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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1936, Page 3

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1936, Blytheville, Arkansas Tuesday june 23, 1936 Blytheville Ark courier news rage three or. Bonus receiver take Tho advantage of this great Opportunity by investing your Bonus Money in a Home something you can enjoy tin balance of your life and Tinniey pass on to your children that they too May have a place they can Call Home. I represent several of the big loan companies offering for Sale farms they have taken Over at very reasonable Price with Small Cash payment Down and balance of Purchase Price payable Over 20 pc ars at 5 per cent interest. The yearly payment of interest and principal will be less than Normal rent. I also have City property for Sale. Blytheville Ark proper methods Reep termites 0rider control i hey can do no damage of builder fakes suitable p Mccau i ions officials of the Bureau of entomology u. S department of agriculture. Assert emphatically that potential danger of termite damage i grossly exaggerate j termites Are not an inevitable plague nor Are they of recent origin. They were Here Long before Man and in substantially their present numbers officials state that the method of construction is the most effective safeguard against termites. In order to live permit e rust have moisture their Home is in the ground whore they find an unfailing source of moisture and shelter and if the ground Contact is destroyed tile termite is de i Royed. Exhaustive experiments and studies conducted by Federal scientists have convinced them that control of termite damage is rot a i matter of materials used in building but a m liter of Correct method cd construction. As a result of their studies and experiments the Bureau of entomology of tile u s. Department of agriculture ha1 recommended simple methods of foundation construction for buildings for localities where termite May be a problem. The construction methods recommended by the Federal scientists to control termite damage Are shown in the accompanying illustrations indicated by lettered arrows As follows a it set posts on Concrete base j extending above ground Metal termite Shields at base of Post. It by Sills treated according to Federal specifications. One Inch Cap of Cement placed on top of foundation. Non corrosive Metal termite shield under Cement Cap with 4-Inch overhang on inside and outside of Wall. Outer 2-inches Bent Down at 45 degree an in. A set lattice work on Cement base. Two Inch clearance at top of lattice work. A i Cement Cap on top of Brick or Block foundation. Termite shield imbedded in Concrete Cap let it Steps a another source of Contact for tear notes. Note How these St of rest on a Concrete base which is sloped to carry off water quickly. Al note the non Cerro Sive Metal plate which presents direct Contact Between the Steps and House. The Small picture below gives a Good View of the termite shield. A recent bulletin by the depart ment of agriculture. Leaflet no. Igl injury to buildings by outlines methods by which termites enter buildings and suggests Means for excluding them from new buildings and for eliminating them from buildings in which they have begun working copies of this bulletin May be obtained from superintendent of documents Washington. D c for five cents each. Stucco makes shabby mouse look like new some houses have been neglected so Long that their owners often despair Over restoring and modernizing them without an exorbitant exit a Liture. The modernization credit plan of file Federal housing administration provides for the financing of such work when other methods of restoring a House Are not satisfactory Cement stucco with Metal lath to reinforce it. May be used a i his May be applied Over the old Walls and will hive the House a modern appearance and increase its period of service i Here Are various surface textiles Wjk with stucco and the final coat May by any of several the stable and permanent colors. Head Cornier news classified ads. To Iii in a Nail i i termite1 l Aman it t a ii Hogue my pm work compares1 i n Oral a with i hat of i of craftsmen this lower bar anti have All the balusters fastened in tin masonry brass finials to Stock design eau be used in ii. Newel with Good effect Iron railings May by added under the modernisation c hit plan of the Federal Hon in adm fills t ration. Top picture shows methods of construction to control termite damage. Picture at right Hows Metal termite shield. A i ionic for $2,100 this is House a shown in the Federal housing administration s technical bulletin no 4. A a principles of planning Small it is simplicity itself with a certain Charm derived from its very Lack of pretension. The rooms Are of Good size and Well proportioned and lend themselves admirably to furniture placement. Without tile cellar the Utility room provides ample space for both the Heater and the laundry trays and the unused Wall space could be equipped with shelves to hold the preserves Ana canned goods the dining Alcove in the Kitchen could have the built in furniture shown or a table an chairs that Are movable and therefore Cavil i to clean could be used in its place. The bedroom Ait Well ventilated and have Good closets and easy Access to the bathroom. The housing administration estimates that this House could be erected at a West ranging from $1,750 to $2,100. I housing question Box co ways will build on main Street lot q what is the proper depth or each Side of lie door then a sad Kitchen shelves a for dishes the shelves should not be less than to Lurnes. For canned goods and dry groceries they should be narrower if there is plenty of shelf room. Six or seven Inch shelves for packaged Gro j caries and 4-Inch shelves for cans Are Ideal. On deeper shelves Small cans and containers get hidden be i Hind larger ones but on these liar 1 rower shelves every object is in Plain sight. A q is there anything i can do to Correct sagging shutters a about the Only tiling o do Short of h iving them rebuilt is to put right Angle Iron braces at the i Corners. If you want to a to a Little extra expense these can be made like an i hinge and supplant the existing portion of the hinge i that is fastened to the shutter. Q Are there any reasons Why a i clothes closet should not be put in i a bathroom a the Only objection is the t i amount of humidity present in a j i bathroom. This will Wilt certain fabrics like Muslin and Organ die q is it necessary to have those i wooden door Sills under All inside i doors a no. The Only place they Are needed is where the floor material on each Side of the door Are different for instance at a bathroom door where there is Wood on on it t i Side and tile on another. They Are j also used where the direction of to e flooring boards is different on die or Sill is used to cover the Junction Between the flooring boards. If the floor Are carefully Laid however saddles May be omitted at such door. Q How can i build an inexpensive Bird Bath a the cheapest and probably the easiest Way to build a Bird Bath is to stretch a piece of Burlap Over the open end of a barrel Nail it securely and then pour a fairly stiff Rich Concrete mixture on it. The weight of the Concrete will make the Burlap Sag enough to make a shallow dish. Smooth this with a wad of Burlap or a Block of Wood or any other convenient object following the curve of the Burlap. And when the Concrete a hardened sufficiently remove it from the barrel if a smoother exterior is desired plaster it with More Concrete and smooth As described. This will be crude but for i a Bath that is to rest on the ground it is quite satisfactory. Or. And mrs. A Conway have purchased the lot at Boi w main Street from the j w Adams estate which they will use for a modern Home they plan to build this fall. The lot. Which is considered one of the most attractive it the City. Has a frontage of 108 left on Maut at eighth Street facing North. O Numen Al Iron work is very thu in Vogue again and justly s it. For s decorative value is inuit Iii wrought Iron it t got gun period and earlier Ani the cast i rot of a later Day t to was brought to a High state of perfection at the Tun of the do a Torr Bot i or m c a place in our architectural scheme craftsmanship in wrought Iron is out. Again receiving Caret Iii consideration. And some of the work now produced compares favourably wit ii the Best English or italian examples of the Art methods have changed Little and craftsmen to f Day turn the Beautiful curves and f Hammer out the delicate members no h As their fore runners did Gene at ions ago. It remains one of the arts that has not been Quot improved Quot by machinery a ii i Iron is used mostly Tor Decora Ive porches and Grilles outside of windows and Many Lovely designs have been resurrected from the past and originated tin both thes. Purposes a porch with a convex standing seam Metal Root against a White Directoire hoist makes a delightful picture. The dark lace like Metal etched against the smooth White background gives a splendid effect and the Richness of the Iron work contrasting with the severe simplicity it the body of the House enhances the Best qualities of both. The cast of it xxx Iron work is still High. So elaborate examples can be included Only in the More expensive Ile uses but simple front xxi Rich railings made of Light members of j Stock sizes and designs Are within the reach of Many Small income heme owners balusters of one half Inch Square bars with a railing made up of a one Inch by one Quarter Inch bar w til a half round or Turtle Back on top gives a very pleasing effect Al Little Cost the Newels should be about three Quarter Inch squares and should a let into the masonry and fastened with Lead. It is less j expensive to have the Bottoms of tile balusters set in an Iron Bat one half Tach by one Quarter Inch with occasional three Quarter exists set in the masonry than to omit electric a Acet v Lene Iii Wall Book Wall tie Pat i shelves save spat r Small houses w leu All Ila space i be ated Tor i in Uit in shelves May b by t n unit has been estimated that approximately 2 per cent in the to top Illarion of the United states is ill at any Given time. That average 7 b Days it sickness per person per \ ear. Young seals gain weight at a rate of two or three pounds Dally. The mysterious prehistoric Temple on Salisbury Plum England. Known As stonehenge Chi by nun of the the great slabs of weighing tons. Were place by brawn alone. Was erect Bronze age Stone each lugged into Titian tile artist obtained in-1 it i i a i Ion from a Bunch it grape., which he kept hanging in to it it studio a an example of Beauty it form and line. Starting about \ Tret above floor this allow tip. Low a of the Wall to b ii is Tor Lur nit life Ami it the Sam time give a Refuge for void Book cornices attractive Wood cornices Over in Low. U act As valances Are a Ira live and hol d not be exp Emit ii you a Good with a Hammer and san perhaps you can make pm Amsel la not any Good Carpenter eau do it you had better he some Ai Chiton or decorator de it a Thuo read courier news classified ads i Iii the i Awn mowers so Dpi m i it in tin Ideal Sharpener machine automatically grind Lades of your Mower to pm t he proper Bevel a. Sui Iii Quot is perfect Cut tins Job your Mower will run like new and m a Sharp longer i Hun when Sharp it in ii in ally other us in i it live if it a trial i Tice $1.00 Blytheville machine phone Bok or his us at Best pm ices prompt service Barksdale mfg. Co. Phone 19 when its ioo0 in the Shade you la appreciate the Protection of insulating Wool r which will keep your House Many degrees cooler. End Money i Here Sun estimate. Charge for. All us. An the Amo Luhm of. For property repairs and modernizing necessary funds Are readily available to property owners who want to fix up their properties in line with their neighbors who Are cooperating in the better housing movement. Civic for i do is in the air after years of neglect tin american Home is getting a new Deal. We Welcome inquiries talk it Over with us. Come in and phone la an lumber it i of i Al Blythe Villa cd lumber co. Phone too we do the rest tit a a lumber 1 too Arkansas j i shop Natiw is Tho time to build your Home Kasvi monthly payments met All Atkin Hie aluminium insulation i his Eom Pam will gladly help \ on with your loan application. Through arrangements perfected by the american Asphalt Hoof or portion we have connections Villi the planters Hank and Trust on Pauy Forrest City Arkansas whereby it will handle All new const met Ion Federal mousing administration title two approved Loans in Blytheville and Vicinity. Is Tho most effective and lowest in Cost of any Typo of insulation we know. A ii phone Kiu for is Timaru it of pan k. C. Bobinski lumber co. Phone 29 in a standards Neo Angle Bath let the soothing water trickle Down your Back. Caress your shoulders. Tickle your All you plenty of room in the Standard Quot Neo Angle Bath to enjoy a new thrill in bathing. The bathing compartment is As Long As the usual built in tub and six inches wider. And the seats in two opposite Corners Are so con Emont for Carefree Safe bathing foot Baths and even a sitting Shower Bath. Every bathing feature that appeals to the whole family is yours in the Standard Quot Neo Angle Bath yet it is within the budget of even the Small Home. Your master plumber can Tell you the Cost help you select Quot Standard Quot Quot your family a health is too important to neglect. It is essential that you buy plumbing fixtures from master plumbers the men Best qualified by training and experience to insure health Standard Standard Quot Neo Angle Bull with Shower and telescopic Shower curtain Rod a plumbing fixtures to match arrange financing on Eha terms and furnish the skilled workmanship so necessary to satisfactory service and health Protection. Call him today. Ask your master plumber for an estimate on Complete new standards plumbing fixtures. There s no obligation. In. President san itary mfg. Co Standard a a Titars to dog. Co. Pittsburgh a. Division of american Radiator amp Standard sanitary corporation

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