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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Jul 22 1935, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - July 22, 1935, Blytheville, Arkansas Page fou Blytheville Ark courier news monday Tok Blytheville courier news the courier news co., publishers c. R. Babcock editor h. W. Haines advertising manager sole National advertising representatives Arkansas dailies inc., new York Chicago Detroit St. Louis Dallas Kansas City Memphis published every afternoon except sunday ii pain in tin neck our colons Aren t suffering from tile heat half As much As the rest of us Are. As a matter of fact they have it pretty soft. And so if they have work to do As apparently they have it would be a Tine thin if they would buckle Down and do it without quite o much self pity. Compared with tile overwhelming majority of their constituents congressmen Lead a pretty easy life. A Bruce attorn Side glances by George Clark cum Asa trac la g entered As second class matter at tile Po-1 office at Blytheville Arkansas under act of Congress october 9. 1917. Served by the United press subscription rates by Carrier in the City of Blytheville 15c per week or $6.50 per year in Advance. By mail within a radius of 50 Miles $3.00 per year $1,50 for six months 75c for three months by mail in postal zones two to six inclusive $6.50 per year in zones seven and eight $10.00 per year payable in Advance. Representative Martin die has gone in for pal riot erring in a big Way with Iii remarkable scheme to end the depression by the summary epee icon cd Sill aliens arum the appropriation of their Job tor the citizenry. Ii makes a dishearten in exhibition not just because it is a congressman Talkin nonsense plenty of them do that but because the narrow bigoted base is fica i in no Lance upon Winch d is based a actually Para cled in the name of americanism. Or. Pies himself f Ca ily disposed of his statistics Are Hare brained and Hie Quality of his logic is indicated by his argument that because tile 14.000,000 foreign born now in tile country exceed la1 number on the Relief Rolls we would have no relic problem ii Only we had excluded All immigrant. During the last generation. It is not difficult to detect the flaw in hat reasoning it ought not to be difficult to understand that a Man productively at work Here is adding just As much to Hie common wealth whether he was born in Italy or Indianapolis and that shipping five or to or 151 million people out of the country is no help in the problem of restarting an economic machine which can support and can make use of vastly More people than Are Here now. Even Tho Alum on Relief Are valuable us a Market for the rest of the Economy and ii they wore eliminated in Masse from the Rolls except by re employment they would be missed. The economics it the a Sault on the alien Are As crazy As they Are cruel. And they Are nothing ii try arc not in american. They represent a frightened High into the sup press ions the restrictions Tim embittered nationalistic narrowness and parochial isms which Are the curse of Eurix. Ii this country requires salvation at All it certainly does not have to borrow the method from the Goe be lacs and Hillers the dictators and bureaucrats of abroad. And it we it a re to try any kind it mass deportation a Good place to begin would be with those undesirable native Savior of american institutions wha cannot remember that America was founded and grew great in the ideals of courage Freedom tolerance and a certain amount of horse sense. New York Herald Tribune. Congress in ants rest rut so do we All ii is a very hot Day in the spot where this article is being written. The thermometer stands at 02 outside and ii is going to go higher pretty soon. There Isnit Aux wind Aud if there were if would he a Luff one. Like everyone else who is at work the writer feeds warm and uncomfortable. All of this is put Down not in tile belief that the general Public is especially interested in a it eking conditions in newspaper offices but because it somehow is to gentle reminder that our congressmen and senators Are also suffering from the heat. Washington dispatches Are full of sad details about tin1 weather in the capital. We read that emigre signal nerves and tempers Are getting All warped it of shape with the heat that a senatorial medical expert is shaking his head sadly Over the possible results and that Congress As a whole wants to wind everything up quickly and get Home it is easy to sympathize with anyone who is too warm and yet it is no More than fair to Rise and remark that congressmen Are not the Only people in that predicament these Days. After All the Capitol building is nicely air cooled. Congressmen May haw1 been working steadily Ever since Manuan but what of it ? Joe i makes Back la me has been working steadily Ever since the fall of 11 21�?and lie has t bad a spacious air cooled chamber to work in either nor does he drag Down any $10,000 a year for his pains. The Kitchen of a big bakery is not a Cool place these Days neither is a Railroad Roundhouse nor a gasoline tilling station on a Sun baked Corner nor tin operators Corner of a steam shovel nor the space behind the counter Iii a 5-and-10, in r a Hundred other places where the constituents of congressmen earn their daily bread. Congress May find Washington hot. So do All the Rod of us find the places where we work. It would be Nice if we could suddenly a it in ourselves a vacation to run until Thi first of january but we can to do it and it is a Little bit hard to work up very much sympathy Over the plight of the legislators. To put it More concisely these wails about the sufferings of Congress Are ii a. I \ i it in. In Offu ii t air i. A a and ii he does no to want to take his Nap just read a few chapters of his animal Hook to tvs curious world by William Ferguson if the. Equator. Of the Earth Weir Al a band of Stukel tightly encircling the Globe a Section Only sex Ano a f/zac770n feet in length need be inserted to cause this entire band of steel to stand out one foot from the Earth s surface a owls jul symbols of Wisdom Are far. Less intelligent Jothan Many other a Birds. La i a Ilhee to follow tlu1 examples of other sovereigns and poli Lieal Leader. I could easily by dictator of Rumania. But the rumanian people went neither guv Urey nor tyranny. Kina Carol of Rumania. Is the Only state in the of. S. Which touches but other state it i 1�3ji by inca to Vicc no. Icker i. My Friend. Wallace i my Friend. But the National forests could not be better handled in the Interior department than in the department of agriculture. Former governor Gifford pm hot of Pennsylvania hic circumference of a Circle equals its diameter Tim s Peel 1416. The diameter of a Circle which stands out one foot from the Earth a surface v Ould la Btu two feet More than the diameter of the Earth. Therefore i multiplied by two gives the length of the Section needed to make this bund stand out the required distance. Liberty is nut it stake whore the citizens Are Welcome guests at the seat it legislation and a free lobby maintains their Bill of re hts. Senator Thomas d. Schall of Minnesota. Next alter whom Hun the slate of Lynn Sylvania named this is my Iii t season us a player. I can to go on forever and i done to want to mumble out. Bill Terry manager of the new York giants. Air Bubble May Block circulation of the blood out Ouk w Ayouk boarding House by William mow Vou amp a a Tojo a Quot to a Khz Vale cd am vol v k stopped at the Curr a Thal Naraj it in sour tic kits a. Tre Csc nor a a Ime one. That n Iff now to ant a i he a j re a shit by Krum Oitim tic Al 7 a i r in 1 so her. I v l s a no o a k kp., cry a Sci let Kil s i r this inc Wava re / Eoo he Hoodoo in ars in of my of no the re a up. Of or. By c w70q-oo co helping him to Maret a pc l c f me. I m not Eli not l 0 and new a amp Lus it a Sau p. / Etc the bees go w Eruda by that you a Means aha in other words that the Dees go is. Orto gome directly to the Doi it i am to it dispose of the Dees Quot 7 a is that it run lately l sail Quanti Tole to Dis Amouli lad that the is fatal deaf i to j j it cent a is or condition involve dilation of such sub know n As embolism. 1. Is quite possible for the doctor. Making an injection to u blood j vessel to guard against tile Post j Blind of in trod mucin a air. Tins he does by making certain that All the j u air is expelled i rom the Needle and or the syringe before thu injection is i to made. Military Bead too years old run Bay. Wis. Up a the Litany Road Quot const meted b s. Soldiers to facilitate the ement of troops Between fron posts is too years old tins Mer and is still in use. The i was built through wisc on Virgin member lands from fort a Ard. On Green Bay. To for m re Prairie Duchien. Ma3qr the 13ees <30 i e in wit a

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