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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Mar 20 1937, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - March 20, 1937, Blytheville, Arkansas Page pour Blytheville Ark courier new the Blytheville courier news the courier news co., publishers c. R. Babcock editor h. W. Haines advertising manager be National advertising representatives Arkansas dailies inc., new York Chicago Detroit St. Louis Dallas Kansas City Memphis. Published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the Post office at Blytheville Arkansas under act of Congress. October 9. 1917. Served by the United press subscription rates by Carrier in the City of Blytheville 15c per week or 65c per month. By mail within a radius of 50 Miles $3.00 per year. $1.50 for six months 75c for three months by mail in postal zones two to six inclusive $6.50 per year in zone seven and eight $10.00 per year payable Iii Advance. To spread to the enemy an i Spur defection from the ranks. And at the very worst it is a Little More human to beat your enemy by luring his men away with soft words then by blowing his insides out with High glances6y Marie Blizard a 1937, Nea service inc. Main , today in Prim la n Utt loved i a Rry is i Ith ii roil i Eft. Hod repel Teddy inked Lii phone to marry film. Hut a i it Wiyu Daphne refilled not Tell Init , however that Wile first wonted to Lay Amide Hilf i e in a t Money to launch ji0nni-Fkk, her Young Cimieri on u in reer. Jennifer had proved Hie Mel Lmh Timser from the my nil defy inn Daphne at every turn. Finally Jennifer kneels i Olshov he ii i flit theater producer and apparent by mods Lier work. I Hen Daphne i. Meat on a two Mon hmm mail s tour. Lefore min leaves furry asks her to marry him and lignin mite retune. To furry Mays moodily Tommu ining that Daphne in Rem More for her Carcer than his love. And then to a minium tin situation Daphne Tinam on her return that furry in tinting Jennifer it in ii cruel blow. For ii time it Tiik Kyrm Daphne and then mite dec Bdrm to play it the game herself. Der Iii St step is a dinner party at the Flamingo club for i friends. and Larry am Jennifer a Beau. Hut furry can t come. Now of on with the Story Chapt or xxii Daphne lifted her vanity and looked into it with her head thrown Back and the fingers of her other hand deftly touching her hair. A just which Man Are you going after tonight a Jennifer inquired shortly. A must i be after a Man a Daphne asked snapping the enamel Case. A Karen t you usually a Jennifer got up and greeted Anne briefly. Then she went into the bedroom and closed Hie door after her. Daphne took off the Cape with a gesture of Hopek Ness. I wonder if really we do late each other she thought. And then instantly she was sorry that she had permitted herself that Small question. She knew that loved Jennifer. Wasny to she doing this for Jennifer a so far so p of a Anne said from the window. A a in a Call that test no. I. And Here comes our second victim. The Carteret Are Daphne called through the closed bathroom door a Jennifer the Carteret Are on their Way up and we be got to go on immediately. Shall i ask Jules to return for you a a Don t bother a Jennifer said. A i want to rest ill be along about 11 30.�?� Daphne with her guests the Hammer kit Carteret and Anne arrived at the Flamingo to find that Jules and the other men Daphne counted them again Lockheed Frank Rossiter and Gordon Herzberg had not yet arrived. As a matter of form she had a new european War May they say be coming up Over the horizon at frightening Speed until it actually arrives its Shadow is going to make the lot of the British Tommy a great Deal More pleasant. The British Are enlarging their army to meet the danger and they have been finding Young men very reluctant4 to enlist. Army life tends to be Bare and spartan and the Young englishman likes his comforts. So the government is out to make the Huck private Happy. War minister Alfred Duff Cooper recently explained the plan in parliament. The army is going to Start serving four meals a Day instead of three Barracks Are to be modernized and equipped with bathrooms and Reading rooms. Butter will replace Margarine in the army kitchens. Fresh milk will he served daily. Domestic help will be hired to scrub out canteens thereby relieving Tommy of one of his most disliked jobs. Altogether the British Soldier will be leading a pretty line life after this. As Long As peace lasts. But would it be a Good idea to throw this unknown Man into conversation with. Or should she switch or. Hammer no she because he was her guest of Honor. Daphne scratched her ear below the sculptured curls. A ooh dear a she said and took her first sip of the Champagne a i guess i Wasny to Cut out to be a hostess. I never do seem to know where to place people.�?�. A want any help a kit said. A a done to lets Daphne wanted Only two things. One that Herzberg would be at her Side and away from Jennifer. And the other that if Larry were there he would be far enough away from her so that she have to look up and have him see her eyes but now Larry was not coming and that. Tile waiter whispered a miss she Rose. A your men seem to have she followed the waiter toward the lounge to Welcome her guests. Lie was standing with his Back to her inspecting a print on the Wall. She knew his name but she say it. A a in a glad you decided you could come a she said and held out her hand to him. A Daphne a Larry Clung to her hand but he did no to say anything else. This was a new Daphne. This stunning girl with the Cool clipped voice and the manner of a stranger. If she had known How these past months he had. A Jennifer is a Little late arriving. Poor child she had to work tonight. She a been doing some posing for a a ooh that s a it keeps Ber Daphne was conscious of the inanity of it All but the furious pounding in her bosom the close tightness in her Throat seemed to Block of her mind. She think of anything to say. She even ask him about himself. She would have found herself bleating something about his looking Well and he Wasny to. A to he doors to the rear swung open to let in an icy blast Drivers clinic to test Good bad operators a Wise and humane step was taken by the Arkansas legislature this year in setting up a retirement compensation system for Public school teachers. The measure should prove beneficial in two ways. It will protect teachers whose salaries for the most part Are too Low to permit them to save much against privation in old age. And it will help to eliminate the problem of the teacher who has outlived her usefulness but who is re engaged from year to year simply because her school Job is her Only Means of livelihood. Under the plan which will become effective in 1928, teachers with it record of 25 years of service will become eligible to retirement on part pay u h ii reaching the age of 60, provided they have contributed four per cent of their salaries from the Date of the acts effectiveness to Tho retirement fund. Teachers contributions to the fund will be matched by an equal sum from the state common school fund. Participation in the retirement plan is voluntary for teachers now employed in Arkansas schools. It is to he hoped however that few will remain out. No risk of loss is involved As teachers retiring before the expiration of 25 years will be entitled to withdraw All the Money they have paid in. Though naturally they will not share in state funds intimately All teachers in the schools of the state will be protected by the retirement system As participation in it is mandatory for All new Ymme Aiji. #1 ii?7 n. A sin i u i i i i t a i know its a Public building hut what would you think if the Roosevelt came tearing up to our House without an invitation a this curious world by William Ferguson martial Mouth Penguin will continue. To sit on its egg do Rini <3 a blizzard until Snow covers All but its anode s. April this year brings us to the 29th anniversary of americans declaration of War on Imperial Germany. A great Many things could be said about that anniversary but at the moment what occurs to us is chiefly the Odd sinister Fate that seems to hang Over the month of april in american history. The american revolution began on april 19, 1775, with the Battle of Lexington. The War with Mexico got under Way on april 21, 1846. The first shot in the civil War was tired on april 12, 1861 be surrendered and Lincoln was shot almost exactly four years later in april of 1865. The War with Spain began on april 21, 1898. And we got into the world War on april 6. 1917. What kind of Jinx is it that makes this month of april so momentous Iii americans tale of wars the greatest or All air plane pl.?<3hts was for. A distance or Only /20 reset / Orville Wright Kitty Hawk in. Carolina <<503. Disease. In summer the room of a typhoid \ victim should always be have Ned in to keep out flies. Because Thi patient is Likely to remain Lorn in bed he should have a firm mattress. His bed linens honk he cleaned whenever they re soiled. His Back and buttocks int t be kept clean to prevent a it Honda by infection. Alcohol rubs help control skin infection and Comfort of the patient. It i important to see that his Mouth is kept clean and. Perhaps. Rinsed with a pleasant tasting solution each time that food sits behind pseudo controls Ani drives an imaginary car Over j Road which is flashed upon i screen Are used. H a r t f o r a Conn. Up it a novel method of testing gadgets designed to determine the capabilities of automobile Drivers has been devised by col. Michael a. Connor. State motor vehicle commissioner for Connecticut. Connor has summoned 400 Drivers to appear at the a a Drivers clinic a Tor re examinations. Half of the Drivers have Good records the others bad and therein lies the Novelty for should Good Drivers fail in the tests and bad Drivers pass. The machines will be ruled out impractical. Tests Are not compulsory. Those that do report will be subjected to a two hour examination which will include tests of eyesight hearing. A a peed of reaction judgment of distance. Newly invented machines in i eluding a Type a herein the subject read courier news want . It is s estimated to vat recent y f look a aters it carded a was 300, Coo too tonks of to amp Sotl. Frew the Ohio announcements the courier mews Nas Peen Ati theorized to announce the follow ing candidates for Blytheville my in Cipta offices to be elected of april 6 for mayor Marion Williams w. W. Holli Peter g. H. Grear for Alderman first Ward j. L. Guard full term e. F. Fry Short term Jesse White Short term for Alderman second Ward Floyd a. White John c. Mchaney. Or. For Alderman third Ward Damon Mcleod Estes Lunsford w. L. Horner we want to create a new generation of prospectors. Many dreams of fabulous wealth were wrecked through Lack of geological knowledge. But today its different. Up. La. Gunnell teacher in a school for prospectors. The flight of Orville Wright on the 17th Day of december 1903, a to the world that Man could Fly. Lor a Brief 12 seconds a n apically driven plane had supported itself in air. Before the w As Over. A flight of 59 seconds w As accomplish cd. It men t of typhoid in Lorn Ary however to to control symptom Flop. If there is be far example it May to use suitable d this under control boat Ion Mineral Oil May be needed to Bowel condition. Why i Haven worked for 30 years. My experiences have been pleasant. Seigt. J. C. Hankie never in a Battle 30 years he was in the Rcv a delivery superintendent of machine shop Are sex a him y what to me Kly a Lott m heartier Mahe past the Mizzen Type Alluwe re in Ftp a blow the Peck s Awah / to the boat�3/ men a cast a wave Haw / the sea it3 in the Hoople r blood tie Only natural that a Teta should j quicken my pulse f j th1 �i<3 whale Musta come to the surface listed to him blow Hie Only link to the sea in Kiartha the Anchor that holds him in time Harbor Norbut i la help you Pind him come on Ino 166 bid Morris i i mint in editor journal of the american medical Anocia Tion and of Hygeia the health Magazine a siege of typhoid fever is Likely to be Long and severe in it Tim first has the usual symptoms of infection such As headache general body pains a feeling of exhaustion loss of appetite. Sometimes there Are chills frequently there is nosebleed. As the disease goes on the patient May become sicker with a High fever Aud severe Chilli blood vessels May become involved with the formation of clots and inflammation of veins. Near u. A beginning of the second week of illness Rose coloured spots usually appear on the skin. Such discolorations May be most easily Cen on Tho Abdomen. The typhoid victim May become delirious and even show signs of mental disturbance. The doctor who examines him of course my f make certain thai the disease i actually typhoid fever and hoi some other intestinal infection. He therefore inquires first whether the patient could have been exposed to contaminated food or water or to persons Witt typhoid. He the symptom of the patient and makes careful examinations of the blood. A blood test Lor typhoid fever he thinks a jul 6akjd bar has a brass rail and that Vou Cani Pill your Fountain pen an get Pree calendars in a fishing Bank / Lor typhoid fever Lith departments Are perform it. Tor pays careful at Haemorrhage for Lier the bowels and veal Entys heart carefully lain it is not damage by the disease. Because the typhoid tacks tile intestines Ai ulcers there Are sevc symptoms. The germ multiply in the Bowel so the ulcers into the Iii thu attack Oiler part. Body. There us usually loss it formation of Gas and i the Abdomen. Sometime Testi Neu Are stretched Ltd it and sudden severe i from the ulcers into the Low tearing of the tis Lunes too the Poison he nervous system. The typhoid patient is. Of com put to bed at once and kept the while there is fever and for few Days afterwards so that t heart and other tissues of t body May not be damaged. Once it was customary to g a very limited amount of food the typhoid sufferer. Nowadays is recognized that a Liberal diet necessary to support the tissue the body and to keep them in breaking Down. The Quantity food Given of course depend t on the amount of damage do the body and the severity of t the Eig moment

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