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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Blytheville, Arkansas Blytheville courier new vol. 82�?no. 108 Blithe Tlle Arkansas 72815 tuesday july 18, 1067 12 pages ten gents Mil strike ends pickets with Dow by Neil Gilbride Washington a the first nationwide rail strike in 20 years ended and trains began moving today after a two by tie up was broken by a Federal Back to work Law. The new Law signed by president Johnson monday night after Hasty enactment by Congress requires compulsory settlement if necessary to end a Long dispute Over wages. The word to Stop the strike spread rapidly across the country after the president acted. Pickets began withdrawing a Short time later and Many of the commuter trains in big metropolitan areas resumed operations. A few traffic snarls remained but for the most put officials reported vital materials needed in Vietnam were Back on the rails and passenger trains that were halted by the strike took up their journeys where they left off sunday. The leaders of six striking a Hopcraft unions ordered Mem housing project Grant okayed a Grant of $15,000 has been approved by the fort Worth office of the u. S. Department of housing and Urban developed ment for the Blytheville housing authority for preliminary planning of too Low rent housing units 70 for the elderly and the other 30 for general use. The Money was approved june 29 but As yet has not been received according to Doyle Henderson director of housing at Chickasaw courts. The formal request for the funds was made by the Bra in conjunction with a Resolution of the City Council. As Henderson explained it the authority working with City officials will recommend Sites for the units apartments. If the Sites Are approved by Hud a planning firm will be selected to do the groundwork prior to the advertising of bids for actual construction. The firm according to Henderson is usually a combination architectural engineering company. In regards to the probable locations of the units Henderson said that general policy is to segregate the elderly because their needs differ from those of younger persons. Henderson was reluctant t o Hazard an estimate As to when work on the project would actually begin. It seemed to be his general opinion that things would move rather slowly. Bors to heed the Back to to Law. The White House said labor Secretary w. Willard Wirtz conferred with leaders of All six unions and afterwards j. E. A Doc Wolf a chief negotiator for the railroads said he was informed the unions ordered membership compliance with the Law. But an official of he Southern or Quot Way said it obtained a court order enjoining a continuance of the strike after workers set up additional picket lines. The Southern railways 1 is Man said judge Frank w. Wilson of the . District court in Chattanooga tenn., issued the order and set a hear g on t for wednesday morning. Picket lines were reported crumbling elsewhere following enactment of the measure. Quot this will enable the products and factories to move freely once More a said president birth control plan delayed Mississippi county a office of i. Economic Opportunity bad High Hopes of getting its family planning project started this summer. These Hopes went by the boards yesterday. The Arkansas Leo regional office told the county office that there will be changes in policies and guidelines on the family planning birth control programs. This Means county Leo director Gary jumper said that the new target Date for implementing the program is sept. Essentially jumper explained forming a policy advisory committee at least half of whom will be drawn from those who Are eligible for family planning services. Other change in the program involves inclusion of a licensed practical nurse As a technician notwithstanding other training or experience. The county Leo Board is scheduled to meet Early in August to consider the changed guidelines and decide if the county will pursue the family planning project. Pasadena Calif. A Jet propulsion Laboratory scientists gave up today trying to coax Surveyor 4 to respond from the Moon writing off the Mission As a failure. A spokesman said the Canberra Australia and Goldstone Calif., tracking stations sent signals to the 2,290-Pound vehicle monday and Early today but received no response. A committee is trying to find out whether the Craft landed As planned or crashed. No time has been set for its report the spokesman said. Surveyor responded to instructions from its launching last week until sunday night. A fort Walton Beach Fla. Api a a Box of mini mines exploded in the face of an air Force demolition expert monday and blinded him. The mines collected from North Florida shores where they were accidentally scattered sunday detonated in the face of t. Sgt. Johnny b. Brady 37. Officials said Brady was blinded suffered ear damage and facial lacerations. An Eglin air Force base spokesman said a a we done to know if the blindness is permanent or crime stopper using his head Rollo Jamison a Beetown wis., Deputy sheriff turned a steel helmet into an Aerial for his hand held radio used on foot patrol. Tile Martian like Silhouette of Jamison prowling the alleys ought to be enough to frighten away burglars. Newark n j. Apr racial Calm in riot plagued Newe Ark was broken Early today when a negro looter was shot to death in a grim Duel with police and a patrolman was wounded in another nearby incident. Earlier a taxicab rider died of injuries suffered in a Jersey City fire bombing. Hie fatalities stemming from negro rioting in new Jersey now stands at 27. The alleged looter was identified As Raymond Gilmer 20, of Newark who fled in a car after being spotted standing in front of a wrecked store in the negro area. After a High Speed Chase during which shots were exchanged. Gilmer leaped from his car and ran Down an Alley and fired at four pursuing policemen. They returned the fire and Gilmer was shot in the head. Police said they found a pistol knife and a pair of binoculars on his body. A Short time later patrolman John Romano was wounded in an Exchange of gunfire with several negro occupants of a car which tried to run him Down. Johnson in signing the Law Congress hastily passed monday to end the first nationwide rail walkout in 20 years. A it will permit vitally needed arms and supplies to be sent to our fighting forces in Vietnam a without interruption a Johnson said. It also requires a government imposed settlement of the wage dispute if unions and management done to reach their own agreement within 90 Days. A Union Leader angrily called the Law a the strike breaking act of 1967�?� but members of six shop Craft unions began obeying it by returning to work a Little More tha 48 hours after the strike began. Union Pacific and great no a to Railroad officials said pickets were withdrawn and a Union official said strikers were ready to return to their jobs on the Burlington Railroad. But pickets remained in Many cities where strikers said they were awaiting official word from their Union chiefs before going Back to their jobs. Machinists official . Nes Bett of Pine Bluff Ark., said it would take a Federal court order to get his men Back to work. Even where a Quick return to work was expected Railroad officials weren to sure they could get commuter trains running in time for the morning Rush of passengers. The Law forbids resumption of any strike for the 90 Days in which a White House Board will seek a voluntary settlement and the Board could ext and this As late As Jan. I 1969, by invoking the compulsory settlement provision. The Board could also impose a mandatory settlement for a Shorter period. Some 137,000 machinists electricians boilermakers Carmen and firemen and Oil s seek wage hikes of 6.5 Oer cent this year and 5 per cent next year plus 12.5 cents per hour each year for higher skilled men. They now average $2.94 per hour with skilled men getting an average $3.05. The railroads last reported offer was a 6 per cent wage hike Over 18 months plus one 5-cent hike for skilled workers. Johnson has not yet appoint d the five Man Board but said it will be a Blue ribbon panel subservient to neither labor nor management. The strike shunted hundreds of thousands of train commuters to other transportation left thousands of freight car loads of perishable foods in danger of rotting on Railroad sidings kept harried postal clerks Busy shifting mail to planes and trucks and blocked shipments of ammunition and other War goods destined for Vietnam. Some firms dependent on rail shipments shut their doors for Lack of supplies. The strike virtually too per cent effective spurred Congress into passing the Law it had haggled Over for More than a see strike on Page 2 where there a smoke shortly after 5 . Yesterday fire broke out at the downstairs Short order Grille of the pastime billiard Hall at 211 West main. Although the fire did not reach the second floor the smoke pouring through the vent Over the Grille made it seem As though it had so this truck with the 65-foot Extension ladder was used to Check out the upper rooms. Fire chief Roy head described the damage downstairs As moderate. Courier news photo charged with blocking integration Fri arrests 12 in . Salisbury n. C. A the Rowan county Register of deeds was among 12 North Carolina men arrested by Fri agents today on charges of conspiring to prevent racial integration of schools in two counties. The conspiracy the Fri said was carried out by shootings in Homes dynamite no businesses burning churches and residences making threatening Telephone Calls and burning crosses. James Wayne Davis 41, of China Grove the Rowan county registrar of deeds was among the first arrested and brought to the Federal courthouse in Salis Bury shortly after Daybreak. The Fri recommended $2,500 Bonds for Davis and the other men at their arraignment before . Commission John l. Holshouser. In Washington atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark said the men were arrested on Bench warrants issued monday in . District court at Greensboro. They were charged with conspiring to deprive citizens of constitutional rights by acts of terrorism and the Federal grand jury indictment covering the period from nov. I 1965, to the present said the purpose of the conspiracy was to prevent school officials from operating schools in Rowan and Cabarrus counties in a or chief to speak r. E. Rains Little Rock chief of police will be featured speaker at tomorrow s meeting of the kiwanis club. Racially free it also said the men tried to prevent racially integrated participation in federally aided education and poverty programs. The indictment was returned in Greensboro last Friday but not made Public until today. Those arrested in addition to Davis included Homer d. Blackwelder 50, Concord Winfred Edward Bridges 28, Kannapolis Marx Wayen Dayvault 27, Kannapolis Robert Phil More Hill. 31, Concord Ray Lee Hornbeak 27, con Cord Ronald Lee Mullis 28, Concord Charles Alexander Ouen China Grove Nolan Hardin Safrit 44, Kannapolis Clifton Wayne Shaver 27. Rockwell Donald Paul Stewart jr., 36, Concord Charles Alexander oots 24, Kannapolis. Cd clears Bridge plan permit applications for construction of a Mississippi River Bridge connecting Caruthersville and Dyersburg can now be filed jointly by the states As the coast guard Friday announced its approval of the clearance distance Between the spans of the proposed Bridge. The distances 900 feet for the downstream Channel and 550 feet for the unbound Channel. Had already been approved by the two states and the fed eral Bureau of Public roads but final approval was needed from the coast guard which now has jurisdiction Over navigable Waterways a responsibility formerly held by the . Army corps of engineers. The Bridge to be a part of the interstate Highway system will be financed 90 percent by the government and to percent by the two states. The coast guards approval brings actual work on the Structure closer to reality. Duster killed Wynne Ark. A a crop dusting plane crashed nto a Kansas 75, about one mile South of Parkin monday killing its Pilot l. W. Mooneyham of Wynne. Witnesses said Mooneyham plane pulled straight up then plunged nose first onto the Highway just As he completed a pass or a Field that he was spraying with insecticide. Records tremor Firbas Alaska apr the City of Fairbanks was shaken by a Sharp Earth tremor monday one of the strongest aftershocks from the earthquakes of june 21. Milton Fla. Apr convicts under shot Pun guard have testified that three cellmate deliberately set the prison fire that burned 37 inmates to death. Among those who died were the three accused of setting the Blaze. As the formal inquest into the sunday night fire at state prison Road Camp 12 at Jay Fla., started in Santa Rosa county courthouse 22 bodies sacked in Olive drab body bags Lay outside the old county jail awaiting positive identification. The coroners inquest will decide if criminal negligence or homicide was involved in the tragedy. Washington apr the Pentagon wants to bombard Vietnam with More Iron and less Copper. Its a matter of economics. Copper is More expensive than Iron and the United states has been investing quite a lot of the Metal around Southeast Asia in the form of artillery shells and Small arms rounds. Pentagon spokesmen say that in the Case of larger shells a the 90mm, 105mm and 155mm�?about two pounds of Copper is expended per shot. Virtually All of this is in the shells rotating band which metallurgists believe can just As Well be made of Iron. Osceola is new head of county s cd s Dewey Neely of Osceola last night was elected president of the Mississippi county Young democrats. Neely succeeds Charles Roy Lutes. J. T. Weathers and mrs. Chris Tompkins jr., both of Burdette were elected first and second vice presidents respectively. Hays t. Sullivan of Burdette was elected treasurer. Russ Phillips jr., of Blytheville was elected Secretary. There was a general discussion on lowering of the voting age and on voter registration. Next scheduled meeting will he in september. Constitutional Reform is urged by Cathey though not tops in his class scholastically this eight year old shown at an awards ceremony is the one most Likely to succeed at his Monaco school. He a Prince Albert heir apparent to the Monaco throne son of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace. Ile did manage to win a couple of books which he holds As Rize for Good hand writ a member of a committee considering changes in the Arkansas Constitution yesterday declared the document needs an overhaul. Maurice Cathey a member of the constitutional revision study commission made the Point in an address to the chamber of Commerce at Holiday inn. A we need either a new Constitution a he said a for substantial revision of the present Cathey immediate past president of the Arkansas bar association said the Constitution is a a substantially the same today As in 1916. He said the present Constitution adopted in 1874, was the product of a Rural state reacting to reconstruction. A what was Ade uate for 1874 is not adequate for the last one third of this Century and it will not be adequate for the next Century a he added. The Paragould attorney described the covenant As a a thou shall not he explained. A it consists of numerous negative after its study the 30-member revision commission will make recommendations to the state legislature. Cathey said i the commission contains appointees of a virtually every political a no one is a puppet for anyone a he asserted though Cathey said the commission is still at the a listening stage a he is certain it will conclude that the present Constitution is out of Date. Moreover he predicted it would make these recommendations 1. A longer term More specific Powers and a stronger veto for the governor. 2. Continuation of a bicameral legislature. 3 redefinition of the office of county judge to narrow it to the Job a the is particularly qualified for administrator of county 4 establishment of a a court of judges to remove from office judges no longer physically or mentally fit. 5. Abolition of limitations on cities and counties to tax a hem selves. I the commission also will it commend to the legislature that a constitutional convention be held to consider possible revisions. Cathey said the commission w ill provide the convention with a series of alternative formulas. He made reference to a tug a of War in the commission a and in his own mind a Between what changes Are desirable and which Are politically feasible. But he declared since Arkansas is a conservative state the state Constitution will be a conservative document. A your problem is to provide a Constitution that will provide those restrictions which Are necessary and leave out thus which Are weather forecast partly Cloudy to occasionally Cloudy and warm through wednesday Low tonight upper ass to Low 70s. High wednesday mid to upper 80s

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