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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - June 19, 1937, Blytheville, Arkansas Blytheville courier news the dominant newspaper of Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri vol. Xxxiv no. 80 Blytheville courier Blytheville daily news Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Arkansas saturday junk to 1937 single copies five o it russian flyers Battle Arctic storms Spanish rebels invade Bilbao Basque capital insurgent troops occupy old Quarter of City on East Bank of River u. S. Mediators in steel crisis Biarritz Fiance june 19 up a the Spanish insurgents after months of ferocious siege in one of history a most cruel civil wars finally entered the Basque capital of Bilbao today. The troops invaded the City from two directions. Tile first column descended the mountains from begone Northeast of Bilbao and the second followed the Nev Ion River from Gald Acano to the Southeast. Both columns converged on the old Quarter of the City along the East Bank of the Vervion. The entry was proclaimed throughout the land by nationalist radio stations. Durango announced that All bisque forts at begone and other Heights around the old Quarter had been silenced. Five Bridges were reported to have been mined. A dispatch by courier from Reynolds Packard. United press correspondent in a first line Trench overlooking Bilbao said the Advance started after careful preparation by Gen. Jose Fidel Davila. Nationalist commander. From where Packard stood Only a mile from the City the place appeared deserted he said but hundreds of tanks and armoured cars were drawn up at All strategic Points in anticipation of bloody Street fighting. Stark suggests drive against Slot machines a. T a. Jefferson City Mon gov Stark joined attorney general Mckittrick yesterday in denunciation of the widespread operation of Slot machines As a violation of Missouri felony statutes against gambling and suggested it would be advisable for prosecuting attorneys in the various counties to take Steps to break up operation of such machines. A i have been informed a a the governor said a that i have authority to remove from office any prosecuting attorney or peace officer who does not do his Quot if i were advising a prosecuting attorney a the governor added Quot i would advise him to break up any Slot machine operations in his Roosevelt idea opens Effort to to Speed Monet Eno steel strike on merry round where Roosevelt will woo Congress vote. Mcgrady Garrison Smith Vardell reelected to mid South s Board Memphis a. G. Smith of Blytheville was reelected to the Board of directors of tile mid South Cotton growers association from District 7, embracing Mississippi county in tile organizations eighth annual election which ended yesterday. Drew Vardell of Kennett was reelected director for District 6. Southeast Missouri. The directors will meet at Memphis tuesday to elect officers and establish policies for the coming year. The Federal governments first formal intervention in the critical steel strike situation was the appointment by Secretary of labor Frances Perkins of the three men pictured Here to a Federal steel mediation Board. Charles p. Taft of Cincinnati was named chairman. Other members Are assistant Secretary of labor Edward f. Mcgrudy and Lloyd k. Garrison former chairman of the a carnal labor relations Board. L at Sunset Park former opening of South county recreation Center tomorrow starts work at Cleveland As martial Law is declared at Johnstown Cleveland. O., june 19 up tile Federal steel mediation Board began a determined Effort to end the steel strike today after martial Law was declared in one Pennsylvania strike Center and similar Stern action was hinted in Ohio. The declaration of martial Law at Johnstown pa., came almost simultaneously with the Start of preliminary c on Fere n c e s Here among members of the mediation Board headed by Charles p. Taft and seeking to Settle the conflict Over whether four big Independent companies shall sign Union contracts. At the same time Ohio National guard Headquarters observers closely watched developments in the tense steel cities of Youngstown and Canton where Back to work marches against picket lines were scheduled tentatively for sunday and monday. Wives oppose strike at Canton new outbreaks of violence were reported and angry wives of non strikers met at a rally to demand reopening of the Mills in Defiance of the pickets. Strike pickets at Canton reported to county officials that for the second successive night they had been fired on by Railroad guards. They said 50 or 60 shots had been fired at them. Tace sheriffs office also reported it was investigating charges that snipers fired on the Railroad police. The charges and crumber enlarges followed a series of clashes Between non strikers and strikers in which seven Back to work leaders were Quot abducted and then released by Union grouper Airt several were Hurt in fist fights. The prolapsed attempt to break the Canton picket lines was a scheduled tentatively for sunday by John g. Stewart spokesman for a Back to work committee. At Youngstown meanwhile National guard observers reported Back to their Columbus Headquarters that a March on the picket lines was now scheduled to begin at 2 a. In. Monday gov. Martin i Loisl. Isl fiet president sees taxation of Rich As key to National Prosperity by Rodney Dutcher Washington. June 19. President a Roosevelt who has been experimenting All Over the place for the lust four years now thinks he May have the makings of a magic formula which will perform the following wonders in give a decent Standard of living to 40,000,00 1 persons for the first time. Over Harmony highball and co operation cocktails in this spacious by comfortable clubhouse on Jef keep Prosperity returning by j Ferson Island far out in Chesapeake Bay 407 democratic members of the Senate and House will spend a steady increase in the National three successive Days beginning june 25. Hie a get acquainted conference is Lugt a to and intended pass pole and Speed South on record Feicht Moscow san Francisco air adventurers near Canada s North coast Osceola swimming Pool and playgrounds at Sunset Park South Mississippi county a new recreation Center Between Wilson and Bassett will be formally opened to the Public tomorrow it has been announced by Lee Williams resident manager. Income. 3�?pile up millions of votes for the new Deal and its candidates in 1938 and 1940. A 4�?eliminate the Relief problem balance the budget and Start j lug off the National debt. 5�?avert serious depressions in the future. Will the formula really do any or All of these things possibly not. But it certainly would make All millionaires and most other wealthy persons scream with pain Early in the new Deal or. Roosevelt had the idea he could make everybody Happy. Now he thinks he can make everybody Happy except tile Rich. His present program is a share the wealth program. But the Rich will be told that it Means More profits than every right up to the moment the tax collector comes the Money merry go round its All based on the velocity theory of Money which was a feature of the Townsend plan. Vou put the Money in the Bandi t i lev who will spend la fast i meaning those who Are shy on the necessities of life. Then the shopkeeper or land lord spends it and eventually it gets into Jive hands of Milf p Morgan or somebody who pays a big fat slice to the government which puts it right Back into circulation again preferably through those who will spend it fastest. Higher wages Shorter hours. Lower prices maximum production bigger volume of profits All this to build up the bigger National income which. Roosevelt said at his press conference the other Day. Would make it possible to to consider alleged attempt to torpedo German Cruiser l. Davey of Ohio j balance the budget. Gave no indication that martial it has come to be Law would be declared and it was understood that every Effort would be made to handle the situation through local peace officers. But the presence of National guard observers in the strike centers indicated that action would be taken of and when the situation warranted. The Cleveland meeting of the a Well a the Park a spa project to the w the to aft s com Troutte of which the National the a a youth administration and the 17./i?1111? hot Luu Quot Mississippi county Lions 1 Garrison will in to Luj you South club also contributed occupies part of the old or. J. H. Harrison another Board member preliminary to formal opening of sea borne place and includes the site. Mcm Grady assistant by Bob Burns this would be a terrible world if we knew just what was Gobi to happen to us and when. If it was bad wed be worry no about it and if it was Good wed be impatient for it to happen. The greatest punishment a murderer goes through is counting the Days till he a Gobi to be Hung. A Man came through Home one time lecturing on astronomy and he said he had positive proof the world would come to an end in seventy billion years. Aunt boo sleep after that. She wasted away to skin and Bone. Next year when the lecturer come Back aunt boo rushed Down to see him and she said Quot How Long did you say it would be before the world come to an end a and the Man said Quot seventy billion aunt boo gave a of the Maple Grove school built in 1859. A Stone Marker has been erected to Mark the site of the school. The swimming Pool supplied by an Artesian Well and with a Sand Beach along the entire South Side will be open from 9 a m. To to . Daily. Chlorine treatment is used to destroy bacteria in the water. There is also a free wading Pool for Small children. The grounds Are provided with playground equipment picnic tables. Benches croquet and Tennis courts and Barbecue pits. There is a club House which will be the regular meeting place for the Lions club and for other Community affairs. Modern tourist cottages will be ready for use in about two weeks. Secretary of labor and third mein Ber of the Board was to join Cepter new Deal theory that the government must redistribute incomes so that High incomes will not Drain off an undue share of buying Power into Over investment for a consuming Market which does not exist. You go and ask the economists How they know it will work and i they say that a a laugh on you because the purchasing Power theory has had its test and has worked and is working better All the time. Not All economists agree on that by any Means. But the local members of the Craft do and they be persuaded Roosevelt. Two ways to figure National income has gone up London. June 19 up a the four Power conference which met hastily this afternoon to appease German anger Over an alleged Spanish loyalist attempt to torpedo the German Cruiser Leipzig adjourned Lute today without a decision on common action. British foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and the ambassadors of Germany Italy and France Lett the foreign office at 6 35 p. In. Und were to reassemble monday. The fact that they recessed Over the weekend was taken to mean that Joachim von Ribbentrop on behalf of Chancellor Adolf Hitler had Given Assurance that the Reich would not attempt Uny Independent action us it did when its patrol Squadron bombed Al Meriu to Quot avenge Quot the bombing of the pocket battleship due Schlund. A Promise of prompt action by All patrol Powers in the event of further provocation by either warring Spanish Jurty was the Price paid by England and France for the return of Italy and Oer Many to Active participation in neutralizing the civil War. Suit involving mule Trade ends in mistrial to still the murmurs of discontent and to heal the spilt in the party Over Hup Renu court reorganization and other matters. The legislators Are going it the invitation of president Roosevelt who Hopes to talk to each of the 407 personally. Sixty attend banquet of Young republicans Caruthersville. To june 19 approximately us persons attended a rally and banquet held Here lost night by Ute Scot county Young republicans club. Linder Diemund of Cape Girardeau. Republican candidate for Congress from the 10th congressional District at the last general election. Delivered the principal address. Merrell Dpi tier new Madrid attorney also spoke Leonard Limbaugh chairman of i tile county club acted As toastmaster. Speakers told the group that the future of the Republican party depends on the Young members of the political organization. Increased taxation under Federal and stat democratic administrations was attacked. Methodists and Quot baptists to alternate on radio tile first methodist uni first Baptist churches have taken Oner the 11 o clock hour for broadcasting their services the Baptist Church using the first 1 and second sundays and the methodist the third mid fourth sundays. Tomorrow is Layman s Day and fathers Day at the first methodist Church. Foster Clark of Jonesboro will sgt Euk at la of clock the service being broadcast Over klan tile pastor will preach a father s Day Sermon at the evening hour using As is theme a a fathers a prize will be Given to the father having the largest family present. Them us quickly As he arrived by steadily As a result of More prod plane from Washington. Action and that. Roosevelt mid was Given a free the other new dealers Are glad the Board hand by the labor department after Secretary of labor Frances Perkins appealed to Ull parties involved in the labor conflict to maintain Quot the status Quot pending further peace efforts. Meanwhile Quot a veritable reign of1 anarchy the Republic steel corporation declared in a formal statement. A the first duty of the Federal Board is to investigate this breakdown of Law the statement said. Fete York Cotton cloning Stock prices new York june 19 up a stocks moved narrowly in Dull trading today with utilities firm steels and mercantile issues mixed and other groups slightly lower. A t. And to. 164 1-2 Anaconda Copper. 50 1-8 associated dry goods. 17 Beth. Steel. 81 3-8 Boeing air. 30 Chrysler. Too 7-8 Gen. Electric. 52 1-2 Gen. Motors. 50 int. Harvester. 107 1-4 Montgomery Ward. 54 1-4 n. Y. Central. 38 5-8 Packard. 8 1-2 Phillips pet. 54 3-8 radio. 8 Schenley. 45 Simmons bed. 39 1-2 the first mistrial of tile two weeks of Hie june term of circuit court occurred yesterday when a jury disagreed in tile final trial of tile term. A jury was unable to agree on a verdict in a suit brought by George Bunch against Otis Ooza and Harry Cowan of Manila involving u winners will meet at hot Springs next week Little Hock the annual convention of the Arkansas Mia Souri ginner a association will be held Oil july 26 mid 27 at tile Arlington hotel. Hot Springs. Mule Trade. The Case had been president a c. Spellings states new York. June 19 up a Cotton closed fairly steady. Open High Low close jul. 1209 1209 1194 1194 oct. 1213 1214 1200 1201 dec. 1210 1212 1199 1199 Jan. 1213 1213 1201 1201 mar. 1218 1218 1205 1205 May. 1223 1223 1212 1212 spots closed quiet at 1244, off 12. New Orleans Cotton sigh of Relief and said Quot thank Standard of n. A. 65 3-4 heavens j thought you said Texas co. 57 3-4 Quot seventy million a u. S. Steel. 95 3-8 new Orleans june 19 up a Selling hit the Cotton Market today after a steady opening and futures closed off six to nine Points. Open High Low close jul. 1197 1197 1187 1188 oct. 1210 1211 1201 1202 dec. 1216 1217 1207 1207 Jan. 1220 1220 1210 1210 mar. 1225 1225 1217 1217 May. 1230 1230 1222 1222 spots closed quiet it 1228. Off to. To be Able to believe has been due to Maher wages More Money for the lower income group Relief and so on social Security payments and relative absence of profiteering. At any rate income is estimated at to billion dollars in 1929. 38 billions in 1932, 63 billions in 1936 and 70 billions in 1937. The figures Are really better than they look if you remember that the wholesale Price level was 95 in 1929 and is Only about 87 now but they re much worse than they look if you Tuke into account the population growth since 1929 and figure it out per capita specific examples Given of Hie Way things have been Pepper up Are in the big boost the increase in farm purchasing Power gave tile automobile Industry and in tile High production schedules of the Cotton textile Industry whose big Market is among tile lower income groups. Just wait you la see it so what Well the administration idea is that you must have More of the same. You get a wage and hour Bill which spreads employment to millions and increases the wages of millions you try to break up monopoly Price fixing you maintain spa. You lash out at the wealthy men who the Treasury thinks Are evading taxes you try to work out a selective tax scheme which will go after a excess profits a you boost the inter corporate dividend tax again because you think holding companies Are non productive devices submitted without argument of counsel. F c Douglas represented Bunch and Claude f Cooper was attorney for the defendants. The cast was appealed from magistrate court. Rosie Gross negress. Won a verdict and judgment for $55 against the National life and Accident insurance company in a Case appealed from municipal court. Holland and Barham represented the plaintiff and Roy pc Nix of Jonesboro was counsel for the company. Senator Armstrong in governor s chair Little Kock june 19 up a Arkansas had its third chief executive within 24 hours today when state senator Fred Armstrong fort Smith became acting governor. Gov. Carl Bailey recovered from a Throat illness left Here yesterday for Chicago to Confer with Bond dealers regarding the states refunding program. He planned to see the James Braddock Joe Louis championship fight next week. It. Gov. Bob Bailey spending the week end in Oklahoma designated Armstrong to serve As governor until lib return. That a very interesting program is being arranged and also that some mutters of vital importance to Ull winners will be discussed a cordial invitation is extended ult winners in the two Stutes to to on hand regardless of whether or not they Are at present members of the association. Five sue for divorce san Francisco. June 19. Up three russian flyers racing Down the top of the world in a flight from Moscow to san Francisco across the North pole fought thru Stormy weather As they neared the coast of Northern Canada today. They were trying to Complete the longest non Stop flight in history and extremely difficult flying weather prevailed along the route they were believed to be following since their last radio report which was received when they were about to Miles this Side of tile North pole. Gregory Gokhman soviet Consul general said he was certain the flyers would arrive at Oakland air port As planned some time sunday. C Rihm North pole the soviet consulate Here announced that they crossed the pole at 11 10 pm. C. A t. It was the greatest Aerial adventure since Charles a. Lindbergh set out across the Atlantic ten years ago. Latest Contact with the flyers was at i 07 am. C. S. T. The War department in Washington announced that its army signal corps radio station in Seattle had heard from the ship and was standing by for further communication. Report Quot everything g. the Royal Canadian signal corps announced at Edmonton alb., that its fort Smith Northwest territory. Radio station heard from the flyers at to a in. C. S. T. When they were passing Prince Patrick Island in tile Arctic Ocean. Quot everything o. the flyers reported Quot travelling 200 Kilometre so Prince Patrick Island is about 800 Miles South of the North pole and lies directly on the 123rd Meridian which indicates the flyers Are exactly on their course. They set out on the 123ru Meridian and proposed to follow it most of the 6,250 min trip. Tile Island is due North of Banks land. Steve medling named a t. Atty. General Carimir Riville mgt j Juri ibo attorney general Roy Mcgilt trick of Jefferson City has Amiott fun eel the appointment of Steve v. Medling. Prominent Caruthersville lawyer As assistant state attorney general effective july i. medling has Long been Active in democratic circles in Southeast Missouri but has never held Public office. At one time he was awarded a $1,900 prize by tile state dem gullty"7 f Rev teis do univ Quot my or and Sutlon or has Nic Pul judge Doyle Henderson this v a u. _ or. Medling and his family will move to Jefferson City about july i he has practice Law Here for 20 or 25 years. He is married and has one son and one daughter. Woods Ai Hind h state yield no clue in Parsons abduction Stony Brook. N june 19 up a men abandoned today their search of the Woods along Long islands North Short for some Trace of mrs Alice Mcdonnell Parsons 38-year-old society Matron who disappeared from her Long Meadow farm estate nine Days ago inspector Earl j Connelly of the fed to a Bureau of investigation announced that Federal agents state and local police and co workers Judd covered Between 12 and 14 Square Miles apparently without finding it tangible clue. Meanwhile William h. Parsons the missing woman husband and other members of the family awaited anxiously an Opportunity to Contact the sender of a Ransom note demanding $25,000 for mrs Parsons return. Reports that the Money had Len withdrawn from a new York City Bank yesterday were denied some investigators believed that mrs. Parsons had been murdered a a of that the Ransom note had been Connelly said his agents would continue their investigation Quot until the Case is brought to a satisfactory negro assessed $25 for reckless driving Chester Green negro was found Der How soon you ought to hike up income taxes again and then you see what else you can think of. The Beauty or the hell of this program according to the Point of View is that unlike the Huey Long or Townsend schemes you Rem for draining off wealth you won Likely to see How it works out. Morning and his Fine fixed at $25 the negro was the Driver of an automobile which collided with a car driven by a r. Reagan at the Cherry and first Street intersection thursday afternoon tills afternoon judge Henderson found Odell Wright guilty of driving a car without the owners permission and fixed his Fine at $25. A similar charge against Alvin Wallace was dismissed. Elbert Davis was found guilty of disturbing the peace and fined $10. Addison Pierce failed to appear to answer to a charge of Public drunkenness and his Cash Bond was forfeited. Two killed two Hurt in dynamite explosion five divorce suits were filed in chancery court Here yesterday and today. Alva Corneilson is seeking a divorce from Goldie Cornelison on the ground of desertion e. E. Alexander is attorney for the Plain Williamsport a. June 19 Tiff up two men were killed two mrs. A lean Merritt Jones is ask were injured and three were re Long a divorce from Charles h. Ported missing today after a Jones on the ground of indignities premature dynamite explosion mrs Mary c Moore asks a divorce wrecked a Bridge Over the Susque from j. W. Moore alleging Indig Jhanna River it Montgomery near cities. Neill Reed represents the Here. Plaintiffs. Tile Bridge was being repaired mrs Mae Gibbons seeks a divorce by the state Highway department from Ralph Gibbons for desertion under a private contract after and Delbert Ore asks a divorce i recent floods damaged the Struc from Maryesther Grebb for Deser Tore. Lion. Claude p. Cooper represents names of the killed and injury Logan county has first a Joe for president Quot club the plaintiffs. Chicago wheat open july 108 sep. High Low close 108 1-4 106 5-8 107 107 1-2 107 3-4 106 1-4 106 3-8 Chicago Corn open High Low close july 113 1-4 113 3-8 112 3-8 112 3-4 sep. Ii 3-4 101 7-8 too too 1-2 de were not available immediately. Marriages Rise in Hawaii Honolulu up the hawed Ian Moon Over Waikiki Beach is Given part credit for the fact that Honolulu has a higher marriage rate per thousand of population than other parts of the United 1 states the latest statistics show Honolulu leading wih an 11 80 rate As compared with about to elsewhere. Paris ark., june 19 up a Logan county so Robinson for president club today began a movement intended to put senator Joseph t Robinson in the White House in 1940. A Hie club believed to be the first of its kind has approximately 1.000 members headed by the founder col. Henry Stroupe. Preliminary organization work by in the hands of 30 vice chairmen in the county. Twenty will attend Baptist conference there Are about 20 members of the first Baptist Church who plan to go to Little Rock Monduy Lur the state wide conference on evangelism to be held at the second Baptist Church for two Days. Plans will be made to launch a state wide Campaign of evangelism with a goal of 25,000 baptisms this summer. The Rev. Alfred Carpenter pastor of the first Church Here and formerly superintendent of Baptist missions in Panama is chairman of the evangelism committee. Weather Arkansas generally fair tonight and sunday. Memphis and Vicinity a partly Cloudy tonight and sunday not tile Eiffel Tower in Paris is much change in temperature. Low-1000 feet High. Est tonight 76 to 80

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