Clown who smaling a serous 0io of 2 be gulag. Outfield to amp a after auth amp be y�ar2j->. Six exam a Dis the no Monkey business reports from Lakeland. I la where the Detroit tigers Are training say that Gerald is a different fellow this year. Tone Are his Madcap Monkey shines. No longer does he stumble around the bases like a Brooklyn dodger no longer is he fighting the world including himself and no longer is he going to sit on the Bench White others less capable than he but More sensible play in the Tiger Outfield the Odds now have dropped to 8 to 5 that he will steal second with the bases full Oil the next pitch and at the same time the Odds have risen to 5 to i that hell be one of the regular Tiger outfielders this season. His Manta recovery has been that great. Gerald got his Start along the Road to recovery last year when Pete pox regular right fit Ider reported to work one afternoon with a sore shoulder. Peter said that he did t think re would be Able to play that oat. A you better had. Petey Quot said Gerald a you better Bael cause Mickey put me in Aud once he does you la never get me Cut of the and Peter never did. Gerald went into right Field that afternoon and stayed there for the remaining to weeks of the season. He was a sensation. He began to hit the Way the experts knew he could and for the rest of the year he was harder to l a to w Llan a a trunk compiling a 353 batting average to squeeze into the first to hitters in the league. He was right there in the clutch too driving Home 93 runs. And in played the Outfield wisely Cov �0, v ground than the a a to in a it a a not Trow ing tin ban to the wrong base a a a regular fellow too Bretz it 1 Alon a a Ball player he became a new Man a a regular player he became a regular fellow. A fretful quarrelsome while warming the Bench. Gerald became hippy. Affable while burning up l r Nna us where once he Bun Eli noses he poked fun. He begun to la ugly at you. Instead of lashing at you. Co Quot Tim Quot in Curry my Hunt a a we a a we very Well develop into one of the greatest outfielders in the game May j a Perte say he has in k old th0� 10 weeks a a 19.lo should Bear them out. Us i Washington Man Ager for one. Thinks Gerald is his the he Nul ural stayers has Ever seen. Harris was Man Msj in a Quot Quot who Walker the v und sinc it he left lha tigers to go to Boston and Ben to Washington Bucky has teen trying to Khz Walker in a a5e�?��?��?� Quot he going to find himself and Settle Down to Earth one of these Days a said Harris when he does Well when he Hope he son my Bull la oiled its right last to Weeims of in 3b season and l Evieo it. I hit. 353 Ano dts Ove in 93 Liuna Etcove in tying run of second game of series As Pinch-h\ttef2�?�? and then was picket off fi25t, ending eally i-ia5 overcome Sao temperament which made him a ague with Umpire Tegt Maraat amps foes a even himself. Assisi i. In. I a in i. M r i a and does club a acc drives safely ints Quot Quot a it workers i lev or Nional hark say i hey Are Hie greatest body of sane Uka i tip. World Dur Zatima years of their Organ Mil h v. Driven Miles without a serious Accident the first in 1859. Pullman car was built wrestling every monday night k . Charles Sinkey vib Jack Kenny Raul Lopez is. A wild Bill Cantrell american l Region stadium by Richard Metanne aka service sports writer Milwaukee. Ria Good lathe s at Marquette University know in Middle ground on the football Field. They jump from one end to to e other from one extreme to Ute next. You see for 15 years they employed As the coach cd their football teams a Man who had never played tile game himself. And now they have hired an Man who has played More to Ltd it tall than the entire Marquette squad put together he is or John l Paddy Driscoll who played football for. Reading Horn left to right. St. Mary High school in Evanston ill. Evanston High school Northwestern University the Hammond hid pros. Great lakes naval darning station the Chicago car finals and the Chicago bears this is precisely seven More teams than or Frank Murray who Leit the Marquette Job to coach at the University of Virginia played on. Or Murray by the Way. Will feel right at Home there in Charlottesville. Coaching the Virginia boys. Most of the lads who will come out for his football team Are like him they pc never played the game either but now you take or. Driscoll. Walter Camp called him a the greatest quarterback i have Ever keen Quot and Fred w Murphy who played alongside Ted Coy and Tom Shevlin at Yale said that lie was without doubt the greatest football player i Ever saw a a a greatest service team perhaps though you never heard of Paddy Driscoll. Or perhaps you have forgotten him. Fame after All. F Uglis As fast As Tom pus As we latins say. Well of you be forgotten or. Driscoll surely you la remember that wend and wild football game Between the great lakes naval i raining station team and the u s naval Academy Back in 1918� i Adiv was a member of that great Luke team you see. After i he graduated from Northwestern i where he led that team to no onerous fat victories including the j first one in 15 years Over its Are i Ivul. Chicago Paddy joined tin i Navy for War duty and was sent to the naval training station on i Hie Chicago Lake front there he and Charley Bachman s Al notre Dame and George a Bis now coach of the Chicago bears organised and coached a team coir pcs id of former collegians in the service. They startled the Midwest in the Early fall of 1918 by sound july defeating Iowa of the big ten. I to-0 they went on from there to i heat Illinois. 7-0. Held notre Dame j to a 7-7 tie walloped Purdue 27-0 wante d government loan Cotton phone 167 Applebaum Bros. Cotton co. Bertig Bldr. Flyth Rule a and then came East where they slut j Lite red Rutgers 54-14 the experts thought the lakes boys were due for a dunking however alien the game with the naval Academy came along. The experts were almost right which is about us close us experts Ever get to being right the middies were Strong and held the powerful training station team in Check while they marched to an Early touchdown. Then with two minutes to go die middies leading 6-0, started another drive. They marshed Down i tile two Yard line where Navy Bill Ingram plunged into the Center of the heaving line now annual a a holdout Annie it Era ends dizzy t or i Jean Daytona Beach Fla mar. 20 up the annual dizzy Dean comic opera ended today with dizzy s name on a St. Louis Cardinal con tract after the most hectic a on again on again interlude staged by the pitching Star. A count of the number of thine that Dean Quot quit baseball forever. 1 us St week was la St he changed his the bail popped out of his clutch j mind for the final time alter Wulk across the goal line right into the lug around the Block to a a Cool off Quot arms of dizzy Elexon great lakes halfback who later became a Star on Washington and great elevens twelve Man a a eleven dizzy hugged the Ballom and took sail Down Field. Five great dikes men gathered around him As Convoy. Ten. Twenty thirty. ,. Forty ,. Past Midfield roared the triumphant formation. More. A touchdown was at hand. But out from the Navy Bench raced a Middle substitute. Hinging ins Blanket off As he ran fresh and Strong he overtook Tileson and dropped him with a flying tackle on the 20-Yard Fine. What a Pix lied then was. Next to chateau Thierry the worst Battle of the War or almost. A huge tackle on the great team. Named Blalock plucked the Navy my off the ground and smashed him Back Down again with his Flat the middie go Back up and just like everything that goes up went Back Down. Middies and sailors tumbled from the opposite stands full of fury. It looked like a German sabotage plot to wreck our Navy but the of facials managed to Jie Suade the boys to save their fighting for the North sea. Rheumatism causes 45,000 deaths annually in great Britain. Wife and ended at 10 16 ., As a harried group on advice of his his Hokl out siege Jefferson a officially noted by of reporters dizzy not Only signed for half of the $50,000 he had demanded but to his bos j he Primus i to be a Good Little boy Anil not say any More mean things about hts Cardinal Bosses. The bust clause irritated Dean More than trimming off his salary demand. And so ended the 1937 edition us Jerome Herman Don t let me quit 1 Deans hold out siege. Or. Wert amp Wert optometrists Over Joe Isaacs store or make pm see phone 540 24 hour wrecker service Best prices Joyner motor sales Call 1000 storage Loans farm Loans 41 to by interest Loans in Blytheville Sii interest just give us a Chance Terry abstract amp realty co. Sinkey to tie y saturday March 20, 1936 meet in mat feature monday night Lopez rein ins Home. By j. P. Friend Charles Sinkey Corinth. Miss., mat villain no. I. Will head Hie weekly wrestling card of the american legion monday night in which two newcomers and a pair of old timers will meet. Sinkey will give away More than ten pounds in meeting Jack Kenny Mobile Ala. Their weights have been announced As Kenny 209 and Sinkey 196. A Raul Lopez who packs plenty of Wallop and viciousness in his 174 pounds also will be at a big weight disadvantage in his match with a wild Bill Cantrell. 185 pounds Toledo Ohio. Both matches Are Down for ninety minutes or less with the usual two Best Falls out of three deciding the victors. Kenny an Arm specialist is a newcomer to this part of Mike Mercury yet circuit. He has appeared in several of the Large cities and has a Large following. He has been assigned Here for a while while some of the others who hav a been wrestling Here Branch it. He has somewhat Tho ame style As Sinkey the slapstick Type who features roughness rather than artistry and can bundle himself Well for a big Man. The mexican i Ope is a modernist too and for a Little Man can go the ropes. He tackled big Jim Parker the referee Iasi week and though he came Oise cond Best lie demonstrated that he goes in for All he can get. He has put up a Good a scrap Quot on his appearances. He was beaten by Pat of dowdy and threw a scare into Bunny Clifford last week. Judging from his nickname. A wild Bill Cantrell must be of the Quot Devil take care Quot manner. He has never worked Here. Boxing will introduce the card at 8 p. M. Trolley convalescing from a broken shoulder expects to be the referee. Tilak water and Manila Are Cage ton Arney Winner starry Way Manila mar. 20�?the Manila Grade school boys pre tourney i a Veritas went Down to defeat at the hands of Black water last night in the finals of the Western Mississippi county Grade school basketball i to j n la men played in tie Manila gymnasium. Tile score was 19 to 5. In the girls division Manila Defeated Pasheen 19 to to for the championship. Lehman Holt sponsored the tournament in which 18 games were played. Play started at 8 30 yesterday morning and the final game was completed at 10 30 pm. M. Clifford White Bill Shockley and Raymond English. Manila High school students officiated and Max Isaacs was score keeper. Scores were As follows Manila boys 18, Rocky 6 Boynton boys 31, Lynney 14 Shady Grove girls 22, Boynton 18 Pasheen girls 25, skid Way 7 Manila girls 22. Black water 13 Little River girls 20, Brown 9 Brown boys 31, Little River 15 Manila boys la skid Way to Box elder boys 9, Pasheen 6 Box elder girls 12, Shady Grove la Black water boys 32, Boynton 13 Pasheen girls 19, Little River 9 Manila girls 23. Box elder to Manila boys 29, Brown 24 Box elder girls 24. Little River 21 Black water boys 19, Manila 5 Manila girls 19, Pasheen to Brown girls 17, Box elder 3, horizontal i name of the picture ? it is an imaginary Belt in the s. 12 Entrance. 13 proverb. 16 Rootstock. 17 alleged Force 18 to cure by drying and salting. 20 toward. 21 Grain 22 to attitude Inize. ,23 bed lath. 25 South Carolina. 27 every. 28 ships record 30 Large Deer 32 to hum. 34 portrait statue. 35 refuse from pressing grapes. 36 one that names. 38 to miss Ere answer to previous Puzzle he he of Ciep a tvs a hemit9 put Hilo dymm sent. 39 angry. 40 Genus of geese. 41 starch. 44 saucy 46 poem. 48 acts of respect. 50 dined 52 curses. 54 it has 12 a 55 game. 56 bugs. 57 capable of being held. 0 huh raffia Naf Fiffis a vertical 1 b Flat. 2 smell. 3 accomplished. 4 neuter pronoun. 5 automobiles. / possesses. 7 hades. H preposition. Y tanners vessel. 10 god of love. 11 negative. 14 dyestuff. 15 Aeri form fuel 18 girls toy. 19 ingredient of powder. 21 on it is pictured As twins. 22 it shows the paths of the principal a a 24 torture. 26 its fourth sign or crab. 27 odor. 29 race ends. 31 mites or ticks 33 Eastern. 37 to peruse. 38 Tri Hynais. 42 exploit. 43 Genus of sheep. 44 half quart 45 gaelic. 46 Kimono Sash. 47 being. 49 King of Bashan. 50 vestment. 51 orb. 53 Southeast 55 father. Black giants to oppose Memphis Rod sox sunday indians to be taught own Art grand Forks n. D. Up a Margaret Cable associate professor of ceramics at the a University of North Dakota has been Given a six months leave of absence to teach pottery making to Indian adults and children she will begin her work in South Dakota at the Pine Ridge Agency Bailey s Black giants and the Memphis red sox negro Ball teams clash tomorrow at Harry Bailey spark at the Arkansas Missouri state line the game will Start at 2 45 of clock the game will be the first of a three game series to be played at the state line Park Between the two clubs. Later they will clash in a night game at Memphis. Bill Bell is manager of the Bla i giants with Gas a a Happy fors Man the former major league player. In charge of baseball activities. Both White and Black at Bailey spark according to Foreman a number of the Best negro teams in the country will appear against Bai lev s club this Slimmer at the state line Park Only too of the 2000 known kinds 1 Lul to Mankind the other 1900 a of bacteria and germs Are harm necessary to life. The japanese invented the folding fan in 670 now located at Igi North second adding machine amp typewriter service Bureau Don Edwards proprietor All make of Reight typewriters adding machines Sod Tallula Torso repairing parts ribbons phone 617 Wytheville Ark. There a the Doorbell again to get it suppose daily to your door came Tho Butcher the grocer the Clothier the furrier the furniture Man and every other merchant with whom you Deal what a tedium of Doorbell answering1 that would mean it would be even More impractical for you to visit daily All these stores to find out what they have to offer and the Price. And yet you need those merchants service quite As much As they need your patronage. Contact Between seller and consumer is essential in the supplying of human needs. Before a Sale can be closed the goods must be offered. Every Day through the advertising columns of this newspaper the merchants of this City come to your Home with their choicest wares. Easily quickly you get the news of All that is Worth while in the Market places of the world. They Are not stranglers at the door but merchants you know and Trust. You Are always surer of High Quality and fair Price when you buy an article advertised by a reputable firm

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