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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Jun 19 1937, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - June 19, 1937, Blytheville, Arkansas Page Pou Blytheville Auk co Thieu news saturday june to 1037 the Blytheville courier news the courier news co., publishers c. R. Babcock. Editor h. W. Haines advertising manager sole National advertising representatives Arkansas dailies inc., new York Chicago Detroit St. Louis Dallas Kansas City. Memphis. Published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the Post office at Blytheville Arkansas under act of Congress october 9, 1917. Served by the United press subscription rates by Carrier in the City of Blytheville 15c per week or 65c per month. By mail within a radius of 50 Miles. $3.00 per year $1.50 for six months 75c for three months by mail in postal zones two to six inclusive $6.50 per year in zones seven and eight $10.00 per year payable in t Hustle America into one Man Rule one of the encouraging things about our Republic is the Way it has of smacking a Man Down just when he begins to think he knows All the answers. You could dig enough illustrations out of the history books to Lill a column. But a few recent ones will suffice. The most striking Case is that of Wood Row Wilson. Or. Wilson was probably the most powerful Leader in All the world on nov. La 1018. Indeed he could be called one of the three or four most powerful leaders in All history. He had settled the greatest War of All time he alone among All the Allied statesmen. Seemed to have a plan for bringing the Hopes of a War sick world to realization. Rut the cheers had not died away before or. Wilson collided head on with the ancient invincible reluctance of the american people to he hustled. And the first thing anyone knew he was a tragically rebuffed and thwarted Man his High Hopes and grandiose plans wrecked by the simple fact that the Republic had got tired of seeing one Man Lay Down the Law to it. On a smaller scale you could repeat the parallel with Franklin d. Roosevelt. Last fall or. Roosevelt won a landslide election As no president before had Ever won one. In the Congress he had a majority which made All former majorities look insignificant. If Ever there was a president who could he pardoned for supposing that his word was All powerful or. Roosevelt was the Man. And so what so the first major program he handed to the Congress the plan for revising the supreme Curt was riddled with hostile bullets and finally was rejected by a Senate committee in a report As biting and critical As any in the annals of that historic House. And the All powerful president Learned what or. Wilson had Learned that the american people will take nothing from anyone unless upon talking it Over they decide that they happen to like it. Lesser examples abound in recent memory. There was the Case of father Coughlin who looked for a time As if he were going to be the uncrowned King of american polities but who wound up completely beaten when the votes had been counted. It our Way Quot i there was or. Townsend at whose nod legislators trembled for Many a Long month until at last the people had enough. There was for that matter Herbert Hoover who Rode into office on a great landslide and Rode out on another one overwhelmingly beaten. You Clin add this sort of stuff up All Day and you will get just one answer. The instinct for democracy As against personal Rule is All powerful in this country. The people s distrust of Power concentrated in one pair of hands is ineradicable and the Man who gets such Power in his hands or even scorns about to get it is Riding for a certain fall. The lesson could be studied with profit by All who aspire to leadership in american among others perhaps by or. Jolt l. rehousing rails what is the Good of a a eradicating slums if the new houses you build Are too expensive to be occupied by the people you built them for major rehousing projects undertaken by the Federal government Are at last nearing completion in Cleveland and the rent Scales have been announced. In the cheaper of the two projects rents begin at 812.75 a month for two room apartments and go up to $22.11 a month for six rooms. In addition charges for heat water and electricity will be collected with that rent. These charges will Range from about 85.�?~15 to $8 a month. As Ordinary rents go those Scales Are moderate enough but they Are not moderate for tin typical slum Dweller. Indeed tin1 reason that we have slums is simply the fart that there Are a great Many people who cannot for the life of them pay rates As High As those indicated above. La we really plan to abolish slums we must provide new housing at prices that Luiu dwellers eau afford to Flay. Side glances by George Clark remember dear you promised not to introduce any of those people von invited to my this curious world William Ferguson child labor should to eliminated from All Industrial and commercial employment. Score tary of labor Francis Perkins. Human Liberty is Nevi r More de a ply appreciated than when it is temporarily eclipsed. A Secretary of state Cordell Hull. A husband should not sup a it it his wife ii she has a Job or it their earnings tog tiler will make for a happier and better hone. Virginia Gildersleeve Barnard College Dean. Sweating us workers is not the Way to make any country great Aud pros a Rous. Arthur Shaw British labor Leader. A the Only handles in life is mental. A Thomas p. Meau life a harmless Golf Champion of the a in there is a great Deal Mot Quot truth in poetry than in science. A prof. William Lyon Phelps Yale University. A Williams the words Ost be Quot and %x/s/egat/\ae1 Quot a pc a ctr Talty Bellomo to the Davs Helm it was regarded As a a body overcharged with the full id was called aos/77 vet an under charged body was Cal. Eel cd Verchat be. To amt amp a. Probably to isl a become the amen Zica a /va77cd/val. should the Eaglel Ever. Be forced to abdicate its throne. Nom Alaska is farther. A Eis t than Honolulu Corn 19 but service inc. No King has the full support of All his people and so there Are Tho who of it it it a the Bald Eagle As the National Bird of America. Because it the love and respect held for the cheerful Meadowlark. His name often is mentioned As a True All America successor to the present ruler. Mix what modern Bird Bas Hie bust primitive beak i amp ii Al is san a m of p a sex ,<$#1 a f a it a it l x i xxv v w w ii t. M. Ileff. U. S. Tat. Off. Aass h k ii i m a in 7 say Why Don t vol put some Well i was just As soon As j say in Sor a thing sphere i got thru. Nay mistake was Trinkin about something i m very very sorry that aint right. \ Well he aint a Boss should i either. He shot had say to have put a Fence up before t started if i d of known thle was a fathead line you v Loose around Here. A aids in Long Robinjr blood Bivs Liiv p and Volon in ufos of out Breard etl Quet. Copis i to 7 for a St i it no. $44 i v hit. Mokulis i ish Hrin i Ditar journal of the american medical association and of ily Gria the health Magazine to control High blood pressure and permit the sufferer to live As Long a Jakc Syible certain measures Are desirable f first the various possible Caus of of the condition must be a i Vest i gated and removed or continued if possible. If there Are infections in the tonsils the Teeth i the gallbladder or the genitourinary tract these mat be brought under control. Second the Burden on the to a sues concerned such As the blood vessels the heart or the kidney i must by removed or lightened us a much As in risible. Third because of the Imper i Tance of rest in controlling this i condition it is Well to hair an analysis of the habits of the put i son affected As related to work sleep exercise diet worry. And similar factors. Hie observant of a Good Hygiene of living will do a meat Deal to help. Fourth it a person with Lugi blood pressure is surrounded by other people who regularly to i it his blood pressure badly p n a by necessary for him to or removed for a rest cure to a Ani Tonus or resort or to soon put where the disturbing and p entire stimulating Factor. M present if the problem is one of Finan Cial we course. Difficulty is of ii problem. Has advised that Lilian blood pressure end even month a Eugenia Mackiernan c 1937 Nea service inc. Cast of Chau actors Cor a i it it \ my i i heroine Mill senior Iii i Ilion cold or. Did a in Strunc. Al ton Chat mistry pro lessor mid Coral m ii ii Lei nil. Dona \ Ai Lux co in in a Noorily room no in. Hui Marquis. Cora i m onetime flu Nee. A or sterility i come is Neneely Reno i i Imi Uii ii David alien to on i in Hor to thai Tho Sooro formula of his Olio local discovery has been stolen. Chapter x to avid i simply can to understand it a Coral said As they sat drinking their after dinner Coffee at the Tea Kettle. A that Pri Cess has been missing two we is and not a single sign of it has appeared. It disappeared from the concealed drawer in your desk and vanished into thin air you d think that if tile thief had sold it we would have seen an announcement by some company of the or they a want to make tile announcement before president Norton makes the loss Public a David lit a cig Aret and puffed on it moodily. A a in be stopped even Haz arding guesses As to what happened to it Coral. All i can think of is that it was my fault it was stolen and that Bendorff Dean Mathews and most of the other faculty members think i stole it. It was inexcusable for me to leave that drawer containing the Only copy of the process unlocked. I know that. But How was i to know that someone would sneak into the lab while i was gone find the drawer that i thought no one but Maxwell Bendorff Ani i knew about and make off with the process As completely As if Black magic were responsible a Ile Drew deeply on his cig Aret. A sometimes i think it must have been Black magic i Tell you Coral it was impossible for anyone to get into that lab thursday afternoon and the process was obvious stolen then. My two superiors were out of town at a meeting i was in my rooms and since there were no classes the Laboratory was locked. Even the janitor took the afternoon off even though i did leave the drawer open the room itself was tight Coral reached across the table and took his free hand. A a done to worry about it too much Darling. In a sure everything will come out All right her brow clouded with worry. A i do wish Hie thing could be straightened out right away Ile shrugged. A i give up. Half the time in a convinced that i have an evil Genius wandering around station sought o Aid Blimp research work Akron. O. It up it a Bernard Berk has applied to the Federal communications commission for permission to us a a proposed new radio station for research work with blimps. The station would be used by Day for commercial work and at night for radio research cooperating with blimps belonging to the Goodyear tire amp rubber company. Broadcasting equipment would be placed in a Salt Marsh four Miles South of Akron studios would be set up in the City. The station would be powered by a 1.000-Watt transmitter and operated on a frequency of 1,530 kilo cycles. An Arrow can be shot from a Bow at a Speed of More than 130 feet a second. The Campus concentrating All his energies on harming me and my As she listened to his words Coral had grown More and More excited. When he finished she spoke slowly yet with excitement brimming in her voice. A David think carefully. Were you in the lab every minute of Friday afternoon did no to you leave once. ,. Just for a few his brow furrowed in concentration. Then he looked up suddenly. A yes i did leave once. About o of clock i went outside to smoke a cig Aret. I must have been gone about 15 his face fell. A that wont work though Coral. When i came Back i found Donna and Hoyt Marquis there fussing around the equipment. I asked Donna the other Day if they a seen anyone go in or out of the room while i was out and she said they Hadnot that they a been there alone until i came Coral jumped to her fret. A David take me Back to the House. Donna either took that process or had something to do with it. Done to you see How it All fits she works in the lab and would have a Chance to find that drawer. Her father is a chemical manufacturer. She a been trying to do something to please him to make him keep her in school. What could be better than your process. And letting him think she worked it out herself Hoyt May have helped her to get even with me. I done to know How much of this is right but in a going to find out. Come on a Twenty minutes later Coral burst into the room at the sorority House which she and Donna shared. Her Roommate sat curled up on the window scat Cating chocolates and Reading a movie Magazine. She looked up her face startled As Coral spoke. A Donna put Down that Magazine and listen to Donna complied in Surprise. A a what a the matter with you what a up a a plenty a corals voice was Stern. A Donna Tell me the truth. If you do i Promise that David and i will see that the authorities Aren t hard on you. Donna did you take that process from David a desk in the lab a Donna gazed at her Unble Shingle her eyes wide and innocent. A Coral have you lost your mind has the process been stolen How awful of course you re upset. But what makes you think i would do such a dreadful thing a a you know the process was stolen. You spread the Story around the Campus a Coral said quietly. A you knew the process was stolen because you took it. Did no to you answer me did t you take it a Donna was angry now her eyes were frightened her usually Rosebud Mouth was twisted in an ugly Grimace. A i did no to take the silly process. You re crazy a Coral took her by the shoulders and Shook her a Little. A if you did no to take it you know who did. In a sure of it a As so released her corals shoulder struck against a hanging Bookcase. It swung crazily on its Cord then crashed books and All to the floor. As she stooped to pick them up Coral noticed a slip of Blue paper protruding from the Bent leaves of a dictionary. She caught it up with a cry of Triumph. She looked at Donna squarely. A you did a very poor Job of hiding it. Now lets have the whole Story. In a going to professor Maxwell and you re coming with Donna sprang to her feet Hor eyes blazing. A ooh no you done to in the first place i did t take it. Hoyt did. I saw him so he gave it to me to keep for reasons both of us have. Good reasons. You can to do a thing to me. Because i still have the whip hand Coral. If you try to report to for this. Ill get there first. Ill Tell Maxwell that you took it that i found it in your dictionary. Ill Tell him David helped you and that you tried to sell it to my dad. I la Tell him you and David Are married. In fact miss Coral Crandall. Ill Tell everyone everything and More too and ii make Mem believe me. Ill be the Campus heroine and will i chuckle to see you and your precious David thrown out of she laughed loudly. Coral looked at her gravely for a Long minute. She turned and walked to the door. As she opened it she wheeled and faced Donna again. A a you be had your Chance. In a going to Maxwell and Ben Dort with this Story and the process. Do what you like. I know what i must do and in a sure my Story will be Donna spoke contemptuously. A a in a afraid you re wrong in a going to Bendorff and Maxwell too. Well see who tells the most convincing Story. You and your Noble David or Little Donna. Your tale wont stand a Chance against mine. Wait and see a to be continued Auto plates saved31 years by Driver Norwood mass. Up a Fred j. Shaler has perhaps the most Complete set of automobile registration plates of the same number i n Massachusetts. Shaler chauffeur for mrs. Mary e. Morrill for the past 31 years has saved the plates 354 and 355 from the two automobiles he has driven during that period. He also has a Complete set of registration plates from every state in the extract found to Aid Bone knitting Minneapolis it up it a broken Bones heal faster when the patient is fed with splenic extract or. Thomas Ooster Wheeldon of Richmond a reported in a recent Issue of modern Medicine a medical Magazine published Here. Administration of splenic extract speeds the firm Union of tin Bones and also improves Bone condition. The physician said. Bino Bones Are composed largely of Cal Durn ii is probable the splenic extract stimulates the Deposit of Cal Durn in the Bene. Or. Wheeldon has been Usini this treatment since 1931. And re ported that in 45 cases Only thro failed to produce satisfactory re suits. Fireman turns in alarm Memphis Tenn. 1 up Check ors flew in All directions when fire unexpectedly was delivered t Memphis fire station no. Flames shot from the rear of garbage truck As it was passin the station. A they she a burning shouted a checker playing Fin Man. The Driver halted the True and the Blaze was extinguish with chemicals. Our boarding House with major Hoople one do patients w spend a w Home in Bethe die or the person with i High blood pressure should be a Well balanced diet with proteins i providing about to per cent of j the calories. If the patient is overweight he must plan to reduce his weight i slowly Over a Long period of time. J he must drink a sufficient amount j j of water to Cany away body wastes. The majority of people who i have used tobacco Over a Long in cod of time do not have to j give up tobacco on the discovery i of the fact that they have High blood pressure unless smoking can be shown to be related definitely to the increased blood pressure. A a Bubble Carburettor devised Ottawa out. Up a a claim that he has invented a new Type Carburettor that enables automobiles to travel an average of 134 Miles on a gallon of gasoline is made by Paul desroshers 22-year-old Ottawa machinist he declare that with his invention a gasoline is blown into Fine bubbles and the engine utilizes a much larger percentage of the Power of gasoline Yeow Sah / a Freni Dun Call me lip from she Coo an Tol me he oot a Job of me Wolff a by re by carnival an1 a in Des wondering if Deys and Chance borrowing Back Dat a 21 Dat am loaned you Las pall 3 a a Quot Jet v by iwo. I allow in t that too bad my word Cason had you a but made this trifling request 2 hours sooner x could have granted it a u of h a r re of my banker called telling me that a Large Block of Stock i have been secretly accumulating Vas on the Market and it took All my ready Cash to close tue deals Lap Kaffy but i can let you have-2 Oki account in a in ill of every hour 14 persons Are Mal Ned in new York. Ii Lill lift ii1 a us Iii it s a to Jet transom Twat cant squeeze through iii2/

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